Live Updates: “Govt Will Withdraw The Bill”

March 17, 2016

[Updating: Govt has agreed to withdraw the Bill] After five days of protests, it was announced at around 6.00pm on Thursday evening [March 17] that the Government will withdraw the Bill, with the announcement receiving a loud round of applause from the gathered crowd.

Following the People’s Campaign’s call for “an island-wide withdrawal of labour”, there have been demonstrations and service interruptions since Friday. Crowds of people have gathered at the House on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today, resulting in service interruptions as well as the House of Assembly sessions being postponed.

Full 35 minute video of the announcement outside the House last night:

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  1. The Facts says:

    Chris Furbert, President of the BIU needs to be fired. Chris Furbert has had a problem with the OBA since the first day they got in power and that is the only reason he calls these strikes against the goverment.

    • @ the facts You sound like a bloody OX, and you need to consider the majority that will be effected if we don’t take action now, This is not just about here and now, but the here and after, but people like you that trust folk like the O.B.A , is the real ones with the issues.

      This i snot about Mr. Chris Furbert or any other Union head, this is about our future and the future of those real Bermudians that will come behind us.

      My dad always said that there were more educated OX’S then there is common sense, I did not believe him and now I see what he meant.

      • Comfortably numb says:

        Duane, if you wish to be taken seriously you really need to improve the level of your syntax, grammar and spelling above that of a five year old. Using the code “real Bermudians” for Black Bermudians is racist and discriminatory. There are Bermudians and non Bermudians, end of story. And, by the way, the plural of ox is oxen.

        • Verly says:

          The ‘b’ in black Beemudians doesn’t need to be capitalized. Black is a description of the Bermudians mentioned, not part of a title.

        • Silver says:

          Did you get the message, English teacher?

        • J. Smith says:

          If you want to be taken seriously by Mr.Santucci, maybe you should leave your real name PUNK!

          • hmmm says:

            CedarBridge had a sports day at the National Stadium that had to be called off…lots of parents frustrated.

            Making our Children suffer…is what these groups are doing.

            • rudy says:

              No they didnt Cedarbridge sports was not today..

              • Whimsical says:

                EXACTLY……Get the FACTS …stop misinforming people and adding fuel to the fire…..

                • Nikkia says:

                  Clearwater was supposed to have their sports today.

              • hmmm says:

                It was Clearwater school kids that lost out…

                • Betty Boop says:

                  so isnlt that the point?

                  • hmmm says:

                    What to make kids miss out and to vex parents, who have taken a day of work to see their kids race?????

                    That’s nasty.

            • WHAT says:

              WHAT you know your child’s in private school.

              • hmmm says:

                I know it was Clearwater kids that missed out.

              • Sickofantz says:

                I think we should all be thankful for those that pay for their children in private school leaving more of the money to go for public school pupils.

        • @ Comfortably nimb “NUTS”, When I say real BERMUDIANS, I MEAN REAL BERMUDIANS, White , Black, Semi grey. All that were born here. from families who have generation ties and history of making our Island home what it was and what we come to enjoy, Don’t twist my words or statement, Jack Bunny, and my Grammar is excellent , because your illiteracy did not stop you from getting the just of my point, brainless.

          • Full Fuulish says:

            You tell him bie! People love to play the grammar game on these comment sections. Oh “My grammar is better than yours” and “it’s spelled like this, not that”
            GET A LIFE!

            • hmmm says:

              SO the flyer going around says OB trying to import votes???

              That is dumb dumb dumb. The total number of people it affects is what 150 to 300 maximum and the total number of applications that would be processed would likely be 80. there is no guarantee that any of them would vot OBA, PLP if they vote at all !!!!

              (Just look at the last immigration PLP loophole) numbers that actually got processed and the time frame)

              This is just misinformation perpetuated to cause unrest. Shame on those poster makers.

              The funny thing is that if the Pathways legislation is not put in place and one case challenges the position in the court, (following the Supreme court ruling) then the floodgates will open….

              You crazies protesting are potentially opening up the floodgates…. How used do you feel now !!! Damn !

              • Whatever! says:

                The OBA is trying desperately to change the demographics of Bermuda. They want as many Bermudians as possible to get fed up with struggling in Bermuda and emigrate to the U.K. That gets more potential PLP voters out of the country and leaves less people for the OBA to worry about helping with jobs and a future. It also means less kids here in public school-they’re already planning for these things by wanting to close some schools, as they anticipate less people here needing those schools.

                On the flip side, they want to allow more foreigners to have status as most of them ARE OBA supporters and we all know it. They don’t want a lower class of people here-they want middle and upper classes only. They want to turn Bermuda into some kind of playground for the rich with all this America’s Cup and talk of casinos and they want what they deem to be the rubbish out of the way of this utopia they want to create. They have NO social conscience and just want most of us out of the way because we’re interfering with their plans. It didn’t take long for them to show their true UBP colours. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

                • hmmm says:

                  You are wrong. OBA want people to stay in Bermuda end of.

                  Don’t know where you heard the nonsense you wrote, but it is wrong.

              • dang says:

                you mean like buying votes buy hiring into government jobs and then saying if you don’t vote plp the oba will fire everyone… like that?

          • Stay out says:

            Where would mr. tweed fit in?

          • Caitlyn says:

            I would like to hear from rev Tweed who is on a work permit( correct me if Iam wrong) and Mr Furbert.Do either of you think spitting at a person is acceptable? This was seen on TV by hundreds, not one word to the protesters this behavior is un acceptable.

      • The Facts says:

        @ Duane P. Santucci, this is common sense, call me an OX all u want, but the BIU needs a new smarter leader.

        I am a young black Bermudian entrepreneur who knows whats best for my countries future. That is why i choose to be an entrepreneur to create jobs for my countries future.

        The BIU should be doing more to help the country not be working to cause chaos. The BIU should be creating more businesses for the country and taking less out of the working peoples pockets.

        The PLP has been in power for many years, they brought us Beyonce. The OBA brought us Americas Cup. The PLP and the BIU are taking money from the people of bermuda for there own personal gains.

        I have heard and i might be wrong, but the leader of the PLP Mark Bean is a pilot and owns a gambling place, That means his heads going be in the clouds gambling Bermudas future away.

      • Lualaba says:

        Duane, this is low ev n for you… You can do better than calling people a beast of burden.. Back to point. The fact is correct.. The BIU has for many years been nothing but an extension of the PLP. Never more evident by the fact that most BIU leaders go on to be PLP MP’s

      • Jus sayin says:

        This may sound racist but it is by far not I am just simply making points and facts. Unless you are a Hog or cahow there is no real Bermudian. I’m sure we all know our history but for those that don’t know the British were the first to settle here. When I say settle I mean set up shop and make a life here…. Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the fact that I was born and raised here and I guarantee I am more Bermudian then you. Yes I had to wait until I was 18 to say so which is hogwash but I most certainly am a Bermudian. So when you say real Bermudian I think of myself

        • Whatever! says:

          Bermuda is only so small. In days gone by people left to make a better life for their families as there were NO prospects where they were. In a lot of cases now, most people coming here expecting to stay seem to be from North America and the U.K. They are not coming from poor countries hoping for a better life and there are plenty of jobs where they were, only they see the grass is greener over here as they can make a ton more money. They fall in love with the place-can’t blame them on that-and whine about staying. Why? They have no roots here like most of us do.

          If they come and take all of our jobs, houses, etc. what is left for us as true Bermudians? It’s not wrong to want to fight for that. They can always jump up and go but where are we to go? It should be a stipulation that anyone getting status here renounces whatever citizenship they have-none of this having your cake and eating it, too. I wonder how many would be willing to do that?

      • Andrew says:

        It is interesting to note that most educated people are for a long overdue update of Immigration to address those people who fairly deserve status in accordance with most civil societies…People have you forgotten who destroyed Bermuda’s economy and who is responsibly trying to fix it now…and…it IS a multicultural society!

      • ? says:

        how many PRC holders are busdrivers? Ferry workers? This makes no sense.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          On somewhat realated note…

          Let me get this straight: you want me to stay home today from the job I worked my tail off to get (education, daycare for kids, sparkling CV…) in protest of ‘foreigners’ coming in and taking jobs away from us? By not showing up for work today, wouldn’t that be telling my employer I didn’t value that job I worked hard to get and that he should give it to someone else????? Wouldn’t this reiterate that he should hire foreign workers over me??

          This makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!! #dumb

          • We the People (1st!!) says:

            No, it doesn’t.

            Just READ!! Go through the protest during the Civil rights movement. There isA NOTHING wrong with protesting. Nothing wrong with working people protesting. This has been happening around the WORLD for centuries.

            You think once Blacks got the right to work and get paid for it, they didn’t protest anymore? You think they didn’t protest for some of the benefits working people enjoy today.

            You think women, once they got the opportunity to work didn’t protest because they now have jobs? You know nothing of The Women’s Suffrage movement?

            Your comment is pure ignorance.

            • aceboy says:

              There is something very wrong with it when the reason is silly party politics and not a labour grievance…like Women’s Suffrage. This protest is being staged by one political party to ouster another…Next time you see a Hitler sign in the hands of a Bermudian, think about who is acting like who.

              • We the People (1st!!) says:

                It doesn’t matter what the reason is – it is till their right to protest.

                If the movement for bi-partisan immigration reform is ‘political’ as you put it – who are you to judge that they are wrong for holding that position and protesting?

                I’m an independent which has allowed me to comment on many political hot issues without my perspective being clouded by biases. I will say this – I see nothing wrong with bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform. I feel if the PLP were the government the OBA and their supporters will be calling for the same thing.

                Any immigration legislation policies this government has passed has been patchwork at best. Immigration reform for any country is of vital national interest. This is OBA’s chance to show they are not running a dictatorship and listen to the people.

                Help me to understand why the rush to get this passed through the house when there is NO MANDATE from the people to create a ‘Pathway to Citizenship.’ Look at the statement from the Jamaican Association that basically said the government has been misleading on their position and support for this. That says a lot.

                Although this policy clearly benefits their members, they too are asking for all political interest to be involved. It’s simply ‘The RIGHT thing to do.’

              • We the People (1st!!) says:

                Have you ever seen a Hitler sign in the hand of a Bermudian during a protest, that goes back to even when people protested during the PLP government? No!

                You are insulting Bermudians. Why do you do that? There is no need for that last sentence. Wow! I know you are better than that and I know you can rise above the political discourse.

        • Michelle Barnett says:

          If this legislation goes through as is, all PRC holders will be the bus drivers and ferry workers at the expense of these very workers. You probably don’t understand as you are not the one being threatened

          • cpt says:

            With regret, I disagree with your logic. The people who will be affected by getting status under Pathways already have jobs. They are not suddenly going to seek a ferry pilot job that takes years to train up to do.

            • suspicious says:

              Do you also recall that when applying for work permit,you being told that you will not get STATUS but can become a PRC HOLDER after a certain amount of years?

              • hmmm says:

                Yes for those folks I’m sure they did. International laws and the recent Supreme court case required Bermuda to either have a pathway to status or a single case if brought would open the floodgates….

                You are protesting against your own welfare….
                It’s quite hilarious how the unions that Tweed muppet and the PLP folks have suckered you into taking action.

                Talk about taking advantage of people for their own personal gain.

          • hahahah! says:

            This is the best post ever! So let me get this right…these expats have been living here 15, 20 plus years with the hope that one day they will be able to take the bus and ferry drivers jobs? Is that really what you think? Crazy! Come on Michele Barnett..u cant be serious! lol

            • hahahah! says:

              and its scary that at least 11 people liked that comment! Poor lost little Bermuda

          • Dah says:

            PRC holder are people that have been living here for 20 plus years trust me when I says they have jobs

          • Betty Boop says:

            and you don’t even understand what the hell you’re fighting for! These people have to have been here for 20 years. So dumb.

          • meh. says:

            @Michelle ahh yes you’ve discovered their scheme! Move to the most expensive island in the world, occupy a job that is unique enough that no local is qualified/willing to do it, stay there for twenty years biding your time, get status, and THEN EXECUTE THE SECRET PLAN – become a busdriver.

            • Smh says:

              Omg…I think that’s one of the FUNNIEST things i’ve ever heard……secret plsn to become……a bus driver after 20 years…..haaaaaaaaaaa

            • murph says:

              That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you. Today’s been pretty upsetting for a lot of folk, and we needed something like this.

          • jim hill says:

            What a binford! This nonsense is being repeated ad infinitum by you sheeple. These people are not TAKING jobs from ANYONE. They’ve been living and working here for 15-20 years already. Some are even business owners who employ BERMUDIANS. Stop pretending and trying to obfuscate the issue. It’s all about RACE. The PLP is worried that these people will vote for the OBA. How do you know? What would happen if the situation was reversed & they were potential PLP supporters? How can you deny someone their rights based on who they may vote for???

        • suspicious says:

          should this also apply to people who have been here for 20 years as a NANNY,FAMILY CARETAKER??

        • Chateau le Roof says:

          Exactly! How many guest workers are taking jobs from people in this union?

