40-Year-Old Stabbed, Suspect Turns Himself In

August 1, 2017 | 11 Comments

[Updated - Police confirm 40 year old male suffered "life threatening injuries" in stabbing, and 30 year old male has turned himself in to police.]

Police and an ambulance responded to the Beacon Hill Lane area of Sandys tonight [Aug 1] where we unofficially understand there was a stabbing incident.

Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 11.30pm: A police spokesperson said, “At 9:44pm on Tuesday, first responders attended a report of an incident that took place on Beacon Hill Lane in Sandys.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that 40 year old man was involved in a domestic altercation with another 30 year old male. This resulted in the 40 year old male receiving a stab wound to the chest.

“An ambulance was called and the victim was taken to the hospital for injuries which are described as life threatening. The 30 year old suspect subsequently turned himself in at Somerset Police Station.

“Police have cordoned off the area and the relevant officers are processing the scene.

“An investigation into this incident is now underway and a full update will take place in the morning.”

Update August 2, 12.57pm: A police spokesperson said, “The 40 year old man involved in the domestic incident at Beacon Hill Lane in Sandys has been moved to a general ward where he is still is being treated for stab wounds to the chest. A 30 year old man has been arrested and is in police custody, and an active investigation into this incident is now underway.”

Beacon Hill Lane Stabbing Bermuda, August 1 2017 (2)

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Comments (11)

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  1. Young Black Man says:

    And they wonder why we act the way we do…

  2. Jimmy Mac says:

    PLP should be doing something to stop this violence. They’ve had two weeks now and nothing. A stabbing a day almost. They are too bothered about dropping those lawsuits I guess.

    • Think Before You Speak says:

      what can they do really if they dont want to stop killing each other then its not gonna happen so dont try to bring the political parties into this its not their fault.

      • Stevie says:

        It all comes down to the do gooders who said we can’t give our kids licks when they were naughty. They know they are.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          I blame Sheighlagh Cooper for this mess tbh and parents…

        • Joe Clementino says:

          So true. Spare the rod, spoil the child. That saying is so old and so appropriate. Today’s world we have all these psychologists, psychoanalysts and all sorts of “councilors” that say that spanking a child is abuse. In my day we all got our tail cut and none are ruined. However, today, mom. dad, and teachers can’t dare talk to a child in an authoritative voice lest he be charged with assault or child abuse.

      • Nastro says:

        To be fair, they constantly attacked the OBA for allegedly doing nothing, so now let’s see what they do.

      • Brandon says:

        How very true is your answer you couldn’t have said it any better than that.. why is it that they always have to bring in either political parties it’s absurd they way these small minded people think these days.

      • nerema says:

        When anything happened over the past 5 years people wanted to know why the government was callously not doing anything.
        So it’s a fair question to ask what the current government is doing.
        Doesn’t seem to be much. So far they seem to be spending their time complaining that they looked where the files weren’t kept and sure enough they weren’t there.

    • Truthseeker says:

      sooo exactly what can they do?
      or were you watching the Minority Report movie and had an epiphany.
      please explain how do you prevent domestic arguments as these are usually between friends/relatives, not rival gang fractions….

  3. JohnBoy says:

    Is it not possible to have a disagreement and NOT reach for a weapon??

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