Man Seriously Injured During Burglary

November 23, 2010

This morning [Nov 23] a man is hospitalized after he was seriously injured during the commission of a burglary in the Cobbs Hill Road, Warwick area. Bernews understands his injuries to be quite serious in nature.

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Police say they “responded to reports of a burglary that took place sometime last night.”

They say that “as a result a 41-year-old man was taken to King Edward Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.”

Police spokesman Dwayne Caines states that “we are in the infancy of this investigation and we will have a more detailed statement in upcoming hours.”

Police are presently on scene of the property, forensics and the canine unit.

Update: The victim was -or- is in the process of being airlifted out for medical treatment overseas.

Update: The Police have provided detailed information, saying that night a “number of unknown men” gained entry into a Cobbs Hill Road, Warwick residence by smashing through a glass door and assaulted the victim. He has been airlifted overseas.

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  1. Sick n tired says:

    These people doing these type of things are going to run up in the wrong house and the right person is going to bust their @ss. Jealous and envy is the root of theses type of acts. The people doing these type of crime needs to be tied down flagpole and let everyone take a whip. They need to remember this is someone father, brother, uncle and the minute it’s retaliation they gonna say it’s gang related. Theses wangsters need to work just like everyone else. This is so ridiculous what has happened to our island. I hope this gentleman makes it through without any serious long term affects. Neighborhood watch is definitely needed.

    • Fed up says:

      “These people doing these type of things are going to run up in the wrong house and the right person is going to bust their @ss”

      As evidenced by the loyal Hill beatdown. And I say let vigilante justice reign. I hate to think like that, but society and our slack justice system has produced a bunch of cowardly pathetic losers who need a bust ass. That’s the only way they’ll be broken. Because sending them up to Hotel Westgate with a slap on the wrist ain’t cutting it.

  2. Tired of nonsense says:

    was it the victim or the perp which was injured?

    • bernews says:

      Sorry about the ambiguity…Fairly certain it was the victim (resident) who was injured, but still awaiting official police confirmation on that as the brief statement we got was unclear…

      • bernews says:

        Just got the official confirmation – was the resident…

  3. Wha he steal it girlfriend says:

    I’m with u.. So u say..I know this guy and the most he would have stole is your girlfriend Brooklyn. He is a hard worker and doesn’t bother any one.

  4. Bermuda Girl... says:

    We are Bermudians and we have to put a stop to this type of behavior, serioulsy. DO NOT supoprt the “I didn’t see or hear anything” anthem becasue it is not our anthem. We all know each other, have either grown up, gone to nursery or high school with each other and in most cases related! This is appauling and whatever we can do, we must do, now before God forbid children and babies get hurt in the process, who by the way cannot defend or protect themselves again lowlives such as these individuals. Why don’t you work, stop with the excuses about drugs and a hard life! These are your choices and you will have to live with the choices you make; can you wake up and look yourself in the mirror and say I am proud myself? Change the behavior….it takes one person to start the process. So you steal someone else’s jewelry, physicaly harm them in the process, take it to buy drugs, so the dealer’s can adorn his or his girls neck! This is so commendable I am sure your mother is so very proud of you! LOSERS!!!!!

    • mixitup says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better! These goons, low lives, parasites want it the easy way, If I have to get up and get to work to earn a living then so do you all. They lay up in their “mothers” house all day, then go out looking for vulerable hard working people at night. Yet let someone rob their Mother and knock her to the ground, then they would be looking for blood. I don’t know what has gotten into our people, well yes I do, It’s the Devil!

  5. itwasn't me says:

    there’s more to this story…..a gang of hoodies don’t roll up on your castle for no reason. somethin more happening here…..stay tuned

    • Sound like you no says:

      A man in his own house… Being brutally attacked.. There is no reason for anyone to run up in any ones house unless they want something you have.. All u loser go get a damn job n stop robbing people. Most of you are jealous and envious of what the next person has. Stop watching others n wanting what you can’t have.

      • Keep it Real says:

        oh shut up! give him a job loser!

        • Sound like you no says:

          Sounds like I struck a nerve… Like I said stop being jealous n envious of others and wanting to live beyond your means. No one deserves to be brutally attacked in their own home.. Your the lost one I’m a black bermudian I don’t have a job but I’m not planning on robbing my neighbor to make ends meat.

    • Dee says:

      Sounds suspect to me as well!!! They say never judge a book by it’s cover!!!

