21 Students Start Hospitality Training

March 14, 2011

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute [BHI] has accepted 21 students into START, an American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute certificate program. Over  40 applicants applied.

“We are pleased with the diversity of this inaugural group,” said BHI CEO, Karla Lacey. “There’s a cross section of schools represented – both public and private, with a good mix of males and females. The group is truly representational of Bermuda itself.”

START [Skills, Tasks & Results Training] began on March 8 and will run through May 14th at the Bermuda College, which has partnered with BHI through the complimentary use of its facilities. The program provides a quality career based educational experience that prepares high school students for the vast opportunities that await them in the hospitality industry – whether they choose a career in the field, or pursue part-time employment opportunities while furthering their education or to supplement their income.

“We are extremely grateful to the Bermuda College for allowing us to use their facilities for START,” said Ms. Lacey. “Their support brings additional credibility to the program while paving a path for our young participants to travel when pursuing further education in the field.”

These 21 students, ages 16-18, will go through 10 weeks of interactive instruction taught by instructors Shawn DeShields, Hospitality/Business Senior Lecturer, Bermuda College, and Joann Adams, Director Staff Development, Berkeley Institute. Upon successful completion participants are guaranteed full-time summer employment within the Island’s hospitality industry at one of the many hotels and restaurants who have committed to holding positions open for them.

“Over the coming decades, this group will mature into individuals who will play a key role in Bermuda’s Hospitality Industry,” said Ms. Lacey. “Whether as leaders or supporters, the understanding and experience they’re gaining now will eventually reverberate throughout our community.”

BHI is a non-profit organization with a mandate to lead and encourage the development, growth and sustainability of Bermudians in the Hospitality industry

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  1. Mad Prophet says:

    “Over the coming decades, this group will mature into individuals who will play a key role in Bermuda’s Hospitality Industry,” said Ms. Lacey.

    You have waiters/waitresses in their early twenties from lands afar, living in dorms and making over $1,000.00 per week during the summer months.

    Maybe a program should be started this summer for the deployment of the other 20 young Bermudians to bus tables and receive the needed training and compensation in the short term. You know, keep their hands busy and their minds engaged.

    OH! And pockets full!

    The problem in the Hotel Industry in Bermuda started, when the classical style of service disappeared, even if you brought in French Waiters the Busboys/Busgirls were Bermudian.

    They learned proper service from their prodigies and because of the mix it didn’t harm GUEST SERVICE. The Guest Worker knew all about France. The Bus-person learn to carry a tray properly and could tell you all about Bermuda. Eventually the Bus-person became a Waiter.

    There are work permits granted to SOME Guest Workers that can hardly carry a tray of plates. They come to Bermuda and learn on the job.

    Why should Bermudians wait decades to mature into individuals who will play a key role in Bermuda’s Hospitality Industry?????

    For the 20 Bermudians that didn’t get excepted.


    Minister if Immigration, step up to the crease.

    From the “Mad Prophet”

    • A step in the right direction! says:

      CONGRATULATIONS to these 21 young people! You are an ambitious group who are on the fast track to becoming ambassadors for this wonderful island that you call home. You should be applauded for taking advantage of this program! I wish you all the best as you embark on the training and I look forward to staying in one of the many hotels you guys will be running in the future! Good for you! Be proud of yourselves! I hope the success of the first year allows for more than 21 to be accepted next year. Hats off to all of you!

      As for the “Angry Prophet” – - whoa, what is your problem? These young people should be applauded not yelled at! Let go of that anger – it is so extremely unhealthy. Go for a jog or lift some weights. Just let it go and be happy for the good decision these young people have made.

      • Mad Prophet says:

        Step in the wrong direction,

        I just came back from the gym, took your advice went for a jog, lifted some weights and I AM STILL MAD AS HELL!!!!!

        But it’s all good!