BWS: Bermuda Sustained Direct Hit From Fay

October 13, 2014

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a full release last night following the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay, saying “Bermuda essentially sustained a direct hit from Fay,” and advising people to take note of forecasts and to be prepared for storms.

The statement from the BWS said, “Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] first contacted the EMO on Wednesday 9th October immediately after speaking with the National Hurricane Center [NHC] in Miami regarding concern for the development of a trough of low pressure a few hundred miles to the east of the Leeward Islands. This low had not yet been identified on their website as a probability of formation in their 5 day outlook.

“Due to BWS prompting NHC the probability forecast was issued on Thursday, giving a 20% probability of formation within 5 days. This information was conveyed to the public in the BWS Forecast Discussion, as well as by being mentioned on our regular VSB radio broadcasts.

“In addition, our forecast public synopsis was adjusted to highlight the fact that we were monitoring this possible development and this was disseminated on all our regular dissemination channels.

Slideshow of over 50 photos from the Warwick/Paget area

“BWS then began issuing advisories on newly developed Subtropical Depression Seven at noon on Friday. This depression was located around 500 nautical miles south of the Bermuda and was expected to pass the Island around 100 nautical miles to the southeast on Sunday morning as an intensifying Tropical Storm. At this stage it was deemed a ‘Potential Threat’ and a ‘Tropical Storm Watch’ was issued.

“Subtropical Depression Seven developed into Subtropical Storm Fay at 6pm on Friday around 450 nautical miles to our south. It then gained enough tropical characteristics to be deemed a pure tropical storm (Fay) at 9am on Saturday morning.

“With the storm intensifying into a strong tropical storm, and the closest point of approach getting noticeably closer to the Island for early Sunday morning, as per regular update briefings with the NHC, BWS issued a Tropical Storm Warning at 5.30am on Saturday morning.

Tropical Storm Fay Bermuda, October 12 2014-245

“As a consequence of this warning a press release was issued to by the EMO that day to advise the public to take the necessary precautions in advance of Tropical Storm Fay.

A further update was made at 4.30pm on Saturday, when BWS in consultation with the NHC not only issued a continuation of the Tropical Storm Warning, but also a Hurricane Watch, as there was a risk that temporary hurricane force winds could affect parts of the Island [especially exposed and elevated areas] in association with heavy thunderstorms during the early morning of Sunday as Fay made its closest approach and began to accelerate away to the east-northeast. The EMO was once again advised accordingly.

“The Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch remained posted through Saturday night, in advance of the expected worst conditions early Sunday morning.

Tropical Storm Fay Bermuda, October 12 2014-237

“Winds generally peaked at 7-8am across the Island this morning, a couple of hours later than initially forecast the evening before. In addition, Bermuda essentially sustained a direct hit from Fay, with its expected movement toward the northeast [as per NHC indications] not occurring until after it had passed the Bermuda area.

“Sustained storm force winds of 53 knots were recorded at the airport at 7.34am at which time there was also a hurricane gust of 71 knots. More exposed and elevated parts of the Island recorded even stronger hurricane force gusts. The extreme wind conditions began to abate around 8.30am.

“Bermuda Weather Service would like to reiterate to the public that tropical systems are by their very nature sometimes quickly changing in both intensity and track, and that is why BWS updates the Tropical Update Bulletins every 3 hours during threat conditions.

Tropical Storm Fay Bermuda, October 12 2014-185

The BWS added that “all tropical watches and warnings should be taken seriously for this reason,” and encourage the public to keep up to date with the latest official forecast products.

“With the passage of Tropical Storm Fay, complacency is not an option, and on that note please be aware that Tropical Storm Gonzalo has now developed east of the Leeward Islands,” said the BWS.

“The current tropical update bulletin indicates a path towards Bermuda as an intensifying hurricane later this coming week, and we strongly advise everyone to keep an eye on our regular update bulletins.

“As a reminder, the North Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 and it only takes one tropical system to make it a busy season for Bermuda.”

For all our coverage of Tropical Storm Fay click here, and for our live blog click here.

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  1. Damon O says:

    BS, the Bermuda weather service is the worst weather forcasters Iv’e ever wathced, not only this storm, but many days when they say sunny days or partly cloudy it rains and vise versa. Seems like they get all their info from overseas anyway, might as well just listen to the real weather channel,and only use the radar we have down by the airport for short forcasts and rain bands.

  2. I'mjustsayin says:

    The quick onset of this storm reminds me of hurricane Emily.

