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June 12, 2011

[Updated - Jana Lynn Outerbridge, who represented St. George's, is the new Miss Bermuda]

The 2011 Miss Bermuda Pageant is now underway at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel this evening [June 12]. Filming is limited for the event, however we will bring you the information in text form as it happens.

Fifteen young ladies aged 18-25 are competing this evening; Cratonia Smith, Kylah Burch, Deonae Dickinson, Dawnita Smith, Selita Crockwell, Davika Hill, Kalvilicia Joell, Davina Cannonier, Sharmaine Landy, Jasmine Simmons, Rachel Sawden, Alisha Phillips, Channing Dill, Cheyenne Darrell, and Jana Lynn Outerbridge.

The six judges are Chewstick founder Gavin Smith, Miss Bermuda 1976 Vivienne Hollis Craig, Miss Bermuda 1985 Jannell Ford, former Miss Bermuda promoter Wentworth Christopher, Police Media Relations manager Dwayne Caines and Sean ‘Ninja Cutty’ Clark. The night is being hosted by comedian Nadanja Bailey and Patrina ‘PowerGirl’ Paynter, who herself competed in the Miss Teen Bermuda years ago.

Latest updates posted on top, press the ‘F5′ key to refresh the page:

Update June 13: A few more photos have been posted here.

Update 11:45pm: Video of the winning moment, showing Pageant Director Milika Trott Seymour placing the banner and crown on a tearful Miss Outerbridge.

Update 10:30pm: The Gombeys performed to end the evening.

Update 10:25pm: The 2011 Miss Bermuda is Miss St. Georges East Jana Lynn Outerbridge.

  • Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy was the 4th runner up
  • Miss Sandys Cratonia Smith was the 3rd runner up
  • Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden was the 2rd runner up
  • Miss Smiths East Channing Dill was the 1st runner up

Ms Outerbridge, 22, is a graduate of Tennessee State University and is now participating in the Cabinet Office Jumpstart Programme working as a Cabinet Office intern. An accomplished equestrian, she has represented Bermuda internationally and was a member of the Gold Medal winning team in the 2004 CEF.

While in university, she was voted Miss SOCA [Students Of Caribbean Ancestry 2008/9], Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. [2009/10], won a university modeling competition and was named “Miss Allure Modeling Troop” 2010. She is pictured below being photographed by Nigel Richardson during the Miss Photogenic shoot on June 5th:

Miss Bermuda Miss Photogenic Shoot June 5 2011-1-2

The daughter of Gregory Outerbridge Sr. and Glenda Outerbridge, she volunteers at the WindReach Recreational Village on Saturday mornings working with disabled children, is a a past Bermuda International Business Association [BIBA] top speed interviewee, and received the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme silver medal.

Ms Outerbridge previously said, “If I am fortunate to be the next Miss Bermuda and even if I am not I want the people of Bermuda to know that it is never too late to achieve any goal you set in life. It only takes one person to believe in you and that one person is you.”

You can view our profile of Ms Outerbridge here, and a video of Ms Outerbridge introducing herself from March 2011 is below:

Update 10:11pm: The winner of Miss Congeniality is Miss Devonshire East Davina Cannonier, the winner of the ‘Peoples Choice’ award is Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden, and the winner of  ’Miss Photogenic’ is Miss Smiths East Channing Dill, who is pictured below being photographed by Nigel Richardson during the Miss Photogenic shoot on June 5th:

Update 10:03pm: They appear to be getting ready to announce the final results.

Update 9:54pm: We are still waiting on the final results. The hosts continue to entertain the crowd, and recognized past Miss Bermuda winners.

Update 9:35pm: Hosts Nadanja Bailey and Patrina ‘PowerGirl’ Paynter are entertaining the crowd while the judges are tabulating the final scores. All the ladies have done very well this evening, and presented themselves with poise throughout the contest.

Update 9:24pm: The judges are asking the top 5 contestants individual questions.

Update 9:20pm: The top five have been announced. They are pictured below left to right; Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden, Miss Sandys Cratonia Smith, Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy, Miss St. Georges East Jana Lynn Outerbridge and Miss Smiths East Channing Dill.

Update 9:18pm: Miss Smiths West Alisha Phillips, Miss Devonshire East Davina Cannonier and Miss Warwick East Davika Hill have been eliminated.

Update 9:10pm: Interview questions continue. Miss Sandys Cratonia Smith, the youngest practicing lawyer in Bermuda, was asked about being called to the Bar. Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy, was asked about the awards she won at CedarBridge Academy, and her graduation from Oakwood College.