    • Lissa says:

      Cleary there is more to this……

  6. Keep it Real says:

    This is messed up for this guy, but lets keep it real..Give Bermudians their jobs back !!! How do you expect us to feed our families off the peanuts more then half of us get. While you rich white Bermudians sit up in your big houses wondering what goin on out there. You need to realize its part your fault ! Im educated and cant find work, applied to 25 jobs, and still no work in my field. Now how do you think I make money?! I’LL LEAVE THAT UP TO YOU to think about..I know people my age and younger with no education, no hope of work unless its being a labor on a site with 10 foreigners. Have you feeling like your in their country. This island has gone to the pits, and while you people sit up behind your monitors, their are people out here doing real things to get money! More real then you can ever fathom. So keep thinking these guys and girls out here are wanna be’s until your touched..Its messed up out here right now, only thing i can think of to make it better is better education and mroe jobs for the people of the country, and not all these other ppl here having babies

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Just to clarify not all white Bermudians are rich or own “big houses” and not all are employed at this time either…Just the same way white people aren’t all racist and not all black people are going sticking up others. But hey stereotyping is cool…

      And how did this once again become a white -vs- black thing?

      “I know people my age and younger with no education, no hope of work unless its being a labor on a site with 10 foreigners”

      Whose fault is it that they didn’t get a high school education? No one forced them to drop out of our FREE public education system. And there are plenty of government issued scholarships and/or bursaries for those wo need financial assistance with education. The resources are there…but working in an office or having a dedent education is not cool.

      Whose fault is it they these guys that you know choose not to do labor intensive work because they don’t want to work with foreigners or believe that such work is beneath them (sort of like they thought education was beneath them)? You can’t expect to drop out of school and then get an executive position in a business just because you are Bermudian.

    • Jays says:

      Ok a) I agree with nonsense, not all white bermudians live in fancy castles in the sky – get a clue you racist (insert appropriate word here), no wonder you don’t have a job.

      b) It took me a long time to get a job coming out of university, but I got one that is a “real” job not a fake one. Just because you may be (not saying you definetly are) doing illegal things to get money doesn’t make it any more real than either of my two jobs.

      c) As I’ve said many a time, I get broken into plenty and I’ll have you know that these complete a##holes are not doing it as their last option make ends meet. Look on you can find entry level things driving trucks or delivering stuff, and there are always tons of resteraunt jobs out there. But these lazy sh#ts want to terrorize innocent families.

      Please please please get a clue and stop defending these guys! (and stop making racist comments. It makes you look stupid :) )

    • The One On Gorham Road says:

      Would you hire the type of person that would break into a home, assault the owner and loot the place?

      Please. These people have no hope — jobs or not. The expats are taking away SKILLED work, or work that Bermudians feel as though they’re too good to do.

    • Sara says:

      If you can’t find a job in your field, do what everyone else in the world does, find another field to work in until one becomes available. You have to accept that it is the economy that is causing loss of jobs for the most part. You can also blame the government for regulating a minimum pay. What Bermudian can work for $10 and make ends meet? Why does the labour party allow for such conditions? I can understand under the elitist UBP because well they were elitist, but what’s this government excuse? HMMMMM

  7. Bermuda Girl says:

    Coming back at ya loud and clear. Yes, it is messed up, really messed up. If he had to be flown out he is in serious trouble. Now, I will keep it real, how do you know a gang of hoodies showed up at this man’s castle? I guess “you don’t know” right? Exactly, this is not acceptable behavior or treatment. See, this is the issue here in Bermuda right now; you are so bored that you are preoccupying yourselves with rumor mongering. I live by fact; show me facts first before I judge. Are you worthy to judge, really? This is very sad for him and his family. It’s a sad day in Bermuda when we can watch while one of our friends, relatives gets beaten down like this. No more one on one for a beef as they use to say. Not that that’s right either but only cowards join forces to beat one man down. Let me repeat myself COWARD and LOSERS that is what we are breeding in Bermuda now. So, you stay tuned….maybe your mother, brother, child or you next and then how would you feel, would ya feel like shakin their hand????? There are plenty of jobs out there for Bermudians; you are just letting foreigners take them because you don’t want to do the work. Straight-up! I’ve had to work hard for everything I own. I had to make sacrifices, meaning no sharp cars, no expensive sneakers for me and kids, no nails got did (smile) no weekly hair appointments and many trips to New Jersey on sprees! Keep it real now. Being white has absolutely nothing to do with it; I know I am bi-racial and look white and I work hard for everything!!!!! I know about the hood because I lived it and I know about our general work ethic as I live with others that have it every day……..dats not my job!!!!! So let’s take back our jobs and our streets and squash the beefs and take back our land so there is no more as you say rich “white” Bermudians sitting up in houses; maybe there will be more Bermudians in general white and black sitting up in houses because being Bermudian does not mean you are black. Being Bermudian is working together and remembering what our ancestors left to us and quite honestly I am frightened by what we are doing with their hardwork!

