OBA Walks Out Of House To Protest Marc Bean

November 14, 2014

[Updated with video + PLP response] As Opposition Leader Marc Bean began to deliver the Reply to the Throne in the House of Assembly today [Nov 14], OBA MPs walked out of the House in protest.

A statement from the OBA said they were demonstrating their “outrage and disgust” at what they alleged were “vile comments” made by Mr. Bean towards a female member of the OBA at the Sandys South bye-election advanced poll on November 6th.

OBA Senator Lynne Woolridge alleged that the Opposition Leader “accosted two female members of the party and subjected one in particular to a misogynistic, hate-filled attack…”

“The Opposition Leader’s track record, both in the House and in public, shows a blatant disrespect for and sexual objectification of women. The OBA condemns this behaviour in the strongest possible terms,” added Senator Woolridge.

“Government members left the Chamber as the opposition leader commenced reading the Reply to the Throne Speech to demonstrate that such behaviour cannot go unchallenged.

“The decision to exit the Chambers during the Reply to the Throne Speech is not one that was made lightly and we call on the Opposition to take action to address the situation.

“Their continued silence, otherwise, can only be seen as condoning behaviour that shows categorical disrespect for women,” said Senator Woolridge.

Senator Woolridge previously alleged that Mr. Bean subjected OBA Communications Chair Toni Daniels to what she said was a “tirade” at the Advance Poll for Constituency 33.

Senator Woolridge said that Ms. Daniels has made a complaint to the Police, and the police have confirmed they are “conducting enquiries” into a complaint following an incident on Thursday.

A police spokesperson previously said, “The BPS is conducting enquiries into a complaint stemming from an incident that took place on Thursday, November 6th outside the advanced polling station for Constituency 33 in Sandys parish.

“No arrests have been made at this point but the police are speaking to a number of witnesses to establish whether any criminal offences may have been committed.”

Update 12.05pm: As of this writing, all OBA MPs remain out of the House, with only PLP MPs sitting as Mr Bean continues to deliver the Reply to the Throne.

Update 12.23pm: Deputy Leader David Burt said, “Today’s walkout by the One Bermuda Alliance Government, wasn’t a walkout on the PLP, but it was a walkout on the People of Bermuda.

“Earlier today Bermuda’s Parliament received no statement from the Government on the recent gun violence, no statement on the $200 million airport that has been awarded without a tender, and no Government Bills were tabled today.

“It seems that the Premier Michael Dunkley and the OBA find it more important to plan and play political games than to focus on the urgent matters facing the people of Bermuda.

“This is not governing, and this certainly is not the leadership that the people of this country need.”

Update 12.48pm: The House has now adjourned for lunch.

Update 1.02pm: OBA Chairperson Senator Lynne Woolridge said they understand some media may not be able to post their full statement for legal reasons, however added that the OBA will post what they allege Marc Bean said to Ms Daniels on their OBA website.

Update 3.07pm: The House is back in session, and the OBA MPs are back in the House.

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  1. watching says:

    WOW. Very mature for the GOVERNMENT to walk out of the House during the Reply. I recall many bloggers calling the PLP names for boycotting in July. I wonder what they will say to this behavior.

    • serengeti says:

      It isn’t a boycott. It’s to draw attention to the guy in charge of the opposition.

      • Strike fund says:

        PLP shouldn’t have boycotted.
        OBA shouldn’t have walked out.

        The people in the house are there to represent the voters and they cannot do it if they are absent.

        • michelle says:

          What’s unacceptable is these fools on both sides are being paid with taxpayer’s money to do a job that they are failing to do with such immature and dramatic antics!

          Bermuda should be outraged and both this walk out and when the PLP stupidly boycotted. Do the work required of you or damn well resign and let competent, intelligent and rational persons lead.

          Could you imagine walking out of your office in protest to a complaint you had made about a fellow employee that was being formally investigated by HR or the Labour Office? Your actions would warrant your suspension or dismissal.

          If a complaint has been made to the police, get on with the country’s business and allow due process to take place.

          Only in backward, psuedo-sophisticated Bermuda!

          • hmmm says:

            Apparently they are listening in chambers, just not in front of Bean.

            they are still conducting the peoples business. and doing their job, whilst standing up for women and their fellow member.

            Shame the PLP won’t stand up for Bermudians and repremand Bean.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Let’s clear up some misconception about what went on today. The OBA did not walk out of the house, they left the house chamber and waited in their chambers. They did not do this during any debate on government legislation or business, they did this as the leader of the opposition began to read the oppositions response to the Throne Speech, as it was his alleged behaviour and disrespect to a woman, to which they were directing their disgust and protest. They did not miss the response, they simply refused to sit in front of him while he read it. They have now returned to the house chamber, to continue in any further house debate.

            How does this differ from the PLP’s boycott, the PLP actually refused to sit in the house at any point. their reason for doing this was because the governor refused to enact a legislation they passed in the house with the support of less than half the elected MP’s, and that the governor could not enact as it failed to meet multiple requirements for such an inquiry to be enacted. Additionally, they said they would boycott the house until the Governor was recalled… he has not been recalled and they are now back in the house, what does that say to the cause to which they professed to believe in to carry them to such actions.

            All said and done, the OBA’s response was a measured and reasonable statement to an incident to which the opposition leader is at the front and center at. The PLP’s response as a party to this incident has been deafeningly quiet. Surely by now they should have come out to defend or condemn his actions, they certainly would have demanded such from the OBA had this position been reversed. For them to have remained so silent on it for this long can only mean there is a division within the PLP about it, and that is mostly likely along the lines of the parties right and left wings. Also, the unspoken party first policy that is so ingrained into the parties philosophy makes it nearly impossible to acknowledge that there is any issue within the party, much less with it’s leadership, and that is one of the PLP’s fundamental weaknesses that can be tied to why they failed Bermuda and Bermudians as a Government.

            • Cow Polly says:

              I have just read the story on the OBA website and the alleged comments made by Mr Bean. If these are true (and I presume the Police are seeking clarification) then the PLP needs to deal with this man immediately, he is not fit for public office and will do irreparable harm to the Opposition. I am totally shocked at what he is alleged to have said and every man and woman in Bermuda should be outraged.

              • Nathalie says:

                1. Bean should resign, his comments are disgusting, sexist and vile. Read OBA.bm

                2. What woman will ever vote for his party while he is the leader?

                • Marge says:

                  How on earth does a so called man like Bean remain as the opposition leader ? this wannabe… has said the most discusting thingS in the HOA,did anyone hear him on the sherri show on Friday?he made a few personal accusations about the young ladies in the OBA.

                • wheels says:

                  Don’t like Bean very much at all. Thinks he knows it all and its a bunch of of hot air.

              • Annie says:

                If this matter is under investigation by police and may go before the courts, I do not understand how the OBA can be allowed to post these allegations online. This is deliberate on their part, because they know most people will believe the allegations but the public can’t fully debate the allegations online in forums such as this one. Their side is put out there, but nobody can post comments here or on the daily’s website, or call in to the talk shows to discuss the validity of the accusations without their efforts being shot down, so there’s more time for these allegations to sit there for public consumption unchallenged and believed by most people. I don’t support what Marc Bean is alleged to have said at all, but I think it is very hypocritical and deliberate on the OBA’s part to put this out there knowing there’s an investigation under way and knowing that we can’t fully discuss this issue so the allegations will be assumed to be true-they are just so deceitful sometimes…I just don’t like the way they operate.

            • Susan says:

              When Nandi Outerbridge’s case was not addressed properly and she was not charged for the alleged bad behavior she displayed recently the PLP should have walked out on the OBA too.

          • In the End Bermuda Suffers says:

            While this is happening business investors around the World are thinking “invest in Bermuda LOL”

            The Government of the day and Opposition party is a Circus full of clowns.

            In the end Bermuda suffers.

