Request For Royal Commission Into Regiment

November 27, 2013

Larry Marshall Sr,  who is well known for his work with anti-conscription group Bermudians Against The Draft, has written to Attorney General Mark Pettingill to request a Royal Commission into the Bermuda Regiment.

Mr Marshall suggested that a request be made to the Governor that a Royal Commission be set up to investigate whether “there has been sexual assault in the Bermuda Regiment and whether sexual assault was covered up by officers in the Regiment.”

He said he “would like to stress the most compelling argument for a Royal Commission which is that justice for the alleged victims cries out. They deserve the opportunity to be heard in camera to protect their identity in an environment which allows them to share their stories.”

Mr Marshall’s full letter follows below:

Good day Minister Pettingill,

I write concerning a most serious issue in the hope that you and the OBA can be convinced that a Royal Commission into whether sexual abuse took place in the Bermuda Regiment and whether sexual was covered up is needed.

At the outset it must be stated that the magnitude of this situation can best be understood when reading statements made by alleged victims of the recently convicted Major Glenn Brangman.

The following quotes were taken from articles which appeared in the Royal Gazette on November 20,2013:

  • ” No one should have to go through what I went through at Warwick Camp”- Soldier D
  • ” He has scarred a part of me and my life.” Soldier D
  • ” It has been something I think about on almost a daily basis.” Soldier A
  • ” I have really tried to forget the whole thing. I really have and and I haven’t been able to.” Soldier A
  • ” If enough people say it happened and enough people give similar testimony, that’s got to be enough for something to be done.” Soldier C who according to the article contacted the RG in tears after reading that the newspaper had uncovered 14 claims of sexual assault against Brangman.

Based on those heart wrenching comments and the recent Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold the conviction of former major Glenn Brangman it appears that an investigation is indeed warranted.

Then when considering the inglorious reputation the Regiment has regarding sexual abuse along with statements made by members of both that institution and the current government I believe there is an abundance of evidence that warrants opening up a board of inquiry of some sort.

Most importantly a Commission would bring perpetrators to justice, albeit belatedly, and in the process bring closure to the many alleged victims. Also it would transcend conscription and set a precedent whereby the system is “victim friendly” as opposed to being “predator friendly”.

It would set a precedent whereby victims are encouraged to come forward after their horrible ordeal as opposed to being discouraged from doing so. And it would show that the OBA Government values these alleged victims as opposed to ignoring their traumatic experiences.

This precedent setting action would then bring Bermuda to the level of other jurisdictions which apparently take sexual assault a lot more serious than we do at the present time.

This is seen in their willingness to go back sixteen or even eighteen years in order to ensure that the victims receive justice. And after all they are the most important people.

I am speaking specifically of two grand jury investigations which took place in Pennsylvania recently. One involved the infamous Jerry Sandusky and the other a Catholic priest by the name of William Lynn.

Both grand juries went back to 1994 and 1992 respectively yet we are told in Bermuda that because these alleged sexual assaults and subsequent cover ups occurred prior to 2002 there is no need for an investigation. I find that to be both illogical and grossly unfair.

What I also find illogical and unfair is the fact that in the Jerry Sandusky case a thorough investigation was launched after just one allegation yet here we are in Bermuda with thirteen allegations against a former officer being made and there has yet to be an investigation.

As the Royal Gazette reported,” a series of sexual misconduct complaints were made about him to his superiors between 1989 and 2002″ and yet absolutely no action was taken.

That is astonishing and as current MP Wayne Furbert said at the time if this were to happen in any other institution people would be marching in the streets. He is absolutely correct and irrespective of where and when these allegations took place there should be and there has been public outcry.

However, there is an obligation by the powers that be to open a Royal Commission and allow justice for the victims. Yes the people are outraged but that outrage must be buttressed by action which can only be precipitated by the Government.

Now if Brangman was the only one suspected, as the Regiment would have the general public believe, that alone would merit an inquiry. But he is not as the list of suspects is an “open secret” especially among our politicians.

