Photos: 1103lb Pound Marlin Caught

July 13, 2010

The Bermuda fishing world is all abuzz with the huge catch reeled in; a 1,103lb marlin. It was caught aboard Kevin Winter’s Playmate yesterday [July 13], and had to be weighed by an Island Construction crane, as the photos below show.

As large and impressive as this fish is, it isn’t the largest caught in Bermuda waters, with a chart below showing quite a few 1,000lb + fish caught over the years, including one weighing over 1,300 lbs

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  1. There is absolutely no excuse for killing this magnificent fish. Ninety percent of all of the oceans large predatory fish are now gone due to overfishing and the sight of this fish being slaughtered in the name of sport should now be considered as repulsive as someone shooting a tiger.

    • Kenneth Lee Tremblay says:

      I just say I agree what ever happened to catch and release !!! Hey I love sport fishing but this aint right!