Live Updates: Aftermath Of Hurricane Gonzalo

October 23, 2014

[As of Friday, this live blog will continue to be updated, but will no no longer sit at the top of the page]

Bermuda is in full recovery mode after being struck by Tropical Storm Fay, and Hurricane Gonzalo in the space of only a few days.

There was no loss of life or critical injuries from either storm, however there were widespread power outages and damage island-wide, much of which has already been repaired.

As of 5pm on Thursday [Oct 23], the ferries are back in operation, the Causeway is open, the airport is open, and all buses are operating. We will continue to update on the recovery effort via our live blog below.

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  1. Already here says:

    If only we had such a warning about Fahy prior to 17 December

    • Kunta says:

      LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ronald says:

        It really wasn’t that funny. A chuckle perhaps but a FAO? Not quite.

        • Why says:

          At least it wa not named Ewart. Bermudawould be history

          • Cleancut says:

            Dr. Brown and Col. Burch both category 4 disasters in Bermuda.

            • drunken ursula says:

              like Dunkley and

              • Raymond Ray says:

                Premier Michael Dunkley and all the others that have done / are doing such professional jobs with keeping things in order. You’ve dotted the “i”s while simultaneously crossing the “t”s.
                I want to say thanks everyone

            • MAKE MY DAY says:

              NAH……Cat 5 and above!!!!

          • MAKE MY DAY says:

            He would have “traded” it for some more GITMO prisoners!!!!

        • Mr. Dill says:

          Why don’t you shut up. If you don’t find something funny then keep scrolling. And by the way if they leave out FAO would it just be LM (Laugh My)….that doesn’t make any sense. So I’ll leave out a letters and say ST_U but we all know that letter is F :)

          • Mr. Wave Crasher says:

            Right back at you @Mr. Dill, you keep scrolling too !!!

    • Always Watching says:

      that’s funny!!!!

    • WhistleBlowe says:

      Let Go!! You are not dealing with Fay now!! Stay within your present state please

  2. more than enough says:

    The aptly named sub tropical storm fahy is preparing to wreak havoc on our little island home…already causing flights to be cancelled. Likewise our very own minister fay is on a rampage and the btuc is poised for action…
    I wonder how many more “essential services” will be shut down due to this political storm.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      HA! Yes, Fahy providing a much needed shakeup on how things are done. Like this late storm, way overdue.

      • more than enough says:

        You think you’re ready for when the people shake back?

        • Creamy says:

          You’re big threats when your an anonymous name on the internet aren’t you. Sitting there in your underwear yelling at the screen, are you?

        • strike fund says:

          If and when the people shake back, who are going to feel it most?
          The people will. People who rely on public transport as they cannot afford a car, people who cannot take their own trash to the dump, people with no outbuildings to store trash if the dump is shut down and maybe tourists (who wont come back).

        • animallover says:

          Shake back and do what? A silly comment which means nothing absolutely NOTHING!

    • c says:

      Always Politics. Why can’t you people give it a rest and be grateful this storm wasn’t any Worse. I saw lots of people out working as a team trying to get this island back in shape on both sides of the spectrum.

      • marge says:

        I agree with you c…Bermudians are fantastic people…but what we need to do is ban these ridiculous so called talk shows that spew hate all day, it does nothing to bring us together….
        I as of today will never listen to ***** … the host has an agenda.. pay attention you all…..

        • Herb says:

          That host has long had an agenda, and i also refuse to listen to that station anymore.

        • Talk Nose says:

          Those that religiously listen to and participate in those talk shows are talkers not doers. Those individuals tend to be the complainers, the whiners and those that are saying me, me,me and I, I, I. I challenge you to aĺl devote more of your time to volunteering for something other than politics instead of devoting so much time to those trash talk shows. Your lives and your community will both ne better for it.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        ALL PLP supporters… Progressive Losers Party!!!

  3. Bozey says:

    What about the tattoo this evening?

