Photos: 7 Beaus Take Part In Alpha Beautillion

June 11, 2015

On Sunday June 7th, 2015 at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts, seven outstanding high school seniors from Bermuda’s private and public schools took to the stage to compete in the annual Alpha Beautillion sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter, Bermuda.

The 7 Alpha Beaus who competed for the $14,000 in scholarship funds to attend university were Dylan Wilson representing CedarBridge Academy, Tahj Cox from Saltus Grammar School, Evin Mosley from Mt. St. Agnes Academy, Tariq Brown representing Impact Mentoring Academy, David Darrell from Warwick Academy, Zaren Bennett from Bermuda Institute, and Marcus Henschke of The Berkeley Institute.

“These seven men were nominated by their respective schools to participate in the Alpha Beautillion as they have excelled in the academic matriculation through high school, and are respected by the administration, staff and peers at their schools,” a spokesperson said.

“The doors opened at 5:00 p.m. for a prompt 5:30 start, and the audience poured into the auditorium with banners in hand and great anticipation to cheer on the 2015 Alpha Beaus. The evening commenced with congratulatory remarks from the illustrious Chapter President, Bro. Philip Trott. Debonair and humorous emcees, Bro. Dwayne Caines, and Bro. Wayne Caines, kept the momentum of the evening flowing and were most entertaining, yet informative, as they did a masterful job in overseeing the Beautillion procedings throughout the course of the night.


“The first talent of the evening was the Introduction of the Alpha Beaus. Each participant was immaculately adorned in his school uniform and introduced himself to the audience by stating the school he represented, his interests and hobbies, career aspirations, and the axioms by which he governs his life. As each Alpha Beau articulately delivered his introduction with poise and self-confidence, the audience erupted in thunderous applause and affirmative chants in support of their favorite participant.

“Each Alpha Beau was required to execute a 5 minute oratory speech on the following topic: “Given the current state of the economy and rising number of unemployed college graduates, does having a college degree still hold the same value, or does higher education possess some other hidden value or purpose?”

“As each Alpha Beau presented his speech, it was evident that the mentoring from Ms. Kim Caines, Toastmaster President, and Ms. Ebony Fray, Vice President of Toastmasters, had afforded the young men the opportunity to fine tune their posture and oratorical skills when engaged in public speaking. Each Alpha Beau presented lucid arguments to support his position on the aforementioned topic, and delivered an intellectually stimulating narrative that engaged the audience for the duration of its delivery.

“The talent exhibition of the Alpha Beaus started with a dynamic oratory presentation by Dylan Wilson of CedarBridge Academy, followed by a classical rendition on the piano by Tahj Cox of Saltus Grammar School that was intermittingly interrupted with affirmative applause from the audience for his passionate and ingenious musical performance.

“Marcus Henschke of the Berkeley Institute wooed the female audience with his rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me’ while, Bermuda Institute’s, Zaren Bennett got the audience clapping to the tune “Oh Happy Day,” played on the piano, steel pans, and trombone. Evin Mosley, of Mt. St. Agnes Academy sang a soul stirring tribute to his late grandmother, and David Darrell, of Warwick Academy demonstrated his musical prowess by rendering a skillful classical presentation on the violin. Tariq Brown, of Impact Mentoring Academy concluded the presentation segment with a humorous, yet truthful dramatic monologue about monitoring our overindulgence in technology, and rekindling the human touch in our communication with the ones we love.

“One of the most challenging aspects of the competition is the Impromptu Question and Answer Period. This part of the program allows the Alpha Beaus to demonstrate their ability to think critically, to remain composed under pressure, and to respond expeditiously to a current issue in Bermuda. The impromptu question this year was: “7/10 of the road fatalities in Bermuda are Black males. Provide two ways that you would address this issue.” Each of the Alpha Beaus tackled this question with dignity, and was able to share thought provoking ways to ensure the safety of this population as they travel on our roads.

“One major highlight that every attendee of the Alpha Beautillion looks forward to is the annual Step Show Exhibition. This year our Alpha Beaus were instructed by one of our newest Fraternity members, Bro. Omar Lodge, who had the Alpha Beaus begin their step routine at the back of the auditorium.

“At the sound of the amplified music, and whistle blowing of Brother Lodge, the Alpha Beaus took to stomping the aisle while the audience exploded with excitement. At the end of the step routine the jammed packed crowd was standing on their feet in amazement at the dynamic synchronized presentation of the Alpha Beaus. The seamless transitions between each routine showcased the individual competencies of the participants.

“In between each major segment, a three minute video presentation enlightened the audience about the activities that the Alpha Beaus engaged in throughout their six month mentoringprocess with the Brothers of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Each of the Alpha Beaus participated in community service initiatives at the Matilda Smith Williams Residence home, Alpha Math Attack Program, Workshop Presentations at BELCO, Public Speaking initiatives with Toastmasters, Bermuda Chapter, and Interview workshops with Deshay Caines, [manager?] of Digicel, Bermuda.

“The night culminated with the Alpha Beaus lined on stage in a brotherly fashion awaiting the announcement of the 2015 Alpha Beautillion winner. The second runner up was Tahj Cox, of Saltus Grammar School who was awarded $2000, the first runner up was Tariq Brown, of Impact Mentoring Academy who received a $3000 bursary, and the winner of the 2015 Alpha Beautillion was Zarren Bennett of Bermuda Institute who received a $5000 bursary. Mr. Bennett was also the winner of the overall best oratorical performance and received an award from Toast Masters’ President, Ms. Kim Caines. Each of the remaining participants received a $1000 bursary and all will be sent on an all expenses paid trip to the Leadership Development Institute at Long Island University, sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. The Alpha Beaus were judged on their performance throughout their six month mentoring process, as well as their performance on the night of the Alpha Beautillion.

“As is customary, the evening summited with a reflective rendition of the Alpha hymn in which the Brothers of the Fraternity surrounded the Alpha Beaus. This nostalgic tradition represents the fact that the Alpha Beaus are forever connected to the Brothers of Alpha in Bermuda for future mentorship, support and networking opportunities.

“The judges for the prestigious event were: Mike Jones, Senior Director, Technical Operations, CableVision, Jessica Mello, Director Consulting, Deliotte, Malika Mussen, Executive Director, Bermuda Hospitality Institute, Renita Minors-Ibrahim of Youth, Sport, & Recreation, and Devrae Tankard of XL Catlin.

“Bro. Dante Williams was the Chairman of the 2015 Alpha Beautillion. He along with his Vice Chairman, Bro. Zuri Darrell, and committee members, Bro. Omar Lodge, Bro. C. Michael Wellman, Bro. Dr. John Duncan, Bro. Matt Sinclair, Bro. Lloyd Holder, Bro. Q. Robinson, Bro. Dr. Lou Matthews, Bro. Donald Lottimore, and Bro. Michael Pearman, and the Fraternity at large are to be commended for their tireless efforts, and commitment to the social development of the young men in the island of Bermuda.

“Special guests in attendance were the Junior Minister of Education, Sen. Vic. Ball, and the Eastern Region Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Bro. R. Anthony Mills, from Baltimore, Maryland who reminded the audience that all the Alpha Beaus were winners, and as “village keepers” it is incumbent that we continue to support them to ensure their success.”

T”he Fraternity is proud that Cable Vision, Youth and Sport and Belco were the corporate sponsors of this event this year, and continue to support our organization as we endeavor to make a difference in our community one life at a time.

“The 14th Annual Alpha Beautillion will go down in history because of the impact that the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter has made in fulfilling its Fraternity mandates of “Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for all Mankind.”

Photos by Anthony Wade, click to enlarge:

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