          • Cmkbda says:

            Zero…that’s how many. Because guest workers can’t get work permits approved if there were QUALIFIED Bermudians available to do the job. Problem is…too many lazy Bermudians who don’t want to put in the effort to become qualified, or don’t want to put up with the effort required in other jobs, like nannies and caretakers. If Bermudians wanted these jobs, or were qualified for these jobs, then at some point over the last 15-20 years, work permits would have been denied. No Bermudians avaiable = work permit approved.

            Seriously wish Bermudians would gain a better understand as to how work permits work, rather than spouting forth, talking through a hole in their heads.

      • Sam says:

        With about 3million revenues through union fees not to mention the liberty theatre and the gas station, i am curious if union has sent at least 3 bermudians a year to college or technical school?

      • Let there be hope says:

        Tell me how this is going to help Bermuda? Who does the employing of Bermudians? Who pays Government wages? The less people we have here the less jobs there will be for Bermudians. Not unless you want to pay taxes out your A$$ to run the over staffed Government Departments and the lovely large debt the previous Administration left Bermuda in. All this does is HURT Bermuda and its people. Take your blinders off and look at facts.

        • Johnny says:

          Why do we need people to come here to create jobs? Is it a silly idea that Bermudians can employ Bermudians? Why is it that some of you believe that only a foriegner can run a business?

          • Legalgal says:

            Fine, send all the foreign/international money, business, tourism, people “home”. Cayman, the Channel Islands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, London will welcome them.Go it alone. Take independence. As a UK taxpayer I nolonger wish to provide an education, health care, governor, passports and political support for Bermudians. Survive off the land. Goodbye. Good riddance.

            • youngandeducated says:

              Your an idiot we not saying send the foreign business back . we saying stop allowing others to come and make more thannour Bermudians.stop letting the Indians and others whit no qualification cook. You’ll train them before we train our own. Stop allowing other races to work and we suffer. Hire Bermudians before others train our people first. My mom was made redundant from her job but trained another employee , she was there for about 10 years and was a great boss and employee. They made here redundant and kept the foreign person. That’s Bs.

            • Sayso says:


          • Let there be hope says:

            No one is saying that a Bermudian can not operate a business. You so miss the point.

          • Spanky says:

            Come on Johnny, after all the discussions and explanations on how Bda Inc grows its economy, are you telling me you STILL don’t get it? Either you don’t want to understand or you can’t. Bda doesn’t print money.

          • Smile says:


            Imagine a Bermuda without Ace, XL. Fairmont, Bacardi…….

            In order for economic activity to occur- we need more people on the island.

            If I own a lemonade stand and have 20 customers a day I can do it on my own. If I have 50 customers, I hire you to help me out. 80 customers a day and I hire your grand daughter (born Bermudian) to help out during her summer break.

            But if our island is empty and stagnant. It’s a one man lemonade stand and it’s likely going out of business.

            Bermuda. We all need one another. We all need to embrace one another…… despite our backgrounds and upbringings and we need to do what’s best to help Bermuda (and all of us collectively thrive).

          • Rich says:

            No one is saying that only Bermudians can run businesses. We are saying that only non-Bermudians can bring in foreign direct investment.

            If anything, its entrepreneurial Bermudians who stand to benefit. More residents of Bermuda = more demand for services = Bermudians investing to meet that demand.

      • Jackie says:

        What are real Bermudians, all Bermudians came from somewhere other than Bermuda and if the truth be told there some of the marchers are first generations Bermudians .

        • suspicious says:


          • Realbermudian? says:

            I was born and raised in Bermuda, however because only my mother is Bermudian I wasn’t legally Bermudian in the eyes of the law until I was 18. What a real Bermudian is so subjective now. What about the children of foreign PRC parents who were born on island, lived here then went to university and came back on island. Why are they not considered Bermudian and given the same rights?

            People against the reform are only thinking about all the expats in corporate jobs but what about the Portuguese community who have been here for their who life but are denied rights? Or the children who are born on Bermuda soil to PRC and that is all they know?

            • suspicious says:

              Wait a minute so there is such a thing as a BERMUDIAN as you stated your own MOM is!?!?

              • hmmm says:

                Don’t be obtuse….it make you look very silly

            • youngandeducated says:

              The law states you are what your mother is. Your father will confirm your status . however my best friend mother is Bermudian father I’d bajan and she has been Bermudian since birth being she is what her mother is. So your mother most not be Bermudian.

              • .am says:

                Depends on marital status. I believe you are what your mother is unless she’s married, in which case you become what your father is. Or something like that.

          • Nanny Pat says:

            I’m embarassed to admit I’m Bermudian these days – whether “on foregin soil” or here at home. I find myself differentiating myself by explaining that I am an “EDUCATED” Bermudian.

            • Who cares? says:

              This is the real tragedy of today’s activities. Many of the people who waked of the job are those in unskilled jobs who never challenge the radical union and so called religious leaders. The will walk if the Government is blamed for the weather. In fact, they are only hurting themselves as foreign investment stays away and we continue with high unemployment.

              In 2017, or sooner, there will be an election. Vote or stay home. You will get the government you deserve.

              • hmmm says:

                the Union,and the arms of the PLP take advantage of these people by playing notes these peoples emotions in order to use them for their own purposes.

                I find that sick and disturbing.

          • Simple minded folks abound says:

            no…I know of NO ONE that wants to be like you… you sound hateful nasty ugly and pathetic! A real boil on the butt of humanity is houw you sound…

            • suspicious says:

              Truth hurts?? Im not hateful,nasty,ugly or pathetic. Im BORN BERMUDIAN though!!! SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT TO BE!! BOIL ON THE BUTT LMAO Hmm Hmm BY GOLLY CHAP THAT WAS A WICKED GOOGLY. I have heard that saying already from an expat!

              • hmmm says:

                Yes you are ugly…I’ve see you.

                • suspicious says:

                  I have seen you also…don’t you have the nerve!!!

                  • hmmm says:

                    I’m sorry what are you saying…don’t I have the nerve?

                    I thought you had it !

                    Have you gone and lost the nerve !

                    Talk about irresponsible !

          • smh says:

            What a sad person you are. So who’s going to support you in your old age and pay your pension when there’s not enough “real Bermudians” left to support you and the civil service. Bet you will be blaming Government for letting that happen, right?

            • suspicious says:

              LOL Talking to the wrong person buddy!! Don’t need my pension or anyone to support me! I will do just fine and my children even better!! But unfortunately that’s not the case for most BORN BERMUDIANS!! NEXT!!

              • Realbermudian? says:

                I am born Bermudian as well and I support this reform 100%. There is no need to be close minded and welcome the foreigners who are putting money into the economy just like the ‘real Bermudians’.

                Jobs are open to expats and Bermudians alike. There are a lot of educated Bermudians that I know who are doing really well for themselves. It’s just a matter of taking the steps to become qualified. All the reform is doing is giving the basic rights to people who have been law abiding and contributing citizens for a long time.

                Xenophobia is not acceptable, just like all forms of prejudice.

                There is no need to be hateful and angry. Respect other people’s opinions and share your thoughts in a calm manner.

              • hmmm says:

                So your kids go to private school?

          • SMH says:

            What you made clear mr Capital letters is that you are very unpleasant and bitter.

        • Full Fuulish says:

          Everyone comes from somewhere Jackie. Whether it means the first man and woman came from the garden of Eden or evolved from organisms billions of years ago. Both of whom would have migrated elsewhere. Or did they appear one day out of thin air making them the true inhabitants of the land?

      • Peter Hunt says:

        Interesting to see how many likes you got. In actual fact “WE are the majority” not your people.

      • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

        a great miscalculation by the PLP..instead of worrying about this as an attempt to gather votes the PLP should know that they will never receive a vote from anyone who has ever been granted status or hopes to obtain it..we are in the mess that we are in wholly and solely because of the PLP….it is the PLP who can never be trusted…poor misguided people….the OBA is turning the economy around but know that it took years to ruin it and years to restore it…..

        • hmmm says:

          The PLP are 100% aware that the number of votes that it would create will be insignificant to them……They don’t care about these votes at all.

      • No Good says:

        The BIU needs to go, they are no good for this country moving forward!!!!!!

      • fred says:

        There are no REAL BERMUDIANS. Trace your herritage and you will find that at some pint in the past your family immigrated from another country.

    • CCT says:

      I have no idea how this man is still in this position. Gets paid well to do nothing but stir up trouble on behalf of the PLP!!

      • Verly says:

        He’s still in this position because his membership wants him there.

        • Party of De Problem says:

          He is in his position because the membership FEAR him. You can’t have a true election when the election is done by using a show of hands.

          • frank says:

            The election. Of. A. New president. Will take place. In. 2018 by secret. Ballot. Like it is. Always. Done

    • JG says:

      BLOCK EVERY ENTRANCE TO PARLIAMENT!!!! DON’T LET THE OBA ON THE GROUNDS!!!!!!!! We, the people, own Parilament so WE, the people, should have a right to who trespasses on it!

      GROW SOME BALLS MR. “PREMIER” and listen to the PEOPLE!! Better yet call the election cause we’re are ready!

      • Who cares? says:


        • Ask Wipes says:

          Donkeys work . JG is just a selfish fool that only knew one letter in the alphabet I, I, I , I!

      • Bluwater says:

        We te PEOPLE respect the duly elected government, not a mob of out of touch old folks.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Thank you Bernews for the updates, Bermuda’s leading media for accurate and the latest news.

    • Dr. Greg House says:

      I was asked by BHB to conduct a diagnosis of the Bermuda public and after a long pause it had hit me, these supporters of this idiotic regime suffer from Stockholm syndrome, it’s quite clear there is only one cure at this stage, the removal of horse blinders and a auditory canal scrapping of the years of b******t that has clogged these canals, sadly these clogged canals have clearly affected normal working brain chemistry…

    • ron,b says:

      stand firm locals and chase these crazy baldheads out of town,
      don’t give in to this evil

    • Its me again says:

      So he needs to be fired because he doesnt like the OBA.

      How stupid does that sound.

      Whats worse is you have 300 other idiots that subscribe to that.

    • Whatever! says:

      Fired? By whom exactly??? That will NEVER happen-he’s doing what is expected of him-duh!

    • Coffee says:

      I’m sorry but most people seem to think that the Premier Michael Dunkeley should be fired !

      • Cmkbda says:

        Actually…most people don’t. Read the polls, look at the petitions. You are not the majority of the people of Bermuda.

    • Hair says:

      Furbert needs to get a real job!!!

    • Cotty O says:

      STAY THE CoURSE MICHAEL……..this BS has to stop!

    • Cotty O says:

      STAY THE COURSE MICHAEL…….stay the course… have everyone’s support who have themselves a modicum of common sense!!!!!!

    • Ask Wipes says:

      To all the f’n lazy a$$ teachers that took the day off to protest AKA get an extra day off.

      Please note that your students are already underperforming and behind. The BTSU asked you to let you conscience be your guide, we the parents now know you have no conscience.

      We spend much more money per child in the public school system versus the private schools but our kids score lower. Why? Well if you don’t care enough to be there to teach them why should they want to be there.

      Don’t F#@L’n say you are protesting for their future because you are not. All an interviewer, a college recruiter, a scholarship committees have to look at once a teen graduates is their transcripts . Your childish and selfish actions today mean that our children that should be getting extra assistance so that they can be prepared for finals, SAT’s and college entrance exams were left without teachers. Businesses don’t want to settle for the best Bermudians, the want the best talent. If those persons happen to be well educated and prepared Bermudian children, then great! If not, do you expect them to settle for someone that is unprepared?

      Thanks you to those teachers that see the big picture and became teachers because they want to teach and help our kids grow.

      To the rest of you that I pay taxes to so that you can have a job and teach my kids – I have zero respect for you.

    • BLOW IN says:

      cannot believe so many people taking days of work to watch a woman going on a diet, whatever next??

  2. .am says:

    Here come the 2,000 jobs the OBA promised. Hope the unions have been saving their pennies!

    • fsbob says:

      I think it’s 15 dollars a week I used to pay when I worked at Fairmont to the Biu. Someone find out how many members there are, then do the math.

      • The Facts says:

        15 dollars a week, you alone paying 720 dollars a year. If there is a 1000 members, that is 720,000. Does anyone know how much members are in the BIU?

        • bibbla says:

          Your referring to the private sector as well. Think about the number of government workers who pay dues to the union.
          The island is in debt and we the private sector pay our taxes for everything that is around us and that passes our lips, after wages are paid to the Government’s workers what percentage of the profit, if there is a profit goes to the BIU, its mind boggling.
          Unions are supposed to help the working people, not drain the accounts that could be paying there pensions.
          When this generation of workers leaves at the retirement age, the BIU dues will drop so low the union will be decimated.
          We can either wait it out peacefully or get rid of the Mandatory union/charity deduction, I would march for that.

        • Onion says:

          The BIU’s financial statements are public record. Its revenues are in the millions and less than 1% is paid in member benefits. More than 99% is spent on salaries and expenses.

          • Onion Juice says:

            Ya and Hanbury makes $1000,00 a day and ya point is………………………….

            • hmmm says:

              Hanbury is getting the islands name across the world… You only got to look at the buzz about Bermuda …… The island is on the radar big time !