Yet the comments of one politician in particular need to be given serious consideration as they provide perhaps the most compelling argument for a Royal Commission.

That is Minister Michael Dunkley who in September 2009 conducted an informal investigation looking into allegations of sexual abuse at Warwick Camp. During just a two week period then Sen. Dunkley was able to extract an incredible amount of what appears to be incriminating information.

In an RG article which appeared on October 2, 2009, then Sen Dunkley revealed he had spoken to “highly reliable” sources who had provided the following information:

  • 1) Records had gone missing.
  • 2) Sexual abuse had taken place.
  • 3) Sexual abuse had been covered up in order to protect “well known people ” in the community.

They also revealed the names of those allegedly involved in the cover up prompting Sen. Dunkley to lament, ” What makes it more concerning for me is that some of the names of the officers that are alleged to have carried out the behavior are well known in the community.” That Minister Pettingill is an astonishing statement!

In that same article Sen. Dunkley stated that an inquiry was urgently needed and he had been asking for one for years. Despite being unsuccessful Sen. Dunkley continued to support Bermudians Against the Draft’s call for a Royal Commission or some sort of inquiry.

On February 10, 2012, he again expressed his dismay that there had been no inquiry set up when writing to the then opposition One Bermuda Alliance. In an open letter written the day after Major Brangman was convicted in the Supreme Court, Sen. Dunkley made the following statements:

1) ” Something is wrong. Something smells bad. The people deserve answers.”
2) ” Even if an inquiry finds no fault- finds that people behaved in good faith- it would clear the air. It would at least remove the suspicion currently held by many that there was a cadre of like-minded predators at one time in the Regiment, who were able to minimize the difficulties suffered by Brangman, when he was caught.”

This too is an astonishing statement particularly because it is coming from a then Senator who is now Deputy Premier and, somewhat ironically, Minister of National Security.

Incredibly there has been no inquiry set up under an OBA government despite Min. Dunkley constantly requesting one while in opposition. That cannot be right as one would have expected, based on the wealth of information at Min. Dunkley’s disposal, this would have been a top priority immediately following the election.

Nevertheless it is by no means too late as time should not be a factor as seen by the grand jury investigations conducted in Pennsylvania.

After all if those jurisdictions, determined to bring justice could go to such great lengths to convict both the perpetrators and those involved in the cover up then it is incumbent for us to do likewise. As Min. Dunkley has stated ” something smells bad, the people deserve answers.”

Considering the aforementioned there is indeed sufficient evidence to warrant a Royal Commission. Furthermore under the circumstances a Royal Commission would be tailor-made for a most thorough investigation. The Terms of Reference should allow the Commissioner to go back to at least 1997.

And seeing that Royal Commissions are called to look into matters of great controversy than what better mechanism do we have? Most importantly, because The Warrant may grant immense investigatory powers to the Commissioner it can then defeat the protective systems that powerful, but corrupt public officials use to shield themselves from conventional investigation. Classified documents would be made available.

The Warrant can and should also include the ability to summon witnesses under oath. This is imperative as the one thing we learned in February 2011 was the power that a court has to extract information from those who otherwise might be reluctant to provide such pertinent information.

As our lawyer, Mr. Eugene Johnston, cross examined three Regiment officers concerning sexual abuse they all were initially singing from the same hymnal. No sexual assaults had taken place after 2002. Yet under oath all three admitted that a vicious attempted rape involving a bladed weapon had in fact taken place in 2005.

The point is that under oath information can indeed be extracted from officers and others. And considering that a Royal Commission would be set up specifically to investigate sexual assaults and cover ups then it is a foregone conclusion that far more information would be extracted.

A good starting point would be with Min. Dunkley who would be questioned, under oath, and asked by the Commissioner to inform the Committee who those “highly reliable sources” are as well as reveal the names of those officers which were given to him. I am also sure the RG reporter who has done considerable research into alleged sexual abuse at the Regiment, Samantha Strangeways, would make herself available to the Commission.

