David DeSilva Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter

November 13, 2012

[Updated] With his trial set to get underway in Supreme Court this morning [Nov 13] David DeSilva entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter.

Mr DeSilva, 47,  was charged with the death of 45-year-old Denise Evans-Wilkinson [pictured]. In April 2011 Ms Evans-Wilkinson’s body was found floating in the water off the Mill Point Road area in Pembroke.

Mr DeSilva, of Pembroke parish, was charged with murder in September 2011 and pleaded not guilty in December 2011. He has been remanded in custody pending sentencing later this month.

Update: Photo of Mr DeSilva

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  1. elgreen says:

    What’s with this plea bargaining? Give me a break!

    • Just Us says:

      Bermuda is becoming the definition of Sin City. The playground for hard drugs, thieves and murderers. where the lawmakers shake hands with the lawbreakers…

    • Lonnie Tiran says:

      I have known David Wayne since he was owned the Miranda, he taught me how to fish- how understand my instincts . I eventually became a Captain. I did things in reverse, I became a lawyer before I was a Captain. David Wayne inspired the best out of me. I was very different from him. Yet we got along very well and close
      For many years. I knew his first wife, I fished with David SR. His mom, Margaret and his sisters , and his nephews and nieces. They were a wonderful family. David Sr. , devoted man to his wife And to his fishing. Very loving family as well as decent, spent a lot of time with these people. They were dedicated to community and Margaret always doing something for someone that had less or in need. David followed in those Footsteps as well. People may say that David was spoiled or somehow irresponsible. Nothing is further from truth , David Sr. And Margaret were tough on them youngins, especially David, but not harsh. David tended to over react to certain experiences, violence- maybe. When he was anebriated he had a hell of a temper. He was picked on many of times be wise of his size.’But his bravado made up for for difference. Among fishermen and crew things were handled that way. As a sober man, he was very giving , much like his mother.
      Last I saw David was in 2002- a much different person- he was on drugs, he admitted to me in our conversations we had at time. He was in terrible shape and needed help. I offered but he was wanting it on the island, I’m from California and worked at the State Attorney General office doing criminal appeals in earlier years. David was no criminal then and it’s hard to believe the recent events that have taken place. I could trust David with my life, and even in heat of argument -
      He could be trusted not hurt you unless deserved. That being said, I do not condone the death of anyone to be justified in any manner.
      What happened to David has happened to many of us without excuse-drugs.
      In 2002, I was devastated by his appearence, yet i could reach him during his struggles with these demons.
      His penance will be a lifetime, years in jail will be short, may he use this short time to rebuild his life. My condolences to elkinson family as they deserve no
      Less for this island tragedy. David fell through island cracks for
      Years, this will be the result of many more drug addicts should Bermuda fail to declare its war on drugs. Let’s help him and other similarly situated now without waiting for them to get out with other harmful habits. This happens to good families as well, David is living proof.you don’t have to be poor for these results.

  2. SMH says:

    I don’t care what Mr. Desilva or anybody else say’s he murdered her and that’s what the charge should be. Sounds like he intended to kill her to me. Because he said he didn’t intend to kill her they just take his word. Some people just get off easy.

    What foolishness is this.

    • Come Correct says:

      Agreed, the gazette said there was a fractured bone in her throat from strangulation…is there a different result of strangulation other than death that I’m not aware of? Also strangling someone isn’t like pulling a trigger on a gun, a gun is bang and its over, strangling someone takes a little time also while looking into the eyes of the victim (sometimes, could have been done from behind or with something like a belt but it sounds like he used his hands to crush her windpipe). They say most humans act on impulse and after about 30seconds impulse turns into a choice, I’m pretty sure it took more than 30seconds to strangle her to death. Manslaughter doesn’t seem right in this instance and it seems there’s enough evidence to say screw your plea bargain.

  3. LOL (original TM*) says:

    This guy should do the life sentenceas he intentionally tried to cover up his actions he did intend to get away with it……….


  4. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    How the hell is this plea possible … Give him life anyway . Heartfelt to the Evans family .

  5. Bonthebuilder says:

    This screams corruption.
    Firstly how can someone plead to involentary manslaughter with the person being found with their feet and hands bound.
    Secondly the body was discarded of showing intent to cover up the evil deed.
    Thirdly how do you plead a deal for manslaughter when the police had to find you, you didn’t go to them saying I made a mistake and this person died.

    Finally. I know some of you aren’t gonna like this but where is his picture. Funny even though court and everything is done in one building stopping the walk of shame to the courts for everyone to see that they somehow catch pictures of all the other high profile blacks in court cases, and we can’t even see who this resolvable fellow is that’s going up for murder. I’m sorry manslaughter.
    I could be jumping the gun but I would say he’s white with that name even though I m is some black people last name Desilva.