        • Clever Neville says:

          Are they voters first or are they people first. People that consist of woman. Disrespecting a woman on any level clearly cannot be tolerated. The banter that takes place here is one thing. How can a man , as a leader of the people, allegedly bring himself to belittle a woman publicly on behalf of the good of his party.

        • Tolerate says:

          Agree with you 100%, but it appears it was a walk out on the individual who had the floor, and they returned. Not the next day, next week, next month; a few hours later. I know, apples and oranges, but not as dramatic as making accusations against the Governor and refusing to come back until he is removed.
          By the way, how that work out?

      • Self says:

        Toni Daniels is NOT an elected Member of Parliament. If the OBA did not like a comment that was made to one of their party members, that has NOTHING to do with the job they were elected to do.
        If the PLP had walked out over a comment that was made to a party member…not MP, party member (BIG difference) the OBA supporters would have been all over them.
        Totally unacceptable!!!

        • serengeti says:

          Yeah, but Bean IS an elected MP, and the OBA were making a statement about his allegedly unacceptable behavior. It’s not only elected MP’s that deserve to be treated decently.

          • Self says:

            Twist it any way you want, but words allegedly exchanged with Toni Daniels doesn’t warrant this behavior. She is a private citizen.
            If Mr. Bean had made remarks to any other Jane Doe on the street, would it have been acceptable for them to walk out on her behalf? I am sure the answer is a big, fat NO!!! So why do it for Ms. Daniels?

            • jt says:

              Same response for you as i had for Kunta…I accept your opinion on the OBA choice to walk out. I think there are valid arguements either way.
              I’m interested on your thoughts regarding Marc Bean if it turns out he made the alleged statements.


              Safe place! says

              • Self says:

                I tried to find the comments on the website with no luck. Maybe somebody can tell me if they’re still posted? In any event, please accept that I am not defending Mr. Bean. I obviously don’t know what was said, but if true totally unacceptable from a political leader.
                However, my point remains that with Bermuda literally hanging by a thread, we don’t need any more unnecessary drama. The matter was reported to the police, let them investigate. Ms. Daniels has the option to take legal action against Mr. Bean for slander. There are other options besides the action the OBA took. We are trying to bring Bermuda back from the brink, lure overseas investors here and get back on track. I am NOT coming from the angle of a PLP supporter or an OBA supporter, I am coming from the angle of a supporter for BERMUDA. ALL of the politicians need to get it together!!!

            • Creamy says:

              She is not a private citizen she is a senator.

            • Regina says:

              Wow, you don’t get it do you. You really have no clue. It’s about a persons’ character. Would you let a guy that allegedly talks to women this way date your daughter? No. But you want him to run your country? You are clueless and I feel sorry for people like you.

            • Tolerate says:

              @ Self;I think you missed the point completely. As stated here, Mr. Bean is the leader of the Opposition? This behavior to anyone especially a woman with the vile comments that were allegedly made warrant addressing. Sorry if you do not feel that way; but he was out of order and there is NO way I can condone defending him.

              • Self says:

                Show me where I defended him? It’s funny how OBA supporters always think any negative comments automatically means one is a PLP supporter.
                Truth be told, I was disgusted with the PLP on many levels and I am quickly becoming just as disgusted with the OBA. Look at their many scandals in such a short time! At least the PLP behaved themselves during their probationary period. It just sickens me that Bermuda is in the hands of two groups that BOTH display such bad behavior.

        • Greg says:

          Politics is a joke not only in Bermuda but world wide. Everyone deserves respect elected or not.
          Fidel Castro got it Right and his people love him for it.

    • Impressive says:

      You know they are going to find ways to justify it and state how great the government is for standing up for its member, yada yada.. I am curious to know what did he say, surely Mr. Bean isnt that foolish to make a comment of the magnitude that is being suggested in public at a polling station in front of many people.. I don’t know, as I wasn’t there, but I don’t think he is that foolish, although I stand to be corrected.. Its 2014, nothing is astonishing to me anymore.

      • hmmm says:

        Oh yes he is, keep standing.

        • Really says:

          If he is, then what did he say? Simply taking your word for it will make us all fools.

      • James Rego says:

        I can’t believe you people are trying to defend this man(?) especially without knowing what he allegedly said. Go to OBA.bm, it’s there weather you accept it or not, it is disgusting and vile! This could be your wife or mother, is this acceptable for someone who is aspiring to be Bermuda’s representative on a worldwide stage?

        • Really says:

          Went to the site and read it for myself. We must be careful when reading certain things. He only said what was quoted and that was ****************. The rest of what was written he did not say. Now those two phrases he did allegedly say could have been said in an entirely different context. For example he might of said that if she continues to align herself with the OBA then it’s as if she is a political *****. Do you get what I am saying here? How do we know that the OBA isn’t taking this all out of context? We don’t. That’s the point. At the end political points are being scored here and we need to be careful of who we trust and believe. I for one trust none of them so until I hear atheist convo for myself I take it all with a grain of salt.

        • Impressive says:

          I don’t know how my comments can be seen as defending him..

        • Marge says:

          James, you are so right… you know what they say about beans….

        • dont see says:

          So where you there, did you hear what he said, i don’t think so. And if what he said was so bad why didn’t the OBA just come out with it, and not hide behind a website.
          . All you being blinded but what is really going on. Almost all the work cites i see round the island is mostly non bermudians, what happen to the 60-40 rule. And most of them are newbies I’ve never seen them until now, and private companies doing work that’s normally done but government workers. What happen to the 2000 jobs for us. It was 8000 out of work now its gone to 12000 without a job in just 2years.
          . So get off this he said she said BS and look at whats really going on.

          • Trulytruly says:

            You do not have your numbers right at all. If you were right unemployment wold be at 35%. It is closer to 7%. I am one of them so don’t make any comments in that regard.

    • Kunta says:

      The best thing that they can do is walk out of politics, they have been an embarrassment since they were elected and they’re anti- Bermudian ideology is a travesty.
      And I hope when History is written that de Surrogates will never be a part of Bermuda’s Black History Heroes.

      • hmmm says:

        To want the PLP and praise the PLP, to ignore that they were and are a disaster, and to not condemn Marc Has-Bean for his conduct on a number of occassions is ANTI-BERMUDIAN.

        Kunta, you must really hate bermuda and us Bermudians. where are you from again?

      • Young Buck says:

        If you describe the OBA as an embarrassment, please enlighten us with the adjective you would use to describe the PLP and their 14 years of power…..

        I’ll wait while you look up what an adjective is….

        • Self says:

          How elitist of you. Maybe he knows what an adjective, maybe not. It WAS the UBP/OBA that screwed up the public school system remember?

        • dont see says:

          You must be rich cause during their 14 years i saw the small man build something out of nothing. Before it was hard to renovate ya home cause you didn’t have enough working 2-3 jobs and not having time for your child. Education on the college level looked achievable now its impossible for those that cant afford it. We as a people had a voice now we don’t even exist. What happen to the people of st george’s, they didn’t get the work or jobs that they were promised. So be for real and know your facts before making comments you know nothing about.

          • Trulytruly says:

            Didn’t the opportunities you refer to deminish during the plp’s term it didn’t start with the OBA. Bermuda is now experiencing the fall out from decisions made during that time. Don’t kid yourself that our current situation suddenly happened when the OBA came in to power. You real what you sow.

      • jt says:

        Kunta…I accept your opinion on the OBA choice to walk out. I think there are valid arguements either way.
        I’m interested on your thoughts regarding Marc Bean if it turns out he made the alleged statements.

        the not de

      • Safe place! says:

        SHUT UP IDIOT! You sound stupid. Just shut up!

    • smh says:

      Smh….And They wonder why the streetz can’t get along…

    • 32n64w says:

      Contrary to your remarks, the OBA did not walk out of the House, they exited the Chamber and went to the break room – something all MPs do whenever the House is in session.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Is that like going to the restroom just when a vote is about to be taken?