              • mj says:

                we don’t need hansbury to get our name anywhere, we could have had that money for ten or more Bermudians! Hansbury and his team are a waste, there are more videos on utube about Bermuda and return visitors and hotels should do their own advertising~ I though a tourism authority would have their own authority within themselves as a knowledgeable group but sadly they require the wages of the workers to survive! We got plenty of exposure through hurricans and visits to stadiums and sports and such.. no need for strangers to spread the word about people they care nothing about! awon’t even employ us, so why should we sponsor him and other foreign entities collecting enormous wages for low to no effect on the Bermudian!All hotels should have come together to form an authority to figure out what Hansbury and his crew have not done! which is bring in more air arrivals!

              • suspicious says:

                YEAh Hansbury is responsible for Bermuda being on the radar!! You have got to be kidding me! Where are the numbers directly relating to HALO HANSBURY??

              • WHAT says:

                We never left the RADAR, I hope the Queen steps in and dissolves this Government so we can call an election. foxes tails this oba

                • Legalgal says:

                  Why undermine democracy in this way. This government is the democratically elected government of the majority. Suck it up.

            • hmmm says:

              Why is it that the actual usage of the workers monies mandated deductions are not important to you?

              why are you not concerned that most of it lines fat cats at BIU pockets ?

            • Lemon Tree says:

              Tell me just how much the union is helping their members pay their bills when they are out of work? Other than pay lip service, what are they really doing to help their members?

            • Party of De Problem says:

              At least Hanbury is at work unlike many of these individuals that are getting paid and not working. You would prefer someone like Chris Furbert perhaps?

            • Up D hill says:

              Call in the 7 million that dreamer club called biu owe now ! Hur me k!!!

          • The Facts says:

            More then 99% spent on salaries and less then 1% for members benefits. Wake Up Bermuda the BIU only want the best for themselves.

        • Coyote says:

          THere are an estimated 4200 members so …. they pull in just over $3million per year

    • Yes let them fire anyone and tomorrow’s demonstration would only look like a picnic.

      You have pushed the people to far and now it is our turn to push back, and we wont stop until they are thrown out of the house and the government is dissolved.

      • Rhonnda Oliver says:

        Part of me wants you to get exactly what you want, because you fully deserve it.

        The greater part of me, however, loves Bermuda and Bermudians far too much, so I rather hope you stay angry for a very long while.

      • rodney smith says:

        Simple fact, the government is in until 2017-18 , or the next election, which ever one comes first. You can sit , march, walk , talk, or take the day off . But know that this will only lead to a vote.

      • Colibm says:

        There will be no demo tomorrow, it’s Saturday.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          The civil service does not work, or do anything other than for themselves, on the weekend.

      • Let there be hope says:

        You are an idiot.

      • Anbu says:

        Go ahead and push back you idiot. None of u will be satisfied till outside sources r here. Dumb dumb dumb. Parliament will never be dissolved. So deal with it duane. Nobody here has been pushed too far. Same old chip on the shoulder folk that are still stuck in tge 50s and 60s is all i see and i guarantee u are one of them. Sit down and let the people with brains run the country.

  3. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Hadn’t seen the BIU letter before, was most interested when Mr. Furbert states that he was instructed by his members to write the letter threatening the withdrawal of labour… just curious about when they had a membership meeting to put the matter to a vote… or is just the union leadership deciding unilaterally again to have their membership engage in illegal activity? And since when is it for the unions to involve themselves in politics, especially when the policies really won’t actually effect labour on this island? Should I direct these question to the unions or their masters at Alaska Hall?

    • Onion Juice says:

      F!@# legality, Slavery was legal, Jim Crow was legal and Apartheid was legal, sometimes ya just got to say F!@# it and do what you KNOW is the right thing to do for the betterment for you and the next generation.
      And these policies (which is decided by the U.B.P. leadership) will eventually effect labour like its effecting labour now with the CHEAP labour (modern day slaves) which is dominating the workforce.

      • Dusty says:

        How could you possibly draw a comparison between real, actual slavery, apartheid or Jim Crow laws and the current reason people are protesting?

        • Anbu says:

          Because the jacka** behind onion juices name thinks him and his are actually oppressed. Laughable at best

      • hmmm says:

        Huh….what are you ranting on about now… pathetic

      • Let there be hope says:

        With this type mentality God help us all! Your hatred of the O.B.A. is clouding your judgement or you are really stupid!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Wasn’t it your PLP that flodded our low skill work force with cheap foreign labour??? Selective memory. I am doing what is right for our future generations, making sure there is a strong Bermuda to support them.

      • Up D hill says:

        Then start your own company and hire these modern day slaves you speak of And free um your self . They have more and better benefits than most slavery you are very careless with words as is the plp/biu. Bunch of nofinarys!!!!

  4. ummm says:

    Is there school tomorrow?


      • CCT says:

        You are an ignorant man!!!

      • aceboy says:

        That is about as disgusting as you can get. Poor kids. Being led down a path they don’t deserve. Brainwashed by their own to ferment their destruction.

      • ... says:

        STOP PLAYING THESE CHILDISH GAMES! The majority is NOT behind you! I have never met someone so blinded and ignorant like yourself.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Jeesh. Shut up Duane you *****

      • Onion Juice says:

        For ALL you Chumps that like to talk S!@# on the blogs, I invite you to come round Union Square and address your sentiment to the crowd that will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • justkeepsgoing says:

          You guys just wanted a long weekend to rest.

        • J. Smith says:

          LOLOL they will never do that cowards always talk behind your back but not in your face.

        • hmmm says:


        • Come Correct says:

          Because you’re a warped individual who wants to see this island burn.

        • Lemon Tree says:

          People have alerady tried that. Some made so much noise and never let anyone speak. So would those at Union Square even listen to one word today? Why waste precious breath. Time out everyone!!! This behaviour achieves nothing but further harm to our country. Then in future there will be no jobs for anyone and you will be crying for more social assistance. Oops, oh right, you killed our economy so we have no money to help you. Better write that down now because many will forget this in the future. So very sad!!

        • Let there be hope says:

          Why. Will you listen to the facts? will listen to what the majority of others feel & think? will you listen to the people who actually pay your wage. Or will you scream and carry on like an idiot?

        • Ha! says:

          Sure…because the crowd that is at Union Square is soooo open to hearing opinions that differ from theirs.

        • LOL says:

          Why? So we can hear you shout NO NO NO like a spoiled 3 year old not getting their way? We elect governments to do our talking and policy making for us because we are busy at work during our days.

        • had enough says:

          I have put up with fifty years of PLP Political diarrhea
          that has left a putrid cloud hanging over Bermuda.
          I think its time Bermuda gets to feel what its like to live in a third world country because the PLP and some of its supporters need a wakeup.

        • 4th gen says:

          I will do that with no fear….always have, both when I have agreed with industrial action and when I have disagreed. What’s going to happen to me different this time? Tell me!

        • Anbu says:

          Oh u mean chumps like u right. CHUMP!!!

      • Betty Boop says:

        and don’t foget to say, don’t get educated Duane.

  5. .... says:

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! You all are never happy. Don’t matter if ubp, PLP, or oba you always going to complain and grumble about what doing or not doing. That’s life get over it and worry about yourselves and God.

  6. Silence Do Good says:

    Government and any employer should not pay anyone who does not show up for work tomorrow. Anyone who calls in sick is required to produce a doctors note under the circumstances. Furlough days has just been re-instated by the unions excellent.

    • Just for the record, and if you look down the corridors of history, you would find any worthy cause that was worth fighting, folk had to loose more then wages, to gain equality, and Justice.

      My dad always said that all heroes are in the grave, but their spirit lives on, in all who benefited from their pain and struggle, so in short, you gain more in the long run, then the little you loose now.

      unfortunately you just don’t see it, or refuse to understand it, my people did not get to were they are by being jack donkey’s, but because they were stubborn mules that knew that power of kicking back, and when a Mule kick’s you in your ox, that is one kick you will never forget.

      O.B.A, you know what it stands for now, OX’S. B & A both end with the letter S, Figure it out, and I am being extra kind.

  7. Wow says:

    Mantra- I am Bermudian and I DO NOT support the People’s Campaign.

    • The Ridiculist says:

      Yeah cause your palms are probably being greased. Let us know how you benefitting. Immigration or

    • frank says:

      The people’s. Campaign. Does. Not. Speak. For. Me I belong. To. The biu. And. The. President. Chris. Furbert. Needs to decide if he. Works. For the biu or. The people’s. Campaign.
      The reverend. Me tweed thinks and. Talks like. He. Has. Been. To. The. Mountain. Top
      He needs. To do what the. Church brought him. Here. For

    • Coffee says:

      But many , many more do !

      • really???? says:

        are you sure? I as a Bermudian do not support the people’s campaign. and I support Pathways to Status.

        I am BLACK
        I an BERMUDIAN

        I believe there are a lot more like me.
        but we don’t need to go and protest. I may not agree with everything the government but when I sit back and take my emotion out of the equation and way the pros and cons I can see where they are coming from and what they are trying to achieve in the long run.

        All I see from PLU/BIU/PC is a bunch of people when the had the opportunity to make the hard decisions didn’t want to out of fear of the backlash but want to make sure their name is all over the recovery plan.

        All I see is a bunch of GLORY HOGS. and that is not gonna get us back on track.

        sorry OBA right now is the better of two evils. at least they have a plan and the fortitude to see it through.

      • really???? says:

        but are you sure. I am black
        and I am Bermudian and the PC does not speak for me.

    • Who cares? says:

      It has nothing to do with People. This is a PLP (labour) inspired campaign supported by their religious cronies and blowhards.

  8. Revolution says:


    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world

    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out

    Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright, alright

    You say you got a real solution
    Well, you know
    We’d all love to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well, you know
    We’re all doing what we can

    But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell you is brother you have to wait

    Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright, alright, al…

    You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well, you know
    You’d better free your mind instead

    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow

    Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright, alright

    Alright, alright
    Alright, alright
    Alright, alright
    Alright, alright

  9. UAD - United Against Radicals says:

    The old die hard haters are prepared to ruin Bermuda.
    It is time to stand up to these tactics.
    You won’t destroy Bermuda again.

    • The Ridiculist says:

      No the immigration policy that is flawed as F** is going to RUIN Bermuda. Get Bermudians who are looking for work back to work FIRST!!! Not open the floodgates to displace those already unemployed!!

      • Cmkbda says:

        What floodgates? The people who would receive status or PRC status are ALREADY HERE AND WORKING!!!! They already have jobs. They aren’t gonna take anyone’s job from them. Stop spouting forth the same out BS.

  10. jrsmith says:

    united we stand divided we fall….

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      You mean United we stand against idiots that want to bring down a Govt. that was DEMOCRATICALLY VOTED IN!!!!!!!!!

  11. jrsmith says:

    Real Bermudians Stand Up

    • This bie says:

      So wild hogs and cahows? What constitutes being a real Bermudian?Do tell…

      • suspicious says:

        I could think of a few things that constitutes a real BERMUDIAN! AND THAT YOU ARE NOT!!! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A BERMUDIAN IF THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONE?Do tell…

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Did you know that the very 1st baby to be born in bermuda had foreign parents…so unless you are carrying his bloodline…guess what?

          • Legalgal says:

            And the first baby wouldn’t have been granted status under the present laws…..

  12. The Ridiculist says:

    The Bermudians that don’t agree with this is probably got foreign laid up beside them who will benefit directly from the change in legislation or are currently riding high with the elite employer sector. Yo Just wait and see. I voted OBA, but NEVER again. My ma always said. Riding high in April, Shut the **** down in May!! And she was a wise old LADY…

  13. mmm says:

    This country needs a lot of prayer, and leaders with principle and foresigh t.When I was in school many years ago, for many of my classes I was told the passing mark was 50. So I was pleased to hit 56 and 65, if you set a person,s mind in a certain direction, that is where they will go. In anothe r school, I was told anything below 70 was a failure, I was shocked and in trouble, I never stayed back a year. Some Bermudians went to college and ma ny went into the construction and hospitality industries. The leaders of th is country kept note of economic activity and the labour pool needed to mee t the various services of a diverse population of 60,000. Part of that labo our pool included guest workers. I don,t think the shift from construction and hotel to international busi ness was sudden, after all we had a healthy economy during the 70,s,80,s and a bit of a slow down in the 90,s. Construction was quite strong with the Ace,Excel,the Court-house,Cedarbridge,Berkely,but while these were going on, tourism was on the decline, guest-houses up and down the south shore were closing down. Quite a number of guest workers had their work permits renewed, and it just kept happening. Folks sunk their roots into this country and they got deeper and deeper as the years went by, so ther e is an expectation, and with any expectation comes reward. And it is whe re we are now, who stays and who goes. We have thousands of children, are their minds being prepared for international business. International busi ness cannot wait for the children who are now in primary school or in high school. Businesses are highly competitive, and to stay in top flight you need to have strong minds, strong skill sets and the ability to inter act and communicate with the people requiring services and products. Those who have led this country over the years, would have said, after lo oking at the hotel and construction activity between 1980 and 1990 that we need to place a bit more emphasis on a more diversified economy. Did the leaders spell that out, year after year during the 90,s, I don,t know . It seems that work permits were renewed casually in some cases, and in some categories the employer had to stress certain people are key to the performance of the business.

