Photos: Bluebird Nesting Season Underway

April 23, 2019

The Happy Bird Company has announced the first sighting of five bluebird eggs to start the nesting season, with hatching expected to commence within the next few days.

Bluebird Bermuda April 2019 (1)

A spokesperson said, “This unique bluebird box was designed and produced by university product design student Christian Chin-Gurret, who has added a novel feature by which the roof can easily be removed in order to take photographs from a bird’s eye view. The total composition of the bird box is made with marine grade plywood and utilizes no nails, screws or glue in its quick assembly.

Bluebird Bermuda April 2019 (2)

“There are a few bluebird boxes that were made for the Easter holidays and the public can order through their Facebook page for $45.”

Bluebird Bermuda April 2019 (3)

“Bluebirds are native to Bermuda and their common name is Eastern Bluebird [Siallis sialis]. The male bluebird has a blue back and wings, with a rusty-red breast and a white belly, while the female is a somewhat duller bird, with back and wing tops a reddish brown suffused with blue.

“Bluebirds feed principally on the ground, but they watch for prey from a low perch on a sharp on in a tree. They eat insects, worms and some berries.

Bluebird Bermuda April 2019 (4)

“Nesting of bluebirds in Bermuda is from March through to August and a bluebird pair can have one to four broods in the nesting season. Bluebirds first scout for nesting places in February and March. Nest building takes 2-6 days with egg laying 5-7 days and incubation 12-14 days. Hatching may occur over 24-48 hours. Fledging is from 16-21 days.

“To view progress on the bluebird eggs, follow the Facebook page for The Happy Bird Company.”

Bluebird nest Bermuda April 2019

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