I too would be more than prepared to give evidence having spoken to several victims, family members and former Regiment personnel over the years who have stated that Brangman was by no means the only predator.

That appears to confirm the statement by Min. Dunkley that there was a “cadre of like-minded predators at one time in the Regiment.” Also the information I have received strongly suggests that sexual abuse and cover ups did not end in 2002. Right up until 2011 I was receiving information that sexual assaults were taking place at Warwick Camp.

Finally Min. Pettingill I would like to stress the most compelling argument for a Royal Commission which is that justice for the alleged victims cries out. They deserve the opportunity to be heard in camera to protect their identity in an environment which allows them to share their stories. And as incentive they should be offered indemnites to come forward.

To once again read their stories in the RG edition published on November 19, 2013 was heart wrenching and sickening for every right minded Bermudian. They deserve a Royal Commission as does the island of Bermuda.

For too long this institution has been allowed to continue as if nothing happened when there is overwhelming evidence that something did. These are people who have suffered tremendously and should not be known simply as Soldier A, Soldier B, Soldier C, and Soldier D. Min. Pettingill how far down the alphabet do we need to go before an inquiry is set up?

As Soldier C stated ” If enough people say it happened and enough people give similar testimony, that’s got to be enough for something to be done.”

I therefore ask that a request be made to the Governor that a Royal Commission be set up to investigate whether there has been sexual assault in the Bermuda Regiment and whether sexual assault was covered up by officers in the Regiment.

This would provide the legal avenue for the alleged victims to say ” Enough is Enough” as well as others with pertinent information. It should go back to at least 1997 and extend to the Cadet Corp as well.

Larry Marshall Sr

Bermudians Against the Draft


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  1. it only hurts when I breath says:

    WHAT ABOUT a Royal Commission into the MISSING MILLIONS?? When are we gonna get to the bottom of that bring the rightful monies back into Bermuda’s dying coffers and the rightful folk brought to answer for their deeds which crippled Bermuda??

  2. Sisu says:

    Can all of those who dislike Larry Marshall please refrain from commenting on this article? Too often we get sidetracked and stuck in a game of character assasination and lose track of the seriousness of some of these articles. I have seen how the regiment works with regard to dealing with assaults and it makes a mockery of the victims of said crimes. Let’s see what the outcome is. Fingers crossed.

    • Cleancut says:

      Larry Marshall just want’s to be known as the man responsible for abolishing conscription.
      He wants his name to go down in history, etched in stone, the man who did it.

      Well i have news for Larry Marshall,………ain’t gonna happen!

      The OBA, the Governor, and ultimately the Queen will see this through once they decide on the necessary defense force for the island.

      • Free-DUM says:

        You’re an idiot!!!

      • watchfuleyes says:

        so you don’t care about the men who have allegely been abused either. Can it be that this Govt does not want to find out the facts, or maybe they already know and want to keep it a secret from the public. We are talking about real issues here not about who likes who. And if you have been following the news, both parties have come out in favor of abolishing conscription.And for your information this is not a Larry Marshall thing it is a Human Rights thing!

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Curious …why would folks dislike Larry Marshall. Is this because of his outspoken views of the regiment or something else?

      • Free-DUM says:

        I think folks dislike Larry Marshall because he continues to display the courage to expose one of Bermuda’s institutions and he actually stands on principle

        • watchfuleyes says:

          We have few men on this Island who stand up for principals and morals. We have so few men who have guts and really put their money where their mouth is. Maybe he is saying what others believe but are not willing to say or fight for. Could that be the reason he is the man Bermudians love to hate? Whatever the reason he (and BAD) will continue until conscription has ended…

      • Petty Lump says:

        I would say its the outspoken views.

      • Sisu says:

        At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who or what Larry Marshall is. He is merely the most outspoken critic of a failing and outdated institution. Judge the content of his message on it’s own merits and don’t automatically dismiss it simply because he said it. 95% of what he says is correct and spot-on. Larry keep up the good fight.

