Photos: Progressive Labour Party Gala Event

November 17, 2019 | 11 Comments

The Progressive Labour Party hosted their PLP Gala last night at the Fairmont Southampton featuring Bermudian entertainment that included the CedarBridge Academy Orchestra, Sheila Smith, the Gombeys and Jessie Seymour backed by DIA band.

Howard University President, Dr. Wayne Frederick delivered the keynote address, and Party Leader & Premier David Burt also delivered remarks to the guest filled room.


A spokesperson previously said, “Still going strong after 55 years, we are Bermuda’s oldest and first political party. This year we plan to celebrate Bermudian Excellence by honoring Bermudians of Excellence in various capacities throughout the night.

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  1. #CLUELESS says:

    Sure let’s put on another book signing event.
    Voters better wake up.

  2. One Who Escaped says:

    Such a wise use of money.

  3. Onion_peels says:

    No-one there looks like they’re struggling to put food on the table.

    Maybe they should volunteer at some of the Island food banks and meet the real Bermuda, instead of toasting themselves at yet another gala event.

    • Woah!!! says:

      You have just peeled the onion !! Haha

    • Bermuda Voter says:

      If I was you I would focus on trying to get black Bermudians to return to the UBP/oba. Never mind that’s why you have Craig there.


      • sandgrownan says:

        Some Bermudians will continue to vote against their own self interests because it’s their “team”.

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    Did topics covered in the addresses include the serious financial situation we’re in or the plummeting confidence in Bermuda since the last election ?

  5. Moor says:

    So these are the privileged elite who got to hear the Throne Speech.

  6. Banting and Best says:

    Respectfully attendees, if we are ever going to get diabetes under control in this country, the empowered elite of this country need to set a better example than this.

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