Police & Route Advisory For Pride Parade

August 25, 2023 | 3 Comments

The Bermuda Police Service said they “have been actively working with OUTBermuda to ensure a safe and peaceful Pride celebration in the City of Hamilton this Saturday [Aug 26], with the parade commencing at 10.00am.”

Jerome Laws, Acting Superintendent Community Policing Division, said: “The parade will be followed by activities scheduled to take place between 11:00am and 3:00pm in Victoria Park. The parade and activities will be monitored by our Police Officers, inclusive of our Road Policing Unit and Reserve Police officers, to ensure the safety of persons attending and working at the event and to minimize traffic disruption.

“OUTBermuda, the organizers of the parade, have obtained the required permission to have this event. It is anticipated that there will be a large number of participants and members of the public in attendance.

“The parade route is as follows;

  1. Depart from Victoria Park and travel south on Cedar Avenue to Church Street.
  2. Turn left on Church Street and travel east to Court Street.
  3. Turn right on Court Street and travel south to Front Street.
  4. Turn right on Front Street and travel west to Queen Street.
  5. Turn right onto Queen Street and travel north to Church Street.
  6. Turn right onto Church Street and travel east to Cedar Avenue.
  7. Turn left onto Cedar Avenue, travel north, and turn onto Dundonald Street where the parade will end.

“The parade is due to finish at 11.00am, with participants and members of the public then being invited to enjoy planned activities in the Victoria Park.

“We are working with our partners in the City of Hamilton to make this a safe event for all, including the participants, onlookers and members of the public who are going about their daily routine.

“We advise members of the public who will be attending the area of the parade during the stated time, there will be disruption to traffic and road users are to consider alternative routes whilst traveling in the City.”

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  1. Richardson says:

    What is the purpose of involving COURT STREET? Take that…… to Tuckers Town and the like!

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