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September 16, 2019

[Updated] Just like in the words of the song, California dreaming was becoming a reality when Bermudian Danyel Thompson and her family arrived on the US West Coast from North Carolina.

But for Ms Thompson the fulfilment of that dream had to include a bricks-and-mortar component: a family home.

The TV reality show House Hunters stepped in to assist business analyst consultant Ms Thompson and husband Calvin as they sought to move from a rented apartment in Southern California wine country into a home of their own.

Bermudian Danyel Thompson appear in this episode of TV’s House Hunters

“If we’re living in California we might as well party like rock stars,” she jokes at the start of her home-hunting journey. “I’m thinking of something grand, something big.

“I’m from Bermuda, I have friends internationally, family internationally, spread out, so I’m going to need to accommodate them.”

Titled New Roots in Southern California, the House Hunters episode featuring Ms Thompson’s family aired on Wednesday [Sept 11] on HGTV cable channel.

The family relocated to Temecula Valley Wine Country, known for its hillside vineyards and many golf courses, because of Calvin Thompson’s job with a US government agency.

Between them Mr. and Ms Thompson have a total of five children, ranging in age from two to 26, three of whom still live at home.

As in all House Hunters episodes, the show centres around attempts to reconcile the family’s space requirements and other needs — some practical, some off their dream list — with budgetary constraints.

And the fact the couple have very different views of what kind of home they should purchase adds a further complication to the proceedings.

At the outset Ms Thompson tells House Hunters she has her sights set “on a mid-century modern — it has a flavour of ‘Hey, I’ve arrived’.”

But Mr. Thompson is interested in finding a more modestly sized — and priced — ranch house.

There is a happy ending — but you’ll have to watch the show to find out how things resolve themselves.

“It feels great owning a home in California,” Ms Thompson tells House Hunter’s at the conclusion of the episode. “It feels like we are actually now here, not visiting. The children are excited to be acclimated into the community.

“Overall our family is going to be really comfortable and real happy here. So everyone is going to enjoy California.”

Bermuda was featured on an episode of the spin-off series House Hunters International in 2014. The show helped find accomodation for two Canadian friends moving to the island to work.

Update September 18, 9.25am: Unfortunately the video has been removed from YouTube and we were unable to find another one. Apologies!

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  1. Jussayin says:

    Wow… I watched the 1st 5mins of that and felt sorry for the guy already

  2. Bob & Margaret says:

    She epitomizes what is wrong with the mindset of so many Bermudians… live within your means haha!

    • It's just a Show. says:

      If Mr. and Mrs. Thompson agreed to being practical (conservative) and within their budget with no dream list items, their story would have zero entertainment value and it would be of no use to House Hunters. That said, they have good taste for choosing to live in California’s wine region as it is quite beautiful.

    • Gold Coast Girl says:

      I mean honestly Bob and Margaret! I’ve watched dozens of episodes of House Hunters, and in practically every episode one of the two people wants to spend more than the other for a “grander” house. Bermudians do NOT have a monopoly on that mind-set, so please keep your ignorant attitude to yourself.

  3. PBanks says:

    Not limited to Bermudians. You can find people all over the world in that situation.

  4. Honestly says:

    Some Bermudians YES! Many NO! She is basically living above her means and expected her Husband to comply. She drove me crazy once I started to watch. The amount should’ve been discussed prior to being recorded. Did they purchase a house? LOL

  5. Dunkin DeezNuts says:

    You should have seen the episode where they had on Scientist. He was looking at some primo real estate. His main concerns were having 24/7 access to a lighter and pedal bike access.

  6. Quinton B says:

    Man you lot are nasty…let this lady live her life!

  7. ladeej says:

    I agree with “It’s Just a Show”. I’m sure that Danyel and her husband had to have extremely opposite views to generate interest in the show. Her role was to act like a diva with extravagant wants, whilst hubby had to be the conservative voice of reason. :-) That said, Bermuda got a plug and that’s always a good thing.

  8. Barbie says:

    All he wanted was a pool!!!

  9. Question says:

    The expression at 0.35. It’s ‘omg wth is with this chick’.

  10. Computer Guy says:

    ….and the account’s been deleted. That was fun while it lasted

  11. Cranberry says:

    Never go to California – so many things cause cancer in rats there…