    Am I wrong for looking at things this way. Tell me bernews community. Am I????

    • Dead Ringer says:

      Sorry, if this reposts but I think I deleted my original email response. Yes you are wrong. Why ask the Bernews Community? Why not ask Bernews? You are what the problem is with this country. Too many like us looking back, complaining, looking for an excuse and someone to blame and stirring the pot – instead of working towards a better Bermuda.

      Ever thought that perhaps the reason Bernews didn’t have a picture it might be because their much smaller number of staff CAN’T BE EVERYWHERE like RG, Bda Sun, VSB and BBC? If it makes you feel better that the “white guys picture” is on the RG site paper. I think Bernews do an awesome job with the number of staff they have, but they can’t be everywhere. And just in case you don’t know, you just can’t use another news medias outlets pictures, or editorial work without their consent!

      Not everything is black and white, sometimes there is a grey area, and that is when you should stop and think for a second. I know it is convenient for many like you to keep the racism mill going because without it many would have nothing to say!

      By the way I have family members with the name David and even some with the name DeSilva that black.

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @bonthebuilder——you get my vote, i get your drift!

  6. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Bonthebuilder: The RG has a picture of him but I think it was taken when he was first taken to plea court last year. As Bernews said in another instance, the new court building format has changed the path to and from the courts, making it difficult to get pictures. Give them a break. I think they work really hard to give us comprehensive coverage, but they are not Superman

    It IS possible to accidentally strangle someone in certain types of sex play, or even just because she was small and slight and he was pretty big and probably strong. He may not have known his own strength. I wish we would not be so quick to judge.
    Also, how many of us, finding that we have accidentally killed someone would not panic and try to hide what we have done, at least at first, especially if the circumstances were not quite kosher? I think it is human nature to do so, not saying it is right, just a natural first reaction. After we have had time to think, we might make a different choice, but by then, it might be too late.

    • Unbelievable & Sick N Tired!!!! says:

      And any person with half a conscience . . . if the scenario played out the way you described here would have went to the police and said . . .”I did something terrible . . .I never meant to hurt her!” But not him, he gags her, ties and bounds her body and drops her overboard. Don’t give me that wishy washy *** rationale. He fishes and he knew just what he was doing.

      You people kill me . . .all this rationalizing because lets be honest here, he’s white and from a wealthy family. Had this been a white girl and a black man you would be calling for him to be given the death penalty. I’m sick of it.

      One of the other media has the audacity at the end of their article today to put all of the victim’s past out there for prople to read, but not one mention of the fact that this guy is a 47 year old spoiled *** crackhead, who has been a pain in the a** for years!!!!!

    • Pastor, please! You have to mean it to break the hyoid bone! Strangulation takes several minutes. Then you have to mean it to bind somebody up; that takes a while. Then you have to mean it to haul the body overboard. That takes thought and time. No one is evil ALL of the time. But this man took a life. Second thoughts? Too late, after the fact. Dead is dead.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        I am not trying to excuse this man’s actions at all. I suspect that there were extenuating, possibly/probably illegal, circumstances that prompted his actions, and would also have contributed to a feeling of paranoia – so going to the police would have been the last thing he would have done. Just a very, very sad story all the way around. Even if this man gets help while he is imprisoned, he will always have this on his conscience. The up-side is it may scare him straight…we can always pray.

        My sympathies are with Denise’s family. They endured much while she was alive and her death must have caused even more ‘sufferation,’ which has not yet ended.

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @pastorslyhayward!—-if in the throws of passion why dump body in such a manner? no excuses !!!!!!!!!stop trying to defend white people! he didn’t turn himself in…why you gotta choke someone that hard around the neck in the throws of passion? weirdo. freak!Unbelievable and sick and tired too.!!!!the stronghold of satan really has you whipped!don’t be fooled by what you might feel, think about MS Evans,…..it was murder clear cut!

  7. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    7yrs out in 3

  8. Denise's Daughter says:

    Thank you everyone

  9. Bda Nanny says:

    this man may be and have done alot of things but a murderer he is not….

    • Devil's advocate says:

      How can you be so sure ??

    • Unbelievable & Sick N Tired!!!! says:

      Are you really serious . . . he is not a MURDERER . . .rewind . . .he strangled her, bound her feet and arms and threw her in the water to hide his crime . . .what would you call him??? Oh I’m sorry . . . you’re right . . . he’s a SICK B&^*@RD!!!! I hope the boys at Westgate have something for him!!! She was someone’s mother, sister, daughter, aunty and friend . . . but most of all, she was a human being!!!!!