    • Keep it Real says:

      oh yea, one hard workers story and your own personal work ethic is great, but like you said, Your bi-racial and look white! So, being a person of brown skinned complextion (myself) can easily say you would get a job first, or before me..You definitely wont understand a black bermudians life.

      Not to be rude, but more up front!

      & yes, they are cowards and losers, im not defending them..I jus think ppl like you are irritating because you always say get a job and bla bla off you lazy ass..Well give me a damn job !!!!!!!!!!

      • jredmond says:

        stop giving yourself a crutch mate. it’s not attractive

      • Bermuda Girl says:

        Again, Keep it real, I may look ‘white’, but the majority of my relatives are brown skinned and have jobs and for some perplexed reason do not have the same sad story you share. I have lived in the roughest parts of Bermuda with a single parent who at times could not feed her children; did I choose to rob, steal and cause havoc….NO and guess what, as perculiar as it may seen neither did my brown skinned relatives including my very dark brother who by the way has a job, go figure!!! So your right, I don;t have a clue. In any event this is not about being black or white it is about a human being that was hurt and set upon by a group of men and beaten. This is what all the talk is about the violence in Bermuda. Oh, and by the way, I actually am in a position to hire people and as funny as it may seem again I don’t look at the color in fact just the other day I chose a hard working young “brown skinned” girl over a well to do “white” girl who had connections, why because I wanted a person that could do the JOB, simple. Send me your resume but I could tell already you would not be a person I would hire; especially with that amazing angry tone and tasteful language. I am glad I irritate you, it shows you have a long way to go and EAP offers a lot for a person like you, Ttul.

      • Ray says:

        I’m sick and tired of people talking about colour. I am mixed but I have brown skin and I can get a job easily. I am not highly educated but I present myself as such so I am more likely to get hired. Maybe if you try doing that you might get a job and stop blaming it on your race.

    • Not too late says:

      Bermuda girl yes, Persistence is the key. Sure there are a lot of foreign workers here, but some of the jobs they are doing are the ones Bermudians didn’t want to do. Keep it real, you sound angry, understandable but if you, for a quick minute, think outside the box, maybe you will see the stem of all thats going on (read my second sentence)
      Keep it real, keep perservering and change your bitter attitude. If you feeling like you in their country think again buddy. Take all you can from them, learn from them and you will find yourself being their boss. Think smart.
      Its not always about color, if you think it is, contact CURE and they’ll ensure its not.

      • Bermuda Girl says:

        Thanks, that put it right in a nutshell. I don’t know why we as Bermudians cannot rise above this and take what is rightfully ours and do the jobs that we are employing expatriates to do. The key is to humble ourselves and learn everything we can and I mean everything and when their job becomes available apply for it; that simple.

        I know a young girl that continues to want to be a high position but does not want to put in the work, does not want to do the courses and then wants to blame the world for those that do in addition to targeting and making others miserable in the process with her constant negative rants. Just stop looking for excuses it will not get handed to you like everything else and work and get it you will appreciate it more that way.

  8. Curious says:

    Keep It real: You don’t sound educated at all, you just sound ignorant and maybe that’s why you can’t find a job. I’m a mixed Bermduian who looks white and when I came back from school I applied for tons of jobs and was turned down, I finally got a job after many rejections the key is persistance and drive. Seems like here most people expect things to be handed to them on a platter rather than actually work their ass off to obtain success.

    P.S. Not all White Bermudians are “rich” and there a lot of “rich” black people here as well. Stop blaming everything on the white man. Go ask a lot of them how they got rich and most of them won’t tell you it’s from sitting on their asses bitching and complaining it’s because they worked hard for it and started at the bottom.

    • Keep it Real says:

      NO! most will tell me their father or grandfather owned the house they live in, or the company they run ! You cant tell me anything I dont already know, or could find out on my owm..Call me ignorant, I call it LIFE !! Like i said to the other person who was white skinned, you would probably get a job before me anyway, because of your complexion. Just as you assumed Im lazy and have no persistence and drive is what the recruiting people will say after they see me..So f#ck you ppl and your one sided opinions !! str8

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        “So f#ck you ppl and your one sided opinions ”

        There’s that education shining through…

        • Bermuda Girl says:

          Can’t handle a healthy debate? Don’t hate the player hate the game……smile!