  4. Annie says:

    I didn’t realize how close this was coming until I saw the models this morning. I sometimes sort of block out these advisories because a lot of them end up being false alarms but it seems this storm really will come close…better get out the board games because my parish seems to always be the first to lose power at any little gust of wind…

  5. wilco says:

    hi bernews, do you know if the round the sound swim is still in tomorrow?

  6. Rockfish#1and #2 says:

    Any news on the tattoo?

    • Bernews says:

      #Rockfish, just updated…it’s postponed to tomorrow

      • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

        Thank you.

      • marge says:

        Thank God for Bernews. what would we do without you ? can you imagine that we have no news on the other so called radio stations on the weekend !!!!!

  7. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    Thanks Bernews for these updates. As a yachtsman, I rely on weather updates all the time. Sometimes in bad weather I like to put my yachting skills to the test and do some extreme yachting.

  8. Realize & Legalize says:

    Heard the causeway is closing at 6…any confirmation? I’m trying to leave work early haha

  9. Carlos Spencer says:

    Bernews, any idea if the BRFU kids rugby is still on tomorrow am?

  10. Tropical storm says:

    Hope it is not as bad as hurricane PLP that did a lot of damage!

    • Self says:

      Can’t you people leave politics out of a story for ONCE in your lives?
      It’s a STORM for crying out loud!!!

  11. somuchless says:

    I hope everyone is safe out there cause it’s windy

  12. Fay says:

    Is the causeway open?

  13. Bermudian youth says:

    Looks like BWS got it wrong again


    tropical storm shut the f*** up!!!!!

  15. Topaz says:

    BERNEWS thank you for the tremendous work you. So sorry for the damage to your property.

  16. Lone Wolf says:

    I’m assuming the two cruise ships are cancelled as well but has anyone heard for sure what they are doing?

  17. 1 minute says:

    Over 27000 customers without power… So why won’t BELCO put the wires underground?. Why doesn’t the Government mandate that they do it, or are they share holders…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      After every storm we hear the same whine. Do you have the slightest clue of the cost of putting all of that cabling underground? Do you know who will pay for it? I can tell you that answer. YOU will pay for it. If you think power is high now, you ain’t seen nothing yet if underground cabling has to be financed.

      Get a generator. Learn how to manage power comsumption with it. Put up with the short term inconvenience.

      • Person who knows a little says:

        yes the “up front” costs are high. But the return on investment for BELCO is tremendous when you consider the amount of man hours and supplies that they will save after every natural disaster such as these. It would be better to get rid of all of the telephone poles and place all lines underground especially for a Hurricane prone location such as ours because it means less downtime for customers. And please get a generator??? They aren’t cheap and the gas they blow isn’t either.

    • YADON says:

      You know nothing about electrical distribution so do some research or shut it.

    • Strike fund says:

      I have seen loads of BELCO vans out there and staff working hard.

      Thanks to those out there and stay safe!

    • GoneAway says:

      A number of years ago, then CEO started a program to put all the main lines under ground, but is was costing the Board/Share Holders, so the stopped the program.

    • Declan Harrison says:

      The cost would be enormous. Are you prepared to pay your piece of such an exercise?

  18. M.T. Pockets says:

    Some serious damage at the west end. At least 3 boats, including a very large sailboat are on the rocks just past Mangrove Bay and several trees down in the road. At least one bus shelter lost it’s roof and I saw several other damaged roofs.

  19. No Laughing Matter says:

    This is only the beginning..
    Be Prepared Bermuda.

  20. OneNationUnderGod says:

    I took these crazy photo’s this morning!

  21. CHL says:

    Great blog. thank you! Hope all goes well with the cleanup.

    RE: your comment that it looks more like a hurricane

    Below is what the NHC said in its 11:00 AM AST forecast discussion update:

    “The cloud pattern associated with Fay has become more symmetrical, and microwave data also reveal that the inner core structure is
    better than 12 hours ago, including the presence of a closed mid-level eye feature. I was tempted to classify the system as a
    hurricane, but the consensus of the Dvorak T-numbers still support an initial intensity of 60 kt. No significant change in strength is
    anticipated, but only a 5-kt increase in the winds will bring Fay to hurricane status.”

