Photos: Police Vehicle Decorated In Pride Colours

August 31, 2019

[Updated] Bermuda’s first ever Pride Parade is taking place today [Aug 31] under a theme of ‘We Belong,’ with the Bermuda Police Service decorating a vehicle with rainbow colours and the word ‘Pride’ for the event.

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley previously said, “The BPS represents and supports all aspects of our diverse communities and we want to be alongside LGBTQ people to celebrate their identity and have confidence that their police service is there when they have need.

“We have many in Bermuda, particularly young people, who may feel alone or isolated due to their sexual orientation or are subject to hateful comments or actions. This is not right and all communities deserve respect and equality.

“The Pride Parade can help change attitudes and is a celebration of the progress that LGBTQ communities have made all over the world.”

For live updates of the event, click here, and for all of our coverage of the Pride Parade, click here.




Update | Additional images of the police car and police officers:

Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019-3598

Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019-3596

Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019-3567

Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019-3563

Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019-3552

bermuda-pride-parade-aug-2019 (35)

bermuda-pride-parade-aug-2019 (36)

bermuda-pride-parade-aug-2019 (11)

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Comments (16)

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  1. Soooo…who paid for this?
    The commissioner or taxpayers’ hard earned money??
    Or, was the money taken out of policemen’s paychecks??
    Were all police genuinely supportive???
    hhhMMM…. I DOUBT IT!!!

    • Hmmm says:

      straightbackward…. It was paid for by private funds!!… But even if it wasn’t, it would be a better use of public funds than all of the loosing legal battles this government has wasted taxpayer money on…

      • PBanks says:

        SF’s trying to drive wedges here with the ‘out of policemen’s paychecks’ nonsense. Surprised they didnt suggest it came from the Education budget.

        • Longtail says:

          Maybe it should have come from the Education budget – Bermuda would be a far better place if Government led by teaching tolerance and inclusion instead of divisiveness!

    • wa says:


      You seem to be very upset.
      You’ve posted in every online forum on every story about this.
      You need to seek help…we can almost see the spittle foaming at the corners of your mouth as you seethe with jealousy.

  2. frank says:

    I wonder if the police cars will be decorated for Labour day

    • Jevon Ray says:

      As long as they do the same when marijuana becomes legal….I better see the same amount of support from the BPS but highly doubt it, be some blatant discrimination going on

  3. imjustsaying says:

    Many people don’t like the Police and with their actions in support of this parade, they are not helping themselves, they are turning more people against them. I believe they went a little bit to far with this Police car. What a shame. SMH!

  4. imjustsaying says:

    Many people don’t like the Police, and what they did with the Police car does not make it any better. it’s only gonna make it worse. Support the cause yes, but they went a little to far with the Police car.

    • Looking says:

      Get a life people…. nothing wrong with the police car!

      • imjustsaying says:

        No you need to open your eyes and get a life.

        • Anbu says:

          Seems to me the same group that doesnt “like” police dont like gays either. Seems you lot are the problem. Didnt cost us a cent. Much like jetgate. But do carry on.

    • Chizzel says:

      Police are supposed to be neutral apparently not they gonna start arresting pastors and priests like they do in Canada and the US now??

      • PBanks says:

        That’s one of the must ludicrous conspiracy theories I’ve read in some time, well done.

      • Looking says:

        Some Bermudian’s are truly brain dead!