  3. Malachi says:

    Even in the absence of Mr. Marshall’s request, it IS astonishing that, based on the mere volume of complaints of sexual abuse over the years that a formal enquiry has not been held.

    It has been suggested in the media that this due to the apparent involvement of “influential” individuals. If this IS the reason, then the powers that be should be ashamed and embarrassed. These type of predators should be locked away.

    I too demand any enquiry!!

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Do you ever wonder the names that will be called when they lift that rock, this will be very enlightening and although sad it will give the victims a chance to be heard which in some small way may help them, I’m also for a formal outside enquiry

  4. Hmmmmmm says:

    “Then when considering the inglorious reputation the Regiment has regarding sexual abuse”

    Are you saying the whole Regiment!!! You may need to substantiate that accusation.

    I do think an independent inquiry needs to take place.

    • Observer says:

      Due to the alleged cover up and the way it’s been handled by the powers that be, yes the regiment as an institution is to blame.

  5. Terry says:

    What can I say.
    Mr. Marshall has had an ax to grind for too long.
    No other offences have come to light.
    Your in the army and you follow the rules.

    How many sexual offences have been committed other places that have been covered up.

    Royal Commission?
    It’s all about him, his son and his bias for authority.

    Maybe he should ask for a Royal Commission into others that were involved in the assassination of Sir Richard Sharples .
    No that would open wounds yet he was to cut deeper into things that have been before the courts or handled by the Regiment.

  6. Ithoughtso says:

    Mr. Marshall would have been better advised not to request a Royal Commission (which has very cumbersome and bureaucratic requirements through the UK), but a Commission of Inquiry under our Bermuda legislation. Such a Commission is quicker and easier to institute, can have the same terms of reference and acheive the same outcomes with full weight of the law behind it.

  7. Fk says:

    I am a conscript, I have a job, a life to live and bills to pay. Being paid 4 times a year by the regiment inhibits my ability to pay my bills, when I could be at work making more money.

    Going up to warwick camp for 5-10 hours a week, by FORCE, to play toy soldier, does not fit in to my schedule. I am not a soldier. I am being coerced. Coercion is illegal.

    The regiment is an absolute waste of time and tax payers money, being as last time I was there, I stood at a gate for 8 hours for ‘training’.

    Thank you for that $144, tax payers. Its too bad that I got that 3 months after I did it. And its also too bad i had to miss work that day, TO STAND AT A GATE.

    Lets be serious, lets be civilized, lets act like this is the year 2013.

    Slavery has been abolished, women have rights, gays are marrying… Why are they ‘enslaving’ us… for national security? Conscription is enslavement.

    Half the shot callers up there drive trash trucks on their off time.. Yet I have to follow orders from some dumb shmuck with a gold tooth?

    Lets catch up with the times, you f****ng idiots.

    • Observer says:

      Sounds like another Mama’s boy who believes that he can do as he pleases and not obey the law of the land. Oh what a shame. One day you may grow up and be a man and realise that sometimes you have to do things that you might not agree with.

      • Hmm... says:

        Is that what slaves used to say when they had to do things they didn’t want? Sounds like you are saying “Obey the law of the land, boy.”

      • Derpington says:

        Observer, come work up at my house, stand at my front gate for a few hours.

        I mean I’ll pay you, 4 times a year. But you have to come whenever I say so, is that okay?

        And you have to ask me for permission to leave the island even for just a few days.

        • Sisu says:

          They won’t do it. But if the government tells them they have to they will. Weak minded fools like Observor allow this unjust system to continue.

  8. McRobinsonn says:

    My name was in the paper to continue my service after living abroad. I’ve been through boot camp already, it’s horrible, the food is bad, I’d rather be in jail where I at least have my RIGHTS.

    I was “required” to show up this month of November, I did not go. I will not go. Why? Simply because I do NOT WANT TO. Unreasonable right? Not according to my human rights. I haven’t committed a crime, this isn’t 100 years ago, I do NOT HAVE TO GO.