  22. CHL says:

    Also – Delta flight 561 took off 1.5 hours late, flew about halfway to BDA and then was diverted back to BOS.

  23. Tell the Truth says:

    Belco lets have it! People have things to frigging do. No power all day since 6 am!! This is unacceptable yet typical!

  24. MB says:

    How can the terminal flood??The management didn’t know how to lock the doors??
    EMO and BWS have a lot to answer for…no one ever said it was going to blow like hell at 5am to 8am, we were told 40 miles off Bermuda at 2 am now i am reading the BWS monitor for wind is broke. get it together people.

    • Nick says:

      MB – read the statement! Part of the roof blew off at the airport damaging the sprinkler system. That’s how the arrivals hall flooded! Does the ‘M’ stand for Moron? Who said anything about doors being left open?

  25. MB says:

    A lot of this damage is cos people didn’t prepare…sad could have been avoided if EMO doing its job

    • Amazed says:

      EMO and the weather service did do their job. They advised that there was a sub tropical/Tropical storm heading our way. They updated channel 4 on cable to say there was a hurricane watch. Because you saw the words Tropical storm, you didn’t take precaution. Unfortunately people like you have to hear the actual word “Hurricane” before you actually do something. Tropical storms can be very damaging just like a hurricane and we should all be mindful going forward when we ARE warned of ANY storm heading our way to prepare for the worse.

      • Next says:

        Please hush. I checked the weather all day Saturday and they said no such things. They said it was far away and we’d get some wind and rain, that’s it. It never said it was heading our way. I know because I went out to buy groceries and I wouldn’t have if I had known a HURRICANE was coming directly at us! All that food is now wasted thanks to incompetent BWS and Belco aka “We’ll get to you when we feel like it!” They failed at their jobs, as usual.

      • Tough Love says:

        Why didn’t the EMO send out text messages as they had before for the storm? I don’t watch TV, so I would have missed the channel 4 announcement. If they are reporting winds under 70 knots, most Bermudians aren’t going to take it seriously, and nothing is wrong with that. 70 knot winds didn’t do the damage that we see island wide! They were gusts of over 115 mph, which is hurricane strength. Don’t you dare try to blame the people for not being prepared. It wasn’t what they said it was.

        And after the storm, we still had little communication. So the EMO messed up.

        • CommonensenBda says:

          You must be a member of Greta’s “FAMILY”! They are the only few who needed to have their brains massaged to the truth that the weather forecasters had been saying for more than three days BEFORE the storm hit us! Do you need a text to inform you how to use the toilet as well!?

  26. Jon Beard says:

    Saltus Grammar School – as a result of damage from today’s tropical storm both Saltus campuses are closed to students tomorrow. We have had damage to 8 classrooms in the Senior Dept and need time for staff to relocate, grounds to be cleared of debris, and classrooms checked and tidied up. We will make an announcement before 4.00pm tomorrow as to opening on Tuesday. Senior and Upper Primary staff please meet in the Alumni Hall for 9.00. Cavendish staff do not need to be in as maintenance will be cleaning the classrooms.

    • Varied says:

      Why are people disliking a comment that’s updating on the status of one of the schools? Sheeshums.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Because it is Saltus. Small mindedness has no limits.

  27. Thank’s bernews for the coverage it helps for our relatives and friends who do not live on Island or are away at this time.

  28. Ronald says:

    It has been confirmed: Fay was a Cat 1 hurricane when it came by. My guess was some tornados accompanied it. Let’s brace ourselves better for Hurricane Gonzalo next weekend…it is going to be a Cat 2 storm, same path. Get ready.

  29. Clarity says:

    Great coverage!

  30. Juice says:

    I got out today and there is a remarkable amount of damage done for a tropical storm. Does the BWS have any official data to share on the actual wind speeds we experienced?

