List Of Areas BELCO Crews To Work On Today

October 22, 2014

[Updated] As of last night, some 3281 customers remained without power from Hurricane Gonzalo, and BELCO crews will be out in full force today [Oct 22] continuing their work to restore power.

Over 31,000 customers lost power during the height of the storm — approximately 85% of the island – and BELCO has already restored over 27,000 customers — however they warned that the remaining work involved a lot of damage, so the work will be “slow-going.”

“Although an area is restored, small pockets of customers or individual customers may still be without power in the area, depending on damage,” BELCO said. “These jobs will put on relatively small numbers of customers with each job completion – probably 75 customers or less with each job.”

The areas that BELCO crews are expected to work on today [Oct 22] include:

  • Zuills Park
  • Bride Hill, Smiths
  • Knapton Hill
  • Lightbourne Lane
  • John Smiths Bay
  • Jennings Land, Whitney Institute
  • St. Johns Preschool
  • Tankfield
  • Places Point, Crestwood Crescent, Blucks Point
  • Turks Head Lane
  • Seabright Lane
  • Mill Reach Lane
  • Highwood Lane
  • Scarrington Hill
  • Salt Kettle
  • Tribe Road #3
  • Harbour Rd/South Shore/Marley Beach

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog where we are bringing you continuous live coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

Update 9.54am: BELCO said, “There is a rumour circulating that BELCO does not have an adequate supply of materials to do repairs. This is false

“Before the storms struck, BELCO already had enough materials on hand, including poles, transformers, cross arms and cut outs. In addition, we had materials air freighted in the day before Hurricane Gonzalo. And, in addition to that, we have had materials delivered already this week by container ship, and more materials are being delivered later in the week.

“BELCO has sufficient materials to effect the repairs required in the aftermath of TS Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo.”

Update 1.09pm: BELCO said, “At noon, the number of customers without power Island-wide has not changed significantly since last night, standing at approximately 3281.

“We will provide an update later in the day, or at close of the work day, in order to provide an accurate count that is not impacted by the fluctuating numbers that occur during work and while switching is going on.

“Crews are in the field working on the large branch lines indicated in the list for today.

“In addition, since Monday, we have two BELCO crews mobilized to deal with quick fixes and emergencies. This morning, they were joined by a third crew, the two-man crew from the Bahamas, who will also work on small jobs, accompanied by BELCO underground crews.

“Tonight, an additional 12 linesmen will arrive from the Bahamas, Belize and Barbados. They will be deployed, starting tomorrow, to work on small jobs across the Island. By the end of the week, they will be joined by 5 linemen from the Cayman Islands, who will also work to restore power to small pockets of customers and individual customers.

“BELCO is grateful to Bermuda Immigration, Customs and Airport Operations for helping to facilitate the arrival of these crews, and of course to CARILEC, the Caribbean utility companies and the linemen themselves for providing assistance with the restoration of BELCO’s system after back-to-back storms.”

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  1. David Henry says:

    Do you have no brains? Do you have no foresight? Do you have a really poor ability to communicate? If so, then a senior management position at BELCO may be a good fit for you!

  2. Baffled says:

    I have no damage, transformer is still on the pole and all my surrounding neighbors have lights except for me and one other house and was told that we are not a priority at this time. As with Fay we were the last 2 homes to come on. I am grateful for the hard work that these guys are doing, but the people who answer the phones need to be more professional. I have been told that my lines and transformer is on the ground or I need to call an electrician because it’s a fuse problem because everyone one else has lights.Keep up the good work Belco crews but get better phone operators

  3. I need loghta says:

    Jones village needs lights to help us please

    • Tam says:

      Yes Neighbor we certainly do! Been out since Fay. I’ve called BELCO to see what the holdup is…since they claim to have enough materials on island…and especially since they’ve made time to get to the mishap on Dock HIll. VERY FRUSTRATING! And worse after having read those two articles! Come on BELCO! PLEASE!

  4. aceboy says:

    There is some poor house between Cobbs Hill Road (north) and Warwick Academy who is completely surrounded by houses with power and has to run a generator still. I feel so sorry for him/her.

    • Box says:

      Maybe.. Just Maybe.. They haven’t paid the BELCO bill.. Or they have the breaker switch off.. #JustSaying..

