Female Visitor Assaulted At Somerset Bridge

August 21, 2018

Around 4pm on Monday [Aug 20], a 25-year-old female visitor was assaulted during an attempted robbery in the Somerset Bridge area, with the suspect accosting the victim and demanding cash, however she managed to escape and was not seriously injured.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 4pm Monday, 20th August 2018, a 25-year-old female visitor was assaulted by a local man at Somerset Bridge during an attempted robbery.

“The male suspect is described as dark complexioned, approximately 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, with short dreadlocks wearing a t-shirt and ¾ length shorts.

“The suspect accosted and demanded cash from the victim, before she managed to escape and run off in the direction of Robinson’s Marina to get help.

“Fortunately, the female visitor was not seriously injured.

“As the incident unfolded a number of vehicles passed in the immediate vicinity and members of the motoring public may have seen either the victim or the suspect.

“Detectives continue their enquiries and are appealing for any witnesses that have not already come forward – or persons with relevant information – to contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Anyone willing to speak up yet?

  2. Christine Atcheson says:

    Not seriously injured perhaps but in a lot of pain from the attack and emotionally traumatised!

    • drew says:

      Yeah, she won’t be coming back, and I doubt she will recommend Bermuda to her family and friends. Oh well less tourists to bother the locals at Shelly Bay.

  3. Southampton says:

    Hope this idiot is caught and beaten.

  4. While Wayne Caines.... says:

    Is out travlling the world for crypto currency business and awesome photo opps–national security is in a state of flux–with more and more bold attacks.

    Hello anyone home?

    Protect us!!!

  5. Warwick West says:

    this is totally not acceptable.
    Why attack the very tourists that bring us our much needed foreign income. Some people are just so stupid they dont get it. Do not rob anyone but especially tourists. It is not a good look for Bermuda. Plain and simple.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      One can only speculate as to how much potential business we’ve lost over the decades to crimes against tourists . The B&Es at hotels ,the handbag snatchings from livery cycles , chain grabs , thefts at the beaches and the list goes on . Even all the way back to the abuse they got during the ’81 general strike . Bad word of mouth travels faster than good .
      Is there anyone still out there who has the 1960′s mindset that we can turn the tap of tourism on and off at will ?

  6. Question says:

    Burt has no comment? Thought he had a holistic approach that would stop all this.

  7. Just a suggestion says:

    Looks like the Pastor approach aint working, or the 1000′s spent on the radio commercial. What next? How about get more cops out patrolling HI-VIZ patrols perhaps. Stop anyone who matches previous descriptions, two males on the bike with full face helmets etc. I wouldn’t mind being stopped if it was for crime prevention. Make it inconvenient for people to ride around freely.
    Secondly,someone knows who these wasters are. Its only a matter of time now before the hard work of the BTA and the previous and current gvmnt is ruined with bad publicity in overseas warnings to visitors. Stub this out now BPS. Before we loose the visitors, the revenue and the good reputation we have just managed to keep

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    This along with most crimes will not be properly investigated or procicuted, bars …yes but factual.
    , we have a very weak investigation section within the BPS especially if it’s a foreigner that has been robed

  9. Hair says:

    Come on PLP, what are you going to do?? Can’t blame the OBA eh!!!!

  10. TGAOTU says:

    Legalize public beatings by the public. Put them in stock and chains and let the public have at them, despite how battered they remain afterwards. Chop off hands for theft and legs come off for abuse against tourists. Chop off private parts for rape. Make it law.

    • Chop Chop says:

      Chop off hands, legs come off, OMG!!

    • deelicious1424 says:

      You seem to be a bit too aggressive. What happened to you, where does all that anger come from that you are in such favor of violence? That’s barbaric.

  11. PANGAEA says:

    Every posible means of self defence has been removed by our laws.

    What are we to do ?

    Even a base ball bat can get you into trouble.

    What is left.

    Spank the culprit with a hair brush !

  12. The real Terry says:

    Notice nothing from STRAIGHTFOWARD guess he/she couldn’t blame the OBA or Michael Dunkley and if the perpetrators voted it was most likely for his/her beloved party

  13. trufths says:


  14. congratulation to says:

    To the human piece of trash that did this. I hope you are proud.

    Just sat next to this young lady on the flight out of Bermuda.

    Her face is bruised, she can hardly move and is traumatized.

    One day that I am NOT proud to be Bermudian.

    This GVT must work WITH the police instead of politicizing everything and protect us and our tourists.

    We owe it to ourselves and visitors to protect one another from this thuggery that has taken hold.

    I can tell you that this young lady will never return. Thankfully she is alive.

    • Overboard Hope says:

      You are telling us the absolute truth. Let’s get on to these thugs. I know that this lady will not return.