        • Kunta says:

          Well they need to go to de restroom cause they’re full of ****.

          • hmmm says:

            WOW…Your mother must be so proud of your hate for Bermudians and your support of Bean’s alleged behaviour towards a woman.

            • Kunta says:

              Aahh don’t forget Dunkley’s rant on Mrs. Swan when his mic was on.

              • jt says:

                You feel these two situations are the same..or even similar?

                • Tolerate says:

                  See, now that’s the scary part. Indirect comments made about a GROUP that Mrs. Swan was a part of. Followed up by an embarrassing response by Mrs. Swan, taking the comment fully out of text. Now being compared to what Mr. Bean is alleged to have done?
                  I have tried to wrap my head around how ANYBODY can condone or defend this alleged behavior; only to come to the reality of this being a prime example of why we have social issues in Bermuda today.
                  Oh well; carry on defending.

                  • REAL deal says:

                    same and he spoke about a female and refuses to say sorry to said female. he’s worst than Bean in my book. I have never voted PLP but definitely will not vote OBA

    • Excuse Me says:

      Great show of solidarity by the Government to walk out. No one should subject another individual to such blatant disrespect. If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. After such disregard for a woman how can things go back to normal so quickly. An apology or something needs to be forthcoming. Well done Senator Woolridge for showing that we women will not put up with such disrespectful behavior. I applaud this stance.

    • take a break says:

      please so what is the difference from when PLP refused to attend for two weeks because the Govoner told them to reword a bill. he didn’t even tell them no just to reword it and they stated out for two weeks throwing a temper tantrum because they were told no by big brother, not even OBA. and you have the nerve to complain because OBA walked out for half a day to respond to your leaders tirade.

      who is really immature

    • Kunta says:

      What they needed to walk out on was broken promise on Referendum, de $350,000 propaganda money (that is still being used as we can see),secret taping scandal(still ain’t heard nothing from that, Bermuda Dodwell Board (I mean Tourism), Jet Gate and all de other Bull **** to numerous to mention.

      • Peace to All says:

        OK but don’t talk about the $24,000,000 or so, from Port Royal, right? Because that’s PLP so I guess it’s OK.

    • Marge says:

      What the hell did Mark bean say to Toni? I have been to every blog and still can find what he said to this young lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kunta says:

      That’s right Mark, keep on exposing their crap, she writes an whole article on an opposing candidate trying to discredit him and mentions nothing about her candidate, but yet gets offended when she’s confronted about her skeletons, Get over it Toni, you want to publicize everything and everyone to discredit their integrity and cant handle when it comes back to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Welcome to de Big League.

    • note says:

      Taking a stand. Apparently unlike the PLP candidate and other plp supporters who allegedly said/did nothing while this went on.

    • REAL deal says:

      Credit to Jonathan Sterling using the now OBA Buzz word “misogynistic”

  2. Keatana says:

    WOW. Big moves. Good for OBA finally growing a backbone. Bean needs to GO.

  3. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Sorry guys, whatever your reasons, you are elected to do job and we expect you to do that job. If other people walked out like this you would decry it.
    You have opportunities to respond to the alleged behavior by the Opposition leader – notably in statements to the House which are covered by absolute privilege.
    Now, please get back to the job we elected you to do and for which we pay you.

    • serengeti says:

      What makes you think they’re not going back? You think they should have just let it go?

      • hmmm says:

        “OBA Senator Lynne Woolridge alleged that the Opposition Leader “accosted two female members of the party and subjected one in particular to a misogynistic, hate-filled attack…”

        “The Opposition Leader’s track record, both in the House and in public, shows a blatant disrespect for and sexual objectification of women. The OBA condemns this behaviour in the strongest possible terms,” added Senator Woolridge.

        “Government members left the Chamber as the opposition leader commenced reading the Reply to the Throne Speech to demonstrate that such behaviour cannot go unchallenged.”

        Women should not be treated this way. It is disgusting.

        • Tolerate says:

          Wow, I hope the 16 dislikes is to the blogger; because the point they have made is 100% correct and if we so much as have 1 person in our society who does not agree; we have 1 too many.

      • Jeremy Deacon says:

        No absolutely not, However, there are more statesmenlike ways of dealing with this. This comes out of the playground book, it should have been dealt with at Motion to Adjourn or Ministerial statement – both of which get absolute privilege.
        It is no way to run a country and sets an extremely bad precedent.

        • Forrest Gump says:

          Motion to Adjourn on this session would be at three in the morning. A Ministerial Statement would be inappropriate. A Statement covers Government initiatives or reports on trips taken on Government business, etc. It would have to be a personal statement, and I don’t think any self-respecting Minister could bear to repeat out loud what Bean is alleged to have said.

        • serengeti says:

          Jeremy, I don’t agree. It’s possible that once you hear specifics about what he (allegedly) did and said, you might see why the action taken was what it was.

          A footnote at Motion to Adjourn would not be proportionate to the (allegedly) disgusting things which he (allegedly) yelled, (allegedly) for 20 minutes.

          In the past I have seen opposing politicians at polling stations act quite civilly to each other. They know they disagree on things; they know they are opponents; but they act with a minimum amount of decorum and manners, at least. This, assuming the allegations are true, was nothing like that. Assuming it’s true, it’s deplorable.

        • James Rego says:

          Sorry Jeremy, bean doesn’t use the playbook everyone else has, he has his very own special Playbook.

          • Sickened says:

            I agree that Marc Bean does indeed have his own playbook and if I may add, David Burt has been borrowing it. Just the looks on their faces when they speak against the OBA speaks volumes on their feelings against them. They look disgusted and hateful. Marc Bean and David Burt are little boys who should be in their sandboxes, not in positions of leadership. Can’t the island see this? So, PLP lost the election, “GET OVER IT!” and assist the OBA in running the island. PLP constantly oppose the OBA on every single matter. OK, so they are the opposition and, yes! they are taking their position seriously. And to those who constantly call the OBA, the OBA/UBP, give that up already. It’s getting old. In my opinion, some of the PLP members are racist, immature, and revengeful individuals. OBA has the job of moving the island forward. We the people, are tired of the bickering and the personality clashings. Had I been a member of Parliament, I would have walked out as well. Toni Daniels did the correct thing by driving off. No one applauded her for that action. Or said that she should have stayed and fought with Marc. I’m sickened by this tit for tat, in the House and on the streets.

    • Reality says:

      Jeremy, you know that they can still listen and reply so your comment is irrelevant.

      If a member of the HOA said to a close female to you what is alleged to have been said by the leader of the opposition, you would be outraged and want to make a STATEMENT as well….

      • Self says:

        Sorry, but Toni Daniels is not an MP. I cannot support walking away from the people’s business because of a comment that was made to a member of the OBA party. This is a party matter, not a government matter. You all can make all the excuses you want, but this is totally unacceptable.

        • serengeti says:

          So what if she is not an MP?

          A few months ago a lady lost her job and career for yelling “go back to work” at some union marchers. What is different here, other than the fact that this tirade went on for much longer and was much worse, allegedly?

        • Young Buck says:

          It most certainly is a Government matter, when the person in question is the leader of the opposition!!!!

          Well done OBA for standing up to this, less we forget this is also the man that gave ganja tea to an infant…. How he is still the opposition leader after that is beyond me. Don’t worry though come next election if this guy is still the leader of the opposition i’ll be sure to remind the public very thoroughly of his actions.

          • Self says:

            They reported it to the police. Don’t they have faith in them to do their job and investigate the matter? In the meantime, do what the people elected you to do. If the leader of the opposition shouted at a bum in the street, would they have done the same thing? It is a PRIVATE MATTER between Ms. Daniels and Mr. Bean.

            • Creamy says:

              It was a private matter between the woman and the marchers. She still lost her job.