  31. United says:

    Like United, we will weather the storm

  32. Tropical storm says:

    Thanks Belco for working hard and getting our electricity back on!

  33. Katrina says:

    Can anyone tell me how much damage St George’s sustained?

  34. Me says:

    Thanks Belco. Someone said there’s another storm coming on fri. Thanks again belco!! Great job!!

  35. Observer says:

    Hey, this is for TELL THE TRUTH and other like that make the same type of comments, yes yesterday was hard for all of Bermuda, but where you when help was needed, I was out with my chainsaw helping, a police officer, over 2 hours late for duty stopped and helped for 5 minutes to help move part of a tree out of the road before he left. About 15 minutes later about 500 yards on again I stopped to help 2 guys chopping part of trees, again another police officer stopped to help, this one was on his way home after doing a 12 hour shift, we were there for a good half hour, so my friend, before you pass comments such as you did, next step up to the plate and help your HOME.

    • Tell the Truth says:

      Stfu. I’m not a man, the hell I look like going around with a chainsaw chopping down trees. Good for you saint Observer. When you do something good you do it just to do it NOT for recognition. Power out at 6am and they didnt bother to show up until 7pm. Go fix my power, saint Observer.

  36. Bermuda says:

    As of 6:50 a.m. according to PTB there are no busses this morning.

  37. Free rashun says:

    This storm was very hectic trees were blocking the roads on my street

  38. seascape says:

    Forecasters got it wrong. Hope they do better with Gonzalo. No one was prepared!!

    So happy that there were no lives lost or major injuries.

  39. serengeti says:

    Credit where it’s due. Great job, Bernews.

  40. Tough Love says:

    “A further update was made at 4.30pm on Saturday, when BWS in consultation with the NHC not only issued a continuation of the Tropical Storm Warning, but also a Hurricane Watch, as there was a risk that temporary hurricane force winds could affect parts of the Island [especially exposed and elevated areas] in association with heavy thunderstorms during the early morning of Sunday as Fay made its closest approach and began to accelerate away to the east-northeast. The EMO was once again advised accordingly.”

    Why wasn’t text messages sent to the public that we were on Hurricane Watch on Saturday EMO?!? Who dropped the ball there? Don’t do the same with Gonzalo! Inform the people!

    So grateful that no lives were lost even though communication was poor.

  41. Bermewjan says:

    Thank you to everyone of you that came out and cleared our main roads for the emergency services and turned to help your neighbours and family to get their lives and homes safe. I was left feeling so proud of our island peoples’ ability to come together in a crisis.

    Even my wife, a non-Bermudian spouse commented on the level-headedness of Bermudians in such a time of crisis. I love my people and my island home.

    Thank you all for renewing my faith in my fellow Bermudians, our non-Bermudian loved ones and fellow resident workers and guests.

  42. MB says:

    @Amazed- I read the BW report before bed and it said winds 3-40 knots, no more- dont care if called TS or huirricane- BWS did NOT get it right and don’t ‘people like you’ me OK

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The BWS people do not have a very good record but to be fair the first hint that the National Hurricane Center had was in the 8:00PM report when they mentioned an apparent reforming of the eye further to the west.

      Too late.

      At that point all preparations should have been done long ago.

      What we got was a mini Emily.

      Hope everyone who was able to help clean up was out right away instead of the usual ‘looky looks’ out driving around waiting for somebody else to clean up for them & complaining about blocked roads.

  43. cat 1 says:

    Perhaps the BWS employees need more training or new jobs.

    • Damon O says:

      You said it! Their only job is to sit there, report and read weather. I’ve noticed sometimes the say 50% chance of showers, so either way their right.. I wish my job was like that LOL

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Here is the typical weather report in Bermuda: “Sun and cloud with a chance of rain” (50% is correct) Sad yes, but true :-(

  44. jovon says:

    Thanks bernews. u r the best, from foreign

  45. Franklin Jr says:

    hey Roban: now is not the time for political points. are you EVER constructive or is it beat down the big bad OBA at every chance regarless?

