Female Body Found In Water: Fairylands Area

April 29, 2011

[Updated] This afternoon [Apr.29] a body was found floating in the water in the Fairylands area. The Police are presently on scene, and have confirmed the body found was that of a black female.


The Police said at this stage they are not sure how long the body has been in the water, and said they will not be revealing any further information at this time. Assistant Commissioner David Mirfield said that the body will be forensically recovered, and an autopsy will be performed. The Police have asked for anyone who may be aware of someone missing who fits that description to please contact them on 295-0011.

A video statement from Mr Mirfield is below:

Update 5:39pm: The Police have released a statement, and said that the female was wearing a medical bracelet for diabetes. Their full statement follows below:

Around 2pm on Friday, Police responded to a report of a body in the waters off the Mill Point Road, Pembroke area. The unidentified lifeless body of a black female wearing a medical bracelet for diabetes was recovered and a full investigation into this incident is underway.

No further information will be released until the next of kin has been notified. Detectives are attempting to identify the deceased and appeal for anyone who may have a missing family member or friend or anyone with any information to contact the main police number 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update May 3: Police confirmed identified the woman as 45-year-old Denise Evans Wilkinson of Pembroke parish. The Police have not officially classified it as a murder as such, but they are investigating the case as a suspicious death.

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  1. Living in Hells kitchen says:

    oh christ anywhere but the fairylands. Dats it lock down Bermuda!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The mon says:


      • Sick and tired says:

        Why would you both make such ignorant comments regarding this tragedy? That dopey Bermudian vernacular and LOL?
        Show some respect for the deceased and her family.
        There is just no accounting for how crass some of Bermuda’s residents have become.

      • Daughter of woman says:

        I don’t find and of that funny, thats my mother

  2. Terry says:

    Description:- Black female……….Try UK…..

  3. GPS says:

    Does this top cop really know he’s in Fairylands?!?

    • ana luj says:

      Fairylandsis not immune to crime!!!! They have drug suppliers, crack heads, heroin addicts, drunks, naked pool swimmers, domestic abuse, theives, spoiled rotten children, private ganja gardens etc. T

      • It is what it is says:

        I agree..they just have the “means” to keep it under wraps…..

      • Terry says:

        Loed no….Say it is not so. Those rich people do that stuff?

        My Lord, I am out of the loop. And please don’t tell me they buy their drugs from black people. They are poor, underpaid and being layed off.

        • Maggie says:

          Its not possible that you thought this theory was true. To that I say lol (laugh out loud). But incase you actually considered your comment informative I say, that clearly the elites/wealthy would be the suppliers to the man on the streets. As we have witnessed before in high profile cases featured in the news.

      • The mon says:

        how did you know about my Naked pool swimming lol but thank you for hitting on the Drug suppliers. aaah how I miss my skinny dipping down there lol

  4. Terry says:

    Charlie “3″ has GPS…..plus readout…..

    • itwasn'tme says:

      How did you kno ’bout C3? Big Bird is that U????? LOL

  5. J Starling says:

    I don’t want to second guess the police/forensics, but I think some of y’all are jumping the gun with the assumption this is crime-related. Sounds more like an accident or medical type tragedy than anything else.

    Condolences to the family.

    • Indeed .. says:

      Not too long ago a ‘white male’ , also a diabetic , had a seizure on his boat and fell into Mill Creek and drowned. A very popular guy and very tragic for the family.

    • The mon says:

      Starling nobody said anything about how she die just pointing out that crime happen in that area as well and it not from the outside.

  6. JR says:

    Just because the body was found in Fairylands, doesnt mean that someone from that area done it.
    Someone from somerset could’ve dropped the body there…
    STOP jumping to conclusions. Bermudians are so small-minded.

  7. Hudson says:

    Yes, condolences to the family. Tragic that we are now at a place in this Island where a person turns up dead in the water, and five people want to make jabs and insinuations. Sad.

  8. Pitts Bay says:

    “naked pool swimmers”

    Now that is damn shocking – who da thunk there may be some naked pool swimmers in Fairylands – what is this world coming to!!!!!!!!

  9. plz shut up says:

    Yet again the small minded people who lend out the pointless comments are back!! I am young and black and can’t stand the dumb comments that come from some peoples mouths like terry-hells kitchen and ana whatever! Areas where richer people live BLACK and WHITE are always keep more crime free because that’s where the big boys live and yes our own black people are killing ourselves to get ahead by selling drugs and allowing the younger guys to kill themselves for the controlled chaos aspect!! O and if u know bermudas waters or pay attention the water flows through that area pretty rapidly so she could have been dropped anywhere!! So go lockdown your mouths and get a life and see the big picture!!

    • itwasn'tme says:

      calm down b 4 u blow your head gasket……remember that the other side of that waterway is owned and operated by ……… ‘everyday’ people…..

      • plz shut up says:

        Everyday people, weird I thought we were all everyday people, I was taught we all bleed blood! And I am just going to say again CONTROLLED CHAOS

        • itwasn'tme says:

          M8, you may have been taught that we’re equal, but you’re old enough now to realize it ain’t so…..and its not about black and white anymore, now days in 2011 its about GREEN

          • plz shut up says:

            Depends on what u let run YOUR world, the way I see it I make money money don’t make me and I’m straight ($$$)with that theroy M8–O and yes I agree to some extent its all about the green but color will always play a part to some extent!!

