Jeff Baron ‘Stepping Away From Politics’

April 25, 2018

[Updated] Jeff Baron — the former National Security Minister and elected OBA MP for Constituency #25 Warwick North East — has announced he is “stepping away from politics – effective today.”

Mr Baron tweeted “Dear Bermuda: Thank you. It’s been a privilege to serve you for the last 5+ years of my life. I am stepping away from politics – effective today, and am stepping towards new opportunities.”

Jeff Baron OBA 2015 TC

Mr Baron, who served in the Senate prior to being elected to the House in 2017, won the C#25 Warwick North East seat with 493 votes, defeating the PLP’s Kathy Lynn Simmons, who attained 428 votes.

We have reached out to the OBA for comment and will update as able.

Update 2.21pm: Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden said, “On behalf of the One Bermuda Alliance we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Baron for his service to Bermuda, Constituency 25, and to the Party. Jeff is leaving politics to pursue other personal endeavours. On behalf of the Party, we wish him much success.”

Update 3.52pm: Former Premier Michael Dunkley said, “I was surprised and disappointed to learn of the resignation of Jeff Baron this morning.

“The sudden resignation with little notification to his colleagues brings to an end his short and once promising political service.

“My experience in politics has made me acutely aware of the very difficult task of juggling family, politics and employment.

“Mr. Baron is not the first to face this challenge. It was evident in his case during House sittings but I am pleased to learn he has secured employment and is focused on his young son.

“I take this opportunity to thank him for his service and especially for his support when I was the Premier. I wish him all the best.”

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  1. Politricks says:

    Just call it a day OBA.

    It is what it is.

  2. Shahidah says:

    Thank you for your service Jeff. You were sensitive to the loss of my son and I will never forget you.

  3. Shahidah says:

    PS: I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

  4. frank says:

    jeff was one of the few oba politicians that seemed to want to work
    for change on both sides

    • Lol says:

      Really so we are just going to forget what his sister said? Very interesting how these oba followers minds forgets so easily…

      • Come correct says:

        How is what his sister said relevant to his work? Very interesting how these PLP followers’ minds warp so easily…

      • aboogiewitdahoodie says:

        ya boys got a brain of his own inna?

      • Torian says:

        So what you’re saying is if your brother is locked up for being a pedophile then the whole family is pedos? If your sister stabbed someone, the whole family is murderers? Take that backwards thinking elsewhere.

  5. I have lost respect for you says:

    A strong person would remain in the OBA party even if they are the underdog now. The PLP was opposition for years but the people never gave up fighting.

    Just shows when the OBA GRAVY TRAIN is derailed the sheep jump off first instead of remaining focus on continuing the fight to win the Government back.

    • Justin says:

      24-12, do what you want. As long as politics on this island revolves around race then the OBA will never win the gov’t again. Carry on, PLP, let’s what you can accomplish.

      • Onion Juice says:

        So much for Fahey saying “It will be a long time before PLP get in again”.

        • Justin says:

          Fahy was an idiot for saying that. Everyone knows the PLP gave the election away in 2012 and that the OBA would be a one-term gov’t.

          However, there is a lot riding on the PLP at the moment. Stop gloating about the victory and get on with the peoples’ work. This time the PLP can’t go running to the bank to borrow more money, good luck!

          • Onion Juice says:

            Like Bob’s reckless borrowing.

            • Justin says:

              Correct, Bob should have been much more aggressive in balancing the budget. He failed miserably in that regard. Oh well, the PLP’s problem now… Like I said, there’s a lot riding on the PLP at the moment and don’t think you can tax IB more to subsidize raises for the civil service, that would be a mistake.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              Borrowing that kept you employed .

    • inna says:

      At least you admit that politics on this little island really is a fight between two groups of people. Do you not think that maybe he is tired of fighting?

      Most people my age (30s) are busy focusing on building careers, families and a life in general to care about who the government is. It is those who do not have much going on in their lives that cling on the governments coat tails.

    • puzzled says:

      Oh shut up you fool of a troll.

    • PBanks says:

      If your horse pulls up lame, do you continue to ride it until it collapses, or do you jump off?

      The OBA is dead, no amount of ‘staying the course’ is going to resurrect it. It’s one thing for diehards to stick around to the bitter end, but if you wish for real change and the PLP isn’t for you, why not go do something else instead?

  6. Holysmokes says:

    What! I’m PLP but always liked Jeff. One of the best guys in politics today! Not just a blow to OBA but a blow to the entire political arena here in Bermuda!

  7. No!!
    Jeff has been MOST DISRESPECTFUL to the people of Bermuda, concerning THE PEPPER SPRAY issue.
    He NEVER owned up to anything. Nor did the police Commissioner. One of them had to order the police yet neither has accepted responsibility for that fiasco.
    No!! Jeff was NOT SENSITIVE. He lacked sensitivity to the people of Bermuda.
    DO remember his sister and her vile, disrespectful comments about BLACK PEOPLE.
    All apples from the same tree have a connection!!