              • Self says:

                Who fired her? Marc Bean? The Premier? The union?
                You are comparing apples with oranges and you know it.
                Comments made to a PRIVATE CITIZEN, no matter how offensive, is not cause for the OBA to walk out. There is a bye election coming up in a matter of days which the OBA hopes to win. Do you know how many potential votes that may have been lost with these ill timed antics? Not to mention that we had multiple shootings within the last few days? As disgusted as people may be with Marc Bean, they want better from the ruling party. This really is casting the OBA in a poor light.

                • A Better Bermuda says:

                  Sorry but I beg to disagree this only serves to cast more unflattering light on the fact that Marc Bean is NOT FIT to lead Bermuda in any official capacity

                • Creamy says:

                  She is not a private citizen. She is a Senator. Get your facts straight.

        • hmmm says:

          Even worse then, she is a member of the Bermudian public. So that means Bean allegedly attacked verbally a member of the public…go look at the OBA website.

          The guy has lost it.

    • watcher says:

      They haven’t left the HOA. Just the main chambers while Bean speaks. They can still hear him in their back room. They are not usurping their responsibility. Sending a message that Bean’s behavior will not be tolerated.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Totally agree: “They haven’t left the House of Assembly just the main chambers while Bean speaks. They can still hear him in their back room. They are not usurping their responsibility…” They are only sending a message that Mr. Marc Bean’s behavior will not be tolerated.Further-more I do expect the One Bermuda Alliance to go back to work today…

        • Self says:

          You must have rocks in your head. How can you excuse this behavior? I don’t know what was said to Ms Daniels, but no matter how foul it has NOTHING to do with the HOA.

          • serengeti says:

            How can you say it has nothing to do with the HOA? he’s the leader of the opposition…

            • Self says:

              Who is she? A private citizen.
              Someone just mentioned the ganja tea as an example of why he is a poor leader. Why didn’t the OBA walk out when they heard that? Because it was a PRIVATE MATTER. So is this.

              • 32n64w says:

                No, you’re wrong. He allegedly berated her in a public place at a polling station. This is not a private matter.

                • Self says:

                  They reported it to the police. Either the police aren’t willing to take it further, or the OBA don’t have faith in the police. In either case, there is no excuse for displaying their displeasure in the HOA.

          • James Rego says:

            Self: go to OBA.bm it is disrespectful and vile. Please tell me you cannot accept this from anyone!

            • Self says:

              Mr. Rego, I am a female and there is no way I would accept disrespectful and vile language from a man. I don’t care WHO he is. Please understand that in no way, shape or form I am defending Mr. Bean.
              My point remains that they were allegedly made to a private citizen, who happens to be an OBA member. There are other ways to show displeasure without bringing unnecessary drama to the House of Assembly. Bermuda is in a mess, and this is not helping!!! It just doesn’t give a very good impression to people overseas who are reading the headlines and following the story just as closely as we are!!!

        • REAL deal says:

          PLP didn’t leave house either, but obaers were up in arms, to figure the one rule for us and another for them. all black n white baby all the time.

  4. Terry says:

    Let him talk to himself and his party members that have no backbone to realize this conduct totally unacceptable.

    In reality; how many were there.

    I need a double.

    • mixitup says:

      It is unacceptable! Totally. Just as Premier Dunkley’s potty mouth tirate in the house last year was – unacceptable.

      • hmmm says:

        You are mixing up a passing comment in private (when a mic was left on) with an alleged direct verbal assualt…go read part of what was said on the OBA website…. these are completely different.

        • hmmm says:

          To those that disliked…

          If I say to my wife…”Hey that girl Tina is a waste of space” and folks hear it is not the same as me going up to Tina and aggressively shouting insults and a tirade of verbal abuse is it.

          Pehaps now you can see the difference. If not, perhaps you abuse women and think it OK.

      • note says:

        And Dunkley didn’t verbally attack a person. His statement was: that’s a waste of *!% tape. (referring to someone being interviewed).

  5. nok says:

    Childish A*****!!!

  6. Gilda says:

    good! Im glad to see some honourable members standing on principal. I’m sure this will be compared to the PLPs walk out but unlike that incident this was not an arbitrary political move.
    As a Bermudian woman who has felt INSULTED by Marc bean —


    • Kunta says:

      Honorable ???????????
      Like de Premier who was caught saying what a waste of F!@#ing film, M.P.’s suspected of CORRUPTION(Jet Gate), changing license # on G.P. cars then lying about the purpose, legislating a Law to eradicate Contracts(Harbor Front) to benefit friends and family, etc, etc………………………….
      Honorable my F!@#ing A$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mixitup says:

        Honourable members standing on Principle?! Are you kidding me.. This government has in it’s 2 years shouwn they know nothing about principle.. They sat back and watched the Gaming Referendum taken from the people, no one said anything, they sat and watched this scandal with their Leader Cannonier and said nothing, now a OBA member (not even an MP)has an issue and all of a sudden they are your POSTER CHILD for Principle?! The **** outta here wit dat!

        • haha says:

          how much they pay you lot?!

        • Young Buck says:

          the **** out of here with your spelling…

          come back when you can spell and rid yourself of your hypocritical nonsense.

          • Old Buck says:

            @young buck. If you want to focus on spelling, go check your spelling in your previous post. The word you were looking for was lest not less.

            Have A good one

          • Self says:

            Plus sentences start with a capital letter.

  7. San George says:

    Both parties – “think like us or you go”.

  8. smh says:

    Bermudian politics is SICK. Now people will defend their respective sides like Democrats and Republicans, ignoring the fact that BOTH ARE ******* RIDICULOUS at this point!!!! We need a REBOOT!

    • frank says:

      I just wish the governor had the power to dissolve parliament and call a new election

      • Kunta says:

        @ frank, de governor needs to go too, remember his little episode with de Mid- Ocean membership and his ruling on de stolen land in Tuckers Town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hmmm says:

      Go read what was said on the OBA website, then reflect.

      • Kunta says:

        If they’re stupid enough to post what was ALLEGEDLY said while a police investigation is pending and jeopardize de case, well they’re just as stupid as I thought.

  9. True Bermudian says:

    walk out and walk out of government cause we cant stand the OBA running this country …please come back PLP

    • Tolerate says:

      Hahaha… good one… “WE”… Like licks do ya?

      • Tolerate says:

        Deputy Leader David Burt said, “Today’s walkout by the One Bermuda Alliance Government, wasn’t a walkout on the PLP, but it was a walkout on the People of Bermuda.
        So….. The PLP walk out was on who???? Wait; the Governor???
        Right that march that lead to a call for Independence. Lot of people got fooled that day.

    • hmmm says:


    • Common Cents says:

      Spoken as a true self-flagellator!

  10. Great 1 says:

    What exactly did he say?

  11. aMAZED says:

    This was a move by OBA to put pressure on the police (who are already handling the situation) and the other powers that be. SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR POLITICAL PRESSURE!

    Disagree? Need I REMIND everyone of the comments made when the PLP WALKED OUT NOT TOO LONG AGO! Hypocrites -the lot of em!

  12. J Starling says:

    Surely the OBA should have let the Police Service finish their investigations first?

    And doesn’t this run contrary to the position the OBA took regarding the PLP’s decision to walk out of parliament earlier this year?

    • A Dingo says:

      Completely agree, and I say that as someone who rarely agrees with you (sorry). It’s also rather pointless when there’s no information available to the public yet regarding what was actually said.

    • jt says:

      And no.

    • Trulytruly says:

      I am sure the OBA members trust Toni Daniel’s account of the verbal incident. I am sure they will be back as soon as he finishes. Quite different from a boycott.

    • serengeti says:

      Pathetic Starling. A person is alleged to verbally abuse a woman mercilessly and you, a purported socialist, purportedly for equality, wants to see the results of a formal police investigation before anyone does anything. Pathetic.