  3. Sorry I am just one of those who love when God shows that no matter what we think or say He is still in control, some call it mother nature. I choose to call it a force that only Almighty God can stop and mankind can predict it’s path and force but are powerless to stop it’s force.

    • Anbu says:

      Ya, god did it mate. Lol. Now tell him get to work cleaning up. Smh

    • Next says:

      Then why would an Almighty God want to inflict pain and damage to his children?

      • Blessed and Favored says:

        to make you pay attention to him and not just your self!!

  4. Christopher James says:

    And if he’d caused a few senseless deaths – you could easily say ‘he took them because he needed them’. Or ‘the lord works in mysterious ways’.

  5. Next says:

    No duh. Maybe they should have told us this before it actually happened. Worst forecasters in the world.

  6. Yeah He always send a clean up crew after he knock’s us in the Ox, or have you not been looking at the wonderful coverage Bernews has been supply us with. I think God does a marvelous job through Bernews, He shows us when we are about to be hit and then afterwards allows Bernews to go out and show the extensive damages, so we know exactly where to go to work and clean up, then you see all the crews from all walks of life trying to put everything back to normal, so He does send folk to clean up so what happen to your lazy self.

    In all seriousness this is a great opportunity for the government to help some of those who are unemployed, during the after math of Hurricane Fabian, the then government hired people who were unemployed to work with Ag $ Fish to help in the clean up process and I think it would be a excellent idea right now as we do have the winter approaching, along with the Christmas holidays,there are some in Bermuda who were suffering long before the storm and just maybe what maybe a disaster for some is a blessing for others that can now get work, even if it is temporary.

  7. ghost says:

    Are u serious…. first of all u said it came from the southeast yet all the damage clearly didn’t come from that way second Why wasn’t none of these trees cut back all year…W.E. does nothing all year long then gets paid over time for doing the job they supposed to do….Bermuda is a joke

    • Christopher James says:

      ghost: You need to get educated as to how a hurricane works. It came from the south east direction yes – but the winds go in a circular motion. So depending on where you are in relation to the storm, the wind could be in any direction.

      When a storm passes to the west of us (most so), the wind starts out of the east, then turns south, then west.

      When a storm passes to the east (like this one)then the wind starts from the east, then goes NORTH, then west.

      Most notably, the next storm is forecast to pass to the east, and be much worse than this one.

      According to the poster above you, this is God’s marvellous work – he is showing us how wonderful he is and why we should worship him. I disagree with this entirely. i won;t put what I really think because they will delete it.

    • Karma says:

      Perhaps if people kept their OWN trees and hedges cut back and not relied on someone else to do a homeowner’s job, you’d gripe less. Most of the areas covered by W & E (public road areas not bordering private property) have undergone major trimming back in the last year or so…

  8. Bermudian Momma says:

    While the EMO & BWS are busy covering their collective you know whats, I have a question. Whatever happened to the emergency text message? I remember receiving a test message on my cellphone about 2 years or so ago which was supposed to be utilized in the event of an emergency. Was this not an emergency? What happen? Was this method of communication abandoned or just overlooked? If the technology is available, why wasn’t it used?

  9. Y-Gurl says:

    Yet again BAS/ serco were completely asleep yet again, further evidence the BAS Serco are no up to the job, but this time its more serious than the inability to clean aircraft toilets, lives are put in jeopardy when proper notification of this type of weather event is to take place, and they still call it a TS.. really no 50mph wind took these trees down, Government really needs to take a look at just what we get for our money here bad enough every other daily forcast is wrong but this is a disgrace that needs to be looked at!

  10. Just a matter of time says:

    What ‘tropical storm’ does this type of damage? This storm uprooted huge and heavy trees and did so much damage etc that past hurricanes like Fabian didn’t even do! I do not trust the BWS anymore. Key thing is to just prepare for the worst at all times now.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Pick one of any number of weather sites online. They all get their imformation from the same source. The National Hurricane Center in Miami.

      The NHC does not have all of the fancy graphics & such but all of the imformation is right there.

      The warning that the eye had reformed more to the west, closer to Bermuda, was there for all to see in their Saturday evening advisory.

  11. more than enough says:

    I wonder if dunkley will still be going to england for the rum fest on the 22nd… £8000 pounds to rent the venue for one night!
    I for one don’t think it would be responsible as the minister of national security to leave the island in the wake of these storms.
    Or will second banana fillin and stay this time? (Jb)

  12. more than enough says:

    Fill in… that is.

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