Logic Continues With Hurricane Restoration

October 17, 2016

[Updated] Logic said their field technicians continue to repair damages caused by Hurricane Nicole, and the areas currently being repaired include Palmetto Lane, Spice Hill and Verdmont Road.

A Logic spokesperson said, “Our field technicians continue to repair damages, getting customers back online as soon as we can. Daily posts will be made listing the areas being repaired. This information will also be added to our status.logic.bm web page and Facebook page.

“The areas identified below are currently being repaired, owing to having the highest number of outages at this time:

  • Pembroke, Palmetto Lane
  • Warwick, Spice Hill
  • Smiths, Verdmont Road

“For those customers who have reported their information by phone, voice message and email, technicians are addressing these repairs as well.

“If you are without service and have not yet reported the outage, please direct your information to the following:

  • “To report an ISP outage, please send your information to support@logic.bm or call 296-9600.
  • “To report outages for cable and cable internet/access, please send your information to info@cablevision.bm or call 292-5544.”

Update Oct 18, 9.30am: A Logic spokesperson said, “Technicians will be focused on repairing outages in the following areas today:

  • Smiths, Devil’s Hole
  • Hamilton Parish, Crawl East
  • St. David’s East & West
  • Sandy’s, Long Bay
  • Pembroke, Fairylands

“Work will also continue with logged outages based on reports called in, voice messages and emails.”

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  1. All distorted says:

    Didn’t think cable could get worsa or the service. But guess im wrong again.

  2. Stay Safe says:

    I got rid of Logic after Gonzalo as their internet service was terrible. So disappointed when I found out they bought out Cablevision. Now they have bought Cell One. I think they need to concentrate on their service/product before they buy anything else. I still have cable with them for now but not sure if I am going to continue.

    • Jim T says:

      Not totally accurate that Logic bought CellOne. Sort of the other way around. CellOne’s main shareholder purchased Logic/ Keytech. Agree that Logic has work to do so will wait to hear on that.

  3. 2MorePlease says:

    RAB Riddile of the Day

    Digicel are too encrouching and dominating

    BTC was always asleep at the wheel

    Logic service has always sucked ultimate @s5

    Alas, I went with CellOne and Cablevision because they aren’t the others

    Conundrum – Why am I now up 5hyt creek without a paddle!?