      • Jeremy Deacon says:

        Mr Starling is quite correct. Your comments show your ignorance

        • Creamy says:

          You think that the only things that are wrong are those which are police matters? Anything that is not pursued by the police is perfectly fine?

    • Lala says:

      Whether or not his actions merit charges being pressed by the Police is irrelevant. His alleged actions are wholly inappropriate for the head of a political party – and potential leader of the country.

    • Adam says:

      If I was being investigated by the police my job would likely suspend my employment until the investigation would have been carried out. That’s what we do with bus drivers accused of driving recklessly and police officers under investigation.

  13. Somebody's Momma says:

    So glad that Opposition Leader is talking to the people of Bermuda and not the Government members.

    • Trulytruly says:

      He is actually speaking to the Speaker of the House.

    • Lala says:

      He’s actually talking to the PLP echo chamber – as usual.

  14. Silence Do Good says:

    Ok that is it.

    The PLP walk out before the summer break, now the OBA walk out over remarks. I am not paying this government (both sides) to walk out of their elected duty. They still are receiving their pay check whether they show up or not.

    Dissolve this government and let’s have another election with only independents. Anyone who votes party politricks again should check their ethical compass. Bermuda does not need these childish antics at this time. We need jobs, less violence and better education for our future.

    • Surprise surprise says:

      They are not boycotting Parliament (as the PLP threatened/promised), but rather leaving the room while Marc Bean speaks as a show of support to a colleague that was allegedly verbally abused at a polling station while trying to stand in public support of political candidate. His alleged behaviour is reprehensible and yet he seems more defiant/proud of his actions than repentant.

    • cmbbda says:

      They are standing up for the rights of all Bermudian women – the right not to be berated and verbally abused.

      • hmmm says:

        Perhaps the PLP think that the rights of women are irrelevant!!!!!!

        Bean needs to be repimanded by his party before the people reprimand the PLP

        • Do as I say not as I do says:

          You say Bean should be reprimanded …..what do say about Michael Dunkleys comments about Kim swans wife curse word and all. And still no apology …..

          • Sad says:

            What comments about Ms. swan?

            You’re lying.

          • Very Real says:

            Two completely different matters @doasisaynotasido !

            • Kunta says:

              Same principal, oh I forgot when a certain segment of society does it its excepted, Got it.

            • Do as I say not as I do says:

              How is it different totally disrespectful by mr dunkley and arrogant enough to not apologies . What because it’s dunk levy vs bean dunkley wins. Total nonsense. Dunkley was recorded no disputing his and your still defending him.

      • Tough Love says:

        Where was this outrage when Daniels insulted Bermudians?!?

        • 32n64w says:

          When are where did she insult Bermudians? What did she say? Exactly.

      • Kunta says:

        @ cmbbda, your that desperate that your trying to turn this into a pro- women don’t vote for Constituency 33, that propaganda stint worked 2 years ago, people are hip to that now, sorry Charlie.

    • Scorpio says:

      Like children throwing tantrums in a sandbox, the lot of them. We haven’t demanded better, so we continue to get gutter-level politics regardless of who’s running the show.

  15. Rhonda says:

    hahaha OBA intimidation….

  16. BoreMe says:

    The House is starting to sound and look like Reality TV….looking for ratings. Time to turn the station!!! Both sides need to grow the hell up and get the work of the people done.

  17. Long kiss goodnight says:

    Ohhhh this is gonna get hot. I want to hear Beans version. I can only imagine what he has to say and some people may want to issue law suits again. These byes don’t learn.

    And by the way didn’t the OBA chastise PLP for boycotting the house when the governor didn’t do what parliament agreed.

    Hypocrites and parasites

    • hmmm says:

      So if Bean breaks the rules and Bean allegedly verbally insults a woman at a polling station then the OBA are parasites???? How the hell does that work !!!!!!

  18. Coffee says:

    So I guess the peoples business doesn’t matter ….

    • Tough Love says:

      The term “wag the dog” comes to mind.

    • hmmm says:

      This isn’t the peoples business, it is the PLP spouting rhetoric and guff.

    • serengeti says:

      The people’s business includes standing up to people who allegedly verbally abuse women.

      • onion gal says:

        Could not agree more & about time something was done about verbal abuse to women from “the cat calls” from blue collar male workers to “vial sexist comments” made white collar male workers! The thing is no one ever believes the female victim if they complain about such men’s badly behaviour & they continue to get away with it!!! About time the women in the House on both sides do something about it too!

      • Coffee says:

        Yes , but Toni is a Lady !

  19. Rhonda says:

    The OBA tried a stunt threw Toni Daniel to the wolves of public opinion…and the public ripped her apart, so this is the next attempt…however to

    OBA supporters you have no clue what was said by Mr. Bean, so is the OBA expecting blind support for their supporters..

    • 32n64w says:

      Talk about blind allegiance. His atrocious alleged remarks are well known throughout the community.

      Try reading the non-redacted press release at oba.bm and then come back and defend his alleged misogyny … assuming your Stockholm syndrome permits.

    • hmmm says:

      Well there were witnesses. So Rhonda, try read a snippit on the OBA website.

      Tell me if you condone this sort of behaviour. If you do then you are justifying a treatment of woman in this country that I do not agree with.

      • Tolerate says:

        An even more interesting question would be to Mr. Simmons who the report says was present. Lets see his true character by asking him what was indeed said as he was present at the time. Be interesting to see his side compared to what Mrs. Daniels has said, and further more, any other witnesses that was also present and have been questioned by the police.

  20. Andrew Woodworth says:

    Not the mark of a mature democracy. Grow up and govern.

  21. C says:

    Bunch of big children up there. You wonder why our island is going down the tube. Just sick of all the politics on both side.

  22. watching you says:

    This cant be true…..they are the government. I wonder who made that decision, oba keep talking about doing the peoples business, well you can’t do it walking off the job. I’m so tired of this nonsense.

  23. baygrapes says:

    As an OBA supporter I am very sorry to read this. As the saying goes, an eye for an eye just makes both people blind.

    The OBA needs to rise above the nonsense and show that it is mature, professional and has the interest of BERMUDA first and foremost.

    Please re-think this action and return. This is a non-winner and just shows immaturity and we need to do better than that !

    • Impressive says:

      I agree and I applaud your objective stance,, sooo refreshing,, In a week when there has been three shootings, the government decides to walk out of the house over a remark..

  24. Cow Polly says:

    Can we not refer them all to the Employee Assistance Program?

  25. Sandgrownan says:

    We know Bean is a religious bigot and a homophobe. That’s on record. So he might be a misogynist too? Fits the bill to be honest.

    I assume the rest pf the PLP agree with Beanie.

  26. Bermuda girl says:

    hope all the press left too…that way there is no one to report on what he has to say…

    • PBanks says:

      now that would be irresponsible. Regardless of which political party you lean towards.

  27. non political says:

    Oba must go now

    • Lois Frederick says:

      They did go…but unfortunately for you, they will return once HE has finished his reply.

      • hmmm says:

        that’ll be fortunately for him, as guess what, they are rescuing this country one day at a time.

    • Terry says:

      You have hit the nail on the head with that comment ‘non political’.

      Spot on.

      They have to “go now” and continue with the work of the people. They were voted in and to date seem to be cleaning up at a reasonable rate the mess and debt that the PLP left.

      It’s a long road for them to do this within reason and common sense.

      I need a rum.

  28. Eyeinthesky says:

    Isn’t this like a strike!

    hmmmmmmmm were are all the union haters!

