January 2015: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

February 3, 2015

The Bernews “Photo of the Day”, featured on both social media and our emails newsletters each morning, aims to give readers a taste of Bermuda’s unique beauty as they start their day.

Always popular, January’s top photos attracted thousands of likes and shares on social media, and judging by the number of readers’ “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included shots of Horseshoe Bay, the world’s smallest drawbridge, lightening over Bailey’s Bay, Cooper’s Island, and more.

Photo of day collage January 2015-2

The “Photo of the Day” series is available on our Facebook page and Twitter page, as well as both the morning and evening editions of our daily newsletters, which you can sign up for by clicking here.

1] Horseshoe Bay

The stunning Horseshoe Bay on a Friday afternoon in January. This was the most popular photo of the month, attracting some 1,400 shares and likes on Facebook.

1Horseshoe Bay Bermuda Generic

2] Drawbridge

Depicting a beautiful day for a walk across the world’s smallest drawbridge, this picture gathered more than 1,250 likes and shares.

2drawbridge Bermuda Generic

3] Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach looks stunning on an early afternoon in January, with this photo garnering about 875 likes and shares.

3Clearwater beach Bermuda Generic

4] Hamilton Harbor

Highlighting one of the many beautiful sunrises over Hamilton Harbor, this shot earned more than 850 likes and shares from our Facebook followers.

4sunrises over Hamilton Harbor Bermuda Generic

5] Hamilton

A perfectly calm evening over Hamilton as the sun sets. This shot also attracted more than 850 likes and shares on Facebook.

5evening over Hamilton Bermuda Generic

6] Cooper’s Island #1

A gentle reminder of our beautiful summers, just around the corner, from Cooper’s Island. This photo received nearly 800 likes and shares on Facebook.

6Coopers Island1 Bermuda Generic

7] Cooper’s Island #2

Another shot of Cooper’s Island ranked among the month’s favorite photographs, with this entry earning more than 775 likes and shares.

7Coopers Island Bermuda Generic

8] City of Hamilton

Gorgeous sunsets are a regular occurrence over the City of Hamilton. This photo attracted nearly 770 likes and shares on Facebook.

8sunsets over City of Hamilton Bermuda Generic

9] Church Bay

The sun sets over the horizon at Church Bay, Southampton. This photo made the list with more than 765 likes and shares on Facebook.

9Church Bay, Southampton Bermuda Generic

10] Lightening Over Bailey’s Bay

A hectic day was capped off with an active sky, with lightning visible across the island on January 26, 2015. This perfectly timed photo was taken from Bailey’s Bay, overlooking the North Shore, earning nearly 750 likes and shares on Facebook.

10lightning at Bailey's Bay Bermuda Generic

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