    I ADVISE ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS BEEN CALLED NOT TO GO. Unless for some ungodly reason you want to, then fair play, have fun you’re a soldier, I am not and refuse to be.


    • Terry says:

      Until the law/s are changed I suggest you shut up and bite the bullet.
      Yeah right.

      • sanityisback says:

        Know you shut up as the young man has every right to stand up for what he believes. What Bermuda needs are people with a conscience as opposed to a herd mentality wich you are obviously afflicted with.

        Any comment on the Royal Commission?

      • Free-DUM says:

        You sound like a slave master, “Until the law/s are changed I suggest you shut up and bite the bullet”

      • Mcrobinsonn says:

        Terry the point on what I said is to state the law is and should be null in modern day society. You provided no real argument or opposition to what I said besides the typical PLP propaganda “it’s the law follow it”. “Fk” in the comment above mine had a valid argument, conscription is slavery, and I’m assuming you disagree with slavery, at least I hope.

        People should not fear the government, government should fear the people. Government should NEVER have that control over the people, and I refuse to let that happen.

        You also disagree with my last name? Please…

        • sanityisback says:

          Young man stand your ground you are doing well. As to the uneducated it is an exercize in futility to try and persuade a fool.

        • $oldier says:

          well guess what bra, long as ya name’s on de list ya gotta go. if not dey take you up der. aink that bad….really tho. you sound soft as baby s**t!

      • Nuffin but da Truth says:

        Terry,we all know that you were a police officer and that you dont live on the island anymore.
        You were useless as a police officer and you are still useless

    • Silent Majority says:

      I fully support you McRobinson . I cannot imagine why young men have not rallied, marched and refused to be coerced into the Regiment all these years. Larry Marshall has had the guts to object and more power to him. He needs a medal for his efforts.

  9. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    What frustrates me about this whole issue is that the Governor, Government and Regiment are being asked to look into something that everyone knows exists. Pride goes before the fall always on this damn rock. Affected persons and their families need to start telling their stories and naming names. We continue to delegate the power back to those in cahoots (directly or indirectly) with the perpetrators.

    Ending conscription should not hinge on whether or not there is sexual assault in the regiment and it is unfortunate that this appears to now be a focal point. Conscription should be ended because it is a violation of human rights and its the right thing to do.

    I hope a Royal Commission or Commission of Inquiry is granted however this should not delay the Government, Opposition and Independents from collaborating and moving forward to end conscription. #jmo

  10. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    The Bermuda Regiment is NOT something we should be proud of anymore

    The Regiment should be 100% Volunteers,forcing people doesn’t work.
    (YES we still have slaves in Bermuda,they are White and Black!).

    • Sisu says:

      No. We don’t NEED a military. Why can’t people see this?! We need a volunteer hurricane cleanup group, a marching band, and then more police officers to help in times of internal conflict. Easy passa

  11. Abolish conscription bring in the British troops! What u gotta say about that Larry?

  12. ha says:

    this island need a huge f****** storm and or s*** hit the fan! funny how people forget…… I will have no issue grabbing my rucsak in a moment notice and give back to this country for what it has given me. you all is just a bunch of p****** that is all about me, me ,me……. Grow some b@lls and be a man.

    On what this article is about, it is sad that the actions on a VERY FEW results to this. I do agree it needs to be looks into and what punishment needs to be dished out gets dished out to the VERY FEW to who had tarnished and put their regiment to shame.

    • Sisu says:

      Right. Because the only way to be a man is to serve in the military. Me thinks your b@lls are quite small and you need to feel macho to make up for it. So why don’t you grow a pair and stand up for your rights? P***y

  13. Come On Man says:

    Commission Commission Commission. Why dont we have a Royal Commission on the Royal Commission. Cant they figure anything out on their own? COME ON MAN!!!

  14. CommonSense says:

    I also am currently a conscript in the Bermuda Regiment. I did not choose to be a soldier, nor do I want to be a soldier, but because it is currently the law, I will follow it.

