Nick Kempe Resigns As Chairman Of The OBA

November 23, 2017

Nick Kempe[Updated] After being elected to the position this past weekend, Nick Kempe has resigned as Chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance.

Five days ago, Mr Kempe was elected the OBA Chairman after earning 177 votes [73.4%] to defeat Simone Barton who received 65 votes [26.7%].

The OBA confirmed his resignation this evening, stating, “We confirm that Mr. Nick Kempe has, today, resigned his position as Chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance.

“We are sorry that Nick has decided to take this step, but we would like to thank him for his service and dedication, as well as his valuable contributions to the Party as an Officer and an OBA Senator.

“The One Bermuda Alliance is a diverse party and at times, with diversity, come differences of opinion, which we respect.

“We are sorry that a resolution could not be achieved, but hope that there may be opportunities for Mr. Kempe to serve the One Bermuda Alliance in the future.”

Mr Kempe, who stood as a candidate for the party in the last two general elections, also served in the Senate for the OBA until yesterday, when he was replaced by Justin Mathias.

Update 6.31pm: The OBA confirm that the interim Chairperson will be Senator Nandi Outerbridge.

Senator Outerbridge, along with newly appointed Senator Mathias, were named the Party Deputy Co-Chairpersons by acclamation at the OBA conference this past weekend.

Update: In his letter sent to members, Mr Kempe said, “Unfortunately, my position as Chair has become untenable.

“After having a number of conversations with the Leader, it has become clear that my vision for the future of the OBA relative to its rebuilding is diametrically opposed to that of the Leader.

“I joined and stood for the OBA because I believed in their principles and accordingly I became a passionate advocate of those principles.

“My mandate was to bring change but recent events demonstrate to me that the Executive will not be able to function with the fundamental political and policy discordance between its Chair and Leader during this key period of rebuilding.

“To remain and attempt to drive change without the necessary support would be an exercise in futility. It is my belief that this will hamper the Party’s ability to attract the necessary new talent in the immediate and long term. As such, I have decided to resign as Chair with immediate effect.

“I am grateful for the backing I received on Saturday and the support of my vision for change. I am sadly convinced that the Leadership is the embodiment of a mindset that has failed the electorate in the past. When that mindset has changed I will be more than prepared to serve the OBA again.”

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  1. Um.... says:

    This explains why the pawn Mathias was named a Senator. I can’t wait to hear the tea on why Kempe is gone. He seems smart and works year round for his constituents. The PLP could use someone like him if he is at such odds with the OBA.

    • wahoo says:

      I think the plp would have to change a whole lot before he went there. It is becoming more clear though that Bermuda needs a very strong opposition based on the plp’s lack of progress and downright failures.

      Time for a third party. Overdue I would say but 5 years will tell the truth. Perhaps the NLP where ahead of their time.

      Interesting you call Mathias a “pawn”, are you trying to derail the man? You may as well have said “surrogate” or something else equally offensive.

      • Um.... says:

        Pawn/surrogate. I don’t believe that young man will have any impact in that party. Looks nice to have someone young taking a place in the party 4+ years before the next election, but we’ve seen a similar show before.

        But if Mr. Kempe is able to get a serious third party formed, I’d fully support that endeavor. Hopefully it would attract the best from both parties.

        • So Tired says:

          Hopefully it would attract the other dynamic individuals in this society

    • frank says:

      this was a bad move by the new OBA leader
      like I am all for giving the youth a chance but and this goes for both sides the senate should not be used as a training ground for politicians but should place former seasoned politicians
      in the senate
      looks like the new leader is not in charge

    • Widget says:

      I think he resigned because the OBA never voted him in a dep Premier. Ego

  2. sage says:

    OBA funeral coming soon.

    • wahoo says:

      Would it suit the plp to have no opposition? Be careful Bermuda my fear is that they would love to be unopposed…just sayin’ careful what you wish for UBP and OBA were not as bad as what could be around the corner no matter what you have been told.

      • X ubp/OBA voter says:

        So if the UBP was not bad why did they change the name?? I used to vote for them money was everywhere.

        • wahoo says:

          You tell me “X UBP/OBA voter”. If you really had voted for them perhaps money would still be everywhere. When you voted plp did you think money would be everywhere again? How do you feel now that money is nowhere? Busses nowhere? Premier nowhere? $800m nowhere? COI reports and lawsuits nowhere?

          • Young Voter says:

            Stop asking a question with a question and be honest for once troll. Why did your team change the name from UBP? You only won by 12 votes to 26. Now relax before you have a stroke and answer the question. The Buses shortage $$$$$$ are a result of the OBA spending 5 years of $$$$$$$ on a Court Case for Dr. B and paying $$$$$$$$$ to Billionaires to race a sail boat race. Don’t forget trying to give everyone in Bermuda status and giving the airport away to the chinese $$$$$$$$. At least these are facts over the years that your party was in charge the voters would think that if $800 million went missing people would have been in jail but no proof no jail. Don’t worry Nick and other young people will be departing you sooner then you realize.