  14. Bermudians HUH?? says:

    I am a Bermudian. It sickens me to see the crap that continues. We need to wake up Bermudians!! I understand how people feel but you must also remember this continuos striking IMPACTS YOUR FELLOW BERMUDIANS TOO. And you wonder why they want services to be private.

  15. Family Man says:

    I’m really tired of paying taxes so these moochers can lounge around at the side of the road all day. I drive by that “works” and engineering wall next to the new Price Right every day. Lucky to see any of them doing anything. Post office? Good thing nothing urgent ever comes by post. Trash collection? Service is erratic.

    Cut the size of government. Privatise the “services” and use the savings to reduce the debt burden my children will have to endure.

  16. Bermudians HUH?? says:

    And I am a BERMUDIAN and DO NOT support this strike in the least. Be real Bda there is complaining no matter which party is in power. So let’s STOP just blaming the OBA. I am sick of this. OBA stand firm and you ALSO DO NOT BACK DOWN. To much of people putting their hands up for utter disrespect from people who THINK they are speaking for ALL BERMUDIANS because you ARE NOT SPEAKING for me a Bermudian of colour.

  17. Kevin says:


    Write the First Written Warning

  18. Very sad situation says:

    Politicizing a human rights issue. How simple we must look to the world

    Didn’t Gvt say that they would talk through issues prior to the pathway legislation becoming active.

    You just can’t make some people happy.

    Have a good day off.

    As a BERMUDIAN. I am going to work today and doing my part to build up this country not tear it down.

  19. don’t work…don’t get paid

    plenty of people will

    soon as you vacate a wage and income others will take your jobs!…

  20. Going work. says:

    Thank you Bernews for the updates. I do not agree with this and will be in class

  21. BermudiansMatter says:

    Still waiting for the 2000+,jobs the oba promised people

    • ... says:

      Have you perhaps checked the Bermuda Jobs Board? There are at least 50+ jobs available with some having two openings. Have you gone around and asked if anyone is hiring? All talk but no action. Stop waiting around and go LOOK!

    • jaybird says:

      Maybe there will be be 2000 public sector jobs open after today – make sure you have your CV up to date!

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Jobs are out there, you just aren’t intelligent or ambitious enough to get them.

      • Char says:

        Not true at all. Gained a Bachelors degree, very hardworking and motivated person. I got told I don’t have enough experience or I’m over qualified for the post. I had to volunteer and I have applied for countless positions over the last year. worked 2jobs to get through college and university. Yet they import people continuously overlooking those who are trying. I’ve had internships every year while in school and that’s still not good enough.

        • Observation says:

          Char, I have a lot of empathy for you. But how are you presenting yourself to employers? Maybe explore if you can get some advice about your approach. Qualifications can be impeccable but a lot of employers are looking beyond the credentials to presence…and they even look at Facebook posts. Don’t give up or get angry.

    • Rada Gast says:

      You’re also still waiting for all the stuff that the previous PLP government promised too.

  22. BermudiansMatter says:

    Bermudians go off to college and come back to no jobs… Then you wonder why all these acts of crime are happening more often… What you gonna do starve inna..i don’t think so.. It cost to live i talked to a Indian national and he said the hardest thing is getting the job the easiest thing is getting the work permit #ThatisSad our future generations will be in competition for jobs with these foreigners… You don’t see us going to their country for work why cause it ain’t no good money there they don’t spend it here either they send it back every chance they get how does that help the economy here #Truthhurts

    • hmmm says:

      You have to apply for jobs…lots on the jobs board

    • wake up Bermuda says:

      that’s not true..

      where are your stats. our records don’t show this lie. i am work and had to check the records myself in disbelief that you would say this.

    • Let there be hope says:

      When I was looking to hire electricians the hardest thing was getting Bermudians. One time I had 2 young men come in looking for jobs they were not qualified, so I told them they would have to do the apprenticeship course at the Collage and we will pay for it. You know what they said “vat we got to go to school” And they got up and walked out. I know of a couple of local companies who will not hire Bermudians, because they have had so many bad experiences with Bermudians.

      The more people leave the less jobs there will be for Bermudians.

    • Resilient says:

      I am one of those people… Worked my butt off in school, graduated with honors and am unable to find work within my field, in my own country…
      I began taking a Master’s course and stopped because of the trouble I am having securing work in a field that I am passionate about. Who says once I get a Master’s Degree that I will be able to find work??? This is utterly ridiculous and discouraging!!!
      I have even considered moving to the UK, and only haven’t because I am passionate about my country and our youth and want to assist in implementing some positive change within the ones that need it

      • Jack de ripper says:

        Well that’s unfortunate but there will not be a job in your field just because you get a degree in it and that’s all over the world….Sometimes you need to know where the most likelihood is and point towards that. Sometimes you have to start outside your field to get a foot in the door then move through the company. There is too much competition these days, a degree has become like Gce years ago.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Well…I hate to say it but…I guess you didn’t pick a lucrative field to master…But instead of being discouraged and quit…use your masters and start your own…The climb to the top is not easy though…stay fit stay focused.

      • Sunfish says:

        all those years studying for work thats not available, not so smart is it!

    • Who cares? says:

      I went to college and came back to a job so you are a liar.

    • When it rains it pours says:

      It’s actually pretty pathetic that you believe that the people committing crimes are ones that have bachelors and masters degrees that been “robbed” of opportunity and feel they have to commit crimes because they are “starving”. The people committing crimes are not doing it because they are starving. They are doing it to buy drugs, cellphones, the latest gear, alcohol, etc. Please don’t create excuses for those low-lives. Furthermore, a lot of these people going away and getting their degrees are not going to school for things that are needed in Bermuda. I work in an establishment where positions are always open and we are searching all over the world to try and find people to fill these positions. Bermudians need to do their research. The medical field is full of foreigners because bermudians are not filling these positions and that’s just one sector.

  23. standing firm says:

    Dunkley said The Government welcomes and encourages people to express themselves – it’s the essence of how we govern ourselves — but not at the behest of a vague organization.

    The OBA has been an extremely vague government all this time sheesh bie

  24. QueenLeLe says:

    I like this because I have no school

    • Come Correct says:

      You won’t like it when you have no education.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      I don’t blame you girl…I wouldn’t go back if I was you…just as long as you know how to grow your own food, and sow your own clothes…erry ting kriss!

  25. Kathy says:

    At the end of the day, I blame the OBA. I am a white Bermudian who is very sad to see that the current government did non involve all Bermudians in this discussion and decision for Pathways. Immigration has and always will be a VERY sensitive issue to all Bermudians. It should always be a bi-partisan decision whether the OBA or the PLP is in power! I blamed the PLP for opening up PRC back in the day and today I blame the OBA for opening up Pathways. We have to involve everyone in these decisions, not just “announce” that they are planning on dishing out status left and right.

    Even though I am an OBA supporter, this might spell the death of them, so close to a future election. VERY dumb move!

    • Izzypop says:

      Umm they tried to talk to the people at the Cathedral remember what that turned out like. Look how people behaved today. Would u want to talk to people that hv already made up their mind before actually reading the document.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Ok…so you don’t get it either…

  26. walking to work says:

    Let me first say I don’t support party politics, I support right from wrong. This is an act of selfishness half of the people striking are only striking cause there ace boys doing it. Doesn’t anyone understand we have NO money the economy is shrinking. This looks really good on Bermuda for the Americas cup, the people that are suppose to build hotel in St,Georges. etc This is the govt talking about the PLP that people want to run OUR island.
    Start privatizing amazing we get children that don’t get there way can shut down OUR island.

  27. Former Union Member says:

    I am disgusted. Once again the ‘few’ try to dictate to the majority of hard working Bermudians.

  28. LostinFlatts says:

    The PLP and the Peoples Campaign don’t have to stand for anything but vague platitudes. Bermuda for real Bermudians. Doesn’t mean a thing. It’s easy, so easy to manipulate with sound bytes and unsubstantiated promises.

    The PLP had 14 years to illustrate how it could govern. It did so by borrowing irresponsibly and ensuring a tiny subset of people became very wealthy. It left Bermuda with repayments that will utterly cripple us, and prevent the OBA from spending to stimulate the economy as it needs.

    But how do you explain that to the people yelling for yelling’s sake? You can’t. But you can get them to keep yelling.

    The Peoples Campaign is the Bermudian equivalent of the Tea Party and Trump politics. Indignation without explanation. Us against those that don’t look like us. Give us our country back.

    It’s the age of uninformed rage. The OBA and sensible Bermudians need to come up with a way to have a discussion. Because that’s the last the PLP and People’s Campaign want. Because neither have anything meaningful to say.

    • Keith says:

      “The Peoples Campaign is the Bermudian equivalent of the Tea Party and Trump politics.”

      By and large, the Tea Partiers went to town halls and did not shout down politicians but asked questions, they tidied up after their rallies, and they didn’t block public thoroughfares. They didn’t encourage potentially dangerous strikes by public employees.

      Personally didn’t see eye-to-eye with their general political leanings or standard bearers, but they made their point with a distinct lack of logistical and political inconvenience to other Americans.

      The “our way or the highway, and then not even the highway” attitude of today’s rally-leaders here is a lesson in contrasts.

  29. Hmnmm says:

    I have an idea!
    Let anyone in support of what the BIU/PLP/PC are proposing, carry a card to say as much. Then when they go to any business in Bermuda requesting help for something, show that card. If the person that is going to help them with that problem is an Expat or PRC seeking status, then don’t help them.


    • "Guest" says:

      Agreed. Cause and effect. The money I had to spend on a taxi this morning as the buses weren’t running will be recouped by not tipping the bag packers.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        REALLY! You are going to take your frustration out on children and the disabled who have nothing to do with what you are frustrated about. Maybe your lazy a$$ should pack your own groceries like it’s done in other countries. No need for our future generation and the disabled to wait on you if you are going to take your frustration out on them.

        • Starting Point says:

          so you solution to them not tipping the bag packers is to eliminate the bag packers completely lol. You contradicted yourself badly on that post. But I get your intent, leave the children out of these issues. Same goes for the sycophants marching today as puppets.

        • Duh says:

          Haha what? I bet you’re up on the hill aren’t you?

        • Keith says:

          “REALLY! You are going to take your frustration out on children and the disabled who have nothing to do with what you are frustrated about.”

          Who is making kids miss school again?

    • Sabrina says:

      I suggested something similar a fews days ago. It is RADICAL. ALL foreign workers that currently contribute to any charities, etc should STOP for a period of 6 months. Yes this is harsh. But it will be a wake up call. It will show how much these people do actually contribute. And, as I also mentioned, these charities should then solicit Mr Brown, Mr Furbert and Rev Tweed to make up the shortfall.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        HA! Best one of the day. Coffee all over keyboard.

  30. King Jammys says:

    If Tweed acted up like this under ” De Doctah’s” watch he would have been sent out of here on the first thing smoking.

  31. Chum Line says:

    Let’s not forget the origin of this immigration reform legislation originates as an edict from the EU/Uk

  32. Rock watcher says:

    Iam Bermudian and will be going to work…….I will not be dictated to by PERMIT holder Rev Tweed…….this group does not speak for ALL Bermudians……

    • lalalalala says:

      This group doesn’t even speak for all union members.. (was speaking to a union member last night who was going to his second job today as the union had given him a day off)

  33. biggadon says:

    where were all these people who are now complaining when the opposition was asking for a Bipartisan go at reform…. where were your complaints against the Govt trying to ram legislation down the throats of the people of the country Black, White, local Expat etc.

  34. LOCAL RAT says:

    Just look at the BIU photo big party day off planned with inciteful speeches from a host that include a senior church person that aint Bermudian You lot can all go **** to windward can’t stand this stupid antagonistic crap FYA

    • Onion Juice says:

      Dr. E.F. Gordon was not a Bermudian either, but he fought for the rights of Bermudians, then on the flip sip you have Bermudians that help endorse anti- Bermudian policies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Starting Point says:

        So you feel Dr. E.F, Grodon should have gone back where he came from then? seems to be your stance on every other guest worker in this island….or is there something different about how the xpats you don’t like look?

      • Sunfish says:

        um that`s makes you a hypocrite ,,par for the course though ain`t it! So so similar to Tweed , Furbert,Bean. Bunch of noise boxes. Call in the loan the BIU owe, continue the investigation. Oh and how is the power struggle going in your PLP??

  35. nomoremeoney says:

    we have obviously forgotten how things were just 3 short years ago. no jobs, no construction, houses being lost, and very little future for many. No we have a positive economic situation, and we do this.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Makes no sense at all. Where were thes people the day economics was taught in class?

  36. archy says:

    So let’s get this straight: the majority of those on industrial action today are those whose jobs are being subsidized by the taxpayer/private sector.
    The private sector has lost in the region of 3,500 jobs, the public sector has had zero redundancies.
    Of course, the real irony here is that it is the PRCs and long-term residents who are paying the taxes to ensure that those on strike today keep their jobs.

