Column: Robinson On Reasons For Emigration

July 20, 2019

[Opinion column written by OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson]

The Premier, David Burt, recently told the House that empirical evidence for the reasons people emigrate from Bermuda did not exist.

Despite that, he blamed the exodus on gangs and education – and I am sure both issues have an effect. Sadly, there probably are people who feel that in order to avoid being shot, they must leave their homeland.

But to place the blame on those two issues glosses over the emphasis this Government has placed on lowering the cost of living, although so far with things like the sugar tax and increases in private health insurance the opposite seems to have happened.

The announcement of a body such as the Cost of Living Commission is a clear acknowledgement that Government knows these are issues that Bermudians struggle with daily.

So how can the Premier blame gangs and education – without any ‘empirical evidence’ – and not consider our cost of living?

The PLP, under Mr Burt, built its campaign on reducing the cost of living and creating a “fairer” Bermuda, yet with the new and increased taxes imposed by this Government the cost of living struggle has got only harder for many Bermudians.

I was among many Bermudians who found it strange that Mr Burt seemed to almost brush off questions about the cost of living during Premier’s Question time.

This makes me assume two things, Premier Burt has either completely lost touch with the average Bermudian, or he is attempting to deflect from the economy because of the lack of an effective stimulus plan.

As a young Bermudian, I found the Premier’s comments a slap in the face for my fellow people who are struggling to reside in their own country, who are slowing but surely being forced into debt under the weight of rising expenses.

It is also a slap in the face for businesses being forced to pack up shop because their expenditure outweighs their revenue.

It is a slap in the face to the parents who struggle to keep a roof over their children’s head, and Seniors who are being forced to choose between buying groceries or paying their healthcare costs.

It is extremely disheartening to see the major issue afflicting our country casually brushed aside by our Island’s Leader.

- Dwayne Robinson


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Comments (12)

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  1. Practice what you preach oba says:

    You talk about a slap in the face hmmm but isn’t placing Jet Gate as your champion leader a slap in the face to the voters and the OBA. You took the best of the oba and replaced it with the worthless. That my friend is what the voters are really thinking, if you can’t see that it’s OVER UBP.

    • Toadinthehole says:

      Yeah? What about the four seasons trip?

    • Mich says:

      That’s a double slap na try multiple slap,

  2. Please do not become brainwashed with a type of ideology which does not depict who you are.Retain and treasure your identity, young man!!!
    You are from AFRICAN ROOTS!!!

    • Black Young People says:

      It not about being brainwashed. Because I am young and black, but I am on no side. PlP has done more harm than the OBA, but my black people are brainwashed because they vote for thier own but your own do you wrong but you all sweep it under the rug. And Burt is still using Trump tackist tonput fear in you all so you can keep him in power.

    • Toadinthehole says:

      Yeah, and? Don’t you think hevis asking questions on behalf of every bermudian?

  3. Wow says:

    Instead of you talking about what separates both parties you rumble on about nothing, You never discuss why your UBP changed it name to try and fool voters to think it’s not the same UBP. A 25 to 11 lost didn’t tell you anything and you have learned nothing accept more speech writing. Wow

    • Toadinthehole says:

      More ubp leaders in the plp than the oba …

      • Really says:

        More of everything in the PLP you idiot why you think it was 25 vs 11 oba. You really need to do a study on the oba and try a discover why so many black voters don’t vote for you anymore.

  4. Black Young People says:

    60% is living cost is too high, 30% is education, and 10% is violence. Plus don’t tell Robinson to stick to his you root because he is like most of you, and you cannot shun him out because he is on the side, that is what is wrong with Bermuda culture now days. You always kick your own out when they have different opinions than you, that can be another why reason why Bermudians are leaving, because they don’t feel at home and don’t get support because they are different.

  5. La Verdad says:

    As a struggling senior, I left in 2015 after 3 years of indifference to the majority of the people by the OBA. May they RIP eternally.

  6. John says:

    I can’t blame you Robinson for believing all the oba hype they smile at you shake your hand and thank you for trying to convince the people that this party is diverse. I used to be just like you voted UBP and later OBA, until you realize their using you for only one reason.