            • jty says:

              That’s a concerning narrative.

            • Mother Theresa says:

              You are clueless if actually believe what you just wrote. We are in for big trouble with this type of thinking.

              • Trufth says:

                I wasn’t even able to read what he wrote. Agree, if Young Voter is our future, we are in serious trouble.

                (Is this what we can expect from of our public education? Yikes.)

                • OBA Strategy says:

                  I always found it amazing how the response from OBA supporters turns to “attack the messenger”. The focus seems to be on making the person seem stupid and trying to belittle them. I find this amazing because they claim to be a party for all people. Nothing said focuses on the conversation but to be negative and preaching doom and gloom. Its like they feel they are better then others. This strategy is weak at best and only hurt yourself and it will never win the OBA votes. Is Ad Hominem a part of OBA party strategy? We see it displayed by OBA supporters whenever the PLP are in power. We all have the right to express ourselves how we want.

                  • Eyes wide open says:

                    Please don’t tell them this. It’s better for the PLP when oba supporters knock down a certain segment of Bermuda. It just proves that they only accept you if you’re got money, educated and wht. They also need a few surrogates to appear like the ubpOBA is diverse.

                    They didn’t learn anything from July 18th and Nick Kempe knows this. I just find it odd that when Crockwell was telling the oba this their supporters knock him down, however when one of their own like Kempe speaks they listen.

                    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

                  • wahoo says:

                    Sorry if “young voter’s” response caused him to look of less than average intelligence in the eyes of of others.

      • Onion Jiuce says:

        There is no opposition Party. Yet the PLP are campaigning and pushing their political consultants 24/7.

    • Youth says:

      Sorry wht date is yours again

  3. mixitup says:

    And everyone else is wrong about the OBA? I like Nick, I think he should pay a visit to Alaska Hall.

    • Female advice says:

      If he went over to PLP he would see how a certain segment of Bermuda Voters would not invite him for tea or speak to him ever again. He would finally see the truth in the OBA. When a Bermudian leaves the PLP and joins the OBA we still call that person a friend.

      However when a Bermudian leaves the UBP and OBA the people who she thought were her friends turn up their nose and never speak again. Why so much tension coming out that party? I wouldn’t say the OBA is a racist party from experience when I was a member, but the party has serious issues that to the majority of voters would appear to be of that nature. Until you deal with this nasty issue the party will forever be doomed. Why are so many black voters departing from this wealthy party!!

      • Onion Jiuce says:

        Wow my people are so polarized on their teams. You disrespect every independent voter when you do this.

        • Gabriel says:

          Glad you could say something… I’m personally speechless over what she thinks.

    • Onion says:

      No, he has principles and is 180 degrees from the PLP on many of their key issues. The PLP is deeply problematic

  4. Rhonda says:

    The Senate is where they scrutinized bills passed by the Lower House of parliament, to catch unintended consequences or errors. Or just bad bills

    Nandi Outetbridge was silent in the Lower House.. lost her seat..and the OBA saw fit to put her in the Senate…now the oba has two inexperience Senators..

    Not Good for Bermuda

    • Real talk says:

      Mrs. Nandi Outerbridge is a Senator. :) Make sure she’s not wearing a wire when you talk to her. Lets not forget what she did to Mark Bean. That was the nail on the coffin for him. I listen to the tape and he was being real with here one on one and trying to help her. Totally out of order young lady. If the OBA would have played it at the July election they might have not lost so bad. Good thing the PLP removed him for the sake of the party.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Not Good for Bermuda”

      The plp, bigotry and homophobia are not good for Bermuda…but you voted for it. You love to discriminate while playing the victim.

  5. X ubp/OBA voter says:

    The One Bermuda Alliance is a diverse party LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. What BULL milk are you drinking?

    You must be the same person who said a month before the election that the oba/UBP had a strong lead ahead of the PLP. Look how that turned out 26 to 12.

    What you need to do is figure out why blk and wht Bermudians are jumping ship and joining the PLP. I’m sorry I guess you didn’t notice the new trend.

    The original BDA party should never have merge with left over UBP jokers.

    • bdaboy says:

      “The One Bermuda Alliance is a diverse party”

      Yes…it’s the plp that has no diversity. Sad that this has to be explained to you, but that’s why they’re in power…

      • Onion Juice says:

        De reason why some people dont OPENLY support P.L.P is because they would loose their undeserved social privelege.

        • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

          Lol, oh that’s the reason is it? Could it have nothing to do with the fact that they’ve never been made to feel wanted by the plp???? Quite the contrary actually! But i wont waste anymore words on you! Your clearly not listening!

          • Onion Juice says:

            Black people have ALWAYS integrated without a problem we were attacked for sitting in resturants etc, History proves it and we were still fought against joining de good ole boys club, and even some clubs today.
            So your narrative dont hold water, physcologically this society dont sit well with whites playing a subserviant role to Black leadership.
            Thats why America is repealing everything Obama did and the poor rural folk are gonna feel it worst, de same people that Obamacare benifitted.

      • Truth Teller says:

        Keep being in denial “bdaboy”. Did not your leader call for more racial diversity in the OBA. She was not talking about attracting more white people now was she?

  6. aceboy says:

    Can’t blame him. The “people” want the PLP and not a guy like this.

    Even after doing a great job they (OBA) get removed in favour of Burt, Simmons etc. I’d resign too. What’s the point? You can’t fight lemming mentality.

    • wondering says:

      indeed/////a man like Zane is tolerable because he is ‘down’but in actuality, he is not what the people really want OR… it that many like him are not brave enough to step out of the comfort zone for fear of being ostracised

    • Transparency not = OBA says:

      Don’t try and twist it on the news it was stated that the current mind set that lead to the UBP/OBA defeat is still in play thus the reason why he packed his bags. Listen to the news Aceboy. Good for you Nick now please join with the PLP as a Bermudian all are welcomed.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    OperationTrojan Horse in full effect!

  8. Vote for Me says:

    The headline should read “OBA in crisis after newly elected Chairman resigns.”

    Has anyone else noticed that Kempe received more votes as Chair than Atherden received as Party Leader?

    Also, Mathias commented about needing to inject youth into the OBA given their significant loss. Did he check the resume of his new leader?

    • Transparency not = OBA says:

      This woman should never have been elected. They should have voted Craig in for keeping his mouth shut during Jet Gate scandal. They always wanted the the sour UBP milkman to be leader anyway.

  9. Done says:

    Nick Kempe is the future, whether it is with the OBA, the PLP or as an independent. He is young, smart, hard working and regardless of whether he wins or losses he just keeps on working for the betterment of this country. I am sad to see him step down as we need a strong opposition regardless of which party is in power. I have more respect for him now than ever. Ms. Atherden is a dinosaur. These “old” OBA, UBP MPs need to go and a by-election can take place in every constituency in which they hold. Let the youth get their feet wet, let them get some experience. Maybe they will put others first and they will listen and learn and they will move this country forward! Nick, your time will come, whether it is with the OBA, PLP or a new party.

  10. Unbelievable says:

    I think all 12 OBA MPs should resign (it’s a sunk cost anyway) and see how the scales really tip.

    • Marge says:

      Time for a new younger party…enough of the O.B.A. I see more resignations coming in the near future..

    • Young Voter says:

      No they need a whole new third Party that does not smell like sewage of the obaUBP. Mr. Craig Cannonier start up a new party because that’s the only way I’m leaving PLP as a voter, if I’m not happy in 4 years.

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Pull the plug, completely out. The OBA can’t do anything with 12 anyway. The PLP gonna pass any and all Legislation, and the business communities won’t touch them, or provide any significant financing. This islands skrewwed anyway.

  11. Acegurl says:

    So sad to learn of Nick Kempe’s resignation. He and Andrew Simons were the two bright lights in this struggling party. What would possess Mrs.Atherden not to reach an amicable agreement with this new dedicated politician? Isn’t she aware she is struggling to surround herself with intellectual, old and new members. Hopefully, this is not a move back to power destructs…Nandi is no replacement for Nick Kemp’s, with all due respect. Possibly Mrs Atherden was intimidated by Nick. A poor start to reserecting the OBA.

  12. Wagwon says:

    Why cant the Senate keep the ones that really want to serve the country?

  13. I'm full ... says:

    Nick! You’re smart and you have a lot to offer. Talk to Premier Burt.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Nick! You’re smart and you have a lot to offer. Talk to Premier Burt.”….

      …because Burt doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s doing.

  14. Spanner breath says:

    Wonder when someone will make an announcement in reference to our superb bus service.

  15. I and I says:

    All I will say is the strength of a woman , no matter if her intentions are good or bad,will make or break a man!!!

  16. Ouch says:

    With the current plp majority there is no opposition. The plp is not a failure. Such words are not propaganda but outright lies. Mr Mathias has not put forward one solution because he has none. He now joins Mandy who said her only political involvement was watching her parents. Then we have Andrew who has lost twice in General Elections.. Twice. He needs a safe seat because he can’t win anywhere else because he got involved too soon as in all theory. He couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Watch the certain oba house of assembly members band together. All 3 of them. Time to play that song…bye,bye,bye bye.ouch.

