Murder: 29 Yr Old Shot Dead in Somerset

February 4, 2011

[Updated] Bernews understands there was a firearm incident in the West End area shortly ago today [Feb 04]. We have limited information at this time, but will update as able through the day. We unofficially understand at least one person may have been shot.

Update #1: We unofficially understand the person was shot in the torso, and was very, very, seriously injured.

Update #2: Someone who was present at the time said: “At approx 2.15pm we heard between 5 and 7 bangs which we now understand to be gunshots. Two people in the street started to run in the opposite direction. I noticed Police arriving approx 15 mins later which was slightly strange given the location of the Somerset Police Station (unless plain clothed ones were here earlier?). My friend saw a man pulled out by his girlfriend and he looked totally distraught. He wanted to go back in but his girlfriend wouldn’t let him. One other thing…the ambulance came with screaming sirens…….but when it left it was very slow and quiet…heading initially towards dockyards. We assume based on this, that the victim was dead at the scene.

Update #3: Video with a statement from Police Spokesman Dwayne Caines

Update #5: The Marine Police are on scene on Mangrove Bay to prevent access to scene.

Update #6: Police confirm victim was a 29 yr old Warwick man. Bernews extends our sympathies to his family and friends.

Update #8: Official Police statement:

Around 2pm on Friday, Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the area of Somerset Road and East Shore Road in Sandys parish. A 29 year old Warwick man was shot and subsequently died as a result of his injuries. No further information will be released until the next of kin has been notified. An active investigation into this incident is underway. The area has been cordoned off and traffic delays are anticipated in the area of Somerset Post Office & Somerset Country Squire until further notice. We are asking for the indulgence of the businesses in the area and the motoring public while the investigation is ongoing.

The Bermuda Police Service is aware that an alleged picture of the victim is being circulated via the internet; however the pictured individual is not the victim. We are in the early stages of this investigation and urge the public not to disseminate any unofficial information which has not been verified by the authorities.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crimes Unit on 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update #9: Video, with a statement from Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro

Update #10: As of 5:30pm, the road is still blocked off from both directions, and the forensic team is still on scene.

Update #11: Premier Cox has issued a statement, condemning the shooting, extending her condolences to the victim’s family and urging people to assist the Police.

Update #12: Acting Minister of National Security Michael Weeks said, “First and foremost I wish to extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. It is terribly disheartening that we continue to experience these wonton acts of violence, which has resulted in yet another senseless death. What makes today’s incident particularly disturbing is that it took place in broad daylight, in a community where people were going about their daily routines.” Full statement here.

Update #13: At 6:50pm the road has been opened to traffic.

Update #14: Statement from Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Michael Scott: “After a welcomed lull in gun shootings the tranquility of Mangrove Bay has been shattered by a gun fatality similar to that which have left other parts of our community traumatized. I offer my sincere condolences to the family of the young man who has lost his life and urge persons with information about this incident to contact the Somerset Police.”

Update #15: Police have issued a statement saying they have received “Police have received information of persons circulating the picture of the deceased at the scene in a blood drenched shirt.,” and they are hoping to speak with the person who took the photo. The Police said that passing the photo around is very insensitive to the family and friends of the deceased, and also said they believe the person who took the photo may have some very valuable information that the police may find useful. The Police have asked the person to contact Chief Inspector Nick Pedro on 2950011 or the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. parent of a middle school child says:

    please do you know where in Somerset what road at least

  2. Concerned Bermudian says:

    apparently its around mangrove bay and one person is dead.

  3. Lissa says:

    I heard Mangrove Bay.

  4. NOT AGAIN says:

    At the entrance of East Shore Road across from Somerset Pharmacy (mangrove bay).

  5. round and round we go..... says:

    and so it begins…..

  6. Brenda says:

    How many people have to die?

  7. Itcouldhappen says:

    Isn’t the police station right around the corner? Dang that’s brazen.

    • Harmony says:

      It’s crazy that the police took 15 minutes to get there? whats up with that honestly.

  8. Disturbed says:

    …..all sad and family will miss, but hopefully it wasn’t a child!

  9. Me says:

    This is very, very, sad :(

  10. SO SAD says:


  11. SO SAD says:


  12. Craziness says:

    Are you serious? This is the second shooting that was around the corner from the police station and they took all that time to respond? What are we paying these cops $70,000 a year for to look pretty? Cops should start losing pay if they are under performing. This was like good friday of last year when that guy got shot and killed in front of his kids and there was that big police bus sitting unmanned on top of Pond hill.

    • FOR REAL??? says:

      Okay to the credit of the BPS, the police officers stationed in Somerset are unarmed and therefore would most likely be told to stand down, for the safety of the officers. The armed task force would attend firearm instances.

      But really with the current climate one would think there would a small team of armed officers within the Somerset and Southside police stations. Like duh. Do they really want to protect and service they are a service right – not a police force to be reckoned with – go figure folks!!!

