McGinger Comic: Mayo To Combat Rat Invasion

October 21, 2018

[Written by McGinger Design Lab]

In the seventeenth of a comic series from McGinger Design Lab, McGinger notes that, “From concerned comments it sounds like the whole island is packed with rodents: we see them on the roads, we see them around the garbage bags, we see them more and more.

“You don’t need to be a genius to connect the reduction of the trash collection days to the increase in rat presence. At McGinger design lab we like to create solutions – we found a funny way to resolve the problem, use the secret weapon agains the Ratzilla invasion, it is our #1 island favourite food – Mayonnaise”

McGinger Ratzilla Bermuda Oct 19 2018

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  1. What says:

    The water rats we have love going for a swim! They don’t drown!

  2. Ratataouie says:

    #Rat Lives Matter

  3. PANGAEA says:

    The type of Rat we have here is the ” Norway rat” who travel at night ,their favourite food is bacon ,if and when available to them on a rat spring type trap.
    It seems that the Health Department does not appear to be to be able to keep up with them as last year I caught 8 , this year so far I have only caught 5,using a standard rat trap and a glue trap, I do not care to use poison for obvious reasons, however, #6 Mr. Mc Nasty is still hanging around as evidenced by the droppings.
    Some people use a combination of baking soda and choclate drink powder with a little sugar as rats can not burp.
    Warning: If you are unsure how effectively to deal with the rat leave it up to the professionals