  46. Marge says:

    Does anyone know how I can tune into channel 9/7 my cablevision is down

  47. tom cooke says:

    Emily this was not.. get real

    Course this weekend could be mighty interesting. ..

  48. tragic says:

    Roban forgets the 4 tragic deaths that happened under their watch.

  49. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!! says:

    belco better fix my electricity and stop leaving me to the last freaking handful of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. United says:

    Give thanks for small blessings. United don’t play till next Monday.

  51. Infidelguy says:

    I agree that the EMO, Bermuda Weather Service and the government could have all done a better job in sounding the alarm to the potential dangers of tropical storm/hurricane Fay. However, this latest assault on the government is nothing more than a political witch-hunt. Yes, errors were made and the responsible parties should have had the integrity to own up to them.

    Turning this into a political point scoring exercise is pointless and potentially detrimental to all of us. How can we expect to ever make improvements to our national security (and the country as a whole) if both political parties are constantly at each other’s throats trying to make one another look incompetent at every turn?

    This is not something to play politics with!!!

  52. 14 yrs says:

    Hurricane PLP struck the island for 14 yrs!

  53. Micro says:

    For some reason, there is a priority to clean up the public parks instead of getting the roadways clear and removing the numerous broken and dangling branches that are still stuck up in tress. I guess they’re waiting for someone to die from a falling branch to do something about that.

  54. Oh,I see now says:

    For you few people who are politicizing this potential disaster I would like to know if you have the same thoughts when you are attempting to secure tarp to your missing roof section in the wind and rain.

    You will find in your darkest hour the true meaning of what is relevant.

  55. Brazil says:

    How are government workers suppose to prepare for a Category 4 hurricane if they have to remain at work all day Thursday? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Family Man says:

      It would be helpful if they actually DID some work rather than just ‘remain’ at work but I guess it’s hard to break old habits.

  56. Layla says:

    Why are government schools only closed on Friday? The private schools have it right! What a shame.

  57. Rebecca Richards says:

    I live in the US but love Bermuda, would live there if I could. I go there alot and have friends there, I’ve been very concerned about the Hurricane heading your way. I wish I could be there to help you all with the cleanup.

    You all are in our prayers. My husband and I’ll be back in February. So if anything needs to be done I’ll help :-)

  58. Francesca says:

    I am set to arrive in Hamilton on October 16th at 1:40PM. Delta wants $250 to change my flight. Why are the flights inbound not canceled, or change fees not waived? They are literally bringing a plane full of people to dump them into a hurricane. I was advised to cancel my room reservation, and did so thinking that the airline would be reasonable, but now I have nowhere to go and will not even be able to leave customs. This is my first time overseas, I will be alone, one of Bermuda’s biggest hurricanes is coming and Delta cares NOTHING about my safety. The airport is only working on getting people off the island – they need to worry about keeping them from coming in as well! I have spoken to Orbitz, they were very understanding, but Delta just stonewalled me saying only if I’m flying in on the 17th or 18th do they care. I’m at a loss. I called the Bermuda Tourism Authority but they are not answering their lines.

    • Red says:

      You don’t have to board the flight in the first place…simple!

      • Next says:

        Yes that’s a real nice thing to say to a tourist visiting our island you ignorant buffoon. You are one of those people who make it bad for all of us.

      • Francesca says:

        I understand your point, but no one wants to eat the price of a ticket. If someone’s options are to either lose what they paid to fly or fly into an area with an oncoming major hurricane, change fees should be waived. Regardless, Delta never did change their policy, and the flight did go in today. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t on it. I hope you all come through in good shape.

    • Francesca says:

      To update on my comment: I called Delta again and got a very helpful agent who waived my fees. I am rescheduled to come in on the 23rd (the latest day they would allow to book without a fee). Here’s hoping rooms and the like aren’t all booked up!

      • Concerned Bermudian says:

        So sorry you have had these challenges. I am certain your hotel will find a room for you next week. Please reach out to the Manager if you have any problems. We look forward to you visiting our beautiful island.