  17. drunken ursula says:

    replace that non speaking leader of the Senate Nandi I’m clueless Outerbridge Davis… useless as an M.P. even worst as she hasn’t spoken much to any issues unlike Senator Simons and you Nick … gonna miss you and thanks for your service!

  18. Sage says:

    Wow!! That was quick!! I would rather someone who stands up for principle, than fall for the wiles of someone who can be bought or sold.

  19. Sage says:

    The greatest want of the world is the want of men – men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.

  20. mixitup says:

    You can hear a pin drop in the “die hearts” camp on this forum.. Hello! Are you out there??!!

  21. Ezy Ryda says:

    He resigns from that cess pit OBA and here these OBA trolls still deflect to the PLP with the same old lies that have been proven untrue I.E. 800 mill gone missing and the rest of the rubbish you talk to deflect from you failing one term political suicidal party. No need to do anything just sit back and let you implode. Why you think all your big ubp boys left….and we sip tea

    • Toodle-oo says:

      I wasn’t aware that the Auditor General has since figured out where it was announced that it was all an error and it’s now accounted for .
      Can you point me to where I can get this information ?

      • Stay woke says:

        Here’s what your beloved Commission of Inquiry said:

        “We appreciate that there were, and perhaps still are,
        expectations about what the Commission would uncover,
        again in respect of matters that were outside our remit. One
        of the more notable examples was the oft-repeated refrain of
        discovering what had become of the “missing $800 million”.
        Notwithstanding that this was an inaccurate and misleading
        portrayal of the Auditor General’s actual comments, and that
        pursuit of this matter was outside our Terms of Reference, the
        Commission felt it important to respond and did so on our
        website, pointing out exactly what the Auditor General had
        had to say about this expenditure of government funds, when
        and why. [Frequently Asked Questions, http://www.inquirybermuda.

        Can you let it go now ?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Ah yes , The COI . A group of people who determined that serious transgressions went down between 1998 and 2012 but no-one wants to do anything about it.

          Hope you’re enjoying the massive increase in your cost of living in the last 10 years .

    • Anbu says:

      Yes we know u sip tea, thats about all u lot can handle.

  22. Mira says:

    I hope Nick forms his own party or joins a new one

  23. Kenneth S says:

    I give the oba six months before they lmpload……..they should have listened to Shawn and Pettingill…the UBP still holds sway in the party

  24. Jus' Askin' says:


  25. Up D Hill says:

    The result of the election should have stirred the young blood in the OBA CAMP to take the bull by the horns and take over! Please ,what are you waiting for?

  26. Happy Days says:

    The UBP/OBA should have took the allegiance from their Union Rep. United We Stand, Divided We Fall… SMH

  27. Coffee says:

    The Last Post … The OBA/UBP 2017 song of the year !

  28. Rocky5 says:

    Poor ol’ Mr. Kempe took his marbles home after he couldn’t have his way!! Dunch is going. All the privileged people sent packing. Now maybe the new Govt will have the “balls” to allow the ATV’s in the West End despite all the “privileged people’s protests!!

    • Anbu says:

      It just eats u up that the “priviledged” people are still in a better position than u. Think those “priviledged” give a crap abt what u think? They have their money and always will. They laugh at u daily and u still think u have the upper hand. Lmao. This island is so stupid.

      • JAWS says:


        THANKS YOU SO MUCH …..Anbu/oba.

  29. Rea says:


  30. FACT says:

    Nicholas was a joke from the start and never did anything for the party anyway. He can join the other outcast.

  31. Kathy says:

    It is obvious from Michael Dunkley that the OBA is not following the objectives that were set forth when the party was formed. I am sure Nick was trying to drive that home when he resigned. You cannot continue on the path of trickle down economics for Bermuda. You must be more encompassing and empowering. You will learn eventually when you never get re-elected. It is unfortunate for Bermuda that the OBA just can’t be cohesive and get its act together.

    • wahoo says:

      What is the alternative to trickle down economics? In my mind trickle down economics is the way the world works. Take for example any business or government money comes in at the top and filters down through the ranks. I don’t see any alternatives.

    • Up D Hill says:

      Really?? And how did the encompassing and empowering do for Bermudians from 1998 t0 2012?? Please tell us !!

  32. Alvin Williams says:

    Not that I have any skin in the game as far as the OBA is concern; but I would like to know the real reason he fell out with the leadership of that party. Time for another interview Bernews.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Why should we care what the Oba is doing they are irrelevant now Plp is the government and for a very long time I think Mr Kemp,s departure is just another stepping stone towards one party option at the polls.