    • Bryan says:

      LOL! Tell em young blood!

  10. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Nobody knows how this poor woman died. It may not have been a crime at all – just an unfortunate accident. Have some feelings for her and family people!

  11. andre says:

    People it appears this young lady was a cousin of mine and the tragedy is ….This is the third child her mom has to be bury!

    • Onion says:

      My condolences to your family.

    • TZ says:

      condolences to your family
      very sad

    • Jim Garlic... says:

      My deepest and most sincere condolences to you Andre and Aunt D . I personally knew all three . Such beautiful people , I’m just stunned right now , as always hugs and words of encouragement was always exchanged , right up until a few weeks ago . I,m so sad right now as I,ve lost a dear friend .
      WE ,talking about the younger two , spent at least 13 good years together in the education system .I shall forever miss them and cherish their memories …. Thanks for allowing me to express …

  12. JD83 says:

    People, people, people… have some respect! My goodness some of you have made some ridiculously tasteless comments. It’s truly appalling. How would you feel if this was affecting your family and you saw all of these completely insensitive comments? Shameful.

    Also, as someone else pointed out, and I wish to reiterate that point… just because a body was found in the waters off Fairylands does NOT mean it was due to something (crime or otherwise) that happened IN Fairylands. Water has a current… things in water do not stay in the same place. They move with the currents! I’m not saying it’s impossible that the event occurred in Fairylands, I’m just saying it could have happened in a number of other places too.

    So please stop making assumptions and please grow up and have some respect for the deceased and her family and friends.

  13. Eyes wide open says:

    Some of the comments I have read here are just plain ignorant, lack of respect, malice and hatred for people. Bermuda I believe is in for a very rude awakening in that “Every day the bucket goes to the well, one day the bottom will drop out.”

  14. Terry says:

    “Eyes wide open”, the bucket has a hole. The well is empty.

    • D. Everett says:

      Terry do you ever stop your nonsense?

      • Terry says:

        The bucket has a hole. The well is empty. You don’t get it?

        You call it nonsense?

  15. Disgusted says:

    For those who have made ignorant comments this advice is for you………… IF YOU HAVE NOTHING MEANINGFUL OR INTELLIGENT TO SAY IT IS OF TO SAY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When did we become so insensitive as human beings (black, white, local or not local)

    • honesty says:

      @Andre, thank u so much for being the first one to make a positive commemt and knowing your facts. Yes, this will be the third daughter that my great aunt will bury,but this is the worst death out of three. Ppl I’m asking u nicely to please show my aunt D some respect and keep ya nasty ass comments to urself!! She isn’t here to defend herself and not all the facts have been gathered but Andre if u know my family u know we will defend her by any means…..R.I.P Aunt D….

      • Get a grip says:

        @ Andre and Honesty.
        My condolences to your family. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that people have assumed all sorts of things without knowing the facts. I don’t think I know who this is but every living person deserves respect and this lady has left a family that will mourn her. Death is not easy for anyone no matter the circumstances so please Bermuda respect this family and pray for them as they will need support, not accusations or assumptions.
        May God continue to bless you and give you peace through these hard times.

        • Family Member says:

          Thank you, it is hard enough dealing with this, but to read all these hateful comments is even worst. People have some respect

    • Terry says:

      Disgusted, you last sentence speaks volumes. Knowone is listening. 3.50am today ring a bell?

  16. Daughter of woman says:

    Look if you don’t have anything positive to say, then don’t say anything at all. THIS IS MY MOM THAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT

    • bernews says:

      Our deepest condolences to you….

  17. So Sad says:

    My Condolences go out to the family, I’m still in shock. But what really has me in shock is that from jump street one of the first 3 comments where from the daughter of AuntD. And yet ppl still decided to put up there senselss and pointless comments. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? People in this country are really patheic just to know you could do something like that an not even acknowledge that this woman’s life is gone. No matter the place or how she is no longer with us. But yet all you can come to care about is where her body was found and if crime happens in the area. I ask again ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I guess because you can hide behind your fake names you feel you can say what you want. Well in case you didn’t know or maybe forgot GOD sees and hears everything… I will just end it on that note

  18. Cousin says:

    @daughter of woman, Danny these ppl have no idea what impact their negative words have on us. but our family has always been strong and we are more stronger today than we’ve ever been. Remember God is all watching….. These ppl would do anything for some (juicy) covo. smh. I am so destroyed by this as your cousin but as her daughter I encourage you to stay strong (easier said than done)

  19. Alicia B says:

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends! Rely on the FATHER as only HE can give you the comfort and strength to get through today, tomorrow and the days/months/years to come; to live on with her spirit within your hearts. May fond memories of your love one sustained you during this very difficult time.GOD bless you and yours!

  20. Kathy says:

    My Sincere condolences to the family. After reading some of these comments… we wonder why our young folk are like they are. Its the adults that are creating such nonsense with our youth. ridiculous.
    Your family will be in our prayers at this time.