  29. BDA says:

    Our Boys are dying in these street, and this how our so called leaders act. Politics has played the most significant role in this new gang culture. We used to attend schools all over the island, some living in town went Sandys, Sec, and vise versa so we were able to connect with people outside of your area, creating everlasting friendships. The government of the day thought it was in our best interest to adopt a different school structure with the building of CBA. Here the gang mentality was breaded into our minds intentionally or unintentionally. One group from one area to the right the other to the left. Now our friends are area based even though you might have went through middle school with someone of another area your loyalty will be with the group you see the most. Now when altercations arise between neutrals we’re meant to choose between the friend you see around your area or your friend you see during school hours (7 1/2hr).

  30. Jus' Askin' says:

    Really OBA,… Really?
    Country is in turmoil and You want to walk out now?
    Next election is too far away for me ;-)

    • serengeti says:

      “Really? Country is in turmoil and You want to walk out now?”

      Oh yeah, I remember you saying exactly the same thing when the PLP walked out promising not to return until the governor is recalled.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Really Serengeti,…Really?
        Well…”PLP walked out…”
        OBA continues to follow PLP’s wrong doings, they will end up like PLP ;-)

        • serengeti says:

          Nope, nothing like the PLP. They’re actually back now anyway, now that the – erm – “allegedly” – fouled mouthed little man has stopped speaking.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            You may recall, OBA’s leader having a foul mouth in the house and was caught on tape ;-)

            • serengeti says:

              One word said in private and overhead is different to an alleged twenty minute tirade of abuse.

              But you go ahead, twist in the wind to justify it.

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                Were You There?
                She could have approached anyone of the police officers that were there or Marc himself, in that “twenty minute tirade of abuse” to stop it.
                “Marc was mean to Me” ;-)

            • Young Buck says:

              You may remember Mr. Bean serving an infant GANJA TEA….

              This guy needs to go lol

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                Sounds like You should have some ;-)

              • Mixitup says:

                Yea I recall, would it be the same Ganja Tea your OBA wants to now legalize?

                • Creamy says:

                  No, because it was not for medical purposes. It was an irresponsible parent giving an illegal substance to a small child.

      • mixitup says:

        I would say that at least the PLP walked out on an issue pertaining to THE PEOPLE! This is the GOVERNMENT walking out because some memeber’s feeling are hurt. There have been 3 shootings in two days and this is what captures this Government’s attention? Unbeleivable is an understatement.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          OBA should be ABO- All ‘Bout Ourselves ;-)

        • Tolerate says:

          Feeling hurt? I was not there to hear what and how was said; but really; an alleged aggressive nasty confrontation with a female… “feelings hurt”? I don’t know you, or how you was bought up but if it’s just a matter of feelings hurt in your world…. Than I guess its “JUST” feeling hurt.
          Funny how we read in the media about court cases of verbal abuse to women and we bitch about the judge should lock the individuals up for life and say how it should have been my mother or sister; but now its “Feelings hurt”.

          • Mixitup says:

            Ahh….where you there? And yes ‘Feelings Hurt’ they are running a country for crying out loud! Thank God we arent a G8 Super Power, we would be the laughing stock of the World.

  31. Observer says:

    They learned this from the various unions around the island. Gee, I’m not happy about something at my job, think I’ll walk off….

    Grow up Bermuda!

    • Impressive says:

      You go make a comment like that about the unions, who have nothing to do with this particular incident, than you say “Grow Up” mercy,, what next..

  32. Me Again says:

    Burt you must have that short term memory sickness that the rest of your party has. You sir need to see a doctor.

  33. SMH says:

    Is this a joke? smh

  34. Smh says:


  35. Unbelievable says:

    It doesn’t matter if Marc Bean sits up there and replies to anything. The OBA produced a great Throne Speech and two great initiatives have already begun. The OBA does actually win this one cuz the PLP have zero to show for this. I’m glad the OBA are showing some strength and not letting the PLP run their mouths without notice.

    I’m actually surprised that the PLP have allowed Marc Bean to even still be a member of the party.

  36. Lois Frederick says:

    They are back in the House. The Premier just asked to break for lunch. Back at 2:10pm.

  37. Karvell Ice says:

    Terry Lister was on the receiving end of Mr. Marc Bean’s hateful words.

    He was in the PLP. It’s unprecedented in the Parliamentary Record.

    I guess the OBA are drawing attention to Bean’s conduct.

    Silence is acquiescence.

    People do need to know who Mr. Bean is and not let this kind of talk become acceptable in the politics of Bermuda.

  38. Triangle Drifter says:

    Without knowing precisely what was said how can anyone make a judgment?

    If the OBA members know what was said & felt justified in their protest what was said must have been pretty horrendous.

    For the PLP to support this behavior by sitting in silence is as bad as walking out. In particular, what do female members of the PLP have to say about the incident?

    The sooner all of the facts are revealed, the better.

    What was the PLP doing in the house anyway? Last heard they were boycotting the House until the Governor is thrown off the Island. Some convictions to action there.

    We can only watch & scratch our heads. WTF is going on?

    • Self says:

      Are they taking a stand for Toni Daniels or Bermudian women?

      • mixitup says:

        The need to take a stand on the shootings! And stop giving lip service!

        • Self says:

          They promised to STOP the shootings, remember? Maybe this is all to distract everybody’s attention away from the fact that they haven’t! By the comments alone, this story seems to have caught more attention than four men shot!

  39. fred says:

    Geeze…reading about these politicians on this island is like reading about grade school students who continuously pick on one another then throw temper tantrums and stomp their feet when they don’t get their way!

    This island sure doesn’t have much to pick from for leadership; oba, plp or otherwise.

  40. Student Abroad says:

    As hard of a decision as it was to for the OBA to make. Should Mark Bean just be allowed to get away with this if it is true. We all know the BPS won’t bring him to justice.

  41. watcher says:

    Burt has the nerve to challenge the OBA not being the kind of leadership Bermuda needs? #beanisnoleader

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I shake my head every time I look into the faces of those young “bies” leading the Progressive Labour Party :-( To think they are looking to lead our Island some day with the same mentality that I’ve witnessed over the pass year and a half.
      I believe it is totally ridiculous of the Opposition Party (P.L.P) feeling/believing they are competent enough to run this economy when they can’t run their own domestic domicile. Sad yes, but true.

      • Hurricane says:

        Earth to Ray Ray, we already know what you think about the PLP and its followers. This article is about the OBA walking out. What say you about it?

        • Raymond Ray says:

          @ Hurricane, “they simply didn’t walked out” that all I have to say…

          • Raymond Ray says:

            Typo: that’s all I have to say…

          • Hurricane says:

            Oh, yea, right……they didn’t walk out. Give me a break.

            Nothing but a bunch of children up there on both sides who don’t give a hoot about the people of Bermuda

      • Self says:

        Young “bies”? The way you speak of the opposition shows a total lack of respect. Would you refer to young, white males are “bies”?

  42. Bill says:

    Really demonstrates the OBAs ability to effectively lead the country! Please get to the business at hand and stop wasting the countries money! Remember the “it doesn’t grow on trees” statement…… Election time will soon be upon us and hotels, airports and whatever else you propose won’t save ya backsides! Ya gots t go!!!!

  43. Franklin Jr says:

    It was just REAL TALK!! MAN to WOMAN

    or so we’ve heard him say before…

  44. Alvin Williams says:

    Under siege the OBA government is under siege by the people of Bermuda and they know it. March out of parliament;don’t stop there keep on marching right up to government house and resign and than Bermudians can liberated their country.

    • haha says:

      aint no bermudian country smh…if anything should be the spanish’ or the portueguese country. they were here first…wa ya say bout dat?!

    • Terry says:

      You should know Alvin.
      You were a member of the Black Beret Cadre if I remember.

      By any means necessary.


    • Yahoo says:

      More drivel by Alvin…

    • Tolerate says:

      Wow, you really are a confused individual? When did it all start? Really…. Under siege? Bermudians liberate their country? Take your head out the 1960′s newspaper clippings, the world has moved on. By the way it’s the year 2014.

  45. Warwick West says:

    Would the police hurry with the investigation into what really was said at the Polling Station 33 so we the public can see and hear for ourselves what kind of person Bean is.