      • Bermudian at heart says:

        I am sorry for the family of the victim first. I am aslo getting tired of hearing excuses for the police’s late arrivals. unfortunately this is part of a police officer’s job. I do not think they should put theirselves in harms way, but the least they can do is attend the scene and wait for armed officers to arrive. The don’t have to get out of their car, but they can at least be present to gain information as of who was around at that time. The quicker they arrive the better information or leads they can obtain. If these unarmed officers do not attend these crimes, what is the sense of bermuda paying for all these protective vest if they will hardly ever be needed.

        • Bernman says:

          I have to ask, becaus eI hear too many like you. I would you that of what you just asked?

      • Shaking My Head says:

        Cops without weapons are security guards… Not first responders. BPS is BS if you don’t provide the appropriate tools of the trade.

    • wait a minute says:

      why are we blaming the police, they did not do the shooting? Not all Police Officers are armed, the Police is around the corner yes,but the Police did do the shooting. what do want the Police to become a JCF or Jamaican murder squad?The police have to go through so may procedures to even pull out a weapon; and even go on a property and arrest a person with warrants.

      maybe its time; for a new police style, and stop shifting the blame to the police. crime, drugs, greed and gluttony and never feeling they are going to aspire to anything else is fueling the violence. One person is making 70 grand yes but where do it get you, when we can’t afford to live in Bermuda. Look at the ridiculous food prices. Greed

      • Bernman says:

        Great question!

      • Harmony says:

        i soooo agree with you wait a minute!
        we the people are the problem, the way society is going is the problem.

        • joe says:

          No, the criminal is the problem and not the people. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of these gang bangers. I have a suggestion, every citizen that turns twenty one gets a license to carry a gun; not felons or people that have had criminal records. Then let’s see the crime wave drop like a rock. The way things are, only the criminals carry the guns and they know very few cops carry too. Who is going to stop them? Look at states here in the U.S that have carry permits, their crime rates are very low compared to those like where all the elitist, educated bunch (Mass, New York, Connecticut, Detroit, MI) Just saying, throw every available and possible idea at this problem. Look at Sweden, every single person that turns 18 goes in the armed forces and when they get out they are given a gun to take home with them. There is practically ZERO crime in that country.

          • Preach!! says:

            Co-Sign!! I bet they wouldn’t even try to mug an old lady because she may be packin!! I agree though, all of those places you mentioned have way less crime because people are allowed to protect themselves!! If only the criminals have guns then we’re all being held hostage in our own country. Allow law abiding citizens the right to bear arms!! They wouldn’t do that because it makes sense… SMDH The people in power want us constantly living in fear!! The job of the police is to respond to crimes, not prevent them. It’s our God given right to be able to protect ourselves, the only way I would feel safe is to have my own legal gun in order to protect myself and my family!!

    • BermyLove says:

      Who can respond to an incident in less than 15 mins to an incident that just happened unarmed and before they have all the facts of where it took place????? People are too quick to complain about the police!! 15 mins is a quick response to me!!

    • Southampton says:

      To Craziness says,
      You have a brain that is stuck on idiot. What do you expect the
      police to do, knock on every door and look for guns? Thank goodness everyone
      does not think as you do.

      Show some degree of intelligence for once in your life.

      The killer is at fault here and no body else.

      Have some compassion for the family of the victum.

      • Craziness says:

        First of all the victim is a VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE SO DONT TALK about having compassion. Second of all yes the police are to blame for not fulfilling their jobs properly. I was THERE when Mr. Kimwandee Walker was gunned down in front of us. The killers made good their escape up POND HILL PAST THE UNMANNED POLICE UNIT BUS THEY PARK UP THEIR FROM TIME TO TIME. Im not saying stop and arrest everyone. BUT if u have a handful of ppl doing these crimes and the police are aware of who they are shouldnt they be going after these guys and keep harrasing and pursuing them so these guys get the message that the police are right on their behinds. Lets be serious here How many ppl have they caught, How many are going to get convicted if caught, or how many more will die because of the police and the community’s failure? And it is ridiculous that the police took 15 mins to respond to the scene of the crime when it takes 5 mins to walk. Oh and jus to let you know the police took 25mins to respond to the incident that happended at victor scott school on good friday

        • joe says:

          Great points crazy. Get in their faces harass the shyt out of them until they can no longer run or hide. Day and night park outside their house follow them to work, never mind maybe they don’t work. Just get in their face!

          • lissa says:

            The main / known parkside guys have police presence almost everywhere they go. I have seen the police follow them around when they bar hop and back to their cars, outside their houses and where ever else. They look like celebrities with security details. But these guys are shot callers and well known. How are police supposed to follow around a foot soldier / gunman for hire, if they dont even know who they could potentially be. Im just saying thats all. I have a fifteen yearold son whom i feel is a good kid, but i would never know if a relative or a friend of his may convince him to shoot someone down. These situations are sad, but I am glad that Bermuda Sun and Bernews allow us to come together and discuss these things.

    • That_Bermudian_guy says:


  13. Shark says:

    I was wondering what all the comotion was outside the office, was working away when I saw police all over the place. The police station is literaly just up the road from Mangrove bay.

