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July 6, 2015

The Bermuda Fashion Festival Hair and Beauty Show was held at the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall today [July 6], with the island’s leading hair salons and barber shops represented as they competed for $2,500 worth of salon product prizes sponsored by Sunshine Company, The Salon Store, and Mirage Beauty Supply.

The doors to the event opened at 6.30pm for a cocktail hour, with the show itself getting underway at 7.30pm.

Some of the establishments taking part included Impressions Hair and Nail Artistry, Elite Salon, Saphora Hair and Nail Salon, Nadz Beauty Salon, Divine Cuts, Salon Viola. and Divine Creations. The show ended with a special presentation by the Gino Group led by Amir X and in conjunction with O’Faces.

The Hair and Beauty Show competition was held with the audience choosing the winners of the night with applause, screams and blowing horns. Salon Viola won first place with Saphora Hair and Nail Salon taking second and Impressions Hair and Nail Artistry placing third.


Models scheduled to appear in tonight’s event included Ajalon Wilson, Aliana King, Alize Bailey, newly crowned Miss Bermuda Alyssa Rose, Aminat Ayinde, Angela Sweeting, Anomi Amaya, Deveroux Simons, Ashley Cruz, Asia Smith, Ava Braddock, Azana Riley, Azaria Robinson, Brieanna Samuels, Brittney Madeiros, Camryn Swan, Chelsea Bishop, Christopher Johnson, Crystal Gordon, Danielle Smith, Davika Hill, Dashunte Furbert, Desiree Riley, Dianni Minors, Eddie Albouy, Edwin Lewis, Elizabeth Davis and Eston Rawlins.

Also included were Hannah Eggan, Hannah Graham, Ilia, Indigo Palacio, Jaedah Trott, Jaman Lottimore, Jaylaka Jayathunga, Jennifer Wellman, Juliet Nicholson, Kahdjah Muhammad, Karina Rebellato, Kashi Jones, Kayla Virgil Darrell, Keisha Darrell, Keizhari Knight, Kevina-Lorae Davis, Khaleb Tota, Khara Moore, Kristin Dill, Kyle Santucci, Larry Simmons, Larussy Romero, Lennae Edwards, Markia Peterson, Matthew Defrias, Mikale Willis, Milisa Williams, Misheal Hughes, Naimah Frith, Najae Simmons, Paola Mathe, Reshay Trott, Riley Henderson, Ryan Saltus, Sabrina Powell, Sarah Fitzsimmons, Shomari Mello, Sierra Reid, Sophia Manders, Sophie Adams, Tamairah Darrell, Tamara Symons, Tomei Swan, Victoria Mello, Zhane Virgil-Darrell, Zindi Swan and Zoe Simmons.

The Bermuda Fashion Festival will continue with the Raft Up tomorrow [July 7], the Local Designer Show & After Party at Barr’s Park on July 8, the Local Designer Trunk Show at Pier 6 and the International Designer Show at Barr’s Bay Park on July 9, the Gombey Happy Hour on July 10, and the Evolution Retail Show at City Hall Car Park on July 11.

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  1. Ghost says:

    And how many models were paid for this show 0…its a joke that this show has gone on for years now and the most important people in the show (the model’s) get nothing

    • WOLF says:

      These are most likely volunteering models, doing it because it sounded fun or maybe they wanted the experience. Either way nobody in this shoot is doing professional work, and getting paid would probably place organizers of the event out of pocket. The people who need to be paid here are the designers, the hairdressers, etc. The work that has been done to achieve their overseas-level quality is impressive, especially given the lack thereof in most ‘fashion’ shows that happen here on the island.

    • Damn says:

      they get training, experience and most importantly exposure. try and be positive.

    • GTA says:

      The models were not paid but they also were not forced to do anything they didn’t want to do… don’t see what your issue is?

  2. Ghost says:

    You people ain’t serious no one goes to see the chick that designed the clothes.. . They go for the model’s… And yes experience is good for new models but most are been gher for years doing th show so that’s bs… And to say the people that put on the show will be put out of pocket if they pay the model’s is crazy cause all the foreign model’s got paid… So yes i’m positive that this craziness… Do your research and don’t assume cause this is how every model feels… The older generation taking advantage of young people it’s that simple

    • Seascape says:

      This is great exposure for those that want to be involved. Also good for Bermuda. My child is a model and enjoys participating. Do not bring negative comments on something that is an opportunity for these models. A lot of time and work goes into these events. We need more events for teenagers to get involved in.

    • Be Easy says:

      Starting a comment with “You people” is a great indication of how simple minded one can be. Reading the rest of what you have said confirms it. It was a great event, the models I saw backstage last night were happy to be involved and I didn’t hear anyone complaining. Maybe you should stay away from the event and the comment section if it upsets you that much.

      On a more positive note: Congrats to Salon Viola for taking 1st place and Impressions Hair Salon was represented well. I felt they deserved 2nd place but the cheering section thought otherwise. Kudos to you both!

    • WOLF says:

      You obviously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, so I’ll leave you to believe what you like.

  3. staysliquid says:

    I am one of the volunteer models, and I am an older individual. This has been a great experience! Allowing me to learn a few things, as well as meeting new people. It has always been up front that this a volunteer program, so no one should be expecting pay. At times, it is a strain managing the hours of your day to day life and rehearsal; but again, we had all information up front concerning how many days we would be needed, and we still volunteered. Some individuals are not good at showing appreciation, but overall, the majority is very good. Having said all that; it would be nice if they could negotiate something with the Retail shops, allowing for the models to possibly keep Some(not all) clothes as a thank you for helping out and advertising for the stores, but this is not expected. I have had a great time, and I am looking forward to tonights Evolution show.

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