Maximum Wind Speed Recorded Was 217Km/h

October 14, 2016

The maximum wind speed recorded during Hurricane Nicole was a gust of 118kt [136mph or 217km/hr], the Bermuda Weather Service confirmed today.

Bermuda Weather Service Deputy Director James Dodgson said, “I have just had some new information on the maximum wind speed recorded during Hurricane Nicole.

“A wind sensor [operated by Windguru] on top of Commissioner’s House in Dockyard recorded a gust of 118kt [136mph or 217km/hr] at around 10:30am local time on Thursday 13th October.”

For our ongoing live updates on Hurricane Nicole click here, and for all coverage of Nicole click here.

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  1. FML says:


  2. Point boy says:

    We really are a fortunate Island Nation! We have almost all, back with power; roads are clear; Bus and Ferry service to resume ass normal.

    All that! After a Cat 4-3 hurricane! (Yesterday!)

    Thanks to all that helped. (Very comforting to see the Royal Bermuda Regiment “Boys” out in force clearing the roads, and much more)

  3. Fultongirl says:

    So happy the island escaped this hurricane. Thoughts and prayers have been with you from Middletown,NY

  4. Unus sed leo says:

    A hurricane was superman day to us.

  5. Unus sed leo says:

    Thought i don’t mind …but prayers?

    No thanks i like to avoid as many biblical events as possible…

    But please…let me know when their feeding lions at any given Roman collosium….that i will attend.

  6. UmJustSaying says:

    It would be nice if ALL sources used mph and km/h when giving wind speeds.Bernews
    got it right…..Thank you