Live Updates & Key Points: Hurricane Nicole

October 15, 2016

[Updating] The island is continuing restoration work following Hurricane Nicole, which passed over the island as a major hurricane on Thursday, with the Bermuda Weather Service confirming that a gust of 118kt [136mph or 217km/hr] was the maximum wind speed recorded during the hurricane.

Extensive restoration has already been completed, and we will continue to update this post until Saturday [Oct 15] evening with remaining information on the recovery efforts. You can see all our coverage of Nicole here, and download our free app to receive warnings and breaking news alerts delivered directly to your phone.

Key Points as of 6.00pm Sat Oct 15

  • BELCO: 2,734 without power as of today
  • Digicel: Restored 98% of network, expect to return full service on Saturday
  • CellOne – 95% coverage | Logic Cable & Internet – 66% restored.
  • Airport & Causeway: Both are open
  • Ferries: Resumed service on Saturday
  • Buses: Except for 2 routes [1 & 8C] service will resume on Saturday
  • Waste: Garbage collection resumed as normal today
  • Government: Govt offices will be open on Monday
  • Bermuda College will resume all classes on Monday
  • Schools: Govt said, “Currently assessing our Government schools; which includes an assessment of power and structural damage; and we are aiming to have schools reopen on Monday. We will confirm that with the public on Sunday.”

Updates have concluded, and are available below:

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  1. Uh... says:

    Hoping i’ll get to see the updates, Logic’s(Cable Vision) internet keeps going in and out for the last hour, and it’s only Tuesday! What the FIAT! Stay safe Bermuda, and watch out for flying coconuts.

    • mixitup says:

      It’s Been doing this all afternoon – annoying

    • Imitation Crab Meat says:

      They’ve been going in and out for the longest while now for real!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      You’ll probably be seeing, or not seeing for that matter, alot of changes coming to your Internet now that on the 1st of October the USA gave control of the Internet over to the UN, now countries such as China…Russia or Iran can demand censorship if THEY deem the information as politically incorrect or offensive.

      Jus’ sayin’ tho’…keep safe tonight all!

    • Molly says:

      Watching here from England… Stay safe guys x

    • realtalk says:

      I manage a network and my Digicel connection is bouncing up and down.

    • frank says:

      thanks bernews
      the national hurricane center has Nicole rated as a catgory 4 hurricane with max winds at 130 mph this is real bad
      so folks this is were to find the latest information
      up all night

  2. Flying high says:

    Any listing of the cancelled flights?does anyone know when the airport plans on closing?

  3. Thumbs up says:

    Thanks Bernews for keeping everything consolidated and organised!

  4. wahoo says:

    It will be closing for renovations very soon.

  5. Fluffy says:

    Thank you for this Bernews!! No more guessing…

  6. NCM says:

    Bernews – you guys rock! Stay safe, Bermuda and let’s hope for the best!

    • NCM says:

      How can anyone dislike this comment? There are some really miserable people on this island…

  7. Juicy Onion says:

    Praying to the lord god that we will be ok and that there will be no damage. Incidentally, this is the same God who if he exists sent this horrible storm.


      hmmmmm the storm must be after you so you should jump on a plane and leave so Nicole can follow you!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Or maybe you SHOULD pray to your Creator to save you from the unqualified humans that want to mimic Him and play around with climate control toys…not always oblivious to the ramifications but hey…who cares right..?

  8. Catwoman says:

    Just a question…..what happened to garbage collection today(Tuesday)????? It’s not that bad out there! The hurricane is expected tomorrow evening and most have to work until noon tomorrow.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Typical Goverment lazy worker syndrome, any excuse not to do what your paid to do

  9. Ann says:

    Totally agree with catwoman, where are the garbage trucks, our collection is Tuesday, it drizzled yesterday. We are paying someone to collect the neighborhood trash, really! PRIVATIZE!!!!!!!! SOON!!!!!!! The

  10. Stay Safe says:

    Thanks to Government and many property owners, we can expect to have alot of tree damage and power outages. Bermuda is overgrown with trees that needed to be cut down and cut back. Several of them are near power lines. Can’t blame it on the rain as it has been like this since the last hurricane. Still can see trees that the last hurricane knocked down and were never cleared away along North Shore. Totally unacceptable – now we are going to pay for it.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Don’t forget the garbage that wasn’t collected – that will now be blowing around too!!

  11. Uh... says:

    Absolutely stunned right now. Talking to my neighbor at 10:03am on Sharon Lane and a blue car (pop tart on wheels) drives up the lane, parks, lady gets out, and proceeds to dump her garbage bags in the lanes normal trash spot. Then drives off. What the, oh hell no! It gets better, some looney toon also dumped a wicker table, ceramic stool(green), and other tines bay materials there as well. There is so much garbage piled up that I am not going to go fishing to pull my garbage back to my property before the storm. It’s like the trash trucks took the day off yesterday. Even the garbage at Westmeath is still there from yesterday morning.

