Opinion: Happy Anniversary BDA

November 13, 2010

[Written by Linda Down, Member of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance]

Wow – how is it possible that a year has passed since a small group of very frustrated – yet hopeful people, gathered together to form a new party to try and get this ship turned around in a better direction! The Bermuda Democratic Alliance a year ago was perhaps considered by some not to be a viable entity – but a year into this – with a whole lot of dedication and hard work – we are not only viable but a force to be reckoned with!

Comprised of diverse group of individuals that mostly have never aspired to be politicians – based on the stigma attached to this profession – mostly a group of professional, passionate, intelligent, hard working, rational, sensible, non-self serving individuals that simply want a better way forward for Bermuda.

It may not seem from the outside that we have accomplished that much – but one has to remember – we have very little voice as we are not the official opposition, we are not the Government – in order for us to really be heard or to make changes occur – we need to be one or the other. We need your help and support to make this happen. We all know what the problems are – we have real solutions and have shared them with the Government, some acknowledged, some ignored – we are not here to criticize anyone – that is just more of the same and a waste of precious time – we just want the right people making the right choices and decisions for Bermuda and it’s people – not for a party and a few chosen beneficiaries. Look at our website to see what how far we have come.

bermuda democratic alliance website

For those of you that are simply tired of the excuses, the lack of action and the wasted time – and want real solutions put into action then get involved – I know how easy it is to sit back and wait for someone else to do it – but think of your children and the Bermuda we are leaving for them – the state that it is in now and then think again about giving a little of your time to effect change.

I want to pose a few questions to each and every reader – how many of you are packing your lunch to take to work now to save money? Increased your credit card limits? Taking the bus or ferry to save on gas and parking? Dining at home more? Holiday’s at home? Less nights out to save on babysitter cost?

Fasten your seat belts as this is just the beginning. Jobs lost – many will never be recovered as those jobs are gone forever. Businesses that close are closing at a loss and will never reopen. Technology will replace many jobs and along with the cost of doing business here there is a very bleak future. We desperately need to hold onto the International companies that are still here and all Bermudians need to get off this “hate expat syndrome” and realize how much they contribute to our economy. I will bet that not one reader has gone unaffected by expats leaving Bermuda – either you worked for the company that left, they bought a car from your company, had their hair done in the salon your work in, or dined in the restaurant you work for, a relative perhaps cleaned their house, or did landscaping for them, or worked in the grocery store where they shop, a taxi driver that drives for them, your children babysit for them, they rent your house so that you can pay the mortgage . Understand how this works?? They spend a lot of money here and it affects each and every one of us directly or indirectly. When business slows down – people get laid off. When they are gone who are you going to blame and who will become the next target of contempt? We need them and we need the industry.

The economic downturn in the fell in our Government’s lap and is being used as an excuse for the state of our economy – hello – this was predicted years ago and we know we fall behind the US by about a year with economic change – more than ample time to prepare – but prepare they didn’t – no savings for a rainy day – and now it’s pouring and we are in a deep puddle about to drown. Who in their right thinking mind would want to take on this country at its lowest level? It would be a daunting, thankless task – but are we just to give up and abandon ship? I think not – there is way too much to lose. Wake up Bermuda and get on board with the group of selfless people that wants a better Bermuda for our children heading on a different course for their future.

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  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:


    • Mark Pettingill says:

      Someone needs to let Graeme know that one of those idiot bloggers is using his name, I thnk he is far smarter than making a statement like “The UBP OWNs seats in Parliament”?

      • Non Member says:

        Yes they do. They own yours Mr.Pettingill. Whose funds ran your campaign to win that seat you behold to the BDA? Who canvassed for the seat you behold in the house? the UBP United Bermuda Party! I agree with Graeme GIVE UP THE UBP SEAT AND THEN YOU MAYBE THOUGHT OF AS CREDIBLE!

        • UBP Member says:

          No name calling please, because Idiot is as Idiot does. LOL

        • Must be a better way says:

          You are obviously missing the point made – not surprising as this seems to be the way people act today – they react and want to argue, and sit on the sidelines and criticize those that are trying to do good things for Bermuda.What does it REALLY matter from whence he came and how his seat was obtained? Don’t sweat the small stuff – look at the big picture!

          The point made is that nobody OWNS a seat – it is earned, and clearly the next election will determine who will earn the seat in question. Clearly Mr. Pettingill left the UBP because his time & efforts were being wasted -Wake up Bermuda – we have no time to waste in implementing solutions… we are in crisis!

          My vote will be with the BDA as they clearly are working hard for ALL Bermudians and a better way.

    • Mark Pettingill says:

      Amen? You need to pray for more guidance UBP…the intellect in your PArty is not supporting your new candidates with good reason, perhaps you should ask them WHY? Its a rhetorical question…you can figure it out!

      • Milky Ways says:

        You are so wrong. We are all behind our candidate. He’s not perfect, but not claiming to be. He’s a Black man with a purpose to help his community. He’s made mistakes and wants to help others. We will all be canvassing, you can take that to the bank! He’s pays his child support, not baby mama drama. We are out there strong and he’s just received 8 switched voters just over the weekend who were staunch PLP supporters. How do you walk a 1000 miles, yes Dev, on door step at a time. Keep up the good work!

