Colbert Report: Charleston to Bermuda Race

June 2, 2011

On the latest episode of ”The Colbert Report”, Comedy Central’s star Stephen Colbert talks about his experience in the most recent Charleston to Bermuda Yacht Race.

Mr. Colbert arrived at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club aboard “Spirit of Juno” early Saturday morning after crossing the East End finish line at approximately 5am. The comedian — who proclaimed himself “the world’s greatest sailor” in the May issue of “Sailing” magazine — had to settle for second place, crossing the finish line more than eight hours behind race rival “Tucana.”

The participation of Charleston native Stephen Colbert in this year’s event has earned the race global media coverage — and numerous plugs for both the race and Bermuda on the Comedy Central star’s show. Bernews got a quick second of airtime on the video, with our article flashing briefly across the screen.

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  1. Have some sense says:

    Good for you, Bernews — Cheers for your internationally televised plug on The Colbert Report!!!

  2. Great news says:

    Great for Bermuda. Wonderful for Bernews!

  3. BombsAway says:

    +1 Bernews

  4. Think about it says:

    Congrats Bernews!

  5. Awesome says:

    i have been a huge fan of this show for years and to see him give bermuda such a boost gives me so much more respect for him. funniest man on the planet right there!