Premier Joins Sprinter In Training Session

July 21, 2010

Premier Dr Ewart Brown spent part of the morning of Saturday July 17 at the National Sports Centre with top teenage sprinter Jeneko Place. The Premier, an ex athlete himself, joined Jeneko in doing a few drills, and sharing his past track experiences.

16-year-old Jeneko is ranked in the top 15 in the world and has had a banner season thus far; winning two medals at the 2010 CARIFTA Games in Cayman Islands, and two medals in the 2010 CAC Jr Games in the Dominican Republic. The Cedarbridge student, who maintains excellent academic records and is on the honour roll, is clocking times comparable to top world class sprinters at his age.

Premier Brown and Janeko Place

Dr Brown is no stranger to athletics himself, having excelled in various sports in his high school and college years. While attending St Jago High School in Spanish Town, Jamaica he focused on cricket and the 400 metres and in 1966 Dr Brown represented Bermuda at the Commonwealth Games in the 400 meters and 1600 meter relay. While attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. he lettered in both football and track and field.

Premier Brown and Janeko Place1

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  1. Mrs. Jones says:


  2. terry says:

    Oh Mrs. Jones……please. Rethink what you just wrote. Thats not fair too the Premier.

    50 years later he’s still running. On his way back from South Africa he even participated in the ‘Running of the Bulls’. As for your blatant remarks about “NEVER SEEN SUCH BULL”, deine “BULL”.

    This is a Prime Rib of Premier quality and a lesson too the youth that you can run but you had hide………….

  3. john says:

    Terry please learn how to spell!

  4. Jermaine says:

    take a break Mrs Jones

    • Mrs. Jones says:

      You all are blind! How has this man reacted to any of the crap that is going on or any of the “PLP”! All he can talk about is gambling and the MUSIC FESTIVAL! Why doesn’t he take some of the millions that will be wasted on the festival and put it back into the community!! Bermuda is falling apart. Are you all blind???? Every week shootongs..rapes…girls stealing from their employers!! The place is turning into Jamaica!

  5. why? says:

    Mrs jones is one of the anti brown people… I bet if he helped an old lady across the street you would complain about that too… Get a life please

    • Tired of the nonsense says:

      Why? is one of those blind Brownites that will support him even if he increased our debt by over a $1bn in 4 years and seen the demise of tourism, abuse his power to the fullest, punish people who oppose etc…get a life please

      • Mrs. Jones says:

        Thank You “Tired of the Nonesense”!!! I was a STRONG PLP supporter but I cannot continue to support a party that is helping to ruin the country I love so much!