Live Video & Updates: 2017 Throne Speech

September 8, 2017

[Updating] Marking the first Throne Speech since the PLP won the election, the Convening of Parliament will take place this morning [Sept 8], with Governor John Rankin delivering the 2017 Throne Speech, which outlines the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the year ahead.

The proceedings are set to get underway at around 11.00am, and the Government television station CITV [One Communications channel 2 and WOW channel 102] will provide live coverage of the event starting at 10:30am.

An online stream of the CITV broadcast is below, and we will provide text and photos updates as able, and post the full speech later today.

Update: CITV live video has ended, 2-hour replay is below

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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  1. Bill says:

    “Government will provide financial support to Bermudians who wish to break from their dependence on gangs to return to school to learn a trade or achieve their GED.” ?*&% Really? !@!

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Some lofty and laudable aspirations (expand the opportunities to boost community-based economic empowerment, explore the best means by which to expand banking options available to Bermudians) I will follow with interest.

    Unfortunately, also some “pie in the sky”. Price controls do not work. If government seeks to limit the prices that can be charged for house rentals, properties will go empty if a reasonable return on the cost of maintaining the property cannot be achieved. If he retail price of batteries (for example) is limited to a price where shops are not making a profit selling them, the shops will not sell batteries and will instead sell something else with that shelf space.

    I do hope that the consultation with the wider community is effective.

  3. higher learning says:

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