    • northrock says:

      “Jeff has been MOST DISRESPECTFUL to the people of Bermuda”

      the entire PLP and its followers are extremely disrespectful to Bermuda and Bermudians…..specifically the gay ones and the ‘ones that don’t look like you’.

      Straightforward, you need to sit down and close your filthy mouth.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well maybe ya age group needs a lil History leasson so you can appreciate and understand why you can focus on ya careers.
      Thank your Forefathers who sacrificed in a racist society (and still) so you can benefit and have a career.
      Ungrateful Millennials.

      • t says:

        So anxious to get your misinformation out you failed to realize that you erroneously replied to Betty .. LOL

      • Anbu says:

        dont be jealous cause youre old and about to move on oj. U had your turn and you flopped. Again i ask. What has your precious party actually done for you besides stick it to you? Remember, we dont suffer like you do, you tell us all the time. Lol

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Guess dat makes you apple sauce then lmfao….pipe down!

    • StartingPoint says:

      So by your logic the mother of a gang member who kills someone is just as guilty. Check.

  8. bigga says:

    this is unfortunate….I actually liked this guy in the opposition ……seems like the OBA is falling apart.

    • Female advice says:

      No lost the OBA needs to find qualified surrogates. He never helped anyone accept follow around Mich Dunkely like a shadow. The weak always run first. The PLP wasn’t always Govt the old guard stayed to the wicket no matter the cost when opposition. What a coward you are Jeff all talk.

  9. Jus saying says:

    Oh well

  10. puzzled says:

    OBA is not falling apart.
    People who type sheet here are the main culprits.

    Don’t worry folks. When the only thing you can buy comes from stealing from each other you will reflect if you still have a venue or computer …..

  11. bermewjan says:

    I’m surprised he stuck it out this long. The election loss hit him hard and he lost interest pretty quickly after that.

  12. Warwick Beaches says:

    Interesting timing… waiting to hear why on Friday aha. No point in helping people who don’t want your help. Life is better when you can go about your business, especially as a competent professional who doesn’t need politics as a career. Watch the trend. Take care of yourself Jeff, and thanks.

  13. truth hurts!! UBP says:

    Bro let it go!

    If Jeff has left he can now see the the oba is still the ………OLD UBP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cpm says:

    You might be surprised who gave the go ahead for the police to defend themselves against an unruly mob

  15. Unbelievable says:

    I think the remaining OBA MPs should resign from the House of Assembly. Bermuda’s voting population needs to be frightened of a one party rule. Some people need to be woken up because there has been too much “coasting” for far too long.

    No one is going to join the OBA after this last election anyway.

  16. Me says:

    The best man in the opposition gone what a loss

    • Ouch says:

      Might have thought the same until found he was barely civil at the voting station and has been invisible since. Unless candidates are interested in truly getting to know the people they represent they might as well stay home, no matter how well qualified they may appear.
      His behavior reflects poorly on him, his party and the branch reps.
      A well qualified, motivated independent, who is in touch with his constituency and isn’t too busy to keep in touch will, most likely, have my next vote.

  17. drunken ursula says:

    yeah…leader of oba don’t put clueless Nandi there ….fresh new face Justin?????

  18. Curious says:

    He was an MP for 9 months. 9. He had terrible attendance from the start speaks volumes. It didn’t improve much even after challenged by other MPs and the Speaker in the House of Assembly. He tried to explain being busy with work and family but that’s everyone. He couldn’t manage it.

  19. Jussayin says:

    We are still reaping the benefits of the OBA and will continue to do so the ppl of Bermuda have a lot to thank for what the OBA had done. We would not have all these great sporting events if it wasn’t for the OBA and the the Tourism Authority. I wish the PLP the best and hope they can continue the booming tourism sector in which the OBA started. … we need to come together race games is not something we should forget but to learn from and work towards a better Bermuda that works together no matter what race we are. You can blame the past but there is success from both races who work hard and dream big.

  20. Rasta far I says:

    Quite a few insensitive comments.Re read what you wrote…

  21. Rasta far I says:

    And rude.

  22. Don k says:

    Good for you Jeff…piss on them.

  23. Don kedick says:

    Insesitive to a bye who cares about you.

  24. watching says:

    Jeff is a “good guy” but his attendance was lacking in the House, the people of C25 never had a representative in him, and he is clearly not committed to his role. To resign after 8 months is a sad indictment on his commitment levels. it seems as if he was only in it if he would have been a government minister, which he likely would have been had they won. Once he was disregarded for the Opposition Leader position, there was no interest from him, which makes one wonder if he was all about self, or about the people. We understand he needs a job and to take care of his kids, but funny enough, when PLP MPs lost their incomes after losing the election in 2012, they were considered unemployable etc, yet they didn’t run home and resign to the private sector at first opportunity. they continued working for the people and redeemed themselves. This is very disappointing and somewhat selfish behavior from Mr Baron.