Westmeath Unveils Newly Restored Verandah

November 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

Westmeath celebrated the restoration of their verandah on their historically listed home, and thanked all the “carpenters and painters for the hard work and skills to restore the verandah with all its historical integrity.”

Speaking at the ribbon cutting, Susan Jackson said, “Good morning and thank you for joining the Westmeath family as we celebrate the restoration of the elaborate ‘gingerbread’ verandah on our historically listed home.

“It’s a privilege to thank carpenters, and painters for the hard work and skills to restore the verandah with all its historical integrity. This Bermuda architectural design was first introduced to Bermuda in the 18th century. Decorative verandahs and intricate lattice have become a national architectural feature in Bermuda.

“Over the years Westmeath and its spacious gardens have been adapted to meet the needs of the retiring elderly.

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“The present Board of Trustees at Westmeath are constantly seeking to improve quality of life for its residents. The increasingly aging population, rising cost of living and maintenance costs make it difficult to sustain operating expenses while being sensitive to the price of care and supporting those on Financial Assistance.

“Happily, and with much help from the community and families of residents, Westmeath is reemerging as a robust home for seniors. Activities have now resumed after Covid lockdown with much entertainment ranging from local musician performances, art and music therapy, gardening, new pets, and recitals.

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“With help from a Government Grant, the Community Day Care program is re-opening and we are actively seeking new participants.

“A special thank you to Argus, Chubb and Par-La-Ville Pharmacy for their corporate sponsorship. Their generosity has allowed for the recent completion of this new verandah, landscaping improvements, painting, and new windows.

“We hope to soon launch a Capital Campaign to raise funds to continue restoration of the property. For donations please go to our website www.Westmeath.bm. Thank you!”

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