      I don’t understand this plea bargain at all!!!!

      • Sledge Hamma says:

        Don’t forget the part where he said “I’m guilty”.

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @ bermudananny——-if he is not a murderer then where is MS EVANS?you must be like some other nannies we’ve read about! she was our friend too.He admitted as much..what is it white colour crime

  10. JONO says:

    Was talking to DeSilva early Tuesday morning before he went to court..
    Said he was prepared to do 30 years…Its his Mom and lawyer who worked out plea bargain..

    • Unbelievable & Sick N Tired!!!! says:

      Really . . . it’s amazing what money can do huh? What’s up DPP . . . hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  11. Omg but not totally shocked says:

    You don’t know the whole story. My previous comment was deleted but oh well. Sorry he got involved with such but that’s the life results in death one way or another at your very own hands at times…

  12. soon & very soon says:

    What is really bothersome is that we as a people are excerting so much focus and energy on this guy. A woman, a dughter,a mother, a sister,an aunt,a cousin, a friend is dead. Her chlldren are grieving. This man has admitted to causing her death at his hands. It doesn’t matter what deal HIS mother or HIS lawyer made. The ultimate Dealmaker is looking down from above and has publicly declared that,” Vengence is Mine,”, so rather then displace energy on him, pray for her children, her family and her friends. That guy will have to answer for his actions, one way or another, he will pay for his crime. In the meantime Denise enjoyed life, let’s honor her by celebrating her life and helping her children to enjoy theirs.

  13. CHINGAS! says:

    this is terrible and sad. regardless of what happens, he has to live with the reality of what he did or didn’t do, which is “prison” enough… but thank God, that He can free those doing time in the brain cell.

  14. Derek W Cocklin says:

    Ok ! Most of you know David and I go way back !
    What ever happened , happened a reason !
    Two sides to ever story…..
    She was not miss angel ! Nor was David a saint……
    Yes she might have been a mother, sister, daughter, aunt etc………..
    But she was also a _____ and when two people are on a ____ bing alot of bad choices are made !
    Sooooo knowing David if he really wanted to hind the body he would have taking her and dropped her body over board on the back side of argues !!!
    Not saying he should walk free but quit jumping to what he deserves…….
    Not one of you F#@kers live a perfect life, we have all done wrong is some way.
    So let the courts handle it in their own way……….
    Signed DW Cocklin………
    Boy i see I’m going get some haters on my comment

    • Plato says:

      If i was in the victims family and he gets a BS sentence because of his money i would just give him a hot rock when he comes out.

  15. De Islander says:

    You want to be the husband or the wife tonight!

    Definitly he gets off AGAIN!Its a common denominator with that piece of stuff!

  16. Dee (Original) says:

    I had the same thought as Pastor Hayward. The only way I can see this as manslaughter is if this couple practiced “Auto erotic Asphyxiation”. Without knowing what their relationship was, its hard to determine if she was accidentally killed during sex play involving strangulation. Believe it or not, this sex act is very common in Bermuda. In fact, a young man accidentally died this year while doing this. In any event, if he did “accidentally” kill her, he had no right to callously discard her body in the matter that he did.

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @Dee(original)——and these substances where legal that they may have both been on?!!!!!either way he did it!!!!!whether he wa a nice person or not! these guys with guns might be on the same stuff!!!

  17. Voice says:

    I think it is sad how people turn everything in to a racial situation. We are all not living in the 1960′s anymore :( I get that whole situtation is sad and was a very unnecessary act, but as Mr. Cocklin said there is always to sides to every story. _____ ______ _____ ______ Im not at all trying to say that he shouldnt do the time for his actions, because it was a very hanneous crime. Having said that, she was also pushing the limits, by being with someone for that many years knowing that they had a very tumultous relationship. I think once everyone treats everyone as humans not differentiate because of colour then we could really sit back and realise either way if it was a black man or a white man that it is still equally sad and not right. Even though I know David very well, I know that doing this type of crime to any woman white or black should be punished. I just hate how people get on the websites not knowing people and try to act like they know everything because of what the paper writes. Media sometimes can be very incorrect and sometimes portray situations to make people, like on this blog believe things, that not always the full picture. David also has a family that has to live with this, its not something that any family black or white can be proud of or really understand why this happened. In the end all I wanted to do was say that people shouldnt pass judgement on people they dont know because we all one day must answer to one person, and you never know what will happen to you or anyone else.

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @voice—so why didn’t you come forward with information VOICE ..cat got your tongue? domestic or otherwise, most murders are relationship related, so do you have sympathy for all murderers? grown people have to be accountable for the actions and reactions to what they choose to participate in!