Video: Dejon Simmons Launches New Vlog

October 21, 2018

After surviving a near fatal accident he went on to become one of the island’s leading creative minds, and now Dejon Simmons is offering an insightful look into his inspirational life story via his new online vlog.

As the founder of the popular Bermemes social media company, Mr Simmons is better known for making people laugh via his lighthearted social media postings, however his vlogs offer a more serious look at the man behind the creative mind and how he deals with life’s challenges.

Mr Simmons first vlog where he answers some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’:

Speaking about the new endeavour, Mr. Simmons told Bernews, “I’ve always wanted to vlog, but also because of who I am and been through I also tend to keep my thoughts private. What I did was way out of my comfort zone but I tried to be as transparent as possible, and will continue to.

“I had a few friends over the course of the year tell me I should start telling my story more. I’ve always wanted to in my words and I have books of my daily dribbles, but I never until now felt ready to share that part of me.

“My vlog essentially is that, sharing who I am in my words. Conversations with my friends made me realize there is a lot more I can do and even more generations that know nothing about the ‘disfigured guy,’ these vlogs kinda bridge that gap in a medium they engage with.

“There’s no real plan for the vlogs, I’m just going with the flow. The feedback from the first was amazing and unexpected. I’m not exactly doing this for others but I’m here with open arms.

“There were a ton of unexpected messages from people in Bermuda and the ones from those close to me were somewhat surprised because realistically only few really know my thoughts or my thoughts on what I’ve experienced.

Documentary about Mr Simmons recuperation from his near fatal accident in 2004

“Some even were like ‘you know I’ve always wanted to ask that?’ Ultimately, me being open about about myself made more people understand a bit more and even some more comfortable with openly asking questions.”

You can follow and subscribe to Mr Simmons new vlogs via his Youtube channel here.

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  1. Valerie Wilson says:

    Hey Dejon I’m so proud of your growth… you are so insightful and I was reminded that I had to get to the age I am to understand not everyone gets to sit at your table of life… you said you can read people and it’s amazi as I live my life and see people and know people who would not know that I can see them when they don’t want to cross my path so they slow their walk or turn their backs hoping I don’t notice it’s crazy…. but it’s powerful like you said that I don’t care nor let them define me… so it doesn’t matter whether you’re disfigured or not people have their own issues and I don’t take it personally it just shows me that they’re insecure or possibly not happy with who they are it’s sad..what it is is it that they have given you all the power and I just hold my head up and go about my business…. a lot of people haven’t experienced what you have and your lesson of what’s in your mind or how you process what’s happening in your mind is the answer just slowing things down to your speed and taking your time to get through each day almost not caring but preserving and guarding yourself… it’s called loving yourself it’s not being selfish it’s protecting you… and that’s ok and that’s where I am… it’s so freeing and necessary so I will pray for your heart which is your mind and that you continue to be who God knows you are and May God Bless You and your family richly because you have Blessed so many others especially me…

  2. JohnBoy says:

    Perhaps, Bernews, you could have a special area where the crash documentary can be easily seen by all as a reminder to take it easy on the roads – If it’s possible.

  3. Kathy Pearman says:

    Dear De Jon,
    I am in awe of your strength and so very proud of
    you. You have turned your “scars into stars “- something
    positive to help others.
    Stay strong and be blessed,
    Teacher Pearman