  37. Torian says:

    Any reason to take a day off. So damn disgusting! Walking into work today!

  38. Stranded says:

    I’m a teacher who takes a bus to work and I find this out this morning. Not impressed.

    • Rada Gast says:

      Agreed. The timing of the call for strike action, oops I mean withdrawal of labor, was done far too late in the day yesterday. Not that the People’s Mob, I mean, People’s Campaign care about how much they inconvenience anyone who does not support their mob-driven goals. I mean, goals of justice for ‘all’.

  39. Enough says:

    Any excuse for a day off.

    Furbert and Tweed need to reprimanded as there are surely laws being broken with this.

    To all those workers who have decided to stay home today or go to a ‘protest’ – read up about what it is you are protesting for and have someone explain it to you. Clueless lot.

  40. CONNIE says:

    have a great day off hope you all get fires and have to leave island and go work in other country and face the same s*** as the saying “karma is a bitch”

  41. Simple minded folks abound says:

    Fire the sorry lot taking their silly little day off and hire expats to do their jobs!!!! .. You folks want to take a day off and shut down the island – bring in foreigners who care about citizens and not their little insignificant issues… WELCOME TO BERMUDA STATUS and thank the natives for your employment!!! GO GO Pathway to Status!!!!

  42. Richard t says:

    I’m going to work I serve students not unelected pressure groups. Start the hashtag my fellow teachers #teachersservestudentsnotpressuregroups

  43. Demarkshan says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Get back to work.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Careful now. A very nice lady was fired for expressing those sentiments.

  44. Just Saying says:

    The OBA needs to use this opportunity to set its boundaries and send a clear message to BOTH the organisers and the protesters of this work stoppage that there are consequences to their actions. Unless they do so there will be other events just like this.

    The laws are there for a reason….. Use them.

  45. WOW says:

    The unemployment rate is about to get higher. Employers- watch the news, look at the photos. Anyone who called in sick and is at the protest should be fired. I think Gov’t workers forget who they work for-THE PEOPLE and in case its escaped they’re attention most of us DO NOT support this strike.

  46. SMH says:

    Any excuse not to work. They should all be fired! Ignorance is truley blis . Smh

  47. SANDGROWNAN says:

    Don’t pay them, issue formal warning letters. For those who called in sick and can’t provide a doctor’s note, formal warning too.

  48. Will says:

    The oba should not have to issue an apology to disruptions. ..Chris furbert should have to apologise. Secondly I pay for a month bus pass and couldn’t use it today can I get furbs to pay me back what I can’t use!?

  49. Ben says:

    Quite an astonishing display of island-wide defiance caused by people who the OBA-sanctioned trolls were openly dismissing as “one or two handfuls” at the March 4 demonstration. Now that the numbers are more visible than ever, the same trolls have switched tactics, and they’re being dismissed as ignorant idiots.

    If the individuals populating the Comments sections of these articles are indeed Bermudian, I’m ashamed to be one.

    • Double S says:

      I was ashamed to be one after hearing the vitriol on the radio talk shows and when elected MPs threaten people and call them disease carrying cockroaches.

      I bet you were proud of that tho inna?

    • Torian says:

      You mean the mass of people taking the day off work to attend a funeral for the island?

    • Bud says:

      But they are ignorant idiots, Ben.

    • Troll says:

      Hey Ben, You are correct this “Troll” has had to change today.

      Now I am driving the poor helpless people stranded without transportation to help them out because of the actions from the REAL trolls. Someone has to show the visitors and all others who Bermudians really are while all your brethern are down parliament acting like spoiled children not getting their way today!

  50. Philo says:

    I am an expat, resident in Bermuda for 19 years. Don’t worry, I know when I’m not welcome. When I retire I will take the millions I have made and go somewhere else to spend and invest that money. You can keep your debt and watch as your pension fund runs dry. Maybe, after you devalue your currency by 50%, I’ll come back to visit.

    • So Tired says:

      That was your intent from the start!!! Who you kidding??

      • Philo says:

        No, actually. I’ve been told from the beginning that under no circumstances would I be allowed to obtain residency or citizenship, no matter how long I stayed. I agreed to those terms and conditions. Fair enough, it is your country and you can set the rules.

        However, I am very fond of Bermuda (I would not have stayed this long, otherwise), and if given the opportunity to have permanent residency I would love to retire here, but not in the face of such resentment.

        Out of curiosity, what parts of the proposed legislation do you disagree with, and do you think there are changes which would make it viable in your eyes?

        • Family Man says:

          I’m Bermudian and I will likely be joining you overseas in retirement. The atmosphere here is poisonous and without new investment of people and capital I see little future for my kids.

          My savings and my charitable contributions will be spent where I make my home and I’ll make my home where everyone is welcome.

          • suspicious says:

            LOL you sound like an idiot!! Please tell me where you are really welcomed as a FOREIGNER??? What you are describing is a third world country, they will welcome you and your money with outstretched arms and open hands and if you don’t give, your stay will become very uncomfortable! Oh don’t forget to bar up your windows!!!Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!

            • Family Man says:

              Italy is hardly third world.

              • suspicious says:

                lol yes but they don’t accept people that look like me so if you are of dark skin then you are in for a rude awakening! Spent 5 yrs in Milan,Bari and Rimini.Have you?Hope you don’t have young kids because they will feel it the most!

                • Triangle Drifter says:

                  You have not been let out of the local sand box much have you?

                  There are many places much more welcoming, & cheaper, than Bermuda to retire in.

                • Family Man says:

                  I think they happily accept people who LOOK like you, they just don’t want people who ACT like you.

            • Full Fuulish says:


            • dual says:

              Great Britain and the entire EU with your Bermudian citizenship, actually!

              • suspicious says:

                That’s even funnier than the previous comment!

        • stunned... says:

          you really expect an articulate and intelligent reply?

        • suspicious says:

          Philo, I respect your comment now that you explained your reasons.Those threats were not called for! Now let me tell you my stance! Government of Bermuda were elected to serve the people not just shove something down our throats and told to eat it! This is what this government is doing!! I don’t think that most of these people are against foreigners,or prc holders that have been a part of our community for ages, its the way in which government is handling this issue.Voting Bermudians should have a say and if majority agree GET THE BALL ROLLING and if they don’t then its obvious its a major concern for Bermudians.

          • Bluwater says:

            You’re just a bunch of sore losers. The government was elected by the people who YOU obviously have no respect for.

        • So Tired says:

          Who said I disagree?

    • Paul Revere says:

      Anyone who truly believes that you are an expat is drunk on Red Kool-Aid.
      Your so called millions would already be neatly tucked away in an IRA or other foreign banking institution.
      So please STOP with your rhetoric.
      You are nothing more than a wannabe trying to stir the pot and get your 5 minutes of fame.
      This is so much bigger than a few expats getting status.
      And I will gladly visit your US, once your beloved Donald Trump is elected and all the racist pro whites are in full force.

    • BermudiansMatter says:

      Lol byeeeeeee don’t need u here

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Urr, umm, yea, we actually DO need him and his money here. I completely understand why he would leave. I would too.

    • suspicious says:

      BYE!!! That is what we don’t need!! Your entitlement and your money made off the sweat of BORN BERMUDIANS!! BE VERY CAREFUL BUDDY SOMETIMES COMMENTS LIKE THAT COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU!! GOD BLESS

    • Whatever! says:

      Don’t forget to shut the door on your way out…BYE!

  51. RibBeth says:

    It is unfortunate and sad that so many Bermudians have “Historical Amnesia”. Keep up the fight Bermudians, make your ancestors proud. Keep fighting for the rights of Bermudians.

    • Smiddy says:

      but Bermudians’ rights aren’t being taken away…..

      • RibBeth says:

        Not yet, but if this Oppressive Government continues to be in power, lots of rights will be taken away. Education is a prime example, they are already taking away the right for our children to have the best public education possible. Open your eyes. You can’t be that blind.

        • Smiddy says:

          Yes. Education is being disrupted with calls to “let your conscience be your guide” to join the protests that have no direct bearing on education, instead of giving full attention to students who are in school attempting to get an education today

        • Tired of it all says:

          You don’t know the meaning of oppressive or oppression.

          If this were an oppressive Government you think today’s actions or any other industrial actions or protests would have been permitted?

          Get over yourself.

    • wondering says:

      yes this is true…..some have an illusion that they are the immediate offspring of immigrants

  52. Allan says:

    Lets hope the laws in place are acted on today, get it over with. In my opinion the finance Minister should review all Civil Servants and anything else the Govt pays out to, and where needed do the surgery required for the good health of the Country.

  53. Charlie says:

    Gonna be a long, hot summer with this level of nonsense kicking off so early in the year.

  54. Gina says:

    Being inconvenienced today for a brighter future for tomorrow and the protection of our investment which is our children. Walking is good for the heart, so get to steppin….

    • Zevon says:

      If you think this is good for your children, you’re an 1diot.

  55. really???? says:

    ok so once again you have hundreds marching but a population of thousands. But you are going to say by the numbers this was success yadda yadda yadda. and you speak for the island, when majority of persons went to work and do not support you.

    • Resilient says:

      This is not 100% true as I work for a private firm. I am in full support of The People’s Campaign!!!

  56. Lois Frederick says:

    We took 4 people to work that we saw waiting for a bus. Maybe get rid of the buses and we can all just car pool.

  57. BermudiansMatter says:

    I guess this truly is a oba forum… People do not care about the Bermudian generations to come that’s selfish

    • smh says:

      Actually we do care, we care A LOT, we want a financially healthy Bermuda. You just don’t want to listen, nor do you understand how our economy otherwise you’d be worrying about your job right now

    • Torian says:

      Lazy Bermudians don’t matter. Bermudians that put full effort in already have a job.

  58. really???? says:

    Stand FIRM OBA. right beat might

  59. wondering says:

    it is a crying shame that the APPARENT MAJORITY’s best offence is withdrawal of labour??

    did you all vote the last time round this current mob got voted in?

  60. Roy says:

    Shut don de errport, close de air trafic control, close de causeway, walk out of de gas stations, close Belco and the lectricity, show dese OBA fools that Bermudins mean business. Don’t close KFC or Ice Quenn though, keep dem open.

  61. Citmin says:

    Torian you have written “Lazy Bermudians don’t matter. Bermudians that put full effort in already have a job.” I am hoping you just made an emotional statement and don’t mean that from your heart. I know many Bermudians black and white that are out of work and are not lazy. What a disgusting conclusion!

    • Torian says:

      That’s fair, my comment was definitely reactionary, just like this whole situation. I will say though that my last four roles in the workplace are things I didn’t go to school for. I had to literally get out of my comfort zone and expertise to learn a new role that I had zero experience or training in. The only job I have ever been fired from was Marketplace due to my own laziness many years ago.

      Plain and simple fact is that certain roles are indeed over-saturated so it is up to the person to take a risk in new waters until a role does open up. Stop waiting around expecting or demanding that that role should be mine because I’m Bermudian and hit the pavement putting some legwork out there!

      There is zero reason to be jobless on this island, it just takes a certain mindset to successfully get a job these days. It all comes down to presentation, how articulate one is, drive, brutal honesty and a willingness to explore new avenues.

  62. Dave says:

    I had work for 6 Bermudians on a container that won’t be delivered by Bermudians standing to help all Bermudians

  63. Berm-raised says:

    cant tell which is the bigger joke, these pointless strikes or donald trump

  64. LOL says:

    “Premier asked by PLP MP if he will denounce comments online that are anti-Bermudian…and he said yes he supports that 100% and denounces them.”

    I have a feeling the Premier didn’t realize what he was actually being asked was to denounce comments online that don’t agree with the position of the opposition.

    • What about OL Bean's comments.... says:

      when he called paper Bermudians second class citizens!!!

      I sure hope the Honoourable Premier asked the Honourable Leader of the Opopsition to denounce his anti-Bermudian comments in that regard or does the same rules not apply in this case for some twisted reason of logic??

      I cannot believe the Honourable Leader of the Opposition had the audacity to say that

      We have fallen down through the rabbit hole folks.

  65. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    I think about the image this sends to the world and it saddens me deeply.

    People could have done this over education.

    They could have marched like this against the ever growing crime on the island.

    But no… they march because of a failure to understand economics.
    They march even though their leaders blatantly lied to the Government and the proof is out there for all to see.
    They march and show friends, coworkers, and neighbours that they don’t care about them.
    They march and protest a government that has been working hard to make Bermuda a better place instead of just taking for themselves.
    They march and show a disrespect of their country and their employers, the rest of Bermudians and the tourists.

    I am not ashamed to be a Bermudian because of their actions, because I believe the image they send is not the true face of Bermudians.

    • Bud says:

      Why should PRC holders get a vote?

      • Rhonnda Oliver says:

        This has nothing to do with votes. Nothing.

        If you believe as the PLP says that so many have turned away from the OBA, and so many who didn’t vote last time out of disgust at the PLP will vote for them this time, then why the fear of these people voting? 800, even if they magically all vote for the OBA, living in different constituencies, will not change an election outcome.

        If it is about the vote, then not ever the PLP spokespeople believe what they’re saying about Bermudians support of their party.

