BDA Leader Comments on Throne Speech

November 5, 2010

Craig Cannonier, Leader of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, has commented on this morning’s Throne Speech, his full comments are below:

We welcome the overtures made by Government in respect of working together, which we have said for some time is in the best interests of the country and is one of the founding pillars of the BDA.

We will be happy to offer to the Premier our expertise and relish the opportunity to change the face of politics in Bermuda. We can achieve this by sitting on advisory boards and adhoc and standing committees so that all ideas are canvassed and the best legislation to improve our economy, our crime situation and education is passed.

We do note that there was next to nothing said in terms of reform of the education system and pray that this is simply because there is a new Minister in place.

Of note is that a number of ideas proposed by the BDA over the last year are in the Throne Speech and for that we are grateful. In the coming days we will say more and again share some of our proposals.”

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  1. S says:

    well said!!

  2. Dragging A Lure says:

    To The BDA,
    I hope that the PLP accepts the olive branch. Plenty of courage your party is showing. Plato is working.

    Good Luck & enjoy the weekend.

  3. PLP Member says:

    I have this to say about the BDA’s leader’s comments:
    B Brief. D Disappointingly shallow. A Alarmingly devoid of anything novel.
    Voters take note!

    • BDA Member says:

      Then he’s just like the PLP,only that the PLP have proven that they are also P Problematic, L Lost and P Politically unstable.

      • PLP Member says:

        On a serious note, you’ll see the next poll results showing the PLP back up solidly over 50% very soon. Premier Paula Cox was the worst possible outcome for the BDA and the UBP because in one fell swoop she has set out a vision to re-connect with the people, deliver on Government promises, reduce expenditure and promised more transparency in a whole range of Government activity. I won’t go into a long dialogue about the Brown-era; it was far from conciliatory, far from producing the results the government needed for the people. However, all’s I can say is that the PLP is back on track, membership is up, support is up, enthusiasm is up and good solid candidates are putting themselves forward. In the political spectrum that is Bermuda, the PLP will, once again, be the party of choice.

        • UncleElvis says:

          I certainly hope so.
          I really, REALLY want this to be true.

          Sadly, based on some of the nominations made, I fear that there may be more of the same.

          As for the BDA and UBP, I hope that the attitude that they are beaten does take hold within the PLP. It would mean that the constant “election-mode” mudslinging, personal attacks and general incivility will stop and the Government can get on with running the country.

          • Mike says:

            Well, after the shambles of Ewart, Paula didn’t have to work too hard to get the ratings up – did she!

          • Todd says:

            Isn’t it interesting how more and more people who proclaim to be PLP supporters are NOW admiting that the “Brown-era” was in the very least, not good for Bermuda?

  4. peace says:

    “Of note is that a number of ideas proposed by the BDA over the last year are in the Throne Speech and for that we are grateful.”

    What a clown BDA have as a “leader”.

    • Scott Pitcher says:

      Craig is no clown. Time for Bermuda to take note of the ideas being generated by BDA members.

      Speaking of clowns, did you like the Premier’s hat on Friday? LOL. Now that made me laugh!!