  12. Islander says:

    Ms. Pat and crew, excellent reporting. To our favorite photographer, please be safe while out and about. Pray pray pray for our Island

  13. Terry says:

    Open till midnight/1am.

    Gives a new meaning to green.

  14. Kiverja says:

    The Jeff Baron video is HILARIOUS!!! Well done Dellwood students!

    Thanks for the laughs Bernews! Be safe everyone!!

  15. Student2 says:

    The trash collectors did pick up trash yesterday, give them a break they work hard, there’s a lot of trash in Bermuda,. Take it tines bay geesh

  16. Jeannie says:

    Our prayers from South Carolina are with you in Bermuda as this hurricane comes your way. Your beautiful island holds a special place in our family’s heart.

  17. James says:

    Causeway closed in 19 knots of wind. Use some common sense ffs.

    • Lady Bug says:

      What about those who have to block it off? Don’t they get to get home too before the weather does turn? Think of those involved that need to block it off… not just the 19knots. Also people had enough warning so we’re prepared to be where they need to be at 11pm.

  18. Kim says:

    Prayers to everyone in Bermuda right now. Stay safe!

  19. Alicia Daly says:

    to all my family, friends and people of Bermuda..i’m praying for you and thinking of you while you go through this right now… please stay in doors and keep safe.. Bermuda is a strong island and I know you all will recoup fast… prayers are with you from the USA

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    Some trees down, some plywood knocked off the side of buildings, some flooding in the usual places, a few boats up on the rocks but no pictures of serious structural damage, no reports of any injuries never mind storm related deaths, says an awful lot about Bermuda & the way things are built to stand up to hurricanes.

    A cat 3 storm & Bermuda about brushes it off as nothng. Well done.

    The power is another matter. Not BELCO’s fault. We don’t like trimming trees along boundary lines.

  21. cynic says:

    Why not Belcos fault? Their stubborn resistance to putting their cables underground means the whole island is held to ransom every storm

    • Facts says:

      Also, the amount of money Belco charge us every month, we should never be without power!

    • WarwickBoy says:

      Would you like to pay for it? I have heard estimates that it could cost anywhere from $300 to $500 million. If you assume that there are 30,000 household customers, that’s $10,000 to $16,666 per customer to underground the grid. Do you think Belco’s shareholders (which may well include you via your pension plan holdings) want to pay that when they have a perfectly functional grid that is operating today that they have already expended a great amount of capital to build and maintain? The answer is no, they don’t. If this ever does happen, it will be the customers that bear the brunt of the cost. Are you willing to chip in $10K to get your cables underground?

      I buried the cables in my back yard some years back as they were hung very low and were an eyesore. That cost me over $5K to underground about 70 feet of cable. I didn’t get the other 120 feet running up my driveway done as I didn’t want to pay.

  22. Deborah says:

    Yeah there has been bushes near barritts growing in the road and pole lines for sometime. Maybe we need community police (local persons) to go place to place and issue them with a bill to cut down or maintain their property. Tied of bobbing and weaving palm trees and other growth

  23. Onion Soup says:

    BERNEWS, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you for keeping us informed as Nicole sweeps in, making a mess of everything and then updating us as restoration efforts get under way. If I had a million bucks, I’d give a nice big slice to you. :-D

  24. Jrsmith says:

    Belco really needs an outage map, shouldn’t rely on Facebook to inform people..

  25. mmm says:

    There are many, many comments, from qualified weather forecasters, road engineers, sanitation workers, architects, electrical engineers, accountants, the morally upright who may pose a view that the heavens opened up and poured out mixed blessings to clean up the atmosphere. No matter where you go or where you live, there are elements we as a people have no control over, and there are decisions made by people in Government for the well-being of the country at large. My thanks to all of those who had to work in these hurricane conditions and its aftermath to restore this Island, and return us to a level of comfort we are use to. We have been blessed, when we think of the loss of life in Haiti.

  26. Zevon says:

    66% of Logic’s customers have functioning internet.
    That’s about average most days, as far as I can tell.

  27. Y-Gurl says:

    As usual Works and Engineering have not been seen much we know they are the most unreliable labor force on the Island but seriously get the damn roads cleaned already! They were out for a bit this morning until it started to sprinkle and they all left! Pathetic at best, the minister who runs that outfit has been quiet through all this, it’s a fiasco and further demonstrates the need for privatization in that area and get rid of the clowns running it, it reminds me of a 3rd world prison, where the prisoners run the jail and the managers collect a paycheck