        This is about giving people who have lived decades … decades … here, working, paying taxes, raising their children, spending their money … with the full approval of government … not just OBA but PLP as well … deserve to have security in the country they call home.

        • CCT says:

          They don’t want to listen to the truth you speak, sadly!

      • smh says:

        BECAUSE THE OBA HAVE NO CHOICE IN LIGHT OF THE RECENT SUPREME COURT RULING THAT SAID IT WAS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS NOT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Simple minded folks abound says:

        If they live here… pay taxes here, volunteer here, spend their money here … WHY SHOULD THEY NOT? and heres to PRAYING they vote OBA!!!!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        because they should, they have earned it. Those eligible for status will have been living and contributing here longer than most 1st time, even 2nd time voters. Should they not also be given the right to have their opinions heard in their own home too?

    • 4th gen says:

      They disgrace us all

  66. Demarkshan says:

    What the (bleep) does the unions have to do with the pathways to status?!?!?!? Clearly, all of these lot are simply different wings of the PLP. STOP STEALING MY COUNTRY. You don’t speak for me or anyone I know and it is time you stop your childish antics. This disgusts me. The silent majority is getting slowly angrier against the lot in charge at the PLP, including their ‘bretheran’ at the unions.

  67. Torian says:

    The audio below is from today’s session in the House, with Opposition Leader Marc Bean asking the Premier whether if “in light of this strike action” if the Govt’s “current position on Pathways to Status is unchanged” …the Premier replied, said their “current position remains the same”

    That’s what I like to hear, don’t let these bullies sway the future of this island!

  68. stunned... says:

    i’d like to paraphrase a song: …when we all get get together, what a day of rejoicing that will be. when we all see “POVERTY”, we will sing and shout the Victory.

    Dedicated to all the people who are trying to bring this country down to its knees, undo the small gains we have made and shove us into 3rd world status.

  69. BermudiansMatter says:

    Bermudians first…All You Oba supporters got money already that’s why it don’t affect yall…middle class and lower class does one day it will be no more middle class… Time to turn this island up and be heard

    • Torian says:

      Both parties are idiots. And I’m in an entry level role so I fall under the middle-class section, doesn’t mean I don’t understand how freaking stupid this whole reactionary situation is. Keep on stroking PLP’s ego bro.

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      Do you understand that the class divide you’re complaining out here in Bermuda is happening worldwide? It’s not just here.

      The rich get richer and the rest of us work our behinds off to stay afloat.

      Nothing you do here and now is going to change that for the better, but it will for the worse.

    • lalalalala says:

      See how many of the PLP supporters drive away in their SUV and BMW…the tell me who has money!!

  70. Concerned Taxi Owner/Driver says:

    The whole 2000 saying they are standing for Bermudians… not for me! They just want the day off!

    • lalalalala says:

      2000?… I counted barely 700 (unless the rest were asleep in the tents?

      • suspicious says:

        700 more than those out showing support for government!!! Where are you?? another coward!!

        • Keith says:

          “Where are you??”

          At work…

          • Simple minded folks abound says:

            Like a responsible citizen … not out acting like animals over nothing!

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          That would be the thousands who went to work, that’s how we showed our support for the government and our fellow Bermudians. The multitude more that support the Pathways than those who don’t, we are the silent majority and even the PLP knows we are the majority, after all, they had a poll done during their admin to confirm it.

    • suspicious says:

      Yeah SO where are the people in support of governments decision? ALL TALK NO ACTION….JUST LIKE YOUR GOVERNMENT!!! Show your commitment to your government,come out in support,show your face!! A bunch of cowards you all are! about 30 people on here with multiple comments, you are not relevant! There are way more against governments decision then what you see in those pictures above!! Even with your 2000 signatures(children included) its still not enough!!

      • CCT says:

        I think they are showing support for the government by doing what they should do – going to work, at a job they are being paid to do!! They are being reasonable, unlike these small crowds of noisemakers! Interesting that the foreign workers that these people are so adamantly opposed to are actually working today (if they are able to), contributing to the economy of Bermuda!! Imagine that!

      • Karma says:

        We’re all at work, earning a living.

      • Bullseye says:

        You have another year and a half to wait for the next election. It is unfortunate that you didnt like the result of the last one but you do not get to whine your way into another one before it is time. Name-call all you want. Scream and rant all you want but your fears are fictitious and your paranoia is built on propaganda.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Why so you could put them on some list for future punishment.

  71. acegirll says:

    Two words. Illegal strike.

  72. Starting Point says:

    To be honest the turn out is not what I expected – poor.

    I would like acknowledge those teachers who went to work today to support our youth. I am happy to take my trash to the dump and I am happy to pick up people at the bus stop.

    The group out there represent the real opportunity that privatization has for Bermudians and hard working Bermudians looking for work.

  73. ignorance says:

    Half of these so called bermudians that are at this are just…. Ask one of they why they really don’t want the government do this. Their answer will be irrelevant. Get back to work before you start complaining you’ve lost your job or haven’t gotten paid.

  74. Tank Rain says:

    When they leave the island, let me know how good you feel then and how you saved us all.

    I am sure all exempt companies will stay put and simply fill their CEO, COO, tech, finance and senior management positions with the protesters/strikers of today. Civil service will reduce naturally and Bermudians will fill the rolls of highly skilled and experienced ex-pats.

    2 birds, one stone…brilliant guy!

    This is sad, luckily a strong government will not be deterred by this type on nonesense

  75. suspicious says:

    How many of these prc holders have been on the front line with BORN BERMUDIANS in support of better wages,benefits etc? HOW MANY HAVE BENEFITED!?!?! I Gaurantee you that most of those WORTHLESS PROTESTORS are the reason why you foreigners are able to afford the luxuries that come with working in BERMUDA. I don’t care who you are, from top executives to the bottom of the ladder, the truth is you wouldn’t make the salaries you make if working elsewhere!I only wish I could work and live in Bermuda and be able to take care of my family in another country! Unbelievable! Take a look above at all those BAD,BAD DISGUSTING PATHETIC BUNCH,protesting for what they believe in as BORN BERMUDIANS!!! SHAME ON THEM!!!

    • I got to much brains says:

      Please come back and talk to us when you understand how the world works .

  76. Rebecca Richards says:

    My husband and I love Bermuda but we are now leaving 2 days early back home. We could have stayed the whole time and spent money on the island but now we have no transportation, im not investing hundreds of dollars in taxi fare….good luck on whatever you all are doing. This is second trip we have made where ferrys and buses are all suspended. I do hope you all will fix things so the visitors can enjoy the island and invest in your economy. We will be back in December

    • stunned... says:

      My apologies for events beyond the control of rational thinking Bermudians. My hope is that you will return and by then rational heads will have prevailed.

      Post a note on your arrival in December so that you can borrow my bike (50 cc) if necessary.

      Please keep Bermuda in your prayers.

    • Another Pawn says:

      Visitor my *$$ lol what visitor goes on vacation and logs on a blog site to read about drama and negativity on vacation. Another fake keyboard Troll.

      • High Road says:

        You may be right however Ill bet anything that the scenario actually happened somewhere here today.

    • angry says:

      *cough* fake *cough cough*

    • I heart 441 says:

      Our Bermudian friendliness will be waiting for you on your return in December. I’m sure in your country you have unions that do their best to protect yourself and your fellow co-workers, so please understand this is a minor mishap we will overcome together.

    • Tyion isaac says:

      Yeah that’s definitely fake I don’t know why, someone would waste time making a fake comment. I mean that’s your option just say it. Don’t pretend to be to be a tourist. And talk about how you were so hell bent on spending your money here. and somehow you knows all about bernews too, somehow WTF? I mean i think these Strikes are Bullish too! But i’m make up fake stories tho. I using my intellect,to show ppl these strikes are bad for Bermuda. Not making up fake stories.

    • Tyion isaac says:

      Yeah that’s definitely fake I don’t know why, someone would waste time making a fake comment. I mean that’s your option just say it. Don’t pretend to be to be a tourist. And talk about how you were so hell bent on spending your money here. and somehow you knows all about bernews too, somehow WTF? I mean i think these Strikes are Bullish too! But i’m make up fake stories tho. I using my intellect,to show ppl these strikes are bad for Bermuda. Not making up fake stories. How sad, very sad

  77. Keystroke says:

    I just came back from the hospital where I was treated by two Filipinos and a Jamaican.

    One of the Filipinos told me she was late for work as the buses weren’t running.

    I would hope that when a bus driver comes in seeking urgent medical attention, that attention is delayed until the following day.

  78. Bermudian says:

    Can someone please tell me what a REAL Bermudian is???? Even the pigs and birds and friggin rats came here from somewhere else.

    • suspicious says:

      Don’t comment under BERMUDIAN because that you are not?? What is an American? What is an AUSTRALIAN? ETC Go and ask them that question and then tell them they come from somewhere else!! All this coming from someone who wants Bermudian Citizenship also!! IF THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BERMUDIAN, CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY DO PRC HOLDERS AND OTHERS WANT TO BE BERMUDIAN??? I DONT UNDERSTAND!! It amazes me the same people that want to become BERMUDIAN CITIZENS question WHAT A REAL BERMUDIAN IS!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

      • Peter Hunt says:

        “Suspicious”, I take it you do not understand that there is no such thing as Bermuda Citizenship, there is only Bermuda Status which is not the same thing by a long shot. Bet you don’t have Status Papers to PROVE that you are Bermudian. Also just because you are born here does not make you a Bermudian.

        • suspicious says:

          my question again… so why do you want to be Bermudian if there is no such thing as a Bermudian??

      • Bermudian says:

        Actually, I am a Bermudian. 10th generation to be clear. There actually were Native Americans, and Native Australians when the “white people” invaded their lands, but there wasn’t any natives when Bermuda was founded. My point is that ALL Bermudians decent from another countries… And I guess we should all consider ourselves lucky that when our ancestors came over they didn’t act the way as some Bermudians are today, or the majority of us would not be here.

      • Sunfish says:

        @Suspicious, the vomit that you spew makes all of us suspect you are a “Bermudian”woman who can`t find a “Bermudian” man and your Ex-Pat lover just told you where to go! Loser!!!!!!! You talk alot of crap, Loser!!!! Everything you say is BS!

    • angry says:

      ,…..someone born in Bermuda. I mean it anit that hard to figure out. Come on now use your brain.

      • Tired of it all says:

        No it’s not.

        There is no automatic birthright citizenship for people born in Bermuda as there is in the US.

        You should really be knowledgeable such things before making comments.

  79. Char says:

    Lol!! I love it!!

  80. Common Cents says:

    So a handful – the PLP/BIU/PC elite – leading hundreds of their hapless sheep into mutual destruction, actions that will only hurt the average Bermudian in the long term. I guess the PLP/BIU/PC want a smaller tax base, and that is what they will get.

  81. BermudiansMatter says:

    All about votes… So they can stay in power… How is Cannonier still a mp talk about corrupt jet gate scandal and this guy still gets to stay in power everybody can see Dunkley premiership was a planned Deal…

    • Smith says:

      Cannonier is a pawn and puppet. Anytime the oba open up a envelope he’s not far behind. yes yes yes yes yes :)

    • lalalalala says:

      Should we also talk about the missing money under the PLP government…

  82. angry says:

    Man these gov workers are always striking. Bout something, as if there jobs weren’t easy enough. ($4,000 a month minimal) smh. Now they striking for $#!+ that’s got nothing to do with their job. Were the limit?? Next de gonna be striking over something that’s happing overseas. just because. Wat about biu collecting money but never spending it on the people they protecting. Guys never wanna talk bout that tho.

    • Tired of it all says:

      Never want to talk about despite the civil service wages/benefits taking up more than 50% of Government revenue (leaving little for actual programs and infrastructure upgrades) that not one public servant has been made redundant. NOT ONE!

      But yet the ever shrinking private sector is supposed to get slammed with more and more taxes just to support a bloated civil service who down tools whenever they feel like.

    • de fence says:

      A lot of government workers were working today.
      Really the number of people at the protest was pretty small, although loud.
      Unfortunately it doesn’t take many that many disgruntled people to cause a disruption

  83. Disappointed says:

    Sigh. I said I would never comment on a bernews post but this needs to be said.

    I am a young black Bermudian currently overseas studying for my BComm degree. When I first moved away, I felt so homesick. Now…it’s hard to picture myself ever coming back to Bermuda. Living abroad helped me realize just how homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic Bermuda is. While there may be a few people in these protests that have genuine concerns, their opinions are completely ignored and this protest has become an anti-OBA parade. It doesn’t matter who is in power because these decisions need to be made anyway. In order for things to get better change has to be made. You can’t demand better conditions and turn down every viable solution. All that does is sabotage Bermuda’s chances of economic and social success. I believe that the pathway to status bill could be so beneficial for Bermuda but no one cares to even hear the bill out. If it doesn’t give instant gratification and appeal to what ‘real’ Bermudians want (e.g. Anything free), you get situations like this. It has nothing to do with race and class, you just have attention seeking sensationalists making it about for their own personal needs. What is a real bermudian anyway?! A true Bermudian is all about love, acceptance and positivity. A true bermudian comes in ALL shapes, colors, genders, ages and sexual orientation.