    I do not believe in conscription. I think it is an outdated practice that goes against personal freedom. I also think that the Regiment is poorly managed and infected with incompetence.

    However, there are still plenty of good quality officers and soldiers that I do have respect for. I respect that they enjoy what they do, and on some days I can see a need for what they do. I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard of any kind of harassment or mistreatment of any soldier during my time in the Regiment.

    I look forward to the day that I can leave the Regiment, however I cannot agree with Mr. Marshall’s extremism.

    • watchfuleyes says:

      So if you do not believe in conscription why don’t you try to end it? we have so many cowards who just go along with the tradition and help to perpetuate this system. Don’t hate Mr.Marshall because he is doing something people are afraid to do. There is nothing extreme about fighting for ones freedom! so you just going to say it is outdated? You just going to say how badly it is run with out trying to make a difference? Because YOU have not experienced something does not mean it did not happen to all those men. A preditor knows how to pick his prey and why should our young men become anyone’s prey?

      • CommonSense says:

        First of all, I am no coward, friend.

        I also never said that I doubted those men’s claims, I only spoke of my own experience. I also never said I hated Mr. Marshall, just that I didn’t agree with his views. Perhaps you should read more carefully.

        I go to camp when I am asked to because I am a law abiding citizen, I get paid for it, and it really isn’t any worse than any other job.

        I don’t agree with conscription, but I don’t have so much hate towards it that I feel the need to protest it.

        I am also smart enough to realize that conscription will end soon enough, whether I do anything about it or not. The public consensus is against it, as is our government. Even members of the Regiment, like myself are against it.

        However, it is not so easy as to just end conscription cold turkey and hope that the Regiment will survive. Like any organization undergoing a major change, preparations have to be made. Unfortunately watchfuleyes, I am unaware of your level of education, so I wasn’t sure that you would know that.

        As you may have noticed the Regiment has been campaigning to get more volunteers over the past couple years, in preparation to losing conscription. Volunteer numbers continue to grow each year and are getting close to the point where conscription will no longer be needed at all. Once that happens, conscription will end and you will still have people to help clear your roads after a hurricane and an insurance policy in case anything worse were to ever happen to Bermuda. So you are welcome.

        • Derek A. G. Jones says:

          @ CommonSense, if everyone thought and acted like you Bermuda would be in a much better place. Patience and understanding the big picture whilst taking the time to help move things forward is critical to creating sustainable enterprises and economies. Thank you.

  15. Clarity says:

    I want to be very clear, so I am not misquoted, misunderstood or mishandled in any way.

    I believe that conscription should end.

    I believe that the Regiment does have merit and we, as a country, should find a way for it (the Regiment – the organization) to continue as it provides a service to our community (ceremonial, as well as, support to the police service and in natural disasters).

    I also believe that there is good and bad in any organization – - thus, the concept of sexual abuse within the Regiment is not a far fetched idea to me BUT I do feel that the organization has a right to govern itself and its members. Have they always done a great job? NO.

    I do not believe a Royal Commission is require or warranted. My logical mind states that if a solider was sexually abused (recently or not), with all the press and social media attention to the subject, they would bring it to the courts, especially with Mr. Brangman’s conviction. A Royal Commission will not bring them any peace or comfort – - it only provides a few with the added bonus of destroying an institution that hate and want buried.

    If I was a victim in this situation, I would feel that it is my duty at this time to come forward, take my case to court for the required justice – - this would be the honourable way to deal with the situation.

    For those individuals who have been affected by sexual abuse in the regiment, I pray for your peace and health.

    For those individuals who seek to use this as an opportunity to destroy the Regiment, I pray for God’s mercy upon you.

    Again, I seek only to provide one opinion – - everyone is entitled to believe what they choose – - I just pray that those who call from this Commission remember that fact when the time comes . . .


