Photos: Police Service Celebrating 135 Years

October 10, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service hosted a lunchtime open air concert on Wednesday [Oct 8] in front of the City Hall steps in Hamilton featuring the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band led by Superintendent Ronald Campbell.

Police Concert Open House Bermuda, October 8 2014-43

All of the island’s police stations also hosted an open house throughout the day with many school and nursery school children attending. Children were entertained by the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band and activities included displays, fun castles, craft tables, tours of the police stations and an appearance by Stompy the Bermuda Police Service mascot.

Police Concert Open House Bermuda, October 8 2014-50

Included in the crowd at City Hall was one of many former police officers, Gilmour Simons. Mr. Simons was a member of the Bermuda Police Force in 1965 when he was injured at the BELCO riot. He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service and left the police force shortly after to join the prison service.

Police Concert Open House Bermuda, October 8 2014-5

The concert and open house are part of the BPS’s celebrations of 135 years of policing in our community, with this month’s celebrations also including the Gymkhana, art exhibition and auction, police convoy display and the upcoming Police Tattoo. Videos of the open air concert can be found here.

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  1. Self says:

    As the BPS has that big bus, I wonder if they would consider bringing back the films at the island’s schools. I remember back in the day, all the schoolchildren would view films on road safety, stranger safety, etc. This gave the children healthy interaction with the police at an early age.

    I have heard children as young as four state that the hate the police. Where do they get that from? It would seem that their parents have negative views toward the police, or they viewed a parent being arrested. They don’t understand they are doing their job, and that if they are good and keep out of trouble they won’t have any problems with the police.

  2. Law and order says:

    Arthur Bean looks great,congrats to all!

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