BAD Stages Sit In On Parliament

June 18, 2010

At 3pm today [June 18] members and supporters of Bermudians Against The Draft [BAD] met at Parliament to make a peaceful statement against the draft. The group met, and entered the sitting of the House of Assembly, with their stated objective being to show the MPs that they intend to continue to register their objections to conscription.

Conscription first began in Bermuda under the all white Bermuda Rifles in 1957, and the all black Bermuda Militia Artillery began conscripting in 1960. The integrated Bermuda Regiment, which started in 1965, began with conscription in place.

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The case by BAD to abolish conscription has been an ongoing battle for a number of years. The issue has been of greater note the last few weeks due to the arrest by Regimental Police of two BAD members; Shannon Adderly and Lamont Marshall. A third, Jamal Hartdman, turned himself in on June 15, the same day of Mr Marshall’s military arrest. The three were directed to turn up at Bermuda Regiment Headquarters by Thursday, June 3. None of the three did, which caused warnings to be issued that they are liable for arrest.

The directive to report to Warwick Camp by June 3rd, came about after the Privy Council in London, Bermuda’s highest court of appeal rejected BAD’s case on May 24th 2010. The case had previously been rejected by the Bermudian Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

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  1. terry says:

    So where are all the white bouys. Oh…Thats right …privlige

    Echo’s of the 60′s…..irony.