  14. beacon street says:

    it could be a question of co-ordination and buerocracy. i’m not sure but my understanding is that when you call 911 it doesn’t go to somerset/whatever local police station – it goes somewhere central, who then have to relay the message. seems like that lag in-between is, literally, killing us…or did someone call somerset police station directly? how to get around this problem of logistics? or is this not the problem at all? there are so many little lanes and off-road trails around that area, more than you would imagine if you just use east shore / somerset main road all the time…whoever did this could have gone in literally any direction and been gone from somerset entirely within those 15 mins…or vanished into somerset itself.

    • bernews says:

      Also, as the person said – may have been plain clothed officers there that they did not recognize. We have previously seen armed officers arrive on scene in a unmarked Police car in ‘regular clothes’ [jeans etc]. We weren’t there so don’t know, but just mentioning they do wear plain clothes at times..


    • James says:

      Beacon street, you must need a new lightbulb so that you can see in all that darkness that must be present in your area! “seems like that lag in-between is,literally, killing us….” It is NOT the Police’s fault someone was shot! The Police aren’t killing us, its the idiots who are shooting the other idiots who are killing themselves. Get it right and stay on point.

      There is probably an absolute plausible reason for the time it took, if IN FACT the response did take that long. That statement was made from “someone”, maybe they can’t tell time, perhaps in all the excitement that was present yesterday time seemed to “fly” to this “someone”, that is probably more plausible than anything. Seconds probably seemed like minutes in that madness yesterday.

      Don’t blame the Police for this crap, they are doing their best, I’m sure. They are on the front line dealing with the crap and are literally (as you put it) OUT GUNNED!! We should be helping them not getting on their case. I certainly hope the “someone” told the Police what they saw and who they saw.

      The Beacon should be on the idiots and a lot of us know who they are. Until we start and continue to point these idiots out before and after they do crap we will ALL have to put up with this madness in our community. A lot of people know what has happened and is about to happen, starting with the “man pulled out by his girlfriend and he looked totally distraught. He wanted to go back in but his girlfriend wouldn’t let him” as “someone” reported.

      • beacon street says:

        Um I never blamed the police – I was defending them by pointing out that there is a lag between the call going to central and the message being passed on, while raising questions as to how (IF this is the main problem) this could be rectified. Blame rests solely with the culprit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a discussion about how to improve policing – not only in terms of response, but in terms of prevention also. Instead of jumping all over me like a sexed-up rabbit, why not contribute something to the discussion? And if a lot of you, whoever you are, know who the idiots are – report them! Even if your own evidence is not enough to get an arrest, you can at least point the man in the right direction.

  15. Terry says:

    “Craziness”, get real. The blame for this death is with the killer. It was planned. What a load of crap you write.

    You can feel the wind but it does not mean it’s a hurricane. Let the events of this tragic event unvail before you make such assinine comments.

    • Craziness says:

      to let you know a bit of info as well ppl on the streets have alleged that police are involved in some of theses incidents. Im not blaming police for the killings im blaming them for their lack of proactiveness and reaction to these events. I see you are one of those ppl who say well it wont happen to me and the police are doing their jobs. well buddy im on the other side of that fence that sees all of the madness and the lazy response we get from police

      • That_Bermudian_guy says:


      • James says:

        Maybe you should relocate to the “other side” of the fence with the rest of us who don’t see all the madness you see, clearly your current side is dangerous and not behaving as they should. I’m just saying! Just because people on the street talk doesn’t mean they KNOW what they are talking about.

        • FOR REAL? says:

          AMEN!!! If you weren’t there or aren’t involved with the armed fools that are doing or setting up the shootings then don’t act like you know. Furthermore, if you do know anything report it! Otherwise, don’t speculate.

          Colford did not deserve this – in my experience with him he was a kool guy!! My sincere condolences to his family (especially his little girl) and close (REAL) friends!!!

    • Islander says:

      The shooting may have been planned but this man was not the target, he was an innocent victim who was at work. Do we now have to look at our co workers to see if maybe they may be caught up in gang violence. Its just very sad.

    • Voice of reason says:

      the only positive and affirmitive comments on this page are from Terry and Beacon Street. Before we criticize the BPS we should inquire into their operations before theorizing. Speculation holds no truth without substantiating. If you do not know how the BPS functions, please refrain from sounding like an imbecile. Negative comments only perpetuate the perceived lack of confidence in our local Police service. More importantly, consider why this individual was shot and what we as a community can do to discourage this ongoing behaviour. Not acceptable by any standard! Consider the callous criminal who at this point is still among us and still a threat to anyone of us. That, is a problem.

  16. Spikes says:

    Here we go again. They don’t seem to care how the public feel about gangs and gun violence. They will kill you right under the noses of the police. They are ruthless and cold blooded.

  17. Really?? says:

    Why are people always quick to criticize the police. Whose to say that the officers on duty weren’t already out on other calls or on regular patrol and not just sitting at the station twiddling their fingers. 15 minute time frame could have been very well justified. Guess police should start hiring psychics so they can predict where the next shooting is going to take place so the police can be there ahead of time.

