30 Boat Incidents Due To Hurricane Nicole

October 20, 2016

Hurricane Nicole caused over 30 incidents involving boats either adrift, sunk or taking on water, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said.

BMOC said, “Thursday 13th October 2016 saw the arrival of Hurricane Nicole with wind gusts of 102 knots recorded at the Maritime Operations Centre on Fort George.

“As winds increased multiple 406 MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon [EPIRB] alerts were received from vessels in Bermuda waters either sunk or sinking on moorings.

“By the time Hurricane Nicole continued towards the northeast, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was dealing with over 30 incidents involving boats either adrift, sunk or taking on water.

“Some of the high profile incidents include the 80-foot motor yacht ‘Esperanza’ which sank alongside Marginal Wharf, St. George’s Harbour and fishing vessel ‘Stealth’ which broke in two following a collision with the bridge in Bailey’s Bay.

“The Department of Environment & Natural Resources have since boomed off the Esperanza pending recovery by owner.

“Other casualties include the power craft ‘In Dew Time’ now hard aground at Stock’s Point, St. George’s Harbour; P/C Scooby Deux capsized off Hamilton Ferry Terminal; and sailing vessel ‘Caligula’ broken from its mooring at Hinson’s Island Bay.

“Recovery and counter pollution efforts continue with all mariners advised to check on status of their vessel while also reporting any additional sightings to the Maritime Operations Centre / Bermuda Radio.”

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  2. Sage says:

    Are you as stupid as you sound???

  3. wahoo says:

    Not too stealthy after all.

  4. Mitsy says:


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    you nah see me asking why you sound so stupid wit dat proper lingo
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    • Real Deal says:

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