  46. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Again, if Pat allow this, here is a link to a blog posting on this: http://jeremydeacon.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/what-course-are-we-heading-down/

  47. Creme Brulee says:

    OBA (former UBP)strategists know that the majority of undecided women voters broke their way last election – this is a play to solidify that vote and probably pull a few more their way. They also knew this opportunity would sooner or later come along because Bean is alleged to be a bit of an uncontrollable misogynist, as well as Gay basher – so far from a spontaneous reaction of outrage as they might have you believe, this is a well planned and rehearsed little piece of drama…but nonetheless the right one here.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Call it what you may but it’s more of a matter of knowing your enemy Remember, “Know your friends but keep your enemies closer” is far more important.

    • Self says:

      That thought crossed my mind as well. Was this just a strategic move to grab the female vote? Truth be told, Mrs. Marshall may not be very popular with the males. Is this all being ‘bigged up’ to attract women…this sudden “standing up for the women of Bermuda”?

  48. empero says:

    seems like politicians all over this world are acting very silly…looking to kill character and make a good man look bad..OBA knows their day are numbered so keep walking out that door..bye bye bye..

  49. Awake says:

    Walking out on the reply is totally disrespectful to the ppl of Bermuda. To not listen to the ideas and recommendations from the opposition who have many Bermudian supporters is very insulting…smh it’s almost like they are saying the plp don’t matter…but in doing so they’re also saying the ppl the plp represent don’t matter either…smh

    • Young Buck says:

      Or its like saying this man should not be the leader of the opposition. Let’s not forget this is just one example from a list of poorly decided actions.

      As a reminder a brief list below:

      The recorded audio tape of him talking to a female MP that was too atrocious to release.

      Serving Ganja tea to a CHILD

      Gay bashing

      and now this…

      OBA please continue to stand up to this Ewart puppet.

      • Seen says:

        Don’t forget dressing down a well respected former member of the PLP in the house, and referring to the OBA Government of ‘ladies of the night’. This guy can’t get out of his own way – how was he reelected?

  50. Hurricane says:

    Let me get this right, we vote you I, pay you to be there and you walk out over a matter that (when I las read) is being investigated by the police.

  51. Hurricane says:

    “Correction “Vote you in and pay you to be there”

  52. Infidelguy says:

    What a bunch of Wusses!!


  53. Sandgrownan says:

    Apples and Oranges.

    The PLP boycotted Parliament to try to get the Governor recalled. The fact they didn’t follow through, or “stay out” demonstrates their lack of principle. Plus noone actually noticed they were gone.

    This is not the same, they removed themselves from the chamber while the bigoted, homophobic was speaking. Then returned when he’d finished. While not exactly my preferred course of action, it’s somewhat different from the hate filled march and subsequent bleating from Bean and Co in the Summer.

  54. Ace girl says:

    Well done OBA for supporting a female member of your party. This man is out of control and needs a message loud and clear.

  55. Born Bermudian says:

    Sheep leading Sheep. Someone wake the Lions.

  56. michelle says:

    What’s unacceptable is these fools on both sides are being paid with taxpayer’s money to do a job that they are failing to do with such immature and dramatic antics!

    Bermuda should be outraged for both this walk out and when the PLP stupidly boycotted. Do the work required of you or damn well resign and let competent, intelligent and rational persons lead.

    Could you imagine walking out of your office in protest to a complaint you had made about a fellow employee that was being formally investigated by HR or the Labour Office? Your actions would warrant your suspension or dismissal.

    If a complaint has been made to the police, get on with the country’s business and allow due process to take place.

    Only in backward, psuedo-sophisticated Bermuda! It’s no wonder Bermuda is becoming a banana republic with the banana republic type leadership she receives! What a sad and embarrassing day for Bermuda and Bermudians.

  57. haha says:

    “It seems that the Premier Michael Dunkley and the OBA find it more important to plan and play political games than to focus on the urgent matters facing the people of Bermuda.”

    Ya because you lot neva done that or played games….smfh. bunch of losers….

  58. Sad says:

    Bean is no leader.

    PLP you have much better options than this man.

    • Impressive says:

      A matter of opinion and you are entitled to it,, However, what where your thoughts on Craig Cannonier and the present Michael Dunkley. Do you not think the OBA has or had better options?? God I hope so..

    • Terry says:

      Lead what.

  59. craig looby says:

    get rid of all political parties and the westminster system https://www.facebook.com/groups/bermudagoverningcouncil/

    • filobedo21 says:

      Do you want Independence? Then promote this. lol

      • craig looby says:

        changing the governance system of this island town….does not mean the island has to become independent…bermuda will be far better off without party politics

  60. John E. Thorne says:

    David Burt and the PLP are a joke. How many sessions of the house did they miss earlier this year. If the OBA only walked out for Marc “Ganja Tea” Bean’s reply to the throne speech to send him a message over his recent behaviour, then I applaud them as long as they go back in after he is finished speaking!

  61. Sad says:

    I just read some of the things that Bean is alleged to have stated to Daniels.

    They are disgusting and exemplifies once more he does not have the traits of a leader

    Anyone who defends that is simply part of the problem.

  62. Difference says:

    The OBA did not leave Parliament, just the room while Bean spoke…. I respect the move, because it is clear they are there to work (if not, would have left entirely just like the others would have) but don’t believe in listening to a man who has no respect for others.

  63. St. GEORGE’s MP Nandi Davis was subjected to Mr. Beans talk… It is time to reveal the contents of the tape. Ms. Daniels & Ms Davis may have been disrespected and subjected to vile language.
    Bermuda does not need this type of man to ever be leader of this country. Hopefully, Bean’s party will demand he steps down as Opposition Leader.

  64. Maggie May says:

    Check the OBA website and read what the Opposition Leader is claimed to have said. If it’s true, then he should apologize and resign. God help Bermuda if the present Opposition are ever elected. What a bunch of hate filled and disrespectful human beings!

  65. animallover says:

    I think the OBA did the right thing and Marc Bean needs to apologize to that lady if its true. Shows us how childish he is. Stand up OBA care not what these people say, you did the right thing. PLP will never be government again…

  66. campervan says:

    Many of us were disgusted and dismayed by the comments made by Mr. Bean about the gay community. Now it seems he is enacting similar behaviour with regards to women.
    Bullies, mysoginists, homophobes, need to be stood up to and I applaud this protest.

    The man is the leader of the opposition for heavens sake, Bermuda could have him as a leader representing ALL of us.
    perish the thought, he obviously needs therapy for his warped views on those different to him.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      What I do not understand is how the OBA government can walk out of the House of Assembly on an issue the police are investigating. Why can’t the OBA let the police do their job, and they get on with doing the people’s work. It is an open police investigation.

      We had consecutive days of gun violence this week. FOUR people were shot in Somerset, gun shots yesterday, gun shots near the National Stadium but with all this the Premier/National Security refused to make a comment/address this in the House. Really?

      What is dangerous is the blind loyalty we see exhibited by some OBA supporters everyday who seem to lose their ability to think clearly. Supporters vilify the PLP for doing something similar but praise the OBA for an walking out on an ‘alleged’ comment by the opposition leader. Think about it. Alleged – not proven.

      • Mixitup says:

        “What is dangerous is the blind loyalty we see exhibited by some OBA supporters everyday..”

        Very Dangerous and hypicritical! Of the worst kind.


    • Terry says:

      Oh shut up and learn where caps off is.

      • Impressive says:

        That simple lack of respect shown to each other is reflected in the community at large.. Than we sit here and scratch our hands as to why our young people are shooting at each other.. Surely its nots your fault personally, but the courtesy and respect that was once common place in our society is gone, and the young people can’t take the blame for that.. So as you sit here and disrespect people simply because you don’t like what they are saying, the island continues to go downhill..