  18. bernews says:

    Sorry about the title error, it was like that for about 2 mins due to our annoying tech issues, and is fixed. Anyone still seeing it, is as your PC cached it. Sorry!


  19. Derek Simons says:

    Oh come on guy’s we are only shooting each other for WHAT DAAAAH.

  20. Completely Disgusted says:

    Enough is Enough!!! I have family that live and work in that area – children that pass that way to go to and from school everyday. Do these shooters and gang members not care about the innocent lives they threaten by carrying out this nonsense?

    Maybe what we need is a massive protest like what’s going on in Egypt; let them know the public has had enough and will not tolerate one more shooting! That is really the only way to get results. Sitting up in Parliament discussing it is NOT fixing the problem. We don’t need to sit around and scratch our heads wondering what is wrong with the young black men in Bda. Round these gang members up and either ship them out or string them up!

    They do not fear the courts, or prison or God…we need to teach them to fear something…the power of the public’s outrage turned against them!

    • Nicki says:

      If someone is capable of shooting down another person in cold blood what makes you think they care about innocent people getting hit?

  21. White Jesus says:

    Do ppl actually take into account the fact that you have to CALL the police? They don’t just APPEAR at the scene of a crime like a jack in the box 5 seconds after the crime. You could equally blame people for being slow to contact the police to report the crime, and since NONE of you idiots know how long it took the public to call the police you cannot say how long AFTER the call they came so put a sock in it losers!
    This witness said he NOTICED the police arriving after APPROXIMATELY 15 minutes. From this statement we can deduce that perhaps he himself did NOT call the police and hence didn’t even know who did. Thus, nor did he hit the start button on his stopwatch after the police were called. Lastly, in times of panic or extreme stress it is known that perceptions of time are often distorted: i.e. a minute seems like eternity. Anyways just stop blaming the police for criminals behaviour, and blame yourselves for not standing up and taking your country back COWARDS! You disgust me!

  22. Stuart says:

    Its obvious these type of people do not care for life and how precious it is.There minds must be so shallow to want to take the life of another fellow human being.what is happening to this paradise we once called home.its turning into a ghetto.Is that what we want?

  23. Call as it is says:

    These type of people that do this don’t give a dam about anyone!
    They dont fear anyone or anything,
    until that fact has sunk in to people’s heads you can talk all you want,
    it is not going to stop them.

  24. White Jesus says:

    Too many of us are immoral and spoiled. The family unit has been attacked time and time again by those who devalue the male and female traditional parenthood and family structure. Males without fathers behave like this. Sad

    • sick n tired!!!!! says:

      You sound like a flaming ass fool. First of all, let’s get off the BS about a traditional family, as there are many a boys/men worldwide who have been raised without a father present and have done great things. You people that sit by and pass judgement should try stepping outside of yourself and look at the bigger picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The problems we are facing as a community are part of a greater problem.!!!!!!!

      Why don’t you do something as simple and sensible as just send your condolensces.

      • James says:

        He isn’t a flaming ass fool. All boys NEED fathers to show them how to be a man or in the absence of a man a really strong, focused, and informed mother. And STILL they need a male role model. Yes, not all boys/men raised without a father do this type of madness but I bet if you look at those that DO you will find the majority didn’t have the proper male role model they should have had.

        And I’m speaking as a black male who was raised by his mother and KNOWS the difference. For example, only a man can teach a boy how to pee standing up!

        Self confidence plays a huge role in the development of a boy into a man. If we don’t attain this we cannot react to difficult and strange situations as we should. We don’t know how, we get embarrassed, we lie, we over compensate, we react, we deflect, and we can become violent so as to cover up what we don’t know or the feeling of being inadequate. This self confidence is planted during our childhood and best performed by males. Sorry to sound chauvinistic but it is what it is and my belief.

        A man lacking in self confidence will listen to ANYONE and EVERYONE who tells or shows him how he should live his life, these people are usually those who know just as much or less than he does. In other words, “the blind leading the blind!” And hence you get a “GANG”! Again, just my own personal belief as a 43 year old black male who has actually BEEN there and ALMOST done that!!!

        I’m sorry, but who actually sounds like the “flaming ass fool” now?

        • sick n tired!!!!! says:

          Stand corrected James, because jus like you I have a grown son that I raised on my own . . . n yes I taught him to pee standing up! I am sick of hearing this BS . . . a strong woman can raise a boy just like she raises a girl solo . . . with expectations, structure, rules, love and communication.

          As a “black woman” 43 just like you, I have walked the walk not just talk the talk and did it by myself, as are my friends . . . and our children . . . mostly boys . . . have self esteem, self confidence, doing well and aint out here shooting and killing anyone . . . as a matter of fact they are either in college, finished working and doing the DAMN THING!!!

          So please help me understand what’s the difference!!!!! He still sounds like a flaming ass fool and you just joined his ranks!!!!Read my whole comment because I clearly stated its a culmination of issues!!!!!

          • Clueless says:

            Sick and Tired, I commend you and others like my mother who did and do what they are supposed to. And I did read your whole comment, at least twice, before commenting. I agree with you that there are many other issues facing these boys. As with all issues with multiple levels and problems, there is usually a few root problems that once solved will eleviate the majority of the issues. I just believe this lack of self confidence is one of those root problems young black men have, for the most part.