          This is actually an interesting forum and I am glad people are opening up and sharing their true feelings. At least we know we still have a long way to go in terms of race in Bermuda. Education is key and understanding that we all have a personal responsibility in what happens in our lives not because of our race, gender or whatever else that makes us different.

          Could you imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same color or gender???

          Now, to the real agenda. What can we do as concerned Bermudians in making this a better place to live????

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        One sided opinions you say? You mean like the one sided opinion that you have put forward on all white people in your last few posts?

        That type of one sided opinion?

        And when you say F#ck you ppl, what ppl are you actualy referring to? I figure you will answer this question str8 up because you seem to think that you speak the truth.

      • Bermuda Girl says:

        A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Do you actually read over your stuff before you post it, yikes if you don’t:(

        You hide behind the race card my friend but what are you really afraid of? No one is calling you ignorant as name calling is not appropriate just like what happened to that guy that got beat up, just not acceptable. Life is wonderful and what you make it and like I said oyou get a job because you present yourself professionally and can do the job as simple as that. It is obvious that you prefer to hide behind the race card because it is convenient for you and that is sad it is holding you back from discovering your full potential.

        I don’t see alot of onesided opinions but yours but once again if you can do a job then present yourself and we can help you find a job together as Bermudians helping each other that is what is should be, right?

      • JT says:

        that is some serious brain washing that you’ve received young man…i feel sorry for you in trying to get through this life with your current outlook

        • Bermuda Girl says:

          JT don’t feel sorry for him; he will no doubt continue to hide behind the race card and sit proudly on the wall! He will be just fine for he is accomplishing his goals.

  9. Bermuda Girl says:

    Thanks Curious, well said. I am happy that you found a job. We need more like you as this is the character we respect and appreciate. (well my generation anyway – smile)!

  10. Anonymous says:

    By reading everyone’s comments on this page it is amazing to see how the issue at hand can be twisted and turned right to race. People please stop!!! In reality the whole island is struggling right now whether it be white or black but at the end of the day no one person has a god giving right to do what they have done unto this other person or on any other incidents that have occured.

    Stop playing and blaming the race card for everything that is happening!



  12. terry says:

    I agree with Annonamous. There are certain individuals that grow fat on ‘race’. Use it as an excuse to further their ideas. I always get called on comments here on Bernews but the garbage that I have read today makes me wonder even more. As for the S8 ( too lazy to look it up and or back) that person sems to pop up everywhere.

    Devide and conquer seems to be the way to go with people/s like that. It has already worked. As for white and black and mixed that has nothing to do with the subject of a man being seriously injured. Other circumstances play a part and may be parcel but not here.

    Once again, there are those as I mentioned that want this kind of division to suit themselves. In 1609 Sir George Somers, crew and others looking for a better life stranded on the shoals off the east end. They survived and moved on.

    Can we?

    A great day to all and thanks Bernooze for allowing a segment to put forth the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  13. wondering says:

    Bermuda Lost Its Way so long ago it isn’t funny……There are many more with lots less than us who are content with the simpler things in life like family, unity, religion, community, etc……being white is not a crime (and I am Black) and being black is not a curse like so many Blacks and Whites profess in 2010! Unity is needed and we need to be our brothers keeper.

    In other places people consider themselves African or Jamaican or British or whomever…with National Pride all complete with their own country’s idiosynracies……racism, slavery, economic woes, classism, you name it….. BUT They Stick Together.

    Look at the Portuguese, Italians,British to an extent, Asians who all seem to do more positive within their own communities right here in Bermuda. Us Bdians tend to be crabs in a bucket first!!!

    Kill each other and there will be no more ghetto to worry about no more foreigners to complain or abuse….might as well light the match now and kill ourselves like the genocide that happens in Iraq, Sudan, Sierra Leone……..or like Jim Jones in the 70′s. We are too educated to do such foolishness so we say but we don’t practice it…..we ONLY WANT MATERIAL GAIN so the rest is irrelevant……BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH Bermuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. joe says:

    Hey, are the stockades at St. Georges still operational? Would be nice to have the authorities bring these perps out there and strap em in. When the populace walk by they can throw rotting fruits and vegetables at them.