Businesses Offering “Black Friday” Discounts

November 26, 2015

With Black Friday set to kick off tomorrow [Nov 27], many of the island’s stores are offering deep discounts, with a number of them opting to open their doors early – some as early as 4.00am.

The flyers below represent some of the island businesses that are offering Black Friday specials, including Gibbons Company, A.S. Cooper, Astwood Dickinson, Arcade Jewelers, Music Box, Annex Toys, Brown & Co., The Phoenix Stores, P-Tech, Kid2kid Consignment, Northshore Medical, Marine Locker, The Complete Office, and iClick.

BLACK FRIDAY Annex Bermuda Nov 26 2015

BLACK FRIDAY BROWN & CO Bermuda Nov 26 2015

BLACK FRIDAY PHOENIX Bermuda Nov 26 2015

Black Friday ptech Bermuda Nov 26 2015

BlackFriday AS Cooper Bermuda Nov 26 2015 11

BlackFriday AS Cooper Bermuda Nov 26 2015 22

BlackFriday Bermuda Nov 26 2015 11

BlackFriday Bermuda Nov 26 2015 22

Black-Friday-at-Music-Box Bermuda Nov 26 2015 11

Sale kid2kid Bermuda Nov 24 2015

Black friday Northshore Bermuda Nov 26 2015






Digicel Gift for everyone Bermuda Nov 26 2015

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Comments (13)

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  1. The discount and sale prices are STILL more then what they bought them for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DuH!! says:

      Ummm yeah DUH!!! Aren’t they in business to make a profit, paying staff, rent taxes etc ain’t free! It’s called Discounts because it’s cheaper than normal! Some ppl..

    • Bullseye says:

      Maybe they have to pay for the goods, AND the salaries, benefits, rent, utilities, warranties, delivery, duties and other things.

    • Hey says:


    • Not a Clue says:

      So you expect retailers to sell their products for a loss? And then when they are forced to close or make workers redundant you will rail against them for doing so.

      Why are so many people here disgusted by the word profit? You really shouldn’t have dropped out of school (like you have stated on here before), then maybe you will have a clue as to how an economy works.

      Even Chris Furbert stated that the Union is no different than a business when he raised his member’s dues by 17% one time.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Wow. This is a new low for you.


    • what a F***** stupid statement thank god you don’t run a business

  2. HAHA says:

    Lmao some of these sales are a joke. You can order stuff online and have it shipped here for less than these so called Black Friday sales.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @haha, brilliant idea from you??? Why doesn’t everyone do as you just said which will speed up the time that the people that work in retail can lose their jobs!!!! Comments like yours only proves that ignorance has no limits?? Don’t you think the plp already did enough fiscal carnage to the working class already??? I truly hope all Bermudians shop heavily LOCALLY!!!! FYI, I don’t have any connection to any retailer, in case you were wondering??

      • HAHA says:

        Why don’t you get a life and stop sitting on Bernews comment section all day everyday waiting to respond to everyone? I think retailers would much rather stay in business than fire their employees due to lack of sales so the logical solution here would be to lower their prices and stop being greedy. You cannot go one day without mentioning the PLP and blaming them for everything, your comment is the only ignorant comment I see. Now hop your dumb self out of here.

  3. Resa says:

    Why don’t grocery stores do a black friday just thinking!

  4. AceBoy89 says:

    No thank you! I’ll shop on Amazon on Cyber Monday!

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