    I would love to come back but until people realize that this hateful behaviour hurts more than it helps, I just don’t see it every happening

    • Full Fuulish says:

      True words. Good for you, in enlightening yourself!

    • CCT says:

      I feel really sad, reading this! You sound like someone who could be a really positive influence in Bermuda, but I truly do understand what you are feeling. Even though I am not Bermudian, I truly do love this place and wish that more people there would think like you do. I do hope that you are able to go back and make a great contribution some day! In the meantime, I’m sure you will be a fine citizen wherever you decide to live and work!

    • High Road says:

      Best post ever. Well said. I hope you do come home.

    • Keystroke says:

      Well said, awesome post. I am a guest worker in Government (who is at work doing my job – this is a coffee break). It is easy to tell the Bermudians who have lived and worked abroad. Those are the ones who are a joy to work with. They have an understanding of the wider world, and they can see just how living on a tiny island can distort your thinking. The others? Well, they are the ones “protesting”.

      Hopefully one day you will be able to come back and work in Bermuda – the island will be much better off with you in it.

      • suspicious says:

        Get a life! LOL I have worked and lived abroad.I don’t agree with you! And not once would I think that I was entitled to status after 22 yrs living abroad! I DIDNT KNOW THAT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE WIDER WORLD YOU HAVE TO WORK AND LIVE ELSEWHERE!! WOW, ” LIVING ON AN ISLAND CAN DISTORT YOUR THINKING”. Now your playing us for fools!!like we have no connection to the outside world! I can assure you that I have travelled and lived in more countries than you but I don’t agree with you and fyi I was there today also. THANKS FOR PROVING HOW EXPATS THINK. BTW I COULDNT IMAGINE BEING A GUEST WORKER, ON CONTRACT, AND COMMENTING ABOUT ISSUES THAT AFFECT BERMUDIANS!!! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH,BUT THE NERVE OF YOU!!! YOUR NOT EVEN A PRC HOLDER!! WOW UNBELIEVABLE!!

        • Earth watch police says:

          Yah that’s what tweets doing I want his job I’m bermudian he is not.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      First, I have to take you at your word that you are indeed a Black Bermudian. I believe most people on here that make claims that they are Bermudian and or Black really are not.

      To make the comment you made I have to tell you that you are very naive about what is going on.

      This is not UNIQUE to Bermuda. Comprehensive Immigration reform is a NATIONAL INTREST of ALL countries, of ALL Nations, especially those of a small size like Bermuda. Where ever you are, this issue is the same. In the US, in Canada, in the UK and across European countries dealing with the influx of refugees. So to put this action down to Bermudians being xenophobic is absurd and disingenuous.

      In the US, there is a Civil Rights ICON, and I’m not going to name her, that is pushing for a BI-PARTISAN commission on Immigration reform in her state. Highlighting the need to PROTECT the rights of born Americans in this particular state.

      The commission said this…”There is NO NATIONAL INTREST to import lesser skills and unskilled workers to compete in the most vulnerable part of our labour force. Most people, (Bermudians) even those educated, do not have adequate job prospects. We should make their tasks EASIER to find employment, not HARDER!” Allowing an unlimited number of workers to come here and work, in any industry, for a 15-20 period, going forward, will make it harder for Bermudians like yourself, and those to come to find adequate job opportunities in your own country. Government’s plan has NO LIMITS and no stop measure to prevent vast numbers of people staying here for 15-20 years in the future. That being 5 years or 10 years from now.

      If American’s can and are calling for Bi-Partisan, the British, and Europeans, can call for a comprehensive immigration policy why can’t Bermudians?

      And I hate to say it, but race plays a part in this too. Just read the statement from the Jamaican (and West Indian) Association basically saying the government was misleading and not upfront and truthful. They are basically saying they do not agree with this approach from the government on immigration reform even though it benefits their members. “We are of the view that such structures must be agreed by those who are so politically inclined TOGETHER with the government of the day.

      You would not see any of the white associations say “view that such structures must be agreed by those who are so politically inclined TOGETHER with the government of the day.”

      I am 100% certain that most people commenting on here putting down Bermudians for standing up for themselves, doing the same thing many people do in other countries, are whites and privileged foreigners that get to call this beautiful island home, telling Bermudians what to believe and how to behave.

      I will end with this comment from MLK, which is so true in the US and Bermuda TODAY.

      “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom (justice) is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate,

      *who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice (for Bermudians (especially black) who are often overlooked for jobs and senior positions with IB in their own countries);

      *who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; (saying hey you Bermudians your wrong for feeling the injustice against you, but don’t make noise, don’t protest, behave yourselves, and we will have peace, we can deal with that)

      *who constantly says: ‘I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action’;

      *who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; (Bermudians are marginalized in their own country, but the rights of others, guest, and foreign works take priority over Bermudians.)

      *who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a ‘more convenient season.’ (Over 2300 Bermudians out of work, many more educated and qualified underemployed, but the rights of others take priority. Bermudians must wait their turn to get justice and fair treatment in their own country)

      Shallow understanding from people of good will (you?) is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

      Bermudians – There is NOTHING WRONG with standing up for what you believe in.

    • acegirll says:

      I completely understand. I too used to simply laugh at the people that engaged in full blown arguments in the comment section of a bernews article but this current situation has left me frustrated and disappointed with Bermudians. As a young Bermudian studying abroad and reading/viewing the events I feel ashamed to be in the Bermudian category because of the close-mindedness and intolerance that a large group are displaying against people who aren’t just like them. And I genuinely hope that the young people of Bermuda can band together and build a better future for the Island and mend this divided and backwards mentality.

  84. Serious Though says:

    Why does OBA wants PLP back in Power ?

  85. Bleeeeeeeet says:

    Sack all of them and replace them with a private company.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      If the Government ever wanted good grounds to privatise transport, W&E, PO, TCD, Sanitation, a host of other services done on Government paychecks, today was the day to justify doing so.

      • obasellouts says:

        As usual another stupid comment from you.

        Wwhen they do try I would advise you to stay hidden

  86. LIAR LIAR says:

    Is deceiving the same as lying.

  87. Justice says:

    Yall thought it was a joke when that lady took a hunger strike..I told you more was to follow…people are fed up with the OBA, LIES LIES LIES people are fed up…look they are inside and then they come out with police escorts ….Mike Tyson said something once that was profound..he told Floyd Mayweather that he is not great because he cant walk down the street without his bodyguards ..but he said Muhammad Ali was great because he could walk down the street and the people loved him……do the people of Bermuda love OBA ..the answer is no they dont….now let your dislikes begin lol…let it flow

  88. cpt says:

    My colleague walked past the protest to get her lunch and was told by someone at the protest to get out of his country. She is a born Bermudian to Bermudian parents. She is white. He is black. So if anyone actually thinks this protest is about Bermudians wanting to protect their own, just remember this anecdote.

    • CCT says:

      Now that is sad! You are right, though. That is the real issue!!

      • suspicious says:

        LOL MY point, they sucked you right in!! If in fact you are not the same PERSON!! Screen names CCT agreeing with CPT LMAO Some will go to any extreme to suit their agenda.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      And I know of a foreign worker, in IB, who was hired but didn’t know the work she was hired to do. A qualified Bermudian was told to train this foreign worker, then within 6 months this foreigner was promoted over the qualified Bermudian. In fact, she became the Bermudian’s boss. Time passed this foreign worker struggled to do the job, the Bermudian was doing most of her boss job. When the Bermudian complained, this person was told, you should consider yourself lucky you have a job. Just do the work you have been given by your (less than qualified) foreigner boss.

      A LOT of Bermudians CAN testify to this or similar at their place of work.

      By the way, I highly doubt what you said to be true.

    • suspicious says:

      Were you with your colleague?? Or did she just tell you that! is your “colleague” an OBA supporter pushing her agenda,trying to garner your sympathy? You didn’t have to tell me that she was white and the guy was Black lmao I saw where you were going before I read it all!! lol Someone is fabricating a story. YEAH IM SURE SHE WALKED ON CABINET GROUNDS,PAST THE PROTESTORS ON THE HILL TO GET LUNCH BECAUSE I DIDNT SEE MANY PROTESTORS OUTSIDE OF THE GROUNDS!Better still I think you used a made up story to push YOUR agenda and I also bet you are a guest worker or a prc Holder!! Tell me something, did anyone else say something to your “colleague” because there were hundreds and hundred of protestors! And if no one else said anything,how do you come to the conclusion that all the protesting is NOT about Bermudians protecting their own?? Well what is it really about?? Let me guess….Black and White?? lol may I remind you that a great number of prc holders are BLACK!! Sorry to disappoint you, but your story,in my opinion, is fabricated! nice try

      • Earth watch police says:

        It’s all about black and white smfh.

      • We the People (1st!!) says:

        I think it is fabricated too!

    • suspicious says:

      The other thing that amazes me is that there our no other comments on this website regarding incidents such as hers and I DOUBT IF THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WOULD STAY SILENT AS THEY ARE QUICK TO POINT OUT INCIDENTS LIKE THIS AND POST COMMENTS!! Don’t start making up stories now that I have brought it to attention..its too late!!

  89. Peter says:

    Looking at the pictures, I don’t see very many protesters there. I silent majority needs to wake up and speak out. We need to go to the BIU headquarters and protest them, ferry services, garbage collection, Post office and shut out these lot so they no longer have a job.

    • stunned... says:

      what the silent majority needs to do is to REMEMBER this incident among others when the next election comes around.Vote with your logical head.

  90. Your Neighbour says:

    Peace Lord… And a country for everyone when the storm passes over.

  91. Miguelito says:

    After devoting some time to this, I’ve decided that the BIU has to go. It should be disbanded before it can do even more damage to this island and its reputation.

  92. BermudiansMatter says:

    United we stand divided we fall.. ancestors are looking down on us stay strong and be motivated…Papa This Is For You and your hard work you did for our rights…

    • Who cares? says:

      You are a fool. United we fall when we destroy the Island and our international reputation.

  93. Just a matter of time says:

    @Disappointed. All the best to you in your studies. I hate to break it to you but I guarantee you will become more conscious and awake once you finish and hit the working world. Most of us as students had this idealistic view. I have a BComm as well. This idealistic view changes until you enter the workforce and get a huge wake up call. Do yourself a favour. Think about ways in being a job maker for your country than being a job seeker with your newly gained credentials. Think entrepreneurship. You stand a better chance at success and more freedom to do so. Remember my comments. You will be thanking me one day.

    • stunned... says:

      that’s it in a nutshell. our society needs to stop cranking out job seekers when we should be fostering and encouraging job makers.

    • Disappointed says:

      Thank you for the well wishes and the good advice. I wouldn’t call my approach idealistic but we can agree to disagree :) . I have worked in both the private and public sector for 4 years while pursuing my degree so I do understand the ‘real world’ dynamics of the working environment. Hence why I believe protests of this nature do not solve anything. The key is respectful communication, unbiased research and consideration for all involved parties…all of which are lacking. Once people understand that Pro-Pathways is not Anti-Bermuda, more can be done to remove this toxic attitude from the island. This bill can create so many opportunities for job-makers – foreign and domestic – to invest in our island and help us reach our potential. But many choose not to because of protests like this. All they do is highlight the pessimistic, discriminatory attitudes of the few and downplay *genuine* concerns and the kind-hearted essence Bermuda is known for. It would be ignorant, to say the least, that foreigners need us more than we need them. That goes for any country across the globe.

  94. Go to work says:

    OHHHH the protesters are going to come back on Monday too??? I bet next week they’ll be complaining how they lost their job, and probably blame a foreigner for taking it too… How about everyone appreciate the job they have now and stop wasting time standing around on the grass

  95. ImJustSayin says:

    One of the problems is that many people including those on this forum cannot think for themselves, they allow the unions and other anti Government entities with the exception of the PLP when they were the ruling Government dictate and lead them. It is my only prayer that it does not lead down the road of destruction. As Bob Richards who is no saint may say ” I told you so”.

  96. Donald drumpt says:

    This is the reality of true Bermuda. Each day people hide feelings or views that they hold. I hurt inside because my life I tried my best to change the way in which I treated others but are they aswell changing. I wish I could be invisible that way I had no color. Not every government worker feels like what is demonstrated by some government workers today. I have been working since the age of twelve and received a bachelors in finance but had to leave grad school to help my family home that’s how I became a worker for the government. Bermuda I don’t think will ever be fixed of this division problem because it is a worldwide problem but I would teach my daughter the best way possible to remember it’s only a small percentage of ignorant people in the world, don’t let that percentage give you a view that everyone is ignorant.

  97. LOCAL RAT says:

    A bunch of ill informed ah led by an even more ill informed bunch of DB,s This looks more like a race issue if you go by the organizers biased BS. they seem awfully worried it will effect an electorate, or favor one party. But they changed boundaries not long ago. As for jobs,get a life, half of US are the laziest, most arrogant, self centered AH,s on the planet and as a white/ or black working BERMUDIAN I have seen it over and over in countless jobs. Contrary to many our long serving guest workers know how to work and save, Welcome to the REAL BIG WORLD and its PROS and CONS. It will not be long at this rate for us to be a fifth world country.

