Robbery: Suspect Hits Employee, Steals Wallet

August 21, 2018

Around 1:15am today [Aug 21] police responded to a robbery outside Four Star Pizza in Sandys, which saw the suspect approach a male staff member outside the premises and demand money, while hitting the employee with a piece of wood.

The suspect stole the employee’s wallet, and as a co-worker and a passing motorist came to the staff member’s aid, the suspect then fled on foot, while the stolen wallet was later recovered in the area by officers.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 1:15am today [August 21st] police officers responded to a reported robbery outside Four Star Pizza on Somerset Road in Sandys parish.

“It appears that a male suspect wearing a black shirt and green shorts approached a 43-year-old male member of staff sat on a motorcycle [preparing to leave] outside the premises and demanded money, while hitting the employee with a piece of wood.

“The suspect was able to take a wallet from the staff member’s pocket before a co-worker and a passing motorist came to his aid.

“The suspect then fled on foot in a westerly direction along Somerset Road towards St. James Church/Scott’s Hill Road/Westside Road.

“Apparently the assaulted staff member was not seriously injured. The stolen wallet was later recovered in the area by officers.

“Detectives continue their enquiries and are appealing for any witnesses that have not already come forward – or persons with relevant information – to contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. Oh,I see now says:

    The (Wild)West is getting like town…..sigh

  2. Behold the lamb says:

    It is beyond the point of smacking Johnny on the hand and saying naught boy, We need some evasive actions taken against these uleless thugs who are hell bent on just walking up to people who go to work and try to do the right thing, all while these clowns run around making a muckery of the law.Perhaps it’s time to start removing those hands as they do in other places… Enough has long since been enough

    • Onion Juice says:

      I think removing hands is extreme,if you feel that way does that go for white collar crime too?

      • Double S says:

        Then many of your favorite politicians would be ‘handless’

      • question says:

        what, like taking bribes for over a decade from an overseas healthcare company?

      • artist says:

        tattoo across the face cheeks and forehead in a Hi visible ink I am a LITTLE thieving a++h+++ I steal your hard earned items. But really I am just a good boy really I a its your fault not mine.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    And as usual all we know is the colours of what the perp was wearing . I’m surprised we got his gender though .

    • Jimi says:

      @ Toodle-oo:
      What else do you want, their eye color? Or maybe their name and address LOL

  4. Wish i was a Judge says:

    System is so flawed we the good and often affected are more disengaged and punished than the perpetrators. Time to either throw the comic book at them and sentence them seriously to a paid lallygag vacation at Bermudas only 5 star vacation spot complete with all mod cons. Time for the kid glove treatment is over!!!!!!!!!!!!Send them to a Russian camp but then they are just lost soles because of us. BS

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    The system is 3rd world, we see it on a daily basis where petty crimes don’t even get looked at, the police no longer attend categories of incidents which can include car accidents, they are no longer seen in public, don’t have the confidence of the people, have management and allegedly corruption issues, hire in the most ineffective Police seen anywhere so we need a top to bottom fix starting from the Government ministers.