Premier Attends RIMS Conference in Vancouver

May 3, 2011

The Premier and Minister of Finance Paula Cox is currently attending the 47th Annual Risk and Insurance Management Society [RIMS] Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Several thousand delegates are expected at this year’s event, scheduled for May 1 to May 5. The traditional Bermuda representation will be in attendance: Ministry of Finance, Bank of Bermuda, Bermuda Monetary Authority, Business Bermuda, ABIC and ABIR.

Premier Cox said, “RIMS affords us a valuable opportunity to network with our existing partners in the industry and build new relationships. Our message will be simple; Bermuda is a safe, reliable and successful jurisdiction to conduct business. Bermuda’s solid reputation is well known at RIMS and despite global economic challenges, the Bermuda brand retains its position as the largest captive domicile.”

Premier Cox will attend a number of reinsurance and captive sessions, and conduct interviews with such industry publications as Risk Management Magazine. The Premier is slated to deliver the opening address at the annual RIMS breakfast event.

She will also participate in a panel discussion where she will be joined by several local business professionals. While in Canada, the Premier will also hold meetings with a number of local stakeholders.

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  1. liars says:

    wasnt she just in the caribbean?!

  2. Still watching and waiting says:

    Excuse me Ms. Premier but since you have been away Bermuda has become an even UNSAFER place.

    If your Government can’t organise buses for the Tourists, what hope do we have in tackling violence and murder.

    Your silence is deafening

  3. Dragging A Lure says:

    To: Still watching and waiting,
    The Tea Party and Birther Movement mentality is so prevalent on BerNews. After all of the praying which has failed to end the violence, please tell us how Bermuda has become an even UNSAFER place because the physical presence of The Premier is not on the island.

    Waiting & Watching


    • The truth says:

      ‘Still watching’ didn’t say that the island is unsafer BECAUSE the Premier is off-island. He/she said that the island has become unsafer SINCE she left. That’s two different concepts.

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        To: The truth,
        I stand by my interpretation, maybe you can explain why the statement from watching and waiting “Excuse me Ms. Premier but since you have been away Bermuda has become an even UNSAFER place.” is relevant to her attending the RIMS Conference in Vancouver. What is the reason behind that statement?



        • the truth says:

          I don’t know the reason behind the statement, nor do I care. I’m not defending what she said, I clarifying the difference between what she said and your interpretation of what she said.

          Saying the island has become more unsafe SINCE she left, is saying that since the Premier left the island, things have gotten worse. I’m not defending that statement,but that is not blaming the ‘worsening’ state of things on the Premier leaving.

          Saying the island has become more safe BECAUSE she left is saying that the Premier’s departure is the cause. Thereby blaming the state of things BECAUSE she left. It seems like fairly straight forward comprehension to me, but perhaps not. But believe what you will.


          • the truth says:

            excuse me become more UNSAFE BECAUSE she left..correcting the sentence above

        • Still watching and waiting says:

          Perhaps you did not read what the Premier said………
          “Our message will be simple; Bermuda is a safe, reliable and successful jurisdiction to conduct business”………..

          and The truth is spot on, my comment related to that statement and not the Premier’s off island presence.

          And just for good measure I think it was right she attended the Royal Wedding, Bermuda should be justifiably proud of its British connections. That is why the US tourists love this place.

          • sandgrownan says:

            True, it’s not because of the buses or ferries is it?

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            Cheers to both of you,
            Respect both responses.


  4. J Starling says:

    I don’t have a problem with her going off to this one; it makes sense from our IB perspective. A heck of a lot more sense than the Bahamas trip and the Windsor Jr’s wedding (although I understand there was protocol there).

    But ditto on the buses and tourism. And after 12 years I’m still waiting to see a coherent crime and rehabilitation plan…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Lets just hope she does Bermuda justice & keeps quiet. It is better to be silent & thought to be a fool than to open ones mouth & leave no doubt.

      Let the IB experts do the talking.

  5. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Hopefully, Ministers Burgess,Butterfield and Lister will have their letters of resignation on her desk when she returns.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Minors too if you please.

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        I thought about her but i’m not sure she should resign. (the jury is still out) This leaves Cox with the problem of replacing them due to a paucity of talent on the backbenches.

  6. Really?????? says:

    I don’t drink tea so don’t go to the parties and I don’t care about birth certificates but my own but why is she at the RIMs Conference?

    We do have a crisis in Bermuda and the previous postings are correct, praying etc, has not helped although I do believe in the power of prayer. I think what we need is a proactive Government and not reactive and quite honestly I am getting sick and tired of hearing them discuss or shout whatever it is they do about issues that are not as important as the lives of our young men. Let’s get our hands busy find them jobs, let’s find them places to call home, let’s find the younger ‘in training’ thugs, and get them mentors and show them life is more than what they realize. We have to to take them out of the circle of darkness they are in as they cannot see past that.

    I don’t feel this Government is in touch with our younger mind set at all, Anti Gangy legislation…….really???? Ok, we lock them up, FIRST, we have to spend money to prove they are in these gang and how the heck are we going to do that? By tatoos, yikes I betta get that one removed when I was drunk in Vegas……Eastside Girl. LOL

    Then we lock them up, great so we will have all the gang members or at least the ones we can get lcoked up in one place and then what? What about all the younger ones ready in waiting? Do you really think this new legislation will do anything.

    Lord, Lord Lord………this place really does need a wake up call. What’s that new party called this week, heck I think I will try them out.

  7. Hmmmmm says:

    Wonder when the media will ask how large the delegation is travelling with the Premier. I remember when they asked that first and when “delegation” was called “entourage”. Its a funny old world.