  16. sage says:

    Anyone remember when they tied an unwilling conscript to a chair,in the middle of the parade ground,and forcibly cut off his dreadlocks? Or how about the time the morons rushing the conscripts up from the gate, pushed a guy who had both hands full, face first into the asphalt and broke his jaw, on the news. Don’t make me have to bring up the infamous photo with a couple of “soldiers” looking up some poor guys ass, in what was according to Col. Burch, a routine tick removal method, jeezus. Anyway all you vocal supporters of conscription can go ahead and volunteer and we won’t need conscripts.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Why you naming Col. Burch! He’s done nothing wrong…RIGHT!?

  17. H@Z3 says:

    I’m in the regiment and if u end constipation that is a slap in the queens face… If we go independent who your gonna call for help…… Police hide behind regiment, regiment hide behind police

    • Family Man says:

      Actually I think the Queen would be quite relieved to end constipation.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Yes, constipation is never good. The Regiment would be much better if everyone was regular & passed through the ranks with no constipation.

    • Cleancut says:

      There are thousands of young men out there that gave service to the Regiment, many for 10-15 -20 years. these individuals have been trained to the highest standards and on many courses in the British Army.

      If Bermuda does come under any threat in the future, i am sure these solders will not just take a back seat. Most of them will pick up arms to protect this country.

      • WHAT? says:

        So, you believe the solution is to rely on men and women that were trained may years ago that are perhaps no longer in the regiment or even in Bermuda for that matter? That sounds like a terible plan, even if they are here how old are these folks today, what is their health status?

        A lot of men go up to camp on that dreaded day ready to hate every second of life up there, but some end up enjoying it and sticking with it. Without conscription they would never have found this passion. Maybe it’s helped them put their time towards something worthwhile instead of being out on the streets up to no good.

        If conscription ends and no one turns up on that fateful day to be trained in areas like disaster relief or crowd controll, let’s see how you all feel when there is a massive storm or a major fire. Who is going to get up in the middle of the night to help out? Are you going to? Yeah, didn’t think so.

        • Sisu says:

          What you and many pro-conscription/regiment people fail to recognize is the fact that there are many who would volunteer for hurricane cleanup duties outside of the regiment. In times of need/disaster Bermudians do in fact come together. We aren’t all bad. There is just no need to have the military control cleanup efforts.

          And why should my rights be impeded upon because the regiment fail to accurately portray itself to the public? Let’s conscript 200 so that 20 see they like it and decide to stay. Makes perfect sense!

          • Nice says:

            pretty sad that you would have to experience a disaster before you get off your butt and help your country. I hope you are proud of that.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          I did my time at the Regiment. Not once did we get any training in the fine art of chainsaw use or how to pack a truck with horticultural waste. Not ever.

          Give storm cleanup to landscaping companys. Allow them to hire temporary staff from wherever they can & let them get on with it. They will get the job done faster & with fewer people.

        • Cleancut says:

          You would be very surprised if i told you how many solders are out there that have been professionally trained to a very high standard.

          In the event of civil unrest or an external invasion i have know doubt that many Bermuda ex military personal would provide a stunning military force.

  18. What Grinds My Gears says:

    The Regiment will NEVER go anywhere. Why wait or push for a RC when the victims can go straight to the Police, instead of going to LM.

    There is an article in the RG today entitled “SAGE a ‘declaration of war’ on the workers”; where someone was quoted at the meeting saying…….“I’ve heard too many people say it’s time to riot. When black people riot, they destroy their own property.”

    Comments like this are the very reason why the Regiment exist and will ALWAYS exist. The Regiment will survive after conscription ends; but one has to wonder, will LM ever shut up? Yes, WHY? Because his convicted son will finally not have to serve.

    • watchfuleyes says:

      Silly, it is not about Larry Marshall. You fail to realize that BAD is a group that comprises of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of conscripts. He is just the spokesperson. silly you, you do not understand at all. This is bigger than one person. This is bigger than just the men accusing Regiment officers of abuse. This is about cover- up in high places. This is about Human Rights being trampled on. This fight is not just for Mr.Marshall’s sons but for all our young black male potential victims. get a clue.