            But the reality still remains, there are aspects of a boys life that only a father can teach the best. Mothers like you and mine did the best they can and we (the grown sons) are proof of that sacrifice, teachings, licks, etc. Just a question, but did you show your son how to shake when he finished peeing? And if so just how did you know how to show him that? Last I checked women weren’t equipped for that and wouldn’t normally have the knowledge to teach a young boy.

            All I was saying, together with White Jesus, is that boys NEED their fathers (preferably) or a very strong mother in their lives to teach and promote the self confidence needed by boys.

            The difference is while great mothers can do perform a great job, the best solution is for a father to teach and show his son (by example mostly) how to be a man and a good person. Girls grow up to become women and boys grow into men, women cna best instruct girls and men can best instruct boys. That is the difference, majorily. This is a public statement from the ranks of the “flaming ass fools” LOL

            By your own words its sounds like you did great job! Keep up the good work. When all is said and done, you and I are actually in agreement.

          • James says:

            Clueless = James. Sorry for the confusion.

        • I agree with you %100

      • Critical Thinker says:

        To “sick n tired!!!!! says:” While that is so, that represent the exception, not the rule. In exceptional circumstances, an individual will rise above his circumstances and effectively break that trend. But generally speaking, most people needs a stable and structured environment to succeed.

        Why people become what they are, good or bad, is a combination genetic predisposition and the environment that person is in. A person born with the warrior Gene and a defect in the temporal lobes and the limbic system of the brain, has the raw material to be a cold blooded murder. But this is not definitive, you also need all the other environmental factors to come into play, that will switch this person on. Like having a dis-functional family, Violent video games as baby-sitters, no safety net in the broader community, to recognize and intervene and try and put them on the right path.

        So the reason why Johnny from back ground a, became a murderous gang-banger and johnny from back ground “B” became an accountant is a combination of Nature and Nurture. And this is simplifying it a bit, they are many variations and degrees this. So the next time you see both scenarios playing out in society, remember there is a scientific and and environmental reason. Once we understand this, then we can move forward.

        The Church have been praying for years now and Bermuda has gotten worse. So prayer is not the answer. The answer is “It takes a Village to raise a child” and I mean the whole Village, church and all., and right now we are not doing that. So we are reaping the seeds that has been sewed years ago.

        And if you think you have seen violence yet, then I am sad to say a lot worse is to come, and I mean, A Lot!!. Wait until the 5Yo and the 10Yo of today reaches, 15 and 20. Try Massacres of entire families to start with. And if you think this is conjecture, think again, I lived it.

  25. Craziness says:

    It seems that everyone is so quick to comment about another person’s comment but can never comment on whats really going down becuase your lives are so comfortable. Yes the police must be blamed on some part for not reacting quickly as they should and i say this because ive seen it for my own eyes. So im not just typing to see myself write, no im giving ppl an idea of what really happens when these things occur.

    • That_Bermudian_guy says:


    • Dragging A Lure says:

      You sound like you have the brains to run for mayor of hamilton.

      god bless you Craziness

    • Speechless says:

      You’re a joker – ‘the police are involved’ ‘the police are to blame’ ‘ noone knows what’s going on but me’. Do us all a favour – cancel your cablevision – you’re watching too much tv.

  26. That_Bermudian_guy says:


  27. That_Bermudian_guy says:


    • Really concerned says:

      Y dont you just stop tryna pick fault in someone’s comments and look at what they are trying to say. You must be a cop the way you are just bashing that “craziness” fellow. I think he is right about some of the things that he was saying. He wasnt blaming the police for the crime, He was blaming the police for their lack of reaction to an incident, which i agree cause I’ve seen it too after the shooting incident that happend at Dandy Town. Its funny all of these ppl commenting on his remarks when in actuallity he stated that he was a witness to one of the murders that has plauged our island. So obviously he not just talking to hear himself.

  28. Jetstream says:

    The police have operating procedures that must be followed to ensure the safety of their officers. I think parents need to use this ate occurence to do their job and stop passing the buck!!!! If parents do their job, police can preserve a more orderly society!

  29. Jetstream says:

    The police have operating procedures that must be followed to ensure the safety of their officers. I think parents need to use this unfortunate occurence to do their job and stop passing the buck!!!! If parents do their job, police can preserve a more orderly society!

  30. Tim says:

    Well here we go again another shooting in ‘Our Paradise Island Bermuda’. It is very unfortunate that the few are turning our ‘little rock’ into a ghetto!!! I get sick and tired of hearing about this ‘brother against brother’ killing. “Why can’t we just get along?”

