Review: Heroes Weekend Opening Night Event

June 13, 2015

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

What do you get when you combine a live soca band, international soca artists, top DJs and Bermuda’s most recognisable street filled to the brim? Bermuda Heroes Weekend opening night!

Hundreds of revellers descended on Front Street last night for the opening night concert to kick of Bermuda Heroes Weekend. My friends and I arrived at 8:30 and weren’t surprised to see Front Street packed with people.

There were seniors sitting on the outskirts in chairs, mothers with their babies in strollers, youth running around with their friends and soca junkies right in the mix.

DJ Barrie Hype was on stage when we arrived and was great as an MC and able to get the crowd jumping, waving and screaming along to the music. He introduced the first artist, Lyrikal to the stage to much applause from the crowd.

Lyrikal came out to his soca hit of the year “Could Nine” and had the crowd jumping the whole time. The one thing that was unique about his performance was his preference to sing acapella at many time during the show.

He also performed songs including “Loner” and “Conquer Meh”. He also waved the Bermuda flag during his set which of course had the crowd excited.

DJ Stephen performed a set once Lyrikal had finished and played a few songs including Fay-Ann Lyons “Raze” and Machel Montano’s “Epic”, “Like A Boss”, “Happiest Man Alive” and more. His energy was incredible but then again he is Montano’s official DJ so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Kerwin DuBois was the next performer and turned the party up when came out to his mega hit “No Apology”. I’m a big fan of DuBois so I was very excited jump and wine to “Bacchanal”, “Circles”, “Too Real”, “Spoil Myself” and many more.

While his set was amazing, he was visibly frustrated with the sound quality as there were a few issues. But all in all, DuBois delivered a great set and the crowd loved him.

But as it is the norm at live stage shows, the best was saved for last. Kes the Band was more than worth the wait. I know I said I’m a big fan of DuBois, but I’m an even bigger fan of Kes the Band. Once the music for “Million” started to play, I knew everyone would be dancing for the entire set.

Lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller has the most amazing stage presence and is probably my favourite performer. He dances, he sings and draws you in, well, especially the ladies!

The band performed many of their hits such as “Fallin”, “Wotless”, “Where Yuh From”, “Look Fi Dat”, “Thief A Wine”, “Ah Ting”, “My Love” and many more songs.

Kes the Band was the best possible way to end the event as everyone left on a high and ready to party for J’Ouvert and Parade of Bands.

My only complaint is that there were far too many children at the concert. It was very frustrating to try and dance, drink and have fun while there were minors in the vicinity.

I would encourage organisers to make the event 18 plus next year or have a cut off time for minors. But overall, the concert was a wonderful way to kick off Bermuda Heroes Weekend.

I’m off to Parade of Bands! See you on the road!

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  1. What??? says:

    It was an amazing night. However, how can you say that there were too many minors there? I believe this was a great family night. There are other events planned geared towards an 18+ crowd. Why not let the kids have a taste of the Bermuda Heroes Weekend as well?

    • beam me up sparky says:

      Too many minors ! What a ridiculous statement. This was a family event ! I suggest that whatever you want to do, if you cant be doing it front of minors, you shouldn’t be doing it at all, at least not on Front Street !

    • Leave your children at home says:

      I agree with her. This was NOT a family event. How do you think it was a family event? There was no need for minors to be there, especially the toddlers and babies. Shame on their parents to have those children out there to witness that and having their children out until after midnight. There were fights, weed smoking, drunk people-is that what goes on at your family events in front of children? Either get a babysitter or stay home with them, those are the sacrifices you make when you become a parent. Most of the children were not impressed anyway as they looked highly annoyed and tired. This is the problem with most Bermudians as you all have no problem subjecting your children to all sorts of debauchery. I don’t even need to say what type of people were the ones who brought their children along…

      • Debra says:

        So I bought my 3 children along…..that means I’m what type of person? I spent 2 hours there with my children, one who is a toddler, and he had a ball, a five year old, and a 16 year old who can mingle as I allow . My family come from the west indies, so this kind of event is what we gravitate to. Understand that it was an early event, free event, and most important, a safe event. As far as I saw, everyone enjoyed themselves. So what’s the problem? Maybe next time they can have a kids area….so they won’t bother you so much…don’t criticize for reasons that you don’t know….I thought this was well organized and controlled…a FAMILY EVENT!

        • Leave your children at home says:

          People It doesn’t matter if it started early when it lasts until after midnight. Kids don’t bother me its their ignorant parents who subject them to nonsense that I have a problem with. I guess you missed the fights while attending to your underaged children. Hopefully next year its 18 and over, or at least 16 and over.

          • Debra says:

            I guessed I missed the fights because I left early with my YOUNG children. How could they be under-aged if there was no age limit? Ignorant?? Subject them?? Nonsense?? I am west Indian and had a safe and Family Friendly Soca event to enjoy with my YOUNG Bermudian/West Indian children. There was absolutely nothing wrong with having young children there.

          • Carnival Attendee says:

            With respect,

            I attended Carnival in Trinidad for the first time this year. The Jouvert Celebration began at some ungodly hour in the morning, like 3am. The streets were lined with participants, but what I also noticed were the amount of parents lining the streets with their young children, even age 5 and under. This is how they get exposed to the culture at a young age and they grow up and make it a part of their own. I believe we need to do the same thing here in Bermuda. The best parents do not shelter their kids from experiences, rather they point out how others are making poor choices. “Jonny, see those people fighting there? Does it look like they are making good choices? What do you think will happen to them? Do you think they will have fun the rest of the evening?”

            If anything, security in Trinidad is no joke. If you are inebriated, fighting or doing drugs and they see you, you are escorted immediately from the premises, and not gently either. Perhaps having that demonstrated during the fighting would help to set an example for the young people out with their parents.

            It’s possible to use any experience as a teachable moment, but “just stay home with your children” is not the best answer in my opinion as it separates them from the positive aspects of the evening and the entire weekend in general.

      • Micro says:

        You’ve must not have ever experienced carnival then.

        • Leave your children at home says:

          This doesn’t even make sense.

  2. Just a thought says:

    Don’t get caught up in the small stuff you guys. At the end of the day it’s the first time something like this has been held. Overall I thought the organizers did a fantastic job and this event can only go from strength to strength. If this is going to be a part of our culture going forward then I’m in full support of having the children out. At least they are engaging in something positive in the community.

    Great job to all that help put this on.

  3. john says:

    Its was great except for the lardbuckets and their chairs. Honestly nearly got into a fist fight due to stresss of the people blocking the walkways with chairs. Ban the chairs next time its carnival not may24 parade. Next year I will be breaking chairs.

  4. Micro says:

    Wouldve been nice if they included St. George’s in the festivities.

  5. Smokey says:

    These people have no idea of what carnival is about, bring the children. I wish I was exposed to more of my West Indies culture when I was young.

    Glad you included Dockyard in the events, hope it remains like that in the future, had a wonderful time.