2011 Miss Bermuda Pageant Photos

June 13, 2011

Jana Lynn Outerbridge was crowned the 2011 Miss Bermuda last night [June 12]. Channing Dill was the 1st runner up and Miss Photogenic, Rachel Sawden was the 2rd runner up and the StyleBermuda Peoples Choice winner, Cratonia Smith was the 3rd runner up, Sharmaine Landy was the 4th runner up, while Davina Cannonier won the Miss Congeniality.

You can view our live blog of the pageant here, and a video of the winning moment above, showing Pageant Director Milika Trott Seymour placing the banner and crown on a tearful Miss Outerbridge.

Jana Lynn Outerbridge Miss Bermuda 2011 June 12 -1-3c

The photos below are courtesy of Anthony Francis of Tekoa Photography. The top five are pictured below left to right; Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden, Miss Sandys Cratonia Smith, Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy, Miss Smiths East Channing Dill and the eventual winner Miss St. Georges East Jana Lynn Outerbridge.

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (1)

The top 5 again:

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (2)

The winner of Miss Congeniality – Miss Devonshire East Davina Cannonier, who was also one of the top 8 finalists:

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (3)

Pictured below left to right are Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy, Miss Smiths East and Miss Photogenic Winner Channing Dill and the eventual winner Miss St. Georges East Jana Lynn Outerbridge.

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (5)

Miss Bermuda 2011 Jana Lynn Outerbridge:

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (6)

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (7)

2011 miss bermuda tekoa (8)

- Bernews extends our thanks to Anthony Francis of Tekoa Photography for these photos

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  1. Its time to STAND UP says:

    CONGRATS JANA!! A job well done!!

    • Cleancut says:

      I think Gina Swainson just lost her crown. what a delightful,intelligent,and well disciplined girl Jana is. if she can study and prepare for the miss world contest she has a very good chance. good luck Jana!

  2. Raise DE ROOF says:

    congrats Jana!!!!!!! St. George’s to the worlddddddd

  3. SMH says:


  4. Motts Apple Sauce says:

    She is beautiful. She will represent the island well.

  5. freddyg says:


  6. Can you handle this says:

    Congrats on a job well done!! you worked hard!! you deserve it…Continue to shine!!!!

  7. Mrs Shiell says:

    She’ll definately represent the island well, Congrats to all the ladies; they’re all winners.

    • Motts Apple Sauce says:

      Yes, they were all worthy of the crown. But there can only be one winner.

  8. UGH! says:

    GO JANA!!!!! I am sooo happy for you!! You will represent us well!!!!

  9. UGH! says:

    Congrats Jana. I am so very happy for you! You will represent our island well! YAY JANA!!!!!!!

  10. Jujusimpson says:

    Congratulations Jana! A job well done to all the young women. I’m soo proud of all of you.

  11. Team St Georges says:

    well done! hands down a beautiful person inside and out! ST. GEORGES…

  12. Dawn Burgess says:

    Congrats Jana,
    Represent, Represent, and Represent!!!!

  13. Cal Blankendal says:

    Congratulations Jana!! I still remember the day you said that you were going to enter the Miss Bermuda Pageant. So said and so done!!! Just remember us everyday people, when we see you on TV and in the magazines-:)

  14. Bermylink says:

    Congrats to all the contestants.
    Congrats to the winner!!!

  15. Onion Soup says:

    What a lovely group of young ladies. Congratulations to all, especially to Ms. Outerbridge…well done!

  16. Yay. says:

    Congrats!!! She makes a beautiful Miss Bermuda!!!! I would be proud to see her represented for my country :o )

  17. Bri says:

    I don’t know this young lady, but it was something about her that made me support her. She was my fav from the beginning! Congrats and Well done Ms Jana Lynn Outerbridge!!

  18. blind young person..... says:


    • Notorious says:

      You are a very annoying and ignorant person. Stay off of bernews facebook and bernews.com with your stupidity.

    • Bold Enough says:

      Yes I agree with Notorious…everyone else has posted comments of support and well wishes and of course here comes the hate.

      Jana is a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and she will wear the crown the well! All the young ladies represented themselves, their families, and the community wonderfully. It was an amazing show and a worthy competition.

      Well done to all the contestants, you are all winners!

    • (sigh) says:

      @ Blind young Person

      ALL the ladies represented themselves very well but it was one person who shone more than the rest, the majority of people who was sitting in the audience on Sunday knows that Jana deserved to win the title. Please keep your negative comments to yourself, they have no place here.

      • Mo says:

        The majority of the audience was her family so they obviously would think that. It’s also easy to shine when the audience is your family. I guess the 2 rounds of preliminary judging counted for nothing in the end…

        • .am says:

          And yet there were still some empty seats — so where was the support for the other girls?

        • (sigh) says:

          Oh please, you mean to tell me that the 800+ people that were there were all rooting for Jana? You do the other contestents a huge diservice by implying that they had no support from their own family and friends. At the end of the day it’s the judges that decide not the screaming people in the audience so if 3 sets of judges say that Jana is Miss BDA 2011 then who are you to say any different?

          • Timed Out says:

            Are you sure that it was the 3 sets of judges that made the decision? It took 5 minutes for 15 contestants to be cut down to 8, then another 5 to be cut down from 8 to 5. Why did it then take about 45 minutes for a final result to be announced? Does anyone know if there was there an independent auditor, such as PWC, who added the total scores in the open, as normally required in such competetions, or were the scores taken away to a room behind closed doors? Not suggesting anything, but just asking.

            • .am says:

              I’d be more curious to find out when ‘everything’ was taken into account. If the results that far decided the top 8, I’d say the final results were how/what I’d have expected.

              Some people royally cocked up their questions.

              • Timed Out says:

                You may be right with the questions, some may have, but then some had help from the MC. Regardless, if you have cumulative marks for the final 5 prior to the last round, all it takes is to add the marks from the last rpound to the previous marks. Two previous rounds took 5 minutes. From your first comments it seems you’re suggesting that some other method was used for the final result?

                • .am says:

                  Maybe the cumulative marks decided the Top 8 and were then disregarded?

                  Aside: there was, apparently, an independent auditor.

  19. SMH says:

    don’t even waste time addressing that negative poster…thats what they want you to do.

  20. wow says:

    congrats!!!! well done!!!

  21. United says:

    It is amazing to me to see the discourse on these threads sometimes. I do agree that not everyone is going to accept the result but to have a dissenting opinion is OK but let’s not be disrespectful of one another’s opinion. The lady is beautiful, she won fair and square.

    Congratulations Ms. Outerbridge and best of luck in your endeavours.

  22. well looka this says:

    its amazing to me how now that there is a winner ppl are bein supportive (as i knew would happen) but all leadin up to the competition i saw an abundance of negative comments Bermudians never wanna support their ppl when theyre tryin to get somewhere only after its achieved smh but anyway CONGRATS JANA I KNOW YOU WILL DO WELL