  31. street smart says:

    everyone get real… it takes less than a minute to let off five shots and another minute to be gone from the scene… right where he got shot there is actually a path behind that building that will bring you right behind the police station where the old somerset bus terminal used to be. So give the time it takes to actually comit a shoting versus the time it takes to get your phone out dail 911, wait for a response and then give details its already 5 minutes gone… in short you’ll never catch them (the shooter/shooters) in the act unless there is a coincidental fate of luck of an armed officer there. And if you know somerset like i do… from that area you could walk up and shoot someone and run away successfully so don’t blame police or delays in response time. If a man/woman has it in their hearts to take a person life then 9 times out of 10 they’ve already played the scenario out in their heads and already know their best route of escape, more easier if they were born and raised in that area. WISE UP!! and stop talking to talk…

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ street smart – ya people still don’t get it tho. real talk bra

  32. sick n tired!!!!! says:

    My heart is soooooo heavy. Having known this young man since his teen years, the tears flow easily. What a beautiful smile . . . I will always remember!! R.I.P sweetie . . . May you rest in PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. street smart says:

    white jesus change ya damn screen name… off the bat u sound like a nut case with that screen name. LMAO

  34. Andrew scaife says:

    It’s only a tragic circumstance…….. if we feel the tragedy…….Joe Public feels numb…….so we feel nothing.It will only continue until we feel it.

  35. Nicole says:

    This news saddens my heart but unfortunately what also saddens my heart is reading how my fellow islanders in their hurt, grief and anger get angry with each other in this forum that Bernews provides. Blame is a wonderfully easy thing to give – having the courage and strength to unite and work on the solution is much harder. Blessed be to all of you.

  36. kathy says:

    My condolences to the family. Do you think these shooters are getting paid to kill. That is such a scary thought cuz if someone just randomly doesn’t like you then you can be killed. Have mercy !

  37. Born Again Bermudian says:

    Stop blaming the Police please. Expats are to blame for this and everything else.

    • D. Everett says:

      @Born again Bermudian are you really serious? this is the dumbest comment ever
      Condolences to the victims family/friends….

      • Born Again Bermudian says:

        I am never serious. It is called humour.

  38. Unbelievable says:

    Terry .. You actually said something sensible here. Well done!

    Seriously,this is such a tragedy! Before I would be scared about shootings taking place but now feeling of sadness envelope me. But realise everyone that theses are signs of the times.
    We need to start looking at this as OuR problem. What are we as a country doing wrong. We can blame the police, politicians, the gangs etc… But things can only go as far as we allow them. we need to start talking!( crimestoppers exist).
    We need to truly start praying for our young people. The value of life is non existent. Which is beyond concerning. There is alot of deep rooted anger/bitterness happening on this island that needs our attention.
    Change needs to happen Bermudians and it need to happen now!

    My condolences to the family of this precious life ( regardless of what he has done in His life, that someone’s
    child and that hurts my heart as a parent)

  39. Joe says:

    As with all our problems, we as Bermudians cannot and will not accept any responsibility. Fault always lies elsewhere -the expats; the UBP; the PLP; the costy of living; and now of course, the police. Always someone else. Blame them, yeah! Me, I’m Bermudian and above all this, but someone better pay for gunning down this guy in broad daylight because he was a good boy. It’s their fault prices are high, and people are getting killed, and I lost my job, and the cost of airline tickets is going up.
    Or maybe we should also share some of the blame…..just a thought.

  40. Youth says:

    All the comments amaze me. How many of you know for sure what really took place?
    How many of you can judge someone else because you are perfect?
    How many of you who comment on single family hones came from single family homes?
    It takes a village to raise a child! It takes a community to rally together at a times. Bermudians like to rally together in natural disasters such as storms! What about this storm plaguing our island? One more question yo you all – how many of you care enough about our community that you would take the time to mentor a young person in our school system now? So that we can ensure that what is happening today doesn’t continue. May I suggest to you that the people you talk so low about, despite the fact they are criminals are people too. People who are hurting, people who are looking for social acceptance, people are looking for love! Perhaps if we took the time to embrace the individuals then we can make a change! Yes, as a young person I do embrace a few “gangsters” as you all call them and sadly most of them simply want to feel loved and have a sense of belonging. Let’s stop passing blame on who dropped the ball and start working together for the good of our country! Together we can make a difference!
    Ps. Start by sending every young person to church, it makes a difference!
    Spread love not opinions.

  41. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    Bermuda police suck! The station is right up the street and it took 15 minutes to get there? You think with all these shootings they would have access to weapons so they wouldn’t have to wait.
    DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! That’s why these guys can get away with this foolishness.

    • ok says:

      So what access to weapons gonna do for the guy that lay shot? You think the person doing the shooting are sitting there waiting for the police? So what if the police station is just up the hill. Why do you think that the police are just sitting around waiting for this call… Use your brain “if you have one” How do you know when the call to the police was made? You say nothing of the fools going around shooting people putting EVERYONE’S life at risk and only make comment on the Police. People like you really make me sick.

      • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

        OK! Your momma makes me sick for having you. The Police suck because they do. Call the cops where I live now and you’re gauranteed to see about 8 cars in under five minutes. That’s what I call service. Yes the guys who are doing the shootings are idots but were not afraid from comitting such a dirty deed with the donut shop….I mean police station right up the street.

