Photos: ‘Naked Canvas’ Art & Fashion Show

August 14, 2017

Fashion and art merged at the ‘Naked Canvas’ fashion showcase, which showcased the work of local fashion designers Desiree Riley, James Lee, and Raffine Whaley; along with local artists Chakara Burrows, Talisa Dyer, and Calix Smith.

In describing the event, a spokesperson said, “October 18, 2016 was the date of the conversation between NealJhay Morris and Desiree Riley. They talked lightly about doing a show together, intertwining art and fashion together, doing something a little different from the usual.

“NealJhay suggested doing a show with skin and nudity when it hit… Naked Canvas! The idea formulated and we went forth with progress, calling models, creating pieces, and finding a venue to make this showcase happen. The process had begun.

“Naked Canvas was a showcase of artwork and fashion designs, portraying nudity or implied nudity in an artistic and creative form, yet tasteful and classy. Also, when you buy a canvas, it’s naked and bare!

“To NealJhay, that’s a green light saying, ‘Create on me! Paint me!’ Also, Naked Canvas was about opening your mind beyond what the naked eye can see, use you imagination and creativity when looking at the clothes and artwork.

“In a society in Bermuda, we’re a very conservative nation and people feel that there are things that we’re not ready for. In NealJhay’s eyes, Naked Canvas was just a start to what will come to fruition.


“Three talented fashion designers and three outstanding artists were feature in Naked Canvas. The local fashion designers were Desiree Riley, James Lee, and Raffine’ Whaley. The local artists showcasing their masterpieces were Chakara Burrows, Talisa Dyer, and Calix Smith.

“NealJhay Morris was the lead artist and director of the show, bringing everyone together to support the designers and artists involved. The Grand was full of support, great creativity, beautiful decorations, and a light joyous atmosphere for a successful production.

“This was the first time ever to pull a production together like this and I’m glad it was a super success. Some things were beyond my control and that was fine! I’ve always heard the saying, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way! and I know ‘my way’ definitely showed up last night,” Morris said.

There were representatives from awesome sponsors, showing their support from MenCo, B4TheParty, Mystique’s, and The Bermuda’s Art Council.

“I was so humbled by the amount of people who showed up and shared their love with me. I do realize that I have a talent, a gift that not many people have but to see the amount of people who see me as an individual and artist with great skill and potential, now that’s a gift within itself.”

As the hustle and bustle from Naked Canvas has been marked down to a success, NealJhay already is brewing up ideas for the next show, saying: “I’ve always been that person who finishes something and wants to start something else. When it comes to art, I make it my mission to complete it.

“Through all the effort, time, and late nights put in, I’m surprised that I want to move on to the next event already. It can only get bigger and better from here.

“To any artists, designers, singers, writers, or creative, continue to dream but don’t dream too long. Things only happen when you make your dreams reality and all dreams can come true. Drive and determination are key factors.”

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