        • Impressive says:

          and the 5 people so far who liked what you have said thus far must indeed condone disrespect

    • fafaf says:

      I have never said what Bean said. Ever.

  68. doesn't matter what my name is says:

    the bottom line is that there is no right way of doing the wrong thing so both parties need to think of there actions before they do something. because no matter who you vote for we the people of Bermuda will feel the pain of there mistakes.

  69. Serious Though says:

    and NOW Marc Bean response is ……………….
    We the people want to hear it

  70. mixitup says:

    Time to make the role of MP an essential service? How about be pass that bill!

    • Creme Brulee says:

      God help us, those fools cause enough damage as it is – better they all stay at home.

  71. clearasmud says:

    I have to agree with those that feel that this was not the best way for the Government to handle this situation. None of them left the house when Mr. Dunkley was recorded on the mic making offensive comments about Kim Swan so I am not swayed by their justifications. Toni Daniels is a private citizen and if the police are investigating then the OBA should allow them to do their job instead of attempting to influence the issue.

  72. Joonya says:

    If alleged comments to Toni are true then he needs to go. Problem with Bean (in addition to his poor grammar) is that he constantly thinks he is in his living room, or Alaska Hall when speaking in public.
    What was that line in Fat Albert… No Class!

  73. Sigh... says:

    Where was the PLP outrage when the PLP MP’s walked off the job and threatened not to return until the Governor was recalled…well, the Governor was not recalled, they came back – what does that make them – all bluff no action…

  74. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    i’ve said it before and i will say it again…bean is a kamikaze pilot…he’s doing what the others are hesitant to do(talking loud but ain’t sayin’ nuffin’)…they are using him in their battle to obtain their very own hierarchy…IF for some ungodly reason they regained the power tomorrow…bean would be history…bean is an expendable…you know, there’s always one in the group that’ll do what ever he’s urged or edged on to do, hoping that his actions would cement his position among them. oh…one more thing…a true believer in Jah Rasta-Fari, would NEVER engage himself with the BABYLON system…living in a Babylon system then you live by Babylon rules, if not then you go off and live your life of the EARTH as the Living Man…not part of any system where you are nothing but a NUMBER!(check out your social security number because THAT is your govt. name.) keep on keepin’ on. ya’ll might get it one day.


  75. Time Shall Tell says:

    Wait, wasn’t this matter stated to be under police investigation? So why any actions of protest are being made on a pending matter? If you want to protest a private matter then do so on private time, not the peoples time. The mud that gets slung across the house over the open air waves makes me wonder what could’ve been said to offend so badly. At the end of the day if the OBA member felt so offended she could of simply walked away like an adult & filed an official complaint to the police & kept the matter in the civil courts rather than it interfering with getting Bermuda back on track. Either way it’s childish for ALL parties involved.

    • Self says:

      It must be nice to weld so much political power when you are just a private citizen.

  76. Karvell Ice says:

    The controversy focuses us on how our leaders behave has resulted.
    A worthwhile gesture if it brings to light abusive behavior.

    Read the Accountant General’s Report on Port Royal.

    That’s the real shock today!

    Millions and millions of your money …..

  77. Infidelguy says:

    The OBA said that they would post the full statement on their website and Facebook page but I do not see it anywhere. Does anyone know where it is? Or did they change their mind about posting it?

  78. A Better Bermuda says:

    Is it just me or are the PLP becoming nothing more than a joke? Everyday we read about feigned indignation over some topic or another while the OBA slowly but surely gets the economy moving again. The to top it all off we have this man as the leader of the opposition pretending to be leader of the party. I thought running Jamahl in 33 was insulting to the people but this takes the cake

    • Mixitup says:

      The economy has adjusted itself, OBA aint doing crap to move it..

      • Trulytruly says:

        I knew we would be hearing that one when signs of growth were evident. Nothing at all to do with policy. I suppose the govt has no purpose.

  79. Darwin's Child says:

    This tirade allegedly lasted for 20 mins. Surely some pokey Bermudian recorded it on their phone?

  80. aceboy says:

    Where are all the PLP supporters in the thread about the Port Royal debacle?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power. -P.J. O’Rourke, writer (b. 1947)
      There had been / still are numerous members of the Black Cadre that have been extremely influential over the years and believe me when I tell you, “they are influencing many people in this Island today with another form of mental slavery”. This time it’s on them that will permit it to happen to them. (Your own fleas bite the hardest)
      “Don’t let the colour of a mans skin be of no-more significance than the colour of his eyes” H.I.M.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Wow! look how fast they’ve come out to their own defense :-(

      • Infidelguy says:


        Your results on the stupidity/ignorance test have come in and indicate that you are positively STUPID and IGNORANT.


    • A Better Bermuda says:

      Grow up Kunta your constant rambling of the same old issues is getting old

  81. Time Shall Tell says:

    We have 4 people shot, multiple rounds fired on multiple occasions just over the past few days & THIS is what the OBA want to take a stand on? Especially since this is a private matter ALREADY under investigation by the police????? Really???

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Addressing your Leaders appalling behavior is both relevant and significant…with the issues that we have we cannot afford to have a person completely lacking in sensibility to be in a leadership role, not Opposition and God Forbid in any role in a Government… Bean is a liability and the right thinking people in the PLP know it!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      The shootings are under investigation as well. What more can the Govt. or Opposition say / do to combat the gangland warfare taking place at various locations throughout the Island ? They must do the job they went to work to do which was,(as far as I’m concerned)that which they’d done on behalf of all Bermudians male or female. Wrong is wrong but right will always remain right.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        How about treat it as the National emergency as they claimed they would pre-election 2012 instead of just sitting on the sidelines & waiting to see how it all plays out…

      • Self says:

        You all expected the former government to combat the gang warfare. I remember making NUMEROUS posts stating that the shootings are not tied in to who is in government, and the OBA supporters JUMPED ALL OVER ME. Two years in and they have all gone quiet.

        • aceboy says:

          As quiet as the PLP supporters in the Port Royal discussion?

  82. Your an idiot says:

    Kunta! Your a F%#^ing idiot!!! Please explain the 800 million that just disappeared from our tax payers money the PLP so happened to lose!?!!! Your an idiot just like the rest of the PLP supporters!!!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      …or a recipient of, (some of the) “unaccounted for dollars” ? No-one can really be such a “Kunt’a” to write some of the remarks this character posted…they just can’t be :-(

    • Self says:

      The only idiot is you. YOU’RE an idiot, not YOUR an idiot. Learn proper grammar before you call people idiots!!

  83. The abuse watcher says:

    With alleged rants like this he is not fit to run Bermuda. How can any woman vote for a man like this?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How can any woman be a part of an organisation that a man such as this heads let alone vote for anyone representing such an organisation?

  84. aceboy says:

    They will also be focusing on the 23 million missing from Port Royal and where it went, not to worry.

  85. Peace to All says:

    So let me get this straight. The PLP supporters on here think this is OK. And if their leader goes out in public and allegedly verbally abuses a female with vile rhetoric, and allegedly carries on a 20 minute tirade…. that is a PRIVATE matter? Really? Really?????

    What if OBAMA went up to some female at a poling station and started a vile tirade against her? Do you think that would go unnoticed? Are you…… like over 12 or anything?

  86. Puma says:

    wow…you have to scroll and scroll just to comment..my two cents…for what it’s worth…is……all men sre from the womb….if not for woman …Mark my friend …you would not be here…

  87. Puma says:

    you might have dome splainin do on mamas’ day…

  88. foolishness says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…… Looks like the truth hurts.. Why have we not heard anything from Toni Daniels…We all know how stories go when heard from third parties.. Add a little leave out a little…

  89. Really says:

    Why didn’t they walk out when one MP said Christian were coolaid drinkers, and when the now Premier was swearing in the house

  90. Ex supporter says:

    I will never vote PLP again!