    • Cardine Alice says:

      For your own safety don’t fly. But make sure you get onto Delta’s FB page etc and give them the bad publicity they deserve for this. Does your insurance not cover this (total loss). Mine would where there is a a government advisory not to visit an area. But do come say hi once we are on the other end. We will need everyone’s support!

  59. jmaybury says:

    praying for all you guys. be safe on friday and this coming weekend.

  60. Bermuda over due a good cleaning? says:

    My the island be purged of sin and returned to days of pass. repent.


  61. Miss jacquie says:

    Hello to all in Bermuda . Would like to leave a message for all my beautiful ladies and guys there in Bermuda.

    I’m thinking about you all you are in my thoughts and prayers, be safe and take care.

    I also know that each and every resident in Bermuda will be helping each other always at a time like this you all seem to pull together as one.

    God Bless you all and be safe love Miss Jx

  62. Still no electricity says:

    I still don’t have my electricity back and based on Belco’s update this morning it seems that I will not be getting it back before the hurricane comes today. Since October 12, I have had no electricity and since my house is considered one of the “small packet” houses, we were scheduled to be serviced till the very end. And now Belco has run out of time and won’t be able to get it back up.

    Everyone is congratulating Belco for the work that they have done but get this, that is their job. Kudos to them for doing what they’re supposed to do? I think not. I don’t even think they’re worthy of the praise because obviously it looks like their organizational skills are non-existent.

    My concern is that when the time comes for Belco to start making post-hurricane repairs they will be paying attention to the main power lines like they did with TS Fay. The houses that are connected to the main power lines will have their electricity back first. AGAIN!!! And people like me, with “small packet” houses will be dealt with later. So from Oct. 12 to whenever Belco decides to start fixing the “small packet” houses, that’s how long, people in the same situation as me, will have no electricity. How is that fair!???! I pay my bills on time yet it seems that I am not getting the same customer service as the rest. Belco should treat EVERYONE EQUALLY!! We are paying customers and we are not getting the service that we are paying for. Belco needs to rethink their strategies moving forward.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      I feel your pain and frustration , honestly. I too am part of a small packet lot and after Fabian my neighbors on all sides had power back 2 days after the storm.
      My ‘packet’ didn’t get it back for almost exactly one month .
      But my appreciation of what BELCO does and understanding of what they are up against dates back to Emily , much less Fabian .

      I hope that the people who are in large grids and get back to normal quickly appreciate the fact that in many instances someone else is still suffering because of their luck .

      It seems there’s little else that can be done , so hang in there and try to find some nice friends who can help store your chilled foods , let you get a shower everyday and do the laundry as well .

      In times like these we all have to pull together and think of each other .

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I guess you were not around for Fabian. Some of us did not have power for over 45 days. You adapt.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Time to move…innit!?

  63. North rock says:

    KFC is closing ?..One of two outcomes….healthiness will break out among a sector of the population or starvation will start to be a concern until midday Saturday

  64. Barbados Crew says:

    We’re here Bermuda! Praying that all will go well. Crews from Light and Power and more than willing to assist . We’re humbled and honoured to do so. Keep praying, help is on the way. BIG BIG shout outs to BELCO for the restoration work they have done so far. An island in need has a friend indeed. Barbados, the British Virgin Islands and Dominica are here for you. Stay safe Bermuda. We’re praying for all of you.

    • Voter (original) says:

      Thank you. Knowing we have backup is a great reassurance, as our Belco crews have been working so hard and probably need a bit of releif

    • DC says:

      Bless up to ALL of you!!!! Thank you so much, your prayers and assistance are GREATLY appreciated by all!!!

  65. Doc says:

    Does anyone know what time the grocery stores are closing?

  66. Raw Connoisseur says:

    The surf has been soo dope lately. All the over reacting like ah hurricane hasn”t come before.

  67. BermudaB says:

    Quick question – When they say: “Seas will rapidly build 35-40 feet with dangerous surf and rip currents”… This is outside the reefs or we can expect these kind of waves banging the shores of the island ?

