Football Matches Postponed After Fatal Shooting

October 24, 2015

Following last night’s fatal shooting, the Bermuda Football Association postponed five football matches that were scheduled for tomorrow [Oct 25], with the BFA saying that they are following a recommendation from the police.

The five matches that that have been postponed were all scheduled to take place in the western end of the island – at Somerset Cricket Club, Southampton Rangers, Malabar Field, and White Hill Field — while the three matches that were set to take place in the central and eastern ends of the island will proceed tomorrow.

The statement from the BFA said, “The Bermuda Football Association advises that the following matches which were scheduled for Sunday, October 25th have been postponed:

  • Somerset vs Dandy Town at Somerset Cricket Club
  • Southampton Rangers vs Devonshire Colts at Southampton Rangers
  • Paget v Flanagan’s at Southampton Rangers
  • Ireland Rangers vs St. David’s at Malabar Field
  • Somerset Eagles vs BAA at White Hill Field

“The BFA’s Executive Council held an emergency meeting on Saturday, October 24th as a result of the fatal shooting which occurred last night. It was the recommendation of the Bermuda Police Service to postpone the above matches which was taken into consideration.

“It is view of the BFA Executive Council that any such recommendations from the BPS should be taken seriously. Therefore, it was decided to heed the recommendation and postpone the above matches.

“The BFA wishes to advise that the following matches will proceed tomorrow Sunday, October 25th:

  • St. George’s vs YMSC at Wellington Oval
  • Boulevard vs Robin Hood at Police Field
  • North Village vs Hamilton Parish at Bernard Park

“The Bermuda Football Association sends its condolences to the family of the victims and the Southampton Rangers Sports Club where the unfortunate incident occurred. There will be no further comments at this time,” the BFA concluded.

At around 10:40pm last night [Oct 23] there was a shooting outside Southampton Rangers, which resulted in the death of a 26 year old man, with a second male shooting victim receiving non fatal injuries.

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  1. Doug says:

    very sad

  2. Baltic Fury says:

    Firstly this is terribly sad, it’s a low level kick about after all, not the Premier League.

    But it does beg questions about the clubs themselves, and the BFA. Are either really doing enough to eradicate gang members? – this isn’t always about supporters, mostly its about players.

    Come on clubs, make a stand, get your house in order. It is not ok to allow gang affiliations in your clubs. I grew up a Rangers fan, and my 9 year old son has never seen a home game, how sad is that? I’s that the legacy?

    • Guess what says:

      FYI for last few years All clubs have vetted all players and All Football players have signed release forms allowing the police to do a background check. If players are found to have gang affiliation or are high risk, they are not allowed to play.
      There is also a policy that if a member of public is banned from one club for Anti social behavior that name can be shared and the person is then banned from all clubs.
      So, Clubs are trying doing their part. But of course as you know the problem is bigger than any of us. We all need to work together. If you see a person playing and you know info about them, share it with the club and that will help to ensure that nothing is missed. If you have another idea of how this behavior can be stopped, Share that too.

      • Luis Suarez says:

        I just don”t accept that the clubs put ethics over performance. It seems that every time someone is involved in violent crime, they have a past that includes football. How many players have actually been banned because of these checks and release forms? I haven’t heard of any.

  3. Right says:

    Smart Move!

  4. Ann says:

    It was asked during the events of the AC why the public did not give the same support to the local sporting events. This is your answer WHY!!!!!! Clean it up, don’t allow the trash in and maybe when you prove that can be done it will be supported. Personally until it does get cleaned up, I will have a fit if any of the publics money goes towards it. Why are the 10% of loser thugs running our country, come on we can do better than this

    • suspicious says:


    • suspicious says:

      ummm, speak for yourself,majority of the public support football. Ann, we all know that you will never support footballno matter what!! Btw who says its football/sports related?? These games were more than likely cancelled because these thugs are, unfortunately, football fans and could be easy targets at these games not to mention innocent bystanders! I almost guarantee you these shootings are NOT sports related!! One thing we agree on, ban all known thugs and gang members from the PREMISES!! These incidents are happening during NIGHT CLUB hours NOT SPORTING EVENTS!!!

  5. real talk says:

    The reality is that if someone who has a gun wishes to walk into a public place to kill someone, its going to happen. We in this country need to stop placing the blame on the clubs as they cannot control someone’s actions….So this blaming of the clubs does not help neither does it help when we continue to turn a blind eye to Bermuda’s social economic landscapes…until Bermuda becomes an inclusive society, then things will remain the same… and to be perfectly honest the vast majority of persons who witnessed the AC spectacle last week wont support local football clubs even if there wasn’t any violence happening on our grounds…Is that a racial issue?? hmm you be the judge,… until we as a community can come together and be honest, we shall never move forward… In Bermuda today will still operate in a society when a “black” man’s views is totally incorrect unless it is supportive of white men’s causes… and for those who think I’m being racist…ask yourself how many times you have said these comments “those people” & “what’s wrong with them”. What should be said is what’s wrong with our people and our country. But aye unless one of these gentlemen have the complexion of Rebecca Middleton, then their lives don’t matter?? And I come from a biracial background

    • Luis Suarez says:

      Sir, you have massively missed the point, and good horribly off piste. WTF does Rebecca Middleton do with football matches being cancelled?

    • Newsflash says:

      ‘Those people’ refers to those who would be toting around guns… be hey black, green, purple, or white.

      Get your head out of the sand.

    • ron,b says:

      We have to be ever vigilant and willing to protect the minds and innocence of our children. The worst thing we can do as parents is to leave the education of our young in the hands of those who only wish to diminish and oppress us. They clearly have a specific agenda that they’ve been working into the education system under the radar. Most parents are not as engaged as they should be and as a result their decadence has led to our young being exposed to adult content at very early ages and having unnatural thoughts planted in their minds in hopes of shaping their perceptions. It’s happening… what are you gonna do to help stop it?

  6. Terry says:

    It’s all good on paper folks.
    Banning. Background checks as I have read above.

    When you enter the gate/s do you have to show ID?
    Do they check your name against a register?

    No.Think before you post.

    Bring it on.

  7. Don’t postpone venues at football matches…identify and postpone this element at football clubs…their behaviour requires this…plain and simple.
    Otherwise it will continue….It’s that simple really…a liquer license requires safty of all patrons on club grounds….you cannot have it both ways……and if you can?……just means all involved including liquer licensing board….and bps are impersonating their respective vocation in job title!

  8. ron,b says:

    they are products of society

  9. ron,b says:

    “Football hooliganism in the United Kingdom’, has its own page on Wikipedia,
    who are worst then them?