      • What Grinds My Gears says:

        If what you say is true, which i actually do understand and somewhat agree, than Y is LM made to fight the battle himself? I have NEVER seen anyone else other than LM fighting for this. All those who he represents should do more for the cause and that includes the conscripts. Stop hiding behind LM and get out there and help him fight the cause.
        Now i have to agree that there are bigger issues, but how is that any different from the cover ups that take place all over the island/world. The “victims” should then become “whistleblowers” and name their assailants. It starts with them, not the Government, the Regiment, NOR any Commission.

        No entity is perfect and they are only put under the microscope when someone steps forward and says tells the story from their OWN mouth. Maybe, when that happens, the right authorities will take action.

        • watchfuleyes says:

          Do you know if the whistles blowers have named their assailants or not? Do you even know what the accusers have stated to whom? No I think not. I think we all know who the group in BAD are, they have appeared in courts, in the front page of the newspaper and are commenting in the blogs. No one is hiding behind anyone, but he is the spokesperson for the group.

          • What Grinds My Gears says:

            If thy had named the assailants to the right authorities, we wouldnt be having this discussion about cover ups. We would be talking about a failed process that couldnt prosecute them (if needed)? BUT we not there because some havent come forward.

            • sanityisback says:

              Please read the request for a RC. You will discover that Dunkley has the names as well as Marshall.

              That’s why a Royal Commission is necessary so that those with info can expose the alleged conspirators.

              • What Grinds My Gears says:

                A RC will not prosecute the individuals; only the police can do that. Thus, these individuals need to go to the police.
                The RC will only expose the alleged cover-up way back because i can assure you, the police now had a DIRECT recourse to all illegal activity in the Regiment. If its anything LM has done to the Regiment, its making it more efficient in its handling of ANY internal matters.

      • CommonSense says:

        What about the non-black potential victims? What about the female potential victims? Didn’t realize only young black males had rights. I’m gonna go look for a clue now.

  19. Verbal Kint says:

    The Governor has made it clear that he will not ask for a Royal Commission. If you do not like that state of affairs, too bad. You have no recourse. End of story.

    • sage says:

      Have him recalled,turn Government House into a college or hotel,put the next governor in a nice little two bedroom house,forget the Royal Commission and END CONSCRIPTION !!! By the way there is no draft in Britain.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        Good ideas. Okay with me. But ending conscription doesn’t deal with the issue of past (or possible future) abuses. Someone is going to have to step up and deal with that, even if it is the next Governor living in a two-bedroom house. The Governor has closed the door on this, so even if conscription is ended and there is still some form of Regiment, the problem and it’s solutions have not been addressed and the guilty are unpunished. Not good enough.

        • sage says:

          Your’e right , isn’t a local commission of inquiry an option to address the abuse allegations ?

  20. itoldyouso says:

    just a quick word.

    I was conscripted into the regiment many years ago and as a result I did lose my job because they felt I was now unable to fulfil my duties as an employee soon after I started my own company and had to scrap that idea as being at the camp nights affected my bottom line. it was soon after during a night at Warwick camp that I made the right decision to LEAVE. We had sat in a room for nearly 4hrs with nothing to do as the heads tried to figure out what it is they were going to do. it was almost like we served our purpose in doing a parade and that was it. I can tell you that since I’ve left I never looked back and now own my business. Now can you imagine the countless others that are there wasting time on what can be considered trivial to them that have the mind set to be greater. now don’t get me wrong I do see many uses for the regiment, but let those that want to serve join on their own free will and you will find that you can reduce cost and improve the quality of service you are looking for.

    just my thoughts………….

    • Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

      Isn’t it illegal to fire someone for serving in the regiment?

      • What Grinds My Gears says:

        Yes, it is

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Exactly Shari-Lynn. No employer can impede an employee who serves in the Regiment. FACT!

    • CommonSense says:

      doubt that being at camp 3 hours a week was the reason your business failed.