  68. Triangle Drifter says:

    NHC Advisory #20. Issued this AM. 64KT or greater winds 50miles out from center in NE & SE quadrant

  69. Peace says:

    Saw someone out in a small boat by Morgans Point. Not sure what they are thinking.

  70. JAWS says:

    My friends can someone tell me why we left the Tug Boat tide up Dock Yard? Check the live web cam. The dock will be underwater soon and the dock will not hold the vessel.

  71. TSOL says:

    About 20 minutes ago I had a guy who lives at the end of road I live on, up on his roof with a Bermuda kite on a fishing rod. Thing was hovering right above my power lines and hit my neighbours roof once. I know the power is going out, but I don’t need an idiot and his kite doing it before the storm does. Luckily he got it up high and then the string snapped, i just hope it blew out to sea and not someone else’s lines. There are some very stupid people on this isand.

  72. jon says:

    Glad to hear that the frogs haven’t decided to give it a rest for 1 night…
    Oh and can someone go out and wipe the lens of the webcam please?

  73. Stacey says:

    Bernews: Am writing to say how grateful I’ve been for your blog all week, and especially today, as I have family in Bermuda and you’re letting me know on practically a minute-by-minute basis how the island is faring. Good luck, stay safe, and thank you!

  74. Bermudian says:


    I’d like to personally thank you for all your hard work with keeping everyone up to date.

    I was in Bermuda last week and got stuck there when Fay hit. Unfortunately I had to return to the US on Monday, leaving my family behind. I’ve been able to keep in contact with them and supply them with the information I’ve been getting from here.

    Again, Thank You for all the hard work your team has been doing.

  75. Chris Famous says:

    Thank you for all the work you have been doing Bernews

  76. Oh,I see now says:

    North rock…..
    Your comment is funny but true this is the new generations way of preparing dinner for the family.these young people probably don’t know which cupboard the pots are in.

  77. Blowjob says:

    It was not as bad as hurricane PLP.That did 14 yrs of damage!

  78. stranded says:

    Is the airport open?

  79. Tracey Hofman says:

    Hi, I am so glad to hear the island and everyone is safe. Looking for updates from Coco Reef on Elbow Beach. We are suppose to arrive in two weeks. Pics? Any information? Thank you!

    • Kandice says:

      Good day Mrs. Hofman,
      Kandice( Front desk agent @ Coco Reef)
      wE ARE DOING great here at Coco Reef No damages to our hotel we have running water & electricty. Minor tree damages. The rest of the island is still recovering but we will be back to normal here on island soon. also the hurricane took most of our sand from off the beach.! We are looking forward to still having you stay with us, Please call the hotel ( 144-236-5416 ) if you have anymore questions i’ll be here until 11pm tonight and also tomorrow.

  80. Triangle Drifter says:

    The Island is getting very positive coverage on NBC National news & local news (Washington) this morning. Quick shots of clean up &reporter with beach & gorgeous blue water in backgroun talking about quick recovery.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Drifter….. NBC is a liberal progressive station – who do NOT always report the “truth” in the US!!

      Watch Fox news for unbiased and “fair-and-balanced” REAL news!!! BHO has the Lame Stream Media in his back pocket….Here’s why!!

      Did you know these connections?

      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice,

      National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s

      Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to Ex Whitehouse

      Press Secretary Jay Carney!

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to

      Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary!

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood!

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s

      Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      And now you know why it is no surprise that the media is in Obama’s pocket!!


      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Can you wait while I see if I can find somebody who cares about any of that? It is gonna take a long time. What does any of it have to do with a weather report anyway?

      • What a joke says:

        You think Fox news is unbiased? I can give you 100 examples of how they are the most biased media outlet in the US. I’ll start with one: Rupert Murdoch is a major shareholder in Genie Energy which has been given rights to explore for oil in the Golan Heights. They will only be able to do this if the Assad government is overthrown. That’s why you see a significant bias in Fox news reporting on the Syria conflict – pro-war.