  42. Critical Thinker says:

    To “sick n tired!!!!! says:” While that is so, that represent the exception, not the rule. In exceptional circumstances, an individual will rise above his circumstances and effectively break that trend. But generally speaking, most people needs a stable and structured environment to succeed.

    Why people become what they are, good or bad, is a combination genetic predisposition and the environment that person is in. A person born with the warrior Gene and a defect in the temporal lobes and the limbic system of the brain, has the raw material to be a cold blooded murder. But this is not definitive, you also need all the other environmental factors to come into play, that will switch this person on. Like having a dis-functional family, Violent video games as baby-sitters, no safety net in the broader community, to recognize and intervene and try and put them on the right path.

    So the reason why Johnny from back ground a, became a murderous gang-banger and johnny from back ground “B” became an accountant is a combination of Nature and Nurture. And this is simplifying it a bit, they are many variations and degrees this. So the next time you see both scenarios playing out in society, remember there is a scientific and and environmental reason. Once we understand this, then we can move forward.

    The Church have been praying for years now and Bermuda has gotten worse. So prayer is not the answer. The answer is “It takes a Village to raise a child” and I mean the whole Village, church and all., and right now we are not doing that. So we are reaping the seeds that has been sewed years ago.

    And if you think you have seen violence yet, then I am sad to say a lot worse is to come, and I mean, A Lot!!. Wait until the 5Yo and the 10Yo of today reaches, 15 and 20. Try Massacres of entire families to start with. And if you think this is conjecture, think again, I lived it.

  43. Triangle Drifter says:

    15-20 years ago I proudly told visitors that Bermuda Police did not carry guns. didn’t need to. Yes, there were a few murders here each year. A gunshot, let alone a gun murder was beyond the possibility.

    I used to tell them that “Sure, there were a few neighbourhoods where they would not be welcome, but if they happened to wander into one, somebody would politely tell them that this is not the area you are looking for & guide them out. Bermuda is not like Jamaica, where you have to stay on resort property to be safe.”

    Not any more.

    Who would have believed that we are now statistically more dangerous than any so-called crime ridden US city. Welcome to The New Bermuda.

    Every US & Canadian cop carrys a weapon. I don’t feel threatened in their presence.

    I never thought that I would see the day when I felt that all Police should be armed. That day has arrived.

  44. Terry says:

    In the very last seconds of the video, ……the kid in the redish/maroonish shirt.


    • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

      Yes. Maybe a family member or friend but running right through the crime scene and possibly contaminating it.
      Good spotting Terry.
      I missed that the first time I viewed the video.

      • It Is What It Is? says:

        Actually it is the person with whom the person was working with…Terry isn’t the only on who spotted him and FYI he was stopped before he could get inside……

        • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

          What it is, you said “he was stopped before he could get inside” sorry but the ‘crime scene’ does/did not just include the ‘inside’.
          Why do you think the roadway was Cordon Off? Something as simple as an undisturbed shoe print could bring a conviction, also a spent bullet casing (accidently or on purpose) kicked away could hinder the investigation. Go back and look at the photos above and you will see police item marker for items ‘outside’ of the door.
          Bottom line: If you are inside of the Do Not Cross police tape then you are ‘in’ the scene.

  45. Obserwant in BDA says:

    Firstly i would like to extend my sympathies to the victims family for this tragic incident. Loss of life is always hard.

    It is amazing how the police are appealing to the public for help in this and all the other murders that have occured on the island. But aren’t they the ones who know who the culprits are who are doing this already. I wish they would get the nerve up and go and make it extremely difficult for these few individuals. After all your being paid for it so DO YOUR JOB even if it is your brother, mother, cousin, or nephew that you have to go and arrest.

    • ok says:

      HuH?!?! Did you read what you said before you clicked submit? “Police know who the culprits are?” That has got to be the stupidest comment I have read on here. So you honestly think Police are allowing these people to roam free and they know who they are? Come on, think about what you’re saying. Further more there are more non-Bermudians in the police these days than Bermudian are you saying they are also knowingly sitting back and allowing these guys to go and shoot each other? Think!!! Be real!! There is NO way of knowing WHEN and WHERE the next shooting will be. The shooters know so they will always have the upper hand. Just think before you type. Instead of coming on here typing garbage.

      • It Is What It Is? says:

        @ ok ..the police do know who some of these individuals and have said so on numerous press releases and the like…but without the publics help and victims being willing to cooperate their hands are instead of being critical and telling the person to think before they type and stop typing garbage..then you may as well go ahead and tell the Police Media Relation Officers to stop talking garbage because that is where the infromation came from…and FYI it is no secret that some of these guys do ride/drive around “strapped

  46. percival says:

    i want to see what hapens the day a police man put a shot in one of these boys, how the public will react “he was a good boy he didnt deserve that” “the police killed my son, he was a good boy who didnt trouble anyone” dont call for it unless u willing to accept it. Dont go blaming the police for the problems that “you” have created in your homes. If these guys had constructive things to do they wouldnt be caught up in all this foolishness. The police have their job to do and its a hard enuf one already especially for the local ones who have to arrest school mates and family..give the guys a break.

