Lamont Marshall Arrested By Regimental Police

June 15, 2010

lamont marshall bermuda[Updated] One of Bermuda’s top runners is in Regimental custody tonight after being arrested earlier today [June 15] for failing to report for duty. Bermuda Regiment spokesman Major George Jones confirmed the arrest of Lamont Marshall by Regimental Military Police [MP] today, and stated he will be held overnight in Warwick Camp.

Mr Marshall, best known as one of Bermuda’s elite middle and long distance runners, is a member of Bermudians Against the Draft [BAD] and was arrested for failure to appear, a military offence. Under the Military Act he could be held for 72 hours, and can also be placed in front of a Magistrate. However, Major Jones said the Regiment prefers not to do so if at all avoidable, and says Mr Marshall will appear in front of the Regiment’s Commanding Officer in the morning, and is expected to be released following the military hearing.

Mr.Marshall, along with Jamel Hardtman and Shannon Adderley, were supposed to turn up at Bermuda Regiment Headquarters by Thursday, June 3. None of the three did, which caused warnings to be issued that they are liable for arrest.

Mr Adderley was arrested a few days ago and was deemed to be a conscientious objector, meaning he must still complete his Regimental duties, but in a non-combat position. In practice this equates to not touching a weapon or being placed in any combat positions. Duties given to him might include medical, kitchen, signals, and other support services.

Fellow BAD member Jamel Hardtman told us that he he will “report to Warwick Camp in support of Lamont Marshall who was arrested from his work place today.” Hr Hardtman went on to say that “as a man of my word I will turn myself in in support of Lamont and remain hopeful that we are able to reach a peaceful solution.”

Mr Hardtman continued on to say that “Many had to break laws to have them changed for us to live how we do today and for this we continue to take a stand for the generations behind us. Whether you support us or not I truly hope that one day many will appreciate what we’ve done.”

The case by BAD to abolish conscription has been an ongoing battle for a number of years. On May 24 2010 the Privy Council in London, Bermuda’s highest court rejected BAD’s case, which had previously been rejected by the Bermudian Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Mr Marshall is a regular top finisher on the road running scene, recently placing third at the 2010 May 24th Marathon Derby, as well as winning the 2010 Lindos to Lindos 10k, one of his many career wins. He holds a number of Bermuda national records including the 5km PP [14.50], 8km loop [25:25] and 10km [31:02].

Update June 16 2pm: Both Mr Marshall and Mr Hartdman have been released from military custody.

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