  5. where's BELCO??? says:


  6. liz says:

    Please come to Church and St Annes road in Southampton. We only one still out. Have not seen BELCO in Western parish. Help getting desperate!! Thanks for all your hard work realise it not easy.

  7. BX to BDA says:

    While I can commend Belco on their efforts to restore power, and the initial approach of doing work that can quickly restore power to the greatest numbers of customers. There comes a point when frustration sets in with what appears to be a haphazard approach to the restoration efforts. The 1500 customers (the number of people is much more) have been without power for an unreasonable and extended amount of time. Some of these areas have historical issues that should have prompted Belco to invest in their infrastructure to bury the lines and prevent future recurring problems. Its been more than 10 years since Fabian and I am sure the costs would have more than paid for themselves by now. Failing that we have the circumstances we are faced with today.

    However, please know that the restoration effort has shown a complete disregard for their customer base and ignores that there are multiple people/families attached to these meters that need service. What Belco has demonstrated is a desire to do what is quick and easy rather than tackling the hard issues and restoring power in a more methodological manner. It makes no sense to flit back and for the between areas without addressing all the issues in one area. Instead of prioritizing the work to get these 1500 customers back up and running Belco has rewarded their patience by pushing them to the back of the line so the can go about doing what is quick and easy (most profitable).

    Let me be clear, I do not blame the workers, as they have been phenomenal in getting the island back up and running. We would not have had as much progress as we have had. But management need to get their act together.

    • Why says:

      I wonder if there is a justification to cut the rate for these areas since they are certainly not the priority and therefore should not be paying for the “same” level of service

    • BELCO is a Joke says:

      It’s all a numbers game for BELCO, let’s do the areas that will make our numbers look the best in the press release “Power restored to 10,000 customers so far!” blah blah blah. Meanwhile, if you’re one of the poor souls that live in an area where only 75 or less customers will be impacted you get the shaft. BELCO has no time for you even if you have been without power for 10 going on 11 days now.

      BELCO management, “Hey, let’s restore power to that group of homes over there who lost their lights an hour ago, they must be suffering” *eyeroll*

  8. Deshale Lewis says:

    Can you please come to glebe road. The houses around us have power but not us.

  9. Why says:

    You know who is not in full force the management and communication teams at Belco. Any one tried calling them, no answer and do not return calls

  10. M.P says:

    PEMBROKE needs work how all houses around my house have power n my house and the two houses infront of me have no power. Like wtf belco doing a good job trying to get stuff sorted out but damn if u gonna work in an area make sure EVERYONES power is up n running dont just go to another area.

  11. Mark-Arthur Phillips says:

    I have not lights but, I thankful for the efforts of BELCO. I am trying to be patient, I live in the Cove Valley Road area of St. David’s.

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    Trinity Road/Wyndham Lane area too- it’s darkkkk

  13. Peace and Happiness says:

    I don’t see Cottage Hill on this list. Belco came yesterday and fixed one pole and left the other. So half have and the other half don’t.

  14. Restore says:

    Please come Cottage Hill and finish the job….Please. Half have lights the other half don’t…..Please Belco the ppl need you.

  15. Tom Cooke says:

    Sinky bay to.. there are 5 homes out..

    Am sure they are doing there best..

  16. Local Yokle says:

    Going into 11th day without power…….

  17. Not impressed says:

    Tell me why when I contacted Belco to ascertain why my neighbors had power and I didn’t, staff informed me that they would put me on the list. Why doesn’t Belco know my apartment complex didn’t have electricity? I am not impressed, they provide no estimate on any restoration, they just leave us living daily in limbo. Why is assistance just arriving from overseas?

  18. Moms says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH BELCO! I’ve been without power since Fay, and you were at my poll at 11 pm tonight to get me back on. I will admit I was a bit raaaa today but the raaaa is all gone. Great job!!! Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the negative feed back, it’s just raaaa customers. They’ll be all good once the power is back. Safe family to have and hold, that’s the main thing. Sure things have gone in the trash from being spoiled, but they can be replaced. Live, Love, Learn!

  19. waiting... says:

    Paynters lane Sandy’s! One of the 49 remaining. Give us a date please!