      • Vhovho says:


      • bdaboy says:

        “Watch Fox news for unbiased and “fair-and-balanced” REAL news!!!”

        LOL, you’re hilarious…it’s almost like you actually believe your own satire…it is satire, right?

  81. The Stephen Card Exhibition of Marine Art 2014 at the Windjammer2 Gallery will now open on Thursday, 30th. of October instead of this coming Thursday the 17th, as previously scheduled. Please see your new invitations shortly.

  82. Just a thought..... says:

    Adding my thanks and acknowledgement of your consistent and good work, Bernews. Keeping updates current for those of us ‘off the rock’ concerned for family and friends there, I can say it’s so helpful that you relieve the worst burden — knowing there was no loss of life. Things can always be fixed or replaced. Knowing our loved ones are safe when we’re not able to reach them due to power outages means so very much. Thank you, as always, Bernews!

  83. ss says:

    Good day Bernews, is it possible for Cablevision to give a breakdown of which parishes received damage and are being worked on so we don’t flood their offices with calls tomorrow. Like what Belco is doing by breaking it down in areas please. I read their update said that some areas received extensive damage, which areas would be nice to know. Thanks.

    • Alicia says:

      I tried to call cablevision tonight to get some sort of timeframe NAND couldn’t get through at all. All I got was that the voicemail was full and normally you can call until early evening… Very frustrating as I know when I call from my office tomorrow they will state I should be calling while I am at home to verify that the cable is out.

      • Warwick West says:

        Very annoying as I tried calling as well. Are they bringing in extra technicians?? They only have 5 teams islandwide working, according to the CEO. They need more than five teams out there. Some people been out since Fay and I am sure the bill will be the same!

  84. Local Yokle says:

    BELCO will you please expedite restoring power to customers who have been out since Fay??? And waive the facilities charge as you have not provided power to our house for 8 days now! Don’t bother answering asI know the response will be no … It is financially more beneficial to your company to restore power to 4000who have only been out for a dayinsteadof 1500 who have been out for 8 days. BELCO you suck!

  85. Dan says:

    WTF, There’s now more people without power than there were 6 hours ago.

  86. Jeremiah says:

    Do the public know that Cablevision will not be crediting their customers for time off line ? The Cablevision rep stated that it is an act of god and thus likely no credit. Absolutely outrageous particularly for those who have been out for close to two weeks.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      After Fabian I was without power for 4 weeks . When the power came back I still had no cablevision for another 4 weeks .
      I called them to advise them of the total disruption of service in reference to a credit and they said they’d call back .

      I’m still waiting for the call.

      That’s why now whenever I see them in the news handing out superfluous community awards ,etc I scoff.

      Their business ethics suck more than Fabian blew.

    • PBanks says:

      The power of the fine print at work.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        (Let’s try again)

        No matter what any fine print says , charging for non-delivery of goods or services is, IMO , criminal .

        The CAB , if it was serious and had any teeth , should be all over such companies.

    • Alicia says:

      I called cablevision this morning and asked for a status as to when repairs will be completed and they couldn’t tell me anything. I insisted on having a note on my account that I expect a credit on my bill and I emailed the billing department a well telling them that I expect a credit.

      I also told them that their executive really need to get better at communicating to their customers. Tell us the information like Belco has been in terms of number of people out, what areas are affected and when we can expect to get service back.

      But as usual, the customer service at Cablevision was desperatly wanting for good service

      • Jeremiah says:

        I will be cancelling Cablevision if this proves to be the case and I suspect I am not the only one. With VPNs etc Cablevision need to understand that there is some very real competition out there and at a significant discount to boot.

  87. MAKE MY DAY says:

    BELCO’s Denton Williams gave a very good synopsis on how BELCO is handling the power-outage problems!!! He is to be commended for his general overview!!!

  88. in the dark says:


  89. Triangle Drifter says:

    Any word on hospital preparations for the baby boom which will hit in 9 months time?