Photos: The Youngest Victim of All

March 2, 2010

The tragic death of Alshante Brangman is made even more poignant as she leaves behind a 3 year old daughter. Pictured below is A’Saiya, the daughter of Alshante Brangman, alongside the sheet where family and friends have written tributes to her mother.

Ms Brangman passed away on March 2nd 2010 under what the police term ‘suspicious circumstances’, full details located here.

We spoke with A’Saiya’s family, who said she isn’t quite taking it all in yet due to her young age, but knows something is very, very wrong.

Irrespective of all other aspects involved, knowing that this young child will grow up motherless is something to tug even the hardest of hearts.

daughter of 2010 bermuda murder victim
daughter of 2010 Bermuda murder victim 2

Alshante Brangman’s mother Gina looks at the written tributes to her daughter:

Alshante Brangman's mother Gina looks at the written tributes to her daughter
Alshante during happy times:
alshante brangman bermuda murder victim 2

[We would like to note that we posted these photos with the permission of the victim's family.]

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