Update 9:00pm: The contestants are being asked interview questions by ‘Powergirl’. Miss Smiths East Channing Dill was asked about her hobby of decorating shoes and going away to college. Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden was asked about being an entrepreneur.

Update 8:50pm: The top 8 have been announced. They are pictured below left to right: Miss Hamilton Parish West Sharmaine Landy, Miss Smiths East Channing Dill, Miss St. Georges East Jana Lynn Outerbridge, Miss Devonshire East Davina Cannonier, Miss Smiths West Alisha Phillips, Miss Warwick East Davika Hill, Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden, and Miss Sandys Cratonia Smith.

Update 8:49pm: 7 contestants have been eliminated: Kylah Burch, Deonae Dickinson, Dawnita Smith, Selita Crockwell, Kalvilicia Joell, and Cheyenne Darrell.

Update 8:40pm: The evening gown portion has been completed, they are about to announce the top 8.

Update 8:15pm: The swimsuit portion is underway, with the contestants modeling swimsuits from Calypso on Front Street. The crowd is extremely loud and supportive.

Update 7:55pm: They are now introducing the judges individually.

Update 7:40pm: The contestants are coming out one by one introducing themselves. They will then go into the swimwear and evening gown portions, before the top 8 finalists are announced.

Update 7:30pm: The show started with the contestants performing an opening dance, ‘Diva’ choreographed by Natasha Outerbridge. They were wearing sequined dresses, all looked extremely nice, and were greeted by a very appreciative audience.

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  1. S. Somner says:

    Thanks for the updates, bernews! I wanted to attend the pageant but unable to do so. Rooting for Selita Crockwell all the way!!

  2. D says:

    This is cooool

  3. B. Cann says:

    Congratulations, Jana!!! So proud of you!!!!

  4. STRONG says:

    So nice Bernews! i am so hoping that Cratonia Smith wins. THEY ALL LOOK SO LOVELY AND ARE ALL WINNERS.

  5. Thanks says:

    I appreciated the blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. itwasn'tme says:

    Sybil Barrington gonna win……oops wrong ‘Pageant’ ha ha

  7. Lily says:

    Sooooooo nice to see that a pageant doesn’t have to take 5 hours. Well done organizers this must be a local pageant record. Done by 10 pm. Contests to Jana your are beautiful!!!!!!!

  8. Yng Black Mind says:

    Congrats Jana! We are so very proud of you. Well done to all the wonderful young ladies – special congrats to Channing and Sharmaine!

  9. FYI--Thanks says:

    Thanks Bernews been keeping track all the way in Europe. Do you have any video coverage?

    • bernews says:

      Filming permissions were very limited, but we can post one video of the winner, and that will be up later tonight.

  10. Heidi says:

    Lovely young woman. Congratulations!!!!

  11. Truth says:

    Congrats Jana!!

  12. Me says:

    Congrats, Jana! You’re so pretty.

  13. True dat says:

    All the ladyies did a fantastic Job and congratulations to the Winner Jana!!! :)

  14. Proud to be a Bermudian says:

    Congrats Jana! Your family are so proud of you!

    To all the other young ladies you did a great job!
    You should all be proud of yourselves!

  15. Denise Riviere says:

    We love you Soror Jana! Congratulations! We are proud of you!

  16. Self says:

    Congrats to the winner but why are they playing a nicki minaj song while she is being crowned.

    • Timed Out says:

      Just wondering why it took 30 minutes to work out a winner between 5 people. Congrats to the winner though.

  17. SMH says:

    Well done ladies!
    Congrats Jana! You will be a great representative for Bermuda!

  18. Team Jana says:

    Congratulations Jana, we are so proud of you. Mom Mae would be ecstatic to see the Beauty that you have become. Continue to let your beauty shine from the inside out and know that we your family Love and Support you in all that you do.

    Congrats to all the other participants, you all did well.

    Malika, job well done.

  19. Kristl Tyler says:

    Finally, a pageant winner little girls can look up to. I love her hair. It tells me she has her priorities in order. I wish I had a pic of her with my 5 year old daughter that i could put on her bedroom wall.

    • Notorious says:

      How so?

      • kristl tyler says:

        How so…I think you might be asking how her hair tells me she has her priorities in order so I’ll answer that. If I am answering the wrong question tell me and I’ll answer differently.

        Long hair is expensive to maintain. Highly processed hair is expensive to maintain. The chemicals may also be damaging both the wearer, the stylist and the environment. I say “may” because I don’t want to have to back up the statement.

        Her short, natural hair tells me that she is spending her time and money on things that are less transient. When women stop putting their energies and resources on these sorts of things they have energy to change the lives of others and do things that make a difference long term.