        • Scott says:

          lol trust me, “switched voters” during canvassing isnt a whole lot to brag about. When i was working with a UBP candidate at the last election, the number of solid votes, plus the number of switched votes should easily have given the candidate a 25% lead.. and thats big.

          but the end result… lost by 10%.. people say things to appease others when face to face.. but vote differently.

        • Watching says:

          To be honest NO party as the right to criticize a candidate. Each party has a character that has a shady past….some more than others!

  2. bda love ... says:

    Good piece Linda , and a lot of people do need reminding about the influence of IB on our economy (even though it doesn’t come without its negatives)

    The one little eensie weensie problem is there’s no room for 3 political parties in Bda. You’re either the Gov’t (IN) or the opposition (OUT)

    With the existence of both the BDA and the UBP the PLP will simply secure even more seats at the next election (A disaster) even though they could get less of the popular vote.

    Someone’s going to have to go …And go soon .

    • Non Member says:

      bda love – its a no brainer, the BDA have not won a seat in parliament. They sit IMO, under the UBP chevron. All my youths tell me they can’t respect any of them because they won seats for the UBP and as a matter of face those were safe UBP seats. THey are unelectable and won’t be re-elected that is why they are all afraid to give up the UBP seats. The UBP can run a Longtail there and the UBP would win.

      • LOL says:

        Agreed on the other hand the PLP could run a snail or a reptile in any of their safe seats as long as they have on the green…….


        Sorry but I’d still vote for the candidate so far I like the BDA as the UBP is non existant and I would vote for a racist party (read PLP or UBP for that matter).

  3. Peter Barrett says:

    Good article Linda. The BDA is growing from strength-to-strength as more and more Bermudians understand the importance of having a political party which places our children’s future first (it sounds corny, but true). A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but our ridiculous public education system is “managing” our kids instead of nurturing them. Our kids are managed like widgets and we wonder why they become angry and dissolutioned. I have learned a lot canvassing for our candidate Sylvan Richards. I have learnt that we have scrapped the day release programs in school providing our kids with the opportunity to connect with the community, learn new skill sets, secure solid summer jobs and grow as learning individuals. I am sick of wondering why past governments have given up on our kids (and watched the gangs grow). Instead I have joined the BDA and focused my efforts to ensure they become the next government; the government that will view our kids in terms of their potential; in terms of their greatness; in terms of all the talents they have to offer. Each child is different, and we need to nurture that…not ignore it. We sit our kids in these palatial concrete blobs, shove the French Revolution down their throats, whilst ignoring completely Bermuda’s rich cultural history….and we wonder why our kids feel “managed” and culturally sterile. Maxwell Burgess once said that the public high school system is Bermuda’s home grown apartheid. These days I’m beginning to see why. When the voters go to the polls on Dec 15, I want them to feel the warmth of their grandchild’s hand in the palm of theirs, and I want them send a message to both of the legacy parties and vote BDA. We all know by now that complaining and moaning is getting everyone nowhere. If you want real change; if you want to send the right message; if you want Bermuda to be navigated back on course, then the answer is in the voting booth.

  4. PLP Member says:

    Interesting time for the BDA. Lacking a genuine political base, no Parliamentary leadership, even its’ own BDA MP’s will be hard-pressed to win in their current constituencies, the BDA will, for the forseeable future struggle to find its’ place in Bermuda’s political matrix. Stay tuned for the bye-election in 26 and we will see whether the BDA is in a position to garner real political support or remain on the fringes consisting, as the writer of the story above states, of “frustrated” people.

    • Non Member says:

      Agreed PLP member, most of the time the house don’t have any BDA rep, because they’re among the missing. LOL

    • Must be a better way says:

      Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world.
      – Albert Einstein

      The BDA is a group full of imagination….and they are embracing ALL Bermudians regardless political affiliation – they are no longer tolerant of divisive tactics. Once again this has become a BS battle of words instead of embracing those that are willing to give of their time to make Bermuda a better place for our children and grandchildren. It has been 12 years of waiting for change and perhaps it time to give others with new ideas a chance.

  5. Marian Sherratt says:

    Party Party Party. It ain’t no party, it’s a nasty fight between two political bodies that have been defined by their collective past. On the other hand the Bermuda Democratic ALLIANCE is made up of people from the PLP, UBP, or the great silent majority who are simply disgusted with politics as usual. No wonder the PLP and UBP die-hards like “Non-Member” are fighting back (PLP and UBP are good at fighting – no wonder we have a culture of violence in Bermuda). Unfortunately, neither the PLP nor the UBP realise that the world has moved on and left our beloved country way behind. Our tourism and international business industries have moved on to other countries while Bermudians struggle to put a $6.00 loaf of bread on the table. The jobs have either gone or are going – forever. We must move into the 21st century and get competitive again. We MUST make way for the Alliance to carve out a meaningful future for Bermuda. Our members are made up of accountants, lawyers, doctors, successful entrepreneurs, policy analysts, community activists and others, as are our Caucus and candidates. Hope! Future! Bermuda Democratic Alliance!!