  98. ImJustSayin says:

    Well said. You’re some one who is not blinded by color or political party affiliation. Just the facts. Hope that these knuckle heads do not find out the hard way when Bob Richards says, “I told you so, now it’s too late”. Most of those protesters do not like the OBA because they are in power and who they are, a spin off of the UBP. As long as the old guard are still around on both sides this island will always be divided and blinded by other’s agendas, meaning those people with chips on their shoulders because of what previous UBP Governments have done to their ancestors. Those persons are now in a position of leadership the unions and the opposition party who are using their loyal followers in their little games of having the country’s production stop, in order to show who really has the power over the people. When will it end? When we have destroyed the islands reputation so bad that no one, but no one would want to do business with us anymore or even visit. Ego can be a very dangerous thing. It’s a sad situation indeed. SMH!

  99. LOCAL RAT says:

    TWEED, BEAN, Jammel SIMMONS ,MATTHIE, & FURBURT Shame on you for the BS you spew forth

  100. DeShaun says:

    Do worry us level headed bermudians and all the foreign workers around the island have your dinners ready in bars take away and restaurants because we work hard to
    Make a living ,marching and texting don’t pay bills

  101. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Thank you Premier and OBA Cabinet for standing for Bermuda in the face of this idiocy. You have the most thankless jobs on the planet. You can only be described as true patriots. The race-baiting of the PLP, the transparent agenda of hate masquerading as concerns for jobs and the outright xenophobia sickens many of us. While we hope you succeed in leading Bermuda out of the deep hole it’s dug for itself, know that you have our respect and sincere appreciation.

  102. expat says:

    As an expat that has been living here over 15 years I have never felt so unwelcome as I have for the last few weeks. I’m at the point where I don’t even know whether I want to stay anymore. Bermudians are really showing their true feelings towards us recently. People I have known and respected are posting anti-foreigner statuses on their facebook pages. If the rest of the expat community feel the way I do, then this whole pathway issue will be irrelevant soon, as we’ll be leaving out of free will. No-one wants to stay where they are not welcome.

    • Jus' Askin' says:


    • suspicious says:

      AND WHAT ABOUT THE ANTI BERMUDIAN POSTS. I would never tell you if you were born in AMERICA that you are not AMERICAN,especially if I am a guest worker!! AND IN THE SAME BREATH ARE ASKING FOR STATUS TO BECOME BERMUDIAN AT SOMETIME!!! What are your thoughts on that??

    • Peter H says:

      When you find a Bermudian working or in school in your country, point your finger at them and tell them they are not welcome. Let them feel how nasty it is.

    • Well imagine that! says:


      Just how did you get to stay here for fifteen years in the first place?

      Apparently a whole lot of you do want to stay where you are not welcome! Hence the current immigration problem. Perhaps you expats should not feel or assume yourselves so entitled when you land on your first visit. Or perhaps, as a result of being made to feel so comfortable you fail to realize when you overstay your welcome. No matter.

      Don’t look for sympathy; we happen to be all out of that. We invite you to take your fifteen years with our compliments and move on out. Oh and how nice it must be for you to have somewhere else to call HOME?! It’s probably somewhere that considers its citizens first and takes far better care of its own people no doubt. How very fortunate you are dear.

      I wouldn’t want to be an expat in Bermuda…I would certainly leave quick fast and in a hurry!
      The natives are restless dear…

      …Do hurry

      • Positivity says:

        There are plenty of Bermudians overseas doing the same. If the shoe was on the other foot…you might change your tune.

    • Trisha says:

      It is not all expats that Bermudians feel are taking our jobs, you should of notice by now that certain expats are taking over all our jobs, and no, it does not necessarily prove they are all qualify for every position they take. And it’ s enough bull shx?$&$ about the humanitarian cause. That is just disgusting they need to stop acting like parasites living from other.

    • Jaquie says:

      It is not all expats that Bermudians feel are taking our jobs, you should of notice by now that certain expats are taking over all our jobs, and no, it does not necessarily prove they are all qualify for every position they take. And it’ s enough bull shx?$&$ about the humanitarian cause. That is just disgusting they need to stop acting like parasites living from other.

      • Come Correct says:

        If you want to give the false impression you have more support than you actually do, don’t write the same thing under two different names. The plp really is desperate.

    • Positivity says:

      I can understand how you feel but understand that the minority are the ones trying to poison the island. When good employees leave Bermudian employers…it will hit home. Know that the majority doesn’t feel this way.

  103. EXPAT says:

    Let’s see what happens when all expats in Bermuda go on an island-wide disruption of labor

    • Well imagine that! says:

      What reason would you have to go on an island-wide disruption of labor? Is there something you don’t like about the OBA catering to your every whim and whimper? Is there not enough red carpet already rolled out for your precious a$$e$? What more do you think you are entitled to?

      You people are contributing to an unhealthy tension in Bermuda.

      The Bermudian is a rare and beautiful species. To all expats I would advise caution, this is not an animal to toy with…BETTER TO LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

      • Positivity says:

        You people…nice. This is the mentality of the few that poisons a population.

    • Liars says:

      that is a really good idea and that should be seriously looked into as , yes, the Bermudian population would really come to a standstill!

  104. I got to much brains says:

    Girl I’m tired, I just want to go home to my bed .

  105. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The people of this country living on a rock in the middle of an ocean can no longer isolate them self from the rest of the world’s economy and its people.

    Unity and corporation with others will put bread on the table, being part of the over all universal plan is our only hope for survival.

    Our island is dependent on others, living in a cocoon having the mind set that new doors will open after the failure of our society to think wisely and clearly is fool hardy.

    Do you not realize that you are being driven by the egotistical hysteria of the few.

  106. Triangle Drifter says:

    Looking at the pics of the march on the streets I could not help think that I have seen more people sometimes at the start of the January 10k or 1/2 marathon/marathon races.

    Hardly a sizable number compared to a good night at Harbour Nights or Boat Parade. A few hundred just does not cut it no matter how much noise they create.

    Stand strong OBA. Send the unions a message. They are not the elected Government.

    • Smile says:

      They might be small numbers triangle drifter but they are loud.

      It is unsettling times in Bermuda. The saddest thing is that Walton Brown, Chris Furbert and the PLP are pulling the puppet strings of the uneducated and suffering for political gain.

      Walton, Chris and Marc don’t tell these people……. If we can grow the population (that we lost from PLP misgovernance) … That you will all have stronger chances to get jobs in a healthier Bermuda.

      This opposistions political posturing and preying on the week and uneducated is disgusting. Rouse the emotions of those who are weak and fight for a flawed cause while pulling the wool over your peoples eyes while stirring them up with BS

      Sad thing is what they are “fighting for” is only going to make their lives worse!

  107. ignorance says:

    The sad part is, this is all about race.

  108. Ann says:

    I’d rather we figure out a fair welfare system, and privatize, these people who care so much about their future and their employment sure didn’t seem to mind letting their main employer the tax payer down today. Please stand strong OBA, we the working part of the population want our country to succeed.

  109. West End Girl says:

    I protest the protest. #iprotesttheprotest

  110. Ali B says:

    I am watching this from the UK and what I see is exactly the same as we hear from the same section of the population here. In the UK we are subject to EU laws, and we have to allow any EU national to apply and work in the country. There are constant murmurings of “They are taking our jobs”, but these murmurings tend to come from those taking state benefits who consider the jobs non-UK nationals take as being too menial or poorly paid for them and they would prefer to stay on the ‘dole’ rather than demean themselves. In truth many of the non-EU workers are involved in the hospitality industry or indeed the NHS as health care providers, and are very good what they do. Far better than some of the arrogant nationals this country has spawned.

    This said, if some of you would look a little further than your own shores, you would see that Europe is currently undergoing a massive influx of immigrants from the east, both legitimately and not so…Bermuda’s problems are small in comparison and arguing over who is a Bermudian and who is not, all seems a little sad. Work together for the Bermuda you all want and love…

    Play nicely, children!

    • Wake up Bermuda says:

      ‘Real’(Resisting Everything to Avoid Legitimacy) Bermudians.

      Well said,
      just waiting for the UK to be overwhelmed with the quota of refugees and then demand from their overseas territories to help in the cause by passing an Act of Parliament in the Uk. This could result in Bermuda taking about 200 of the 20,000 that the UK has to take.

      Let me see the BIU strike, particularly if that comes with some funding to help them settle.

      PM stand your ground. Pass the bill and let them take you to the Supreme Court so the Chief Justice can use his authority under section 29 of the Bermuda HRA and Article 3,8, 14 of the ECHR . The BUI is presently contravening section 8A of Bermuda HRA.

      Under the ECHR which the UK is a signatory and Bermuda being a dependent of UK(with your lovely British passports), perhaps we need to open a gofundme page for one of the UK Citizens living in Bermuda affected by this to take this case to Strasbourg. Strasbourg will either make a recommendation to Bermuda to fix it, or to the UK to fix it through parliament, particularly as there are UK Citizens affected and all Bermudians have equal rights in the UK and can go on benefit there.

      The PM knows this and is trying to fix it because if it goes there, the persons who have had to leave after being there for over 10 years may have a case to return, particularly those born there. Bermuda cannot claim overpopulation when it is declining at a rapid rate.

      The PLP knows about it hence they tried to enacted the six(6) year term limit back then to reduce the numbers. Their ridiculous law about house tax for persons married to experts was also ridiculous and was bad law.

      I deliberately did not put too much information in. Let the ‘Real’ Bermudians do some research keep up to date with international current affairs.

  111. My 10 cents says:

    Only in Bermuda– protesters taking the weekend off. LOL.

    • Cmkbda says:

      Watchu mean bie…you mean, I should give up my OWN time to protest?! You mean…I caunt just keep takin de day offa work to sit in de sunshine and listen to Bob Marley? Bie no bie…that aink hapnin.

  112. rashan says:

    I am also tired of hearing these people crying about humanitarian help. They can ask for help in their own country cause we Bermudians need help to be able to live in our own island. I am just saying these people need to stop cause they won’t get nothing. And if you people take a moment to see what is the biggest population of expats here, which is probably the same people immigrating around the world, these people ruin every where they go. Bermuda is a small island, if we want to be able to have children we need jobs. Don’t bring someone to take my job because we the people won’ t take it anymore.

  113. Allan says:

    I am in support of the Pathways. However I would like to see the Govt put serious dialogue into a min wage, so that a Bermudian would not hesitate to apply for those types of jobs that currently attract foreign workers just because of the extremely low pay. Our economy is not benefiting at the moment by firms exploiting these workers whether Bermudian or foreign.

  114. lizard says:

    Why do people still think that privatisation will stop trash collectors from illegally striking. If a company has the contract to collect trash, their workers will join the BIU and then go on strike.

    Go figure.

  115. obasellouts says:

    What a great week we have in front of us.

    Lets see what you have got milkman. you get to go down as the leader who did IT.

    time is getting close

    May be time to have an emergency bag packed. Fuel in your boats.

  116. Yo Pay Attention says:

    Bermuda so much bitterness, so much hatred. The Government is elected by the people, and now because they make a decision which we have entrusted in them to do when we elected them into power, we want to stomp our feet and take our toys and go home. What are we doing, do you realize that these same people are paying our mortgages, and patronizing our stores and carrying Bermuda. But all we see is that some foreigner is trying to take a piece of Bermuda away from us (Please). We gave it away while the PLP were in power, the Uighurs. People think of the future, the future is not what a Governmental party puts in place, its what God has predestined for us. This is just one of the battles that he has put in front of us, to see how we are going to handle it. “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself”. We have become a world so consumed with what the next person has or is trying to get, instead of working together for a better Bermuda. Achieving what God has put us on this earth to do achieve harmony. Wow it hurts my heart to see that we have become spoiled, self centered, irrational, uncaring human beings. Smarten up Bermuda or we are going to lose it all. I just saying

  117. Im just saying says:

    Bermuda so much bitterness, so much hatred. The Government is elected by the people, and now because they make a decision which we have entrusted in them to do when we elected them into power, we want to stomp our feet and take our toys and go home. What are we doing, do you realize that these same people are paying our mortgages, and patronizing our stores and carrying Bermuda. But all we see is that some foreigner is trying to take a piece of Bermuda away from us (Please). We gave it away while the PLP were in power, the Uighurs. People think of the future, the future is not what a Governmental party puts in place, its what God has predestined for us. This is just one of the battles that he has put in front of us, to see how we are going to handle it. “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself”. We have become a world so consumed with what the next person has or is trying to get, instead of working together for a better Bermuda. Achieving what God has put us on this earth to do achieve harmony. Wow it hurts my heart to see that we have become spoiled, self centered, irrational, uncaring human beings. Smarten up Bermuda or we are going to lose it all. I just saying

  118. archy says:

    Former Labour UK PM says: Tony Blair has told unemployed British workers “not to blame migrants for having taken your job” claiming they should get a better education to “allow them to operate in the modern world” instead.

  119. lalalalala says:

    The group are not doing themselves any favors by blocking the entrance to supreme court… The CJ will not take kindly to this at all!!!