    • ok says:

      Very True!! It is going to be very interesting WHEN it happens cause law of averages say it will. And we shall see what the public say then when the police “Do their jobs”

  47. Terry says:

    Good point Percival and comments have been made about numerous times.

    The repercussions after a “Shoot Out At The OK Corral” will be …..

    Freekin man cum rahn dee house… boy did’nt even have a gun……he threw it out dee window……….and his pastor picked it up..he was such a great guy. Turned his life around from being a drunk to being a spliff smoking, quiet guy. This is wrong. After 32 speeding tickets, $28,000 in Non Child Support ann cleaning up the mess he made when he broke into Market Place and setting fire to The Catholic church on South Shore and directing dee Police to the scen of the fire………Why! Why did this happen after he shot that guy and walked away wiff his maits, had a rum and den dee Police come after him.

    Ann….he just applied for a job at a IB place but they told him were leaving….and so should you wiff all det weed in yah backpack………

    Heads in sand. Take that back. Wrong on my part.

    Heads burried in Concrete.

  48. KMHBermuda says:

    Unbelievable…BPS has to follow procedures, just as the police do in any other jurisdiction. If they were to go around and make life ‘uncomfortable’ or whatever for all the guys doing this crap, by the time cases go to court we’d have NO convictions…anybody remember the Simpson trial?Sure, they may know very well who is doing all this stuff, but it’s up to the public…and, sadly, family members, to provide them with the evidence required.

  49. Terry says:

    Good points KMHB. You left out the “E”.

    • KMHBermuda says:

      OK, maybe it’s because I’m tired…what ‘E’?

  50. darlene says:


  51. The Truth Hurts says:

    Read the Sun! Cops do all they can. Shooters don’t come from rich white neighborhoods, they come from rough areas. Why bitch and complain when some suit has a gripe. These killings are stupid black on black petty rivalries that have culminated in to unknown rivalries. These young men don’t give a damn about life or limb. They will kill to look solid in front of their “Ace boys”. If you are white, black, yellow, green or red – don’t file a complaint with the police if you get searched on a Friday night. Take your search, know your innocent, and support the BPS when one of these searches turns up a gun or killer. Stop the bitching and don’t think because you got searched that you are holier than thou. BPS, you are hammering in Supreme Court and on the street. It’s only February, I applaud you. Thank you. Keep it up.

    • common sense says:

      The police ain’t dumb. The longer they take, the more time it gives the shooter to get away, hence, the police wont get shot at on the scene, and so they feel safe. If they race to the scene, they have the possibility of getting shot at. My guess, more then 10mins after a crime, but less then 25mins after is good timing, and the scene is relatively safe. TOY SOLDIERS

      • White Jesus says:

        I understand your logic and how it culminates in the police being viewed as “toy soldiers”. But just consider the implications if the regular police actually had to pursue a gunman. What if an officer actually got shot and killed? What would be the implications? What if the police then have to carry guns? What if the police start shooting suspects? There’s a whole culture that goes along with it. You don’t want to create a different kind of criminal. It is similar to the wars on so-called terrorists that only created more hatred and terrorism. The cops are doing a fine job. Support them. JOIN THEM!

      • Nicki says:

        Exactly! Bermuda Police are some cowards, I don’t care I’ll say it. They are there to protect and serve the public yet they do a pretty terrible job at it. What’s the sense in having police if they are terrified to do what they are PAID to do? It’s not even just shootings. One time my neighbor was getting her ass beat by her boyfriend- we called the police and they took about over 40 minutes to get there when we are 15 minutes away. We had to call them twice!! They finally showed up nonchalantly didn’t even speak. A bunch of rude, cowards.

        • ok says:

          Police officer arent PAID to take a bullet. They are not robots they have lives and families too.

        • Mack says:

          So if you aren’t a “coward”, how come you didn’t get involved and stop her from getting a beat down? What happened to the rule of protecting thy neighbour? Police are only there to manage other people’s poor decision making, so before you criticize others, look at yourself first.

          And I am saying this from experience, I have risked injury before to stop someone else getting a beat down.

  52. Sarah says:

    Another thing to consider before we blame the police for responding too slowly is that they have to know how easy it is to escape on a bike, which afaik is the mode of transport used by most of these murderers. By the time anyone has called 911, the person could easily be a few miles away.
    There’s also the problem of “bystander syndrome”. When multiple witnesses are around for a serious crime, there tends to be confusion as everyone assumes everyone else is calling 911 so the individuals are slow to respond. It’s been observed in situations where someone is attacked and no one intervenes because they assume everyone else should. I’m not saying that’s what happened, just throwing it out there.
    I would like to think that the police do their jobs to the best of their ability and judgement, but there are procedures they have to follow and people can err even at the best of times.
    I just feel sorry for the victim’s friends and family and the confusion and grieving they must be going through. I wish them peace and healing, and I wish the police much luck and judgement in their investigation.

  53. why says:

    FYI – Bermudians are more liable to discuss particulars with a school mate or someone they grew up with rather than a foreigner.

    Duh….. The Police Service bring in foreigners to police our island.

    So they bring their way of life here and we don’t want to talk to them.