BTA Release Bermuda Food Harvest Almanac

January 3, 2020

With the help of local farmers, fishermen and beekeepers, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has created a Bermuda Food Harvest Almanac to debut this weekend at the Botanical Gardens Farmers’ Market.

The pocket-sized guide is “designed to connect restaurateurs, grocers and consumers with locally grown foods at their freshest.”

“As we roll out a food harvest almanac to the community, we want residents to tell us their favourite locally harvested foods by season,” said Glenn Jones, BTA Chief Experience Development Officer. “Through destination marketing efforts, we can lead visitors to the local harvests residents rank the highest.

“We’re focusing on seasonal picks, because food helps articulate Bermuda’s year-round appeal,” added Mr Jones. “Some of our more distinct foods, like loquats and lobsters, harvest in winter—a time of year our tourism industry wants to make more attractive to visitors.”

“While at the weekly Saturday market, the BTA will also promote Bermuda Restaurant Weeks, which takes place January 16 to February 2. About 50 local restaurants are participating and most have already published their menus. Restaurateurs have been encouraged to source local foods and honour Bermudian food traditions—specifically mentioning both in their menus.

“This will help elevate Bermuda’s food culture and sustainability practices, important to today’s travellers, who are often willing to pay more for food sourcing that is green and food experiences that are culturally immersive,” Mr Jones explained.

“Local farmers, fishermen and beekeepers contributed their expertise during the BTA’s research phase last year. It’s hoped the end product supports their businesses economically by making consumers more aware of what they offer and when it’s freshest.

“Many local growers sell their harvests at the seasonal Botanical Gardens Farmers’ Market. The public is invited to visit between 8 am and 1 pm any Saturday in January to collect a free hard-copy version of the almanac and complete a seasonal harvest survey. You can also view a digital version of the almanac at and access the survey online too.

“At the end of Restaurant Weeks 2020, survey data will be shared with the BTA’s marketing team and local stakeholders. Data will also be used to produce a streamlined version of the almanac specifically geared to visitors.”

The Bermuda’s Year-Round Bounty follows below [PDF here]

Harvest Almanac Bermuda Jan 2020 (1)

Harvest Almanac Bermuda Jan 2020 (2)

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  1. Serious Though says:

    Bermuda Avocados, Available all year ??

    • Toodle-oo says:

      From what I’ve seen over many years it seems they are only ready/available from September to December.
      There are hundreds of varieties of avocados and if we had a somewhat more stable climate and better soil we probably could have them all year ’round.

      • Onion Juice says:

        For a $1000.00 a day pay cheque, this is de best that you can come up with?
        F@#%ing PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Toodle-oo says:

          If you’re going to type a (typically) meaningless F@#%ing response to someone at least click on the correct ‘reply box’

  2. Eve says:

    The BTA continues to devote resources to schemes that are directed at local stakeholders and minimal chance of attracting visitors to Bermuda. The pretty pocket-guide is wasted without visitor’s too pick it up and get some benefit from it. BTA have directed their efforts to